Smack / Sep 19, 2007 / 2:41 am

Rockin’ the Boat


A few days after copping MVP of the FIBA Europe championships, Andrei Kirilenko is stirring things up in Utah. Going off a translation of his Russian-language blog, AK-47 says Jerry Sloan‘s “style and system is not suitable” for him, and says he’s already gone to the Jazz front office and told them he wants to be traded. Obviously not cool for the Jazz, who just lost their best perimeter defender in Derek Fisher. Losing Kirilenko would cost them their best overall defender and most versatile offensive talent — remember he even played point guard for a minute during the playoffs. The closest thing we can think of to AK is Shawn Marion, but that supposedly talked-about deal didn’t go anywhere earlier this summer. Maybe in time a guy like Corey Brewer could be like a Kirilenko, but Minnesota isn’t giving him up anytime soon … We put Corey on the super-early version of Dime’s All-Rookie Team, along with the expected (Durant) and maybe some unexpected (Morris Almond). Click here to check it out … There’s a crazy half-rumor/half-joke going around that Greg Oden (he’s not on the All-Rookie Team) hurt his knee playing Dance Dance Revolution; a Portland radio station even found a blurry photo of someone who looks a lot like G.O. playing the game at a local arcade. Feasible? We’d wanna say no, but we can’t really testify to how taxing DDR is on someone’s knees. But while we were looking for said photo, we did come across this … In a pretty good indication that they won’t be matching Miami’s offer sheet to Charlie Bell, the Bucks signed Royal Ivey to shore up the backcourt. Going by who the Bucks had in for workouts recently, Ivey got the nod over Dee Brown (the young one), Mike Wilks and Scoonie Penn. Nothing against any of those guys, but we kinda wanted to see Scoonie finally break into the League. Still, good for Ivey — he’s had it kinda tough. He was good in college (Texas) despite being overshadowed by T.J. Ford, and a lot of people just know him as the dude who got posterized by Hakim Warrick (it’s somewhere on this clip). And a couple years ago with Atlanta, Ivey was the rare NBA starter who barely got any burn. The guy started 66 games for the Hawks and averaged less than 14 minutes a night. Sometimes he’d start and wouldn’t play past the first quarter. Maybe he can get some decent run with the Bucks … More Gilbert from his NBA.com blog: “I’m a trend setter, people. I don’t want other shoe companies to try to jack my style now. My swag is too phenomenal. If any other basketball player out there wants to compete with my shoes, go ahead, we can have a 50 and Kanye right here. We can start it up, baby. I’ll be the bad guy.” … A couple guys you might remember from last year’s NCAA Tournament will be in Orlando Magic training camp: Kevin Kruger from UNLV and Torrell Martin from Winthrop … Earlier Tuesday we watched some of an NBATV replay of Sonics/Rockets from ’97. The talent on the floor was incredible: Hakeem, Barkley, Payton, Kemp and Drexler for starters, as well as Detlef Schrempf, Sam Perkins, Mario Elie, Eddie Johnson, Hersey Hawkins — even an end-of-his-run Terry Cummings. And yet somehow, Matt Maloney found himself dropping buckets in the midst of all that … The guys who made Epic Movie and Scary Movie 4 are doing a spoof of 300 starring Kevin Sorbo and the British guy from Eve‘s sitcom. And now they’ve added Method Man to the cast. Can’t wait … We’re out like AK-47 …

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  • Nautic

    If Kirilenko gets traded/opts out, he should think of going somewhere East. Teams like Miami, Boston, Cleaveland, Detroit, Toronto all could use him and would have him as a 2nd or 3rd option offensively which is what he’d best be suited for. That and they all could use the rebounding/passing/defense/hustle game he brings, especially for teams like Boston, Cleaveland, Miami, Toronto, since most of their go-to guys are their best defenders so it opens up lots of doors for him too….not to mention and chance to play with possible contenders since things change in the East quite quickly…

  • Big Aaron

    Rashard for AK47.

    Do it Otis!

  • http://psinapticapotheosis.org Amar

    *IF* things can’t be patched up (easy solution: fire sloan, a guy who used to start jarron collins back when Stock and Malone were going for the ring, a guy who gets harpring 12 shots a game, and andrei 6, a guy who used to start milt palacio over deron william, and a guy who kills all of the athletic talents the team drafts — d-steve, pavlovic and now brewer) — then Utah is really going to be exposed defensively. Utah doesn’t beat houston without andrei manning up on Tmac and making him mess up, or running back to help out on yao. Utah doesn’t beat Golden State without Andrei playing PG when deron is in foul trouble and fish is on a plane, without his defense and intimidation, without his hustle, and without his passing. (Golden State’s zone even made deron a turn over machine, but andrei found the angles to get the ball the boozer, harpring can’t do that shit)

    Really ridiculous. AK is getting paid, and he said that he doesn’t want to just collect a check, he wants to earn it. he’s not earning it in utah’s system, so he wants to go somewhere that he can earn it. he never said “i want to be the man”, but if you watch the games from 2 years ago and watch them this last season you can definately see a freeze out in effect.

    If he’s gone, utah is an 8th seed at best.

  • Tom Toronto

    This is getting ridiculous, I’m so tired of hearing players whine about the system and demand trades. This is a guy that was literally crying at the end of a game because he was underperforming so poorly, and now he’s making demands? He catches a gold at the Euro tourney and he thinks he’s Kobe? My point is, if you have problems, be a man and talk to the people involved. Don’t be a whiny bitch about it and cry to the media or your Russian blog. Niet!

  • http://www.kianoosh.org djKianoosh

    remember when deron called out some of his teammates after the Spurs knocked them out this past year? I think we all thought he was talking about Okur, but maybe he was talking about AK, too? Utah fans refresh my memory… Just by looking at AK’s game though, I think he does have heart, and I’d love to see a guy like that on the Sixers. I don’t think they have much to offer Utah though. maybe we can give them some of our 50 underachieving guards?

  • MacDaddy

    You cannot tell me you haven’t seen this pic of G.O.:


    If that’s how big dude hurt his knee, I understand completely….

  • Gregg

    AK47 for Jamison.

    Salaries match up.

  • http://psinapticapotheosis.org Amar

    Tom T-dot: this problem has been brewing for 2+ seasons for AK and Sloan, it’s not something new that AK has a bad season, plays well for Russia and demands a trade. He’s taken the high road for 2+ years and gone to management and kept it all in-house. Each time the decision makers try to placate him over the stretch of 5 games, then disregard him for a bit. He finally got vocal about it these last few months. He cares about the game and cares about contributing. He has done everything asked of him, he even went about taking 6 shots a game this season. (that’s less than harpring, fisher and giricek) He’s asked to defend the best offensive weapon for the other team (be it inside the paint or out) and he’s been asked to take a smaller role. He did all of that.

    He is outspoken in that he doesn’t want to just collect a cheque every month, and he wants to do something to help the team. He plays best when he is involved in the game, as the season went on he could only touch the ball on weak-side blocked shots off of missed defensive assignments by Okur and Boozer. It’s hard to get in a good rhythm when you cut to the basket, but Deron passes the ball to Fisher for one of his 40% fg attemts that airballs.

    Let’s not forget that on a team of scrubs, andrei almost took the jazz to the playoffs by himself. He just led a team of scrubs to beat the best teams in europe. (spain, greece, lith, france, croatia, etc) He is simply wishing to play for a team that values his contributions.

    Jazz don’t get to the west finals w/o him, and now they wont even return a phone call. Jazz front office have really been dicks this off season. (see: brown, dee)

  • http://psinapticapotheosis.org Amar

    DJ — he was talking about harpring, but the media spinned it like he was talking about memo and andrei. harpring is made of gold, he is without fault. he misses so many lapups and fumbles good passes it is comical, but he gets a free pass because “he played football in highschool”, ‘hustles’, and is ‘scrappy’. Sloan loves him, because he is a low skill:heart ratio guy like himself. How he justifies harpring being in the game and taking shots over andrei, millsap and brewer confounds me.

    Deron is good friends with the other younger players on the team, like millsap and brewer. when they played in the playoffs, they played well. they didn’t get a lot of playing time because sloan doesn’t seem to know what to do with athletic, skilled players. he can only made do with older/injured scrappy guys like hornacek and harpring. the comments deron made suggested that some of the guys getting minutes didn’t deserve them when there are hungrier guys waiting to get in the game.

    Andrei had a horrible statistical season, obviously, he took less shots, he was playing inside less (because the jazz have the BEST PF spot in the leage, with Boozer, Okur, Kirilenko and Millsap all being legit 4s), and got less rebounds as a result of being inside less. But when it was the playoffs, and the games mattered, AK showed his value. (hurting yao and tmac, and single-handidly disrupting GS’s attack in the first two games and got into their heads)

    If sloan was a good coach, he would have had AK on paker, instead of AK on bowen. In eurocup action he plays 4, but on teams with good PGs, he checks the PG because of his unique skill set.

  • http://deleted Bron42

    From a tall guy point of view commenting on that pic, most people have no idea how much stress, grindin with short white chicks puts on your knees. And its alywas the 4’9 ones what wanna dance so we gotta get al low…career ending chicks, and not the kobe type.

    As for AK….eh, big deal. First off, how do you say sloan kills athletic guys and then slip pavlovic in between stevenson and brewer lol. Pav isn’t atheltic. Wow hes 6’7 and can dunk 1 handed.BEAST!! lets not over do it. Should we play this game again? Igoudala is athletic, Pavlovic is tall. But back to AK, Ya he was hot for a minute but completely fell off after that. And you say the jazz wouldnt have won if he didn’t guard tmac? again lets not give the guy TOO much credit. Tmac still put 30 on him. The jazz only won cuz Yao was about as effective as olowakandi and boozer was droppin 40 on him like he was 8’9. Floaters, fadeaways, even okur was givin yao jordan turn arounds. All that aside, would AK help most teams? yeah, if he just plays his game and stops complaning like hes bein mis-treated. See, what alot of guys seem to forget, is your game speaks for itself. Take joe johnson. He pretty much said said “screw this, i busted my face open and NASH is gettin all the credit? I’m out” Everyone thought he would sudenly suck but instead hes sill all star level. AK shouldnt be complaining about shit cuz he hasn’t done shit yet. You wanna be the number 2 option? bust boozers ass and show them your a reliable offensive force, not just some lanky Euro hakeem warrick with less hops. Just pla the game and if you show you got it you’ll eithe ra) get your shine or B) some team will trade have their squad just to get you ala KG…so suck it up and rub some dirk on it.

  • http://psinapticapotheosis.org Amar

    lol, good post. Sasha may not be crazy athletic like iggy, but who is? for a euro he’s about as athletic as they come, ask j-kidd. holding t-mac to thirty is good, seeing how early on in the season when AK got injured, guys like Redd were getting 50 on the jazz. that’s a whole 20 points, a big enough difference when you factor in how hard it is to win game 7s on the road. scoring is half the battle, stopping the other guy from scoring is the other half. yao was ineffective because he was always looking over his shoulder to see where AK was so he wouldn’t get blocked. tmac could have killed the jazz, but ak was there. and when the jazz needed it most, in the 4th quarter of game 7 vs. the rockettes, ak was hitting threes.

    even if you discount that series, there’s no way utah passes golden state without him. you may have forgotten about AK for a minute because utah is always under the radar, and he had some bad injuries that kept him out of his game, but he’s not just a euro hakeem warrick. this is a guy who is up there with the cambys for bpg, but as a small forward.

    let’s not forget that he’s not the only one to complain about sloan. deron did it. boozer did it. memo did it. but when andrei does it, it’s no good? (arroyo did it too, and so did giricek, and d-steve, and raja bell, and ostertag, but those guys don’t count) that’s a whole lot of players in the last 3 seasons. maybe it’s not all AKs fault after all?

  • http://psinapticapotheosis.org Amar

    let’s also not forget that in the 20 years i’ve been a jazzfan, the jazz usually WIN games that sloan misses due to suspension, or games that he gets kicked out from.

  • http://www.kianoosh.org djKianoosh

    Amar, oh I know about Harpring and his, shall we say, deficiencies, from his time with Philly. If Deron, Boozer and AK are my best players in that order, I do whatever I can to make sure they have the guys around them that they can succeed with. Chemistry is soooo important, but how come the Spurs don’t have these issues a lot of other teams have?

  • IGP

    I know that Sloan is a great coach…but I think his time in Utah is up. The Jazz do have a good roster, and they are young, and it seems like everyone just hates Sloan. It seems like every decent player on the Jazz has complained about him.

  • Ian

    thats why the spurs are the best

  • http://deleted Bron42

    ask jason kidd? bochi nachbar is more athletic than pav and hes not even that amazing. PLUS pav flat out sucked on the jazz, kinda like giricek does now. And i never said it was all AKs fault, i’m just sayin lets not gas him up like hes the sole reason that the just went anywhere. This was also boozers first non injured season. and yao wasn’t suckin cuz of AK, cuz like i said , EVERYONE was killing yao, and as much as people wanna say he is the best center, hes still cotton soft and tmac is gonna take the blame for him just like francis did. When the jazz WHOLE front line was killing yao, from boozer, to aka, to okur to paul milsap, trust me, it had very little to do with AK.And like i said, tmac did kill AK too..the guy had 30 points and 9 assists. Like i said earlier, AK would help most teams, but hes not the motor that carries the team either. His offensive game is sub par (hence the warrick comparison) and he plays good help side D and runs the flooor. Hes not KG or Duncan, Hes not lebron or kobe. Hes 3rd fiddle and if he wants more claim, then he needs to step up his game. how much has he progressed since hes been in the league?

  • Jules

    Damn, MacDaddie beat me to it. hilarious pic

    well done

  • E-ROC

    If the Jazz trade AK-47, they better get what they can because AK’s stock will continue to drop. Maybe the Lakers can pull off a trade like that. What about the Nets? Straight up for Richard Jefferson?! Or Cleveland? Lebron along with AK-47 and a healthy Hughes on a fast break would be sick. U got to feel for AK-47. Sloan froze him out of the offense. Giving shots to the likes of Okur and Harpring. That’s just sad.

  • http://dimemag.com Tom Toronto

    Sorry Amar, I still have to side with Bron on this one, 100%. I’m not going to discount AK’s talent, and he’s certainly valuable to have on any team. I’m not too sure about holding TMac to 30 and 9 being good, but everybody knows AK has skills. That’s why everyone dogged him all year, because he wasn’t living up to his potential.

    That being said, I still think he’s a crybaby for posting on his blog how he wants out of Utah. If he doesn’t like Sloan, go tell Sloan. If he doesn’t like Utah, go tell management to work something out. If that doesn’t work, hit the hardwood and show other teams you’re worth trading for.

    As it stands now, he won’t go anywhere. Any team interested is going to low ball Utah like crazy because now they know he’s desperate to get out, and Utah doesn’t want to dump him for a bunch of clowns.

    He’s not Boozer, Williams, or even Okur, he’s not supposed to be the star or lighting up shots. He’s supposed to be the guy doing all the other things like lockdown D, rebounds, blocks, steals, hustle plays and things that help the Jazz win games. It’s not glorious, and it won’t get you a shoe deal, but it’ll keep the Jazz competitive in the West. AK doesn’t care about the team, he just wants his minutes, his shots, his development.

  • http://deleted Bron42

    i say just to make everyone happy, the lakers just trade kobe to the jazz for AK,morris almond and draft pics for the next 3 years…it would NEVER happen but man would the jazz rape everyone. No pun intended. KOBE!

  • http://luckylester.com Lucky Lester

    I love Warrick’s post dunk… ridiculous… I think that’s one of the greatest dunks ever… Big cat just pumps once, then says “F*#K It!” and just jumps 15 feet in the air and rams on the kid guarding him. Its like it just clicked. Doing something people just don’t do is what its all about. Hakim introduced me to that highlight.

  • http://luckylester.com Lucky Lester

    And I’m tired of people demanding trades, too… Shut up and play. However, regardless of AK’s big mouth, and ridiculous trade blogs and whatnot, the kid would be the man on a lot of teams not coached by Jerry Sloan. That’s just my opinion. Put him on Golden State and watch him get 15 triple doubles per season. He’d make Denver a championship player. Same with Miami, Houston, Detroit, and maybe even the Wizards.. Think Bron could use him? He’s the type of guy that any team could use. Maybe I’m giving him too much love, but the truth is, I’m not crazy about the guy, I just think he’s good – at everything – and he’s right, the leash is too tight on his turtle neck.

  • http://deleted Bron42

    ya but he was doin all that before and then just started pouting. When he WAS having his all star seasons, he was still in a jazz uniform, so its not like he just got to the jazz and just not fell off. Hes good, do i think he turns a bad team into instant title contenders? probably not. I mean all the teams you named ARE already title contenders. Kenyon martin coming back from injury already makes denver a title contender, same with wade and the heat. AK brings alot to the table but hes not the elite level yet when he can demand a trade and then say “let me go to a place of my choice” after a HORRIBLE season. I mean even jerome james had a better season before he bounced for big $$$

  • http://luckylester.com Lucky Lester

    better playoffs for James, he’s always a brutal regular season cat…

    you make good points Bron, but I would take Kirilenko over Martin to actually make the Nuggets a title contender… And I want to know why the Heat who were playing terrible with Shaq and Wade most of last year, are a title contender once again… maybe with Charlie Bell and Smush Parker entering the fray?

    I agree with you on Kirilenko’s bitchisms… He’s full of an assortment of “poor little me” whines and actions, but I’m just saying, Sloan is one of those guys that likes to F with mentally up and down guys, Lenko is one of those, and Sloan hasn’t missed his chance…

    Like Shannahan in football, Sloan is a great coach but can kill confidence with the best of them…

    The only thing I disagree with you about, is how many “Title Contenders” you think there are. I count 3, maybe… Suns, Spurs, Mavericks… (if you want to dream of Eastern movement, lets take the 3-some in Boston too) And any of the 3 (4 if you count Boston) would jump to the forefront if Kirilenko played there. But that’s not the point. What I’m saying is, if AK47 moves to any of the teams a tier or two down, then they become a contender.

    I don’t know Bron, I’m not trying to smash toes, here – just calling a whiny puss a whiny puss, and saying he’s probably right about how he’s better off somewhere else.

    I personally would suck it up and play with a cat in Derron Williams who loves to feed assists all day long. That’s just me. I’m not 6’10” with tons of ability, ups, long ass arms, or an NBA game – so that’s where AK and I differentiate.

  • Kudabeen

    AK didn’t allow T-Mac to will his team to victory. Tracy is going to get his, so 30 points is that really T-Macs ceiling in the playoffs? His team needed to win 1 game to advance, but guess what T-Mac couldn’t make it so, because he had this lanky dude hawking him and no one on his team could alleviated the pressure. Didn’t AK have like 12 blocks the first two games against Houston? I have to check. And while we minimize a former All-Star (guess that don’t count) he was the difference against Golden State. He was everywhere. I like his game. He is an enabler. He enables guys to play to their strengths. He enables a team to play their best basketball.

    I agree Sloan handcuffs players who are unlike himself. Brewer is maligned and why did he toy with CJ’s confidence like that. These are young talented guys who hustle and can create match-up problems, but they are being messed over. Maybe Brewer isn’t a lottery pick. Sloan is a gloomy dude for a franchise that could really use some life. But it’s Utah…They live different overall there, so maybe he is where he belongs and players have to do a better job to not end up there in the first place.

    I’m not saying AK is a HOF, but why discount him? Is Utah’s organization and Jerry Sloan that high on you guys’ list that guys expressing emotion over not getting his chance gets it out of his system and goes on to have a impactful playoff can’t speak to the ills of the player management. If Deron, Boozer, and AK can’t speak on Utah’s lack of relationship/talent management who the hell can!

  • http://deleted Bron42

    no one is discounting him..were just sayin he hasnt earned the right to bitch yet. And because he was a allstar at once point doesnt mean anything unless it was this year. Heck vin baker and shawn kemp were allstars at one point.

    and as for the contenders thing. Shaq and wade didn’t play poorly, the role players did. walker, payton, williams etc…couldnt buy a bucket. But that aside, the heat got alot of under the radar youth this summer with cook, alexander from the grizz, marcus slaughter, dorrel wright might actually play etc..so if someone steps up, miami is right back at it. plus your always a contender when you have a still somewhat able shaq and a healthy dwade.

    As for how many contenders. Its basketball, any of the top 5 teams in each conference could be considered contenders. I mean your gonna say the suns meanwhile they’ve fizzed out the same spot each time. Mavs choke, and the spurs arent unbeatable. Houston could be a contender, the jazz could if people stopped crying. And hate on the east all you want but other than the lakers and the spurs, how many other teams in the west are winning stuff? yet you have the bulls who won in the east, the heat, the pistons etc..so while as a conference the east might have been weaker, lets not make it like who ever wins the west conference is automatically getting a championship.

  • http://deleted Bron42

    plus dont get it twisted, cj miles is a bum. Right up there with louis williams in that draft as guys who should of went to college.

  • http://luckylester.com Lucky Lester

    everyone should have “went to college” it makes you better…

    And Shawn Kemp was beasting anyone who dared step in the lane…

    Vin Baker never beasted anyone in his life, he just jump hooked them into 16 a game…

    I guess I think of contenders as teams that I think could win the title… I have 3… But we’ll see.

  • http://deleted Bron42

    lol true but i meant NEEDED to go to college. guys like amare, lebron etc…understandable they didnt. Guys like cj miles, louis williams, travis outlaw..NEEDED college. And also i was saying, just cuz you were a allstar at one point, it doesn’t carry over if your not a allstar after that. Can’t say “oh i was a allstar back in 2004 so give me my respect” when its 2008

  • Ian

    lucky u have three
    i have 2 and maybe with a lot of luck the mavs
    and ho ever wins the east gets destroyed by the spurs and suns

    how can u have 10 teams as contenders when the of the top 5 from the east only 3 make the playoffs in the west
    and i like how u say well the pistons won and the heat won yeah once
    spurs have 4 lakers 3 make it sound like everyone has won one

  • Ian

    hey and about ak bitchin i think he can
    if the let francis and the chinese one the bucks drafted bitch before they play one nba game

  • http://luckylester.com Lucky Lester

    Hey Bron,

    You think Vin Baker still uses some of those lines before he gets drunk and drives away from the club…

    Vin, “Hey baby, I used to be an All Star…”

    “I used to get paid more than Kobe…”

    “I get paid to not sit on the bench, and instead, try to get you to be on me – I’m sweet.”

    God knows Shawn doesn’t need anymore lines…

    Good work, man, i get you, and once again, we agree…

    Here from you later, I’m sure.

  • DOC

    AK can come to the Sixers

  • http://dimemag.com Tom Toronto

    Kemp’s pickup line: Hey baby, want to be my 17th baby mama?

  • Kudabeen

    I’m just saying AK is a young guy. He got to the All-Star game playing a certain way in that same system more or less. You would think the coach would recognize this is a guy with more talent that can help the team, let me do what I can as a COACH to allow him to grow, because his growth doesn’t detract from the team dynamic in Utah.

    I don’t agree that Louis Williams and CJ Miles are bums. You have to give guys a chance to sink or swim. I feel like if a coach can’t develop talent he shouldn’t be the coach. It’s a game of confidence and skill. I’m not in a position to say either of these guys lack skill and talent, because I don’t think I’m in here talking about basketball with ex-NBA or current NBA players. It’s my opinion NBA coachs would start a bum or push the development of a bum. Maybe you know better. CJ isn’t an all-star, but I’d try to develop him over Gircek and Harpring at this point, if he is even on their team anymore…Just me I guess.

  • Kudabeen

    Also what does AK have to do to deserve to ‘bitch’? help the team win? Sacrafice his game? Work hard on D? be patient? I respect the fact that he expressed his frustration then came out and play better and was a difference maker when it mattered.

  • http://deleted Bron42

    just because guys don’t improve doesnt mean your a bad coach. specially when dealing with hard headed younger guys. We all kno people who we give advice to and are like “ya ya i kno” and then dont change anything. Louis has had a bad attitude since high school and has yet to change his game anyway at all. CJ wasn’t EVEN good in high school, he is just a tall 120 shooter. Just cuz your nice in high school doesn’t mean your overall game is even close to nba ready.

    And as for AK. yes he had his best year a while back but like i said, that doesn’t garnish him any rights now. He did good when he was the only real option. Now they have guys who are better, so until he is BETTER than they are, he can’t complain. Thats like Kwame wantin more touches than kobe or sayin he’ll go his own way.

    This and the francis thing were completely different. Itsn ot like francis went to vancouver and then changed his mind once he didnt get his spotlight. And Yi’s people just fought cuz of marketing but obviously they lost anyway.

    And what does AK have to do? umm ya pretty much. he was a hot topic when he did all those things. It was once he stopped doin that, and started cryin because deron was the star that people looked down on him. So thats all on him.

    With the contenders I was simply sayin, its not like the west has won EVERY championship they go to. It does go back and fourth between the conferences. The spurs would count as a dynasty, the lakers WERE but now 70% of that dynasty is on the heat. Plus come on, the suns cant even beat the mavs, you think anyone in the east is really that worried. The spurs are the only legit powerhouse and they almost lost to the pistons if it wasnt for big shot rob.

    P.s: Everyone knows kemps pick up line is “hey baby remember when i put my balls on rodmans head…play your cards right..and that can be you.”

  • Kudabeen

    I don’t remember AK’s issue ever being not being the star. I think his issue was not being allowed to be apart of the whole game. You can’t freeze a guy out on offense and ask him to shut up and play D, then turn around have this same guy play point guard and be the focal point that you run your offense through in the playoffs (aka winning time) and be justified and not using him during the regular season. AK’s success in the playoffs didn’t circumvent boozer, deron or okur from getting their numbers. Sloan never has to justify his lack of vision or questionable decisions to be a hard ass instead of a coach. Just like Larry Brown, Mike Fratello, Brian Hill and other fossil coaches that possess great knowledge for the game and how it should be played, but when they make questionable substitutions or flat out decided young players can’t play this way or that way, so they just treat them like that, they can’t handle the backlash and questions about it.

    CJ Miles I could care less about, but Louis Williams is a victim of a team putting a wedding ring on a prostitute and trying to parade her around and evaluate her as your typical wife. Louis is a scorer and I think he is a NBA ready scorer. Let him do what he do! What does he lack as a scorer. He is not a great point guard, but how many great scorers are…really? if this guy got time on the court and avg say 20+ppg with 4 turnovers and 5+apg, people wouldn’t say “this kid is not NBA ready” they would be like ‘he reminds me of Iverson.’

    That’s why the NBA game is lacking quality in certain areas. You bring a guy in that has been good at specific things and you try to force him to not do what he has been good at?!?! Why the hell for? Don’t say it’s for the player’s development, because it’s not when the player isn’t being allowed to learn on the job. Sixers struggled to put up points some nights and their answer was kevin ollie, because he doesn’t turn the ball over (i respect that on a contending team), but if you need buckets you bring this young guy in ala monta ellis, salim, eddie house, luther head, etc…? It’s easy to say a guy isn’t NBA ready when you don’t develop him. High School and the NBA are worlds apart, but you don’t go from being arguably the the best lead guard in the country at your level, to kevin ollie’s mop up guy on a lossing team, when you are working hard. That’s a coaching issue. I’ve never read any negative press about Louis Williams, so where ever there is info that he doesn’t listen to his coaches or that he doesn’t work hard, please direct me. He’s not Joe Forte or someone like that…

    All i see is this guy working hard and out playing his peers when he is on the floor. Because he doesn’t have a certain to/assist ratio doesn’t measure the fact that Sixers could have used someone with a killer instinct on the offensive end. I look at the chance the daniel gibson got and I think Louis is that same type of talent and probably a better scorer. It’s the sixers lack of innovation that allows a young guy to waste time on a bench to kevin ollie which hasn’t proved to be a winning alternative, so give the young guy you picked up with the 45th pick and not the 4th or 5th pick, so what is your expectations?

    Is Daniel Gibson better than Louis Williams because he has a year of college? They were in the same High School class. I’m not up on High School, but I don’t see how Gibson would have been a bigger prospect than Louis. Did the one year of Louis being in the NBA practicing against NBA players and Daniel starting for a major College program make Gibson better than Louis?

    I expect to see him get more time. Prove to be one the best young “lead” guards in the league and then leave the Sixers to go on and get even better under a coach and system that will cherish his scoring acumen as well as show him through experience what works and what doesn’t in the NBA.