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Soft Ballers


Very cool day for the whole Dime crew yesterday. For starters, some of us went up to Boston for the RBK Family Reunion, where Allen Iverson, Baron Davis, Gerald Green, Shaun Livingston and Marvin Williams were among the ballplayers who took the diamond in a NBA vs. media softball game. And if you didn’t know, A.I. is NASTY with his softball skills. To be totally honest, from what we know about Allen in the time we’ve spent with him over the years, his three favorite sports might be football, softball and basketball — in that order. Shaun Livingston is nice with the bat, too, but he had someone pinch-running for him every time. G-Money isn’t a natural on the diamond, but the guy is just an athlete; he knocked one ball about 300 feet and he doesn’t even really know what he’s doing. To no one’s surprise, the NBA crew won, 15-6 … In addition to the softball game, the staff at RBK honored A.I. for his longtime success with his signature line. Iverson was presented with a trophy of his first-ever kicks, the Question Mid … Meanwhile in New York, some of us got to spend a time at the W Hotel in Midtown with Gilbert Arenas while getting a sneak preview of his Gil II Zero signature sneakers. There are gonna be 20 versions of his signature adidas kicks released this season, at various dates in various cities where the Wizards play: from a Washington Redskins “Chocolate City” pair to a customize-able mostly white version that is basically a dry-erase board on your feet. All of the shoes on display yesterday had some crazy presentations — the “Mr. Hibachi” kicks came complete with chopsticks and a Benihana restaurant menu; the “Channel Zero” kicks were laid out amongst issues of TV Guide; and the “MVP” shoes were set up next to a ballot box … Gilbert told us he actually missed his first scheduled flight into NYC yesterday morning because while driving to the D.C. airport in the morning, he got pulled over for driving in the HOV lane. Gil couldn’t get over how hybrid cars are allowed to use the HOV lane even if there’s just one person in it. He also found out his tabs were expired. “It was my Dad’s car. I didn’t know,” he told us. “I just got in it and started driving. I didn’t give it an inspection first.” … Last but not least, it was a big day for Dime as we officially launched our new high school basketball website, HighSchoolHoop.com. The site is full of videos, news, training tips, profiles and Q&As with the nation’s best players, and our Top 25 player ranking, which is updated constantly. Click here to check it out. Yesterday we put up a video of Brandon Jennings’ ball-handling workout. If you’re unfamiliar, Brandon is only the best point guard in the country, a superstar at legendary Oak Hill Academy who’s headed to Arizona next year … Allan Houston was scheduled to scrimmage with the Nets yesterday in Jersey. Houston’s agent has said his client wants to stay close to the tri-state area, and considering the teams who are reportedly interested, it looks almost certain that H20 ends up with the Nets or Knicks if he does in fact come back … Kings co-owner Joe Maloof to the Sacramento Bee: “We’re trying to buy a racehorse, and we want to name it Sacramento King. We’re going to get another championship for Sac if it kills us.” Not a bad name for the horse, but Lawrence Funderburke would have been much better …

IMAGE DESCRIPTIONThanks to Ian for showing love

Earlier this week we got a surprise visitor in the office: All the way from Vancouver, B.C., Ian Su, a huge fan of the magazine, dropped by just to check out the place while vacationing in New York. Ian said he has every issue of Dime at home, including the limited-availability All-Star Las Vegas issue (KG cover), which he bought on eBay. The 35-year-old is also a huge Sonics fan (like our Seattle transplants Naomi and Austin) and is pumped for the Kevin Durant era. Big props to Ian for stopping by and showing love, and for being a true fan of what we do … The rumor mill is all over Shaq now. That must suck … Who said petty player/coach drama was confined to the NBA? Swin Cash of the WNBA’s Detroit Shock has been beefing with coach Bill Laimbeer, and it’s long since reached Andrei Kirilenko levels. Apparently Cash and Laimbeer have been going back and forth for a while. Laimbeer recently told reporters, “When Swin plays hard, she will play.” To which Cash responded, “I can deal with a coach attacking me to make me better, but I cannot deal with someone attacking my character, or my integrity.” The feud boiled over in Detroit’s season-ending loss to Phoenix in the WNBA Finals last week. With a couple of minutes left and on the wrong end of a blowout, Laimbeer took four of the starters out so they could get a standing O from the Detroit crowd, but he left Cash in there with the backups. Cash was so upset, it reportedly still brought her to tears as recently as Tuesday. According to the Hartford Courant, it’s a given that Swin’s gonna be playing somewhere else next year. She’s supposedly sold her house in Detroit already and moved to Florida … We’re out like Cash …

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  • E-ROC

    Is there anything that A.I. isn’t good at?! His skill level is bananas. Bill Laimbeer is an A-hole. It’s one thing to have an argument or disagreement. It’s another to publicly embarass your player. What an idiot!

  • bfears12

    no cash next year? detroit’s title hopes go down the drain. thank god for deanna nolan!

  • Adam

    We need a picture of that Question Mid trophy! Was it a golden shoe? Those are some of the best kicks ever.

  • Captain America

    A. I. is a freak of nature

  • http://www.inthespotlight.com Taylor

    GO AI AND MELO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ian Su

    To Jon Abraham (and staff),

    Thank you for taking the time on a mid-day Manhattan Monday for your hospitality. It was amazing to get to see the inner workings of DIME, the tour of the offices, and the inspirations that keep you guys ontop of the game.

    Thanks for the limited-run variants and swag.
    You guys are the BEST! Long live DIME!!!

    Ian Su – Vancouver, BC
    Keep the Sonics in Seattle!!!

  • kyle

    yo whos ian su?

  • Chris

    Damn! I love AI just as much as the next fan, but can you please get off his nutz?! Softball is one of the easiest sports to play. Unless he’s making unassisted triple-plays every other inning, I don’t think we need to be riding his jock. What exactly makes AI “NASTY” on the diamond?

  • nick

    kyle, don’t you read smack?

  • mjax

    I am really starting to think that only Joe Dumars, John Salley and Vinnie Johnson are the only sane and respected 3 from that Bad Boys squad. Between Rodman, Zeke, and Laimbeer, what’s really goin’ on???! and Mahorn was always part krazy and half fool, so he don’t count! Where’s William Bedford!? The Laimbeer move was complete class-less, almost worse than them walking off the court on the Bulls back in the day. I feel bad for Swin, that was just phoul!!!!

  • jay

    well that sounds cool with AI….just curious and i aint hatin….glad shaun is up and moving but is it really a good idea for him to be playing softball in the first place…ok maybe it is just me and no i aint a clippers fan!

  • http://deleted Bron42

    the pistons still have ivory latta. And ya, consdering baseball/softball is all rotation, should livingston really be up at bat?

    and no amount of fan visits will make seattle any good. How crazy would it be though if both portland and seattle end back up in the lottery with high picslol

  • sans

    It’s pretty much a guarantee that both the Blazers and Sonics will be in the lottery next season.

  • http://smack M Dubbs

    This aint any NBA stuff, but you might find this funny. I recently read an article in a NY paper about Keith Hernandez’s style in the booth. Sort of a loose cannon. Well tonight in the Mets – Marlins game, someone in the crowd threw a hardball and it hit Heilmann while he was on the mound. Keith Hernandez shouted “idiot” when it first happened and as security and police were escorting the fan out of the stadium, Keith added something to the effect of “drag him by the neck.” The guilty fan was on cruthces, no less. Gotta love Hernandez in the booth.

  • http://deleted Bron42

    we know they’ll be in the lottery but i mean high lottery like orlando did with shaq and penny