NBA / Oct 2, 2007 / 4:04 pm

10 Sense: Marvin Williams

Atlanta Hawks fans (yes, they do exist) are still waiting for Marvin Williams to have his breakout season. It seems every offseason they’ve heard of the 6-9 forward tearing it up in the summer leagues, but when the games start to count, he hasn’t had the impact expected of a #2 overall draft pick. And it doesn’t help that Marvin was the man infamously picked ahead of Chris Paul, Deron Williams and Ray Felton when the Hawks needed a point guard. This past season, his second in the League, the North Carolina product went for 13.1 points and 5.6 rebounds per game, besting both of his rookie-year averages. Heading into Year 3, he’s part of a developing Hawks nucleus — along with Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, Acie Law IV, Al Horford and Josh Childress — looked upon to bring the team out of the cellar. We got up with Marvin at the RBK Family Reunion a couple weeks ago before Hawks camp opened…

1. In the off season I am in school. Right now I’m taking general courses but I think I am going to major in African American History.

2. I play a lot of video games. I just played the Madden 08 for the first time today. In college football my cousin keeps beating me, so I have to sharpen up a bit.

3. I’m a big football fan; it’s my favorite sport other than basketball. I root for my hometown Seahawks. I’m very close to the Burleson family — Nate plays for the Seahawks and I played AAU with Lyndale Burleson (Nevada).

4. No question that right now Kanye has the hottest album out. I have been listening to it so much that I am starting to get tired of it (laughs). He’s my favorite rapper; I don’t listen to anything really but him right now. If I do listen to something else it would be The Game or Lil’ Wayne.

5. I really don’t spend money like that. My last big purchase was a Chevy for my grandmother. I’m not that into cars; I drive a Denali. My favorite car is the ’64 Impala. I have to get my hands on one of those.

6. I have a few new tattoos. I have a new one on my arm that says “GBMS” which stands for “God Bless My Success.” I also have one dedicated to my grandmother.

7. We have a lot of good ballers in Seattle. Nate (Robinson), Jamal (Crawford), Brandon Roy, Micah Downs … It’s tough to say how we’d stack up against other cities. NY and L.A. would be tough because they’re so big. We’re trying to make a name for ourselves. I mean, Brandon Roy got Rookie of the Year.

8. I am super excited about the upcoming season. We got two really good young guys. It’s crazy I’m calling a guy young, but we have a really good duo coming in.

9. The Eastern Conference has gotten better. Every night you have to go out and compete. Everyone knows about Boston, but look at Orlando. They have Rashard Lewis, and Charlotte got J-Rich.

10. Man, the other day I was actually talking about this with Jackie Manuel; I think this year’s UNC team can win the national championship, but they would have NO chance against our national championship team. No question. A few of us were down there and we ran a little bit against them.

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  • jay

    ok, this is probably a stupid question/observation…why are the hawks new road uni’s navy blue?? they look like the alti bobcats and was it just me or was it cool when teams all had unique designs to the jersey….i know this aint football but everyteam looks like they have the same boring design. i was never infatuated with the horrid nuggets uni’s from the 80’s or the jazz uni’s in the mid nineties but they were all unique..they all look the same name and can orlando please go back to the pinn strip or the star ones from 99..those were dope!!

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I wouldn’t be mad at Orlando for going back to the pinstripes. Remember the Cavs unis from about the Terrell Brandon era to the Shawn Kemp era? Those needed to be retired. Their court was ugly too.