Smack / Oct 20, 2007 / 3:02 am

12 A.M. we gonna do it again

The Cavs and Magic played each other again late last night in China. Dwight Howard started off killing Big Z from the opening tip, giving him lefty and righty hooks off the spin and posting him up easy. On Cleveland’s first possession Dwight swatted Z’s turnaround fadeaway, which is an impossible feat for 99 percent of the shot-blockers in the League … Everyone talks about Orlando assistant Patrick Ewing and how he’s helped Dwight’s development. But if Pat is good enough to have been hired by two NBA teams specifically to work with their superstar bigs (Yao in Houston, Dwight in Orlando), why isn’t his own kid — Georgetown senior Patrick Ewing — more polished in the post? … They’re not gonna try to make “The Little Emperor” into LeBron‘s regular nickname, are they? It’s not that hot … Play-by-play guy Rick Kamla: “There’s a big brain inside that big head of Adonal Foyle.” … Nice to see Stan Van Gundy getting the memo and going all-black. That schmedium jacket he had in the first Cavs/Magic game was atrocious … Garbage-time sightings: Hassan Adams and Darius Rice on the Cavs … Celtics/Nets was canceled at halftime due to condensation on the floor (a.k.a. melted ice from the minor-league hockey rink underneath the court). No word on whether they’ll replay the game, but it’s just the preseason, so surely no one really cares. (Sorry, Brandon Wallace and Mateen Cleaves) … Are we ever gonna see Shaq and Penny on the floor together again? Penny made his Miami debut last night (0 points in 23 minutes) against the Hornets, but Shaq sat it out. Whether Penny makes the Heat roster will probably depend on the injury situation, unless Pat Riley wants to keep him as an option on the wing in case Dorell Wright doesn’t pan out … Is D-Wade a future Hall of Famer? We know it’s early in the game, but that’s the point of projecting. We broke down his case yesterday … Bobby Jackson continues to outplay Mo Pete in the preseason for New Orleans, but even if B-Jax ultimately wins the starting SG spot, Mo Pete can wait until Jackson gets hurt and take it back. What are the odds of Jackson getting hurt? His games-played line since 2002 reads like this: 59, 50, 25, 71, 56 … And guess who’s already on the injured list? Peja. He couldn’t play last night due to back pain … Brandon Roy also made his debut as the Blazers smacked the Kings. Roy didn’t do much of note (9 pts), but Travis Outlaw (24 pts) and Martell Webster (17 pts) once again shined in a meaningless game. You know, Martell could be terrorizing the Pac-10 right at Washington right now instead of still trying to prove he’s an NBA player, but we’re not gonna tell anyone how to live … The League suspended Josh Howard for two regular season games after he stole on Brad Miller. J-Ho can play preseason games in the meantime, which is kinda like when a kid gets in trouble at school but has to go through the rest of the day knowing he’s toast when he gets home … Ricky Davis went for 19 points, 9 boards and 7 assists in a double-OT win over Indiana. When it became apparent Ricky was within triple-double range, everyone had to have been scrutinizing his moves to see if he was trying too hard for the stats … Our partner magazine, Bounce, is giving away a pair of kicks each day for the rest of the month. Today it’s the Nike Air Force 1 Specialists. Go to BounceMag.com to see how you can get that pair … By now you’ve seen the cover(s) of Dime #37, which you can pick up in stores and at newsstands next week. It’s not the first time for Dwight or Carmelo gracing our cover, which brings up the question: Of the players who have never appeared on a Dime cover, who deserves some cover love? Tell us your pick and why either in the comments section below or email us (smack@dimemag.com), and we’ll run some of the best answers in an upcoming issue.** The responses we get could determine who gets that next cover. And if you’re unfamiliar with our cover library, check it out here … We’re out like Peja …

**Dime reserves the right to edit submissions for length and clarity.**

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  • Willis

    Try to get Kevin Martin, Monta Ellis, Josh Howard, Brandon Roy, and Kevin Durant on the same cover. The best young starting wings of the west or something. Who am I kidding I just want Kmart2 on the cover. He should be, he is one of the most efficient scorers in the league. I’m a fan of Brandon Roy too, though. I say just show some love to the second rate stars in the league. Lets see Antawn Jamison, Corey Maggette, Lamar Odom, Mike Bibby, Rashard Lewis, LaMarcus Aldridge, Tyson Chandler, Jason Richardson, and Deshawn Stevenson for wanting to shell 10 grand to date some coked up white girl.

    As far as stars go? You are missing Jason Kidd, Andre Iguodala, Elton Brand, Michael Redd, Gerald Wallace, Josh Smith, Tim Duncan, and Zach Randolph. Oh well those are just a start.

    The Kings got demolished last night without Tru Warier and K$, but don’t sleep on them this year. I’m not saying they will make noise, but some teams won’t look twice at them and be sorry.

    As for the Blazers, they are gonna be the 07-08 Raptors. Complete overhaul through two offseasons, new GM, and just look at the lineup and changes to it.

    Raps trade away Vinsanity, draft Chris Bosh and Charlie V. They trade Charlie to get a decent pg, pick up a bunch of players nobody else thought would be much good, used their developing talent to make some heads turn.

    Blazers trade away Z-Bo, draft Lamarcus Aldridge, Brandon Roy, and Greg Oden. They have like 10 pgs on the roster, picked up some players over the last 3 years that no one thought would be any good, and all the talent they had is startong to show this preseason. They might not make playoffs this season (this is the West,) but I expect them to be fighting for a spot.

  • Gregg

    I get buckets, son!

    I can’t believe I used that phrase at work.

  • johnson

    Wills, Zach Randolph is missing from being on the cover because he is a fat slob. They would have to produce the mag in landscape format if they wanted to get him on, but he sucks so what would be the point?

  • For Real?

    Ya’ll need to put Rasheed on the cover. He’s been one of the best PFs in the League for years but only gets attention for his problems with the refs and getting techs. Get him on the cover just looking mad grimy and he’ll put some of those fake “hard” poses on the past covers to shame. (Bosh? Come on, bruh, no one’s buying tough off of you.) Plus you know dude’s got a lot on his mind; the interview would make it a great cover article.

  • Tamilan

    You guys didn’t cover a lot of the other games. It seems that who ever’s on the cover of Dime gets talked about the most on Smack. Decent marketing

  • Tim

    What about Tayshaun Prince…that guy balls hard every night and never gets any love…I agree with the idea of Rasheed. That would be some article to read…

  • Masonsucka

    STEVE NASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Goose

    “condensation on the floor (a.k.a. melted ice from the minor-league hockey rink underneath the court)”

    Was it really melted ice? or condensation? ’cause the above statement is incorrect

  • doc

    Put Sheed on.

  • Gregg

    I’d like to see Josh Smith or Gerald Wallace. Both are fantasy b-ball studs.

  • http://www.drewleague.com JC

    1 am DJ made it erupt…

  • maddskizzle

    a basketball mag that never had the b2b mvp on the cover? im talking about steve nash, i hope you’re working those phone lines with bill duffy to get it done!!

  • rob stewart

    The name of this magazine is “DIME”. Dime meaning assists and passig and team play. How about putting a person on the cover who is actually known for dropping dimes, and is a two time MVP (should be three time, thanks Dirk). And have you guys ever had a white guy on the cover? I wonder what will happen first, a white guy on the cover of dime (who actually drops dimes as well) or a black president. Guess I’ll have to wait and see!

  • IGP

    I would like to see J Smooth or maybe LO on the cover Lamar Odom…something that is not what everyone is doing

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Issue 34 … Luke Babbitt … first White player on the cover of Dime.

  • http://psinapticapotheosis.org Amar

    stop the presses … luke babbitt. btw, k-mart (of the nipple fame) needs to be on again. he’s such a great player, and truely worthy of being on the cover of magazines. do it again, actually rename the mag to ‘pictures of kenyon martin and his tatts’.

  • Bron42

    lol people complainin about nash not bein on the cover yet, hilarious.

  • chrisGO

    Nash does deserve some cover love