Smack / Oct 16, 2007 / 5:09 am

Can’t Stop the Rain

IMAGE DESCRIPTIONRicky Davis (Photo. Gary Land)

You think Ricky Davis isn’t gonna take a ton of shots this year? Between KG being gone, a team full of young T’wolves who will naturally defer to a veteran, the high likelihood that Minnesota will be trying to shoot their way back into a lot of games, and the fact that he didn’t earn the nickname “Ricky Buckets” for his passing, it’s gonna be like watching the first half of Juwanna Mann when Jamal Jackson/Juwanna Mann was playing 1-on-5 all the time. Oh, and did we mention that Rick is in a contract year? “I’m going to score points no matter what they do. That’s just what I do,” Buckets told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “Contract-wise? I don’t think about that.” Or in other words, according to Ricky, “You’ve got 25 points a game missing, you’ve got 13 rebounds missing, you’ve got five assists missing (with Garnett out of the picture). Somebody has to make those up somewhere.” … Ricky went for 14 points last night in Minnesota’s loss to Memphis, but Rashad McCants actually took the most shots of any T’wolf. Al Jefferson chipped in 17 points and 15 boards … Rudy Gay had one of his good nights in that game, putting up 22 points, 9 boards and 5 blocks, while Juan Carlos Navarro hit five threes and made 8 whiny faces … Jerry Sloan to the Deseret Morning News on AK-47: “I don’t know that I’ve ever seen him as comfortable as he is right now. He’s trying to pass the ball, rebound the ball, defend, block shots — That’s pretty much his whole picture.” Now is that genuine praise, or part of this new thing where Sloan has to balance out his criticism of Kirilenko with praise? We’ll probably never know for sure … We found some more behind-the-scenes video from the adidas ad shoot we went to in Cali over the summer with T-Mac, Duncan, KG, Arenas, Billups and Dwight. In these clips, the guys show the young ballplayers some of their favorite drills, and Gilbert cracks on some kid. Good stuff … So Speedy Claxton has sore knees, Tyronn Lue is banged up (knee), and Acie Law just hurt his wrist. Looks like Chris Paul, Deron Williams and Ray Felton dodged a bullet back in ’05. That position might be cursed down in ATL … Hornets rookie Adam Haluska dropped 20 points on Indiana; maybe he won’t end up on D-League duty after all. Haluska’s cause is helped even more since Peja played all of three and a half minutes. They’re bringing him along reeeeeal slowly … If you missed it over the weekend our Hall of Fame Watch focused on Ray Allen, and yesterday we argued the merits and demerits of Shawn Marion. Come back to Dimemag.com later today for the next H.O.F. candidate, who’s about as close to a shoo-in as there is in the League … We also posted our interview from Issue 35 with Chuck Daly as he talked about the Dream Team, Dennis Rodman and how the “Bad Boys” image held up against reality … We also spent a few minutes recently with strength & conditioning guru Lamont Peterson, whose star pupil is Class of ’08 high school stud Tyreke Evans, and who has trained an array of Philly-area high school stars from Mustafa Shakur to Wayne Ellington. Lamont shared some training tips and outlines Tyreke’s workout over on High School Hoop … During lunch yesterday we watched some of a Rockets/Bullets game from the 1977 Eastern Conference semis. (Yeah, Houston used to be in the East.) Both teams were loaded: Washington had Elvin Hayes, Wes Unseld, Dave Bing and Mitch Kupchak coming off the bench, while Houston had Moses Malone, Calvin Murphy, Rudy T and a rookie John Lucas. The game itself was immediately entertaining, as both teams played like the shot clock was set to 15 — hardly any walk-it-up possessions, and no one was shy about pulling. Rudy T, in fact, showed some horrible shot selection for a man who would end up being an NBA head coach. He was throwing up some nonsense, but it was going in, so you couldn’t get too mad at him. Meanwhile, Moses was getting hammered in the paint and the refs weren’t calling anything. If any of today’s stars outside of Shaq took a beating like that in a high-profile game, it would cause an outrage … We’re out like the Hawks’ point guards …

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  • jay


  • Mike

    No one cares!

  • bryan

    No one cares much about this website period.I just read it to ridicule.

  • Mike

    You’re the man

  • Captain America

    I smell a bucket trade

  • jay is gay

    fifth !!!

  • Ashto

    Great comments today…

  • Smity

    Y’all can leave all those first and third and whatever comments at another site.

    Regarding Sloan on Kirilenko: He does all those things Sloan mentioned all of the time already…So if it’s supposed to be “praise” i can’t see it that way cause #1, thats what you’re supposed to do and #2, that what kirilenko has been doing since he came into the league.

  • http://www.highschoolhoop.com Tom Toronto

    Al Jefferson is going to be beastly this year. 17 and 15? Those are Dwight Howard numbers. Plus we all know Davis is just going to be JACKING shots, Jefferson could average 15 boards a night on Ricky’s attempts alone.

    Also, bryan, take that bullshit somewhere else, it’s not welcome here.

  • bliz289

    what do you guys think – does Jefferson have a chance to be Elton Brand?

  • doc

    Al Jefferson stink to me and so do Ricky shots

  • Kobeef

    Jefferson is looking very impressive – have to say that McHale might have known what he was doing.

    This kid is just 22 so he is still 5 years from his physical prime. He has a real chance of being top 5 in the league in rebounding THIS YEAR, plus he actually has some moves on offense. He will never out-jump Dwight but is a low-post beast.

    I’m thinking just might end up with a game like Elton Brand but he is 2 inches taller so maybe more rebounds/blocks and can play center.

  • Kobeef

    More thoughts:

    That KG to Boston Trade is looking like one of those rare trades that was good for everyone – Boston got older and became a contender and the Wolves got younger and have a promising future. Before the trade both teams were stuck somewhere in the middle.

    Any other examples of trades that were actually GOOD for BOTH teams?

  • E-ROC

    I think Ricky Davis is going to be traded to Cavs or Bulls. Well, he’ll get traded somehow, some way this season. I don’t see him playing out his contract. Can u imagine Ricky Davis playing next to LBJ?? That would be insane. The Heat could use some help, BADLY.

    Al Jefferson does remind me of Elton Brand with a lot less athleticism. He just might be a beast this year.

    Bryan–GO LICK A COW’S ANUS!!!

  • Smity

    E-Roc- Richard Buckets already came from cleveland… and i think cleveland got rid of him with Lebron in mind…correct me if i’m wrong. But you’re still right. Ricky and Lebron could definately be good together. He’s not as selfish as people try to make him out to be and he gets buckets…hence the name Ricky-ahem-Richard Buckets

  • Matt

    Actually, Marco Jaric took the most shots of any T’wolf and not McCants. Check the box score! It’s probably not a good thing for your team if Jaric takes the most shots.

  • monk

    ricky d gets his own boards…………….depending on which basket he shoots………………………(to use a dime catchphrase) bananas!

  • bron42

    ricky was on the cavs lebron rookies year but got traded since they thought he was going to be a bad influence on him

  • von johnson

    love this site dont you guys think they should bring back the afternoon run

  • nick

    funny how when bron was a rook cavs didn’t want ricky around as a bad influence. now they would die for a second scorer for bron. funny how things change and that ricky buckets would be a perfect piece to the puzzle in terms of not being afraid to put up shots.

  • sans

    Larry Hughes should be all right this season. Boobie off the bench for 6 per. Dwight Gooden can hit open looks. Sasha can hit on occasion. The Cavs need someone who can distribute the basketball other than Bron. He needs to get some greedy Kobe in him and start taking 20 per night.

    And Mike Brown needs to come up with a Carmelo-Shooting-Strategy, like George Karl hooked up in Denver. 7 easy inside shots, 5 from mid-range, grease your free throws, then you can take some threes. Without that, he might become as lame as Vince Carter, the original whiny face.

  • bron42

    I don’t wanna rip sans post but a few errors. larry hughes is never alright. Ever. He had one good year where Agent Zero did all the work and hughes pretty much just played defense. On the cavs hes asked to do alot more and is so fragile he can’t make it through layup lines. Boobie has a high chance of bein a one hit wonder if you look at the fact where was he the whole season, most of the playoffs and the finals against the spurs? Its drew gooden, not dwight. Dwight gooden was a pitcher. Lebron doesn’t have the offense or more important the killer instinct guys like kobe, gil, tmac, wade etc.. have. And what mike brown needs is to just get away from the lebron vs everyone offense that he already has. Lebron is good but hes a streaky shooter and 90% of his offense is chucked up 3s and barreling down the lane. Not really on the level with carmelo there. True about vince though

  • Kudabeen

    Killer instinct…Tmac is on that list over Bron?

    My thing about a guy like LeBron is, did he show up? In a big way he has. Melo for all his talent allows himself to get loss in the shuffle and he has yet to show dominance outside of his one on one match up. Wade, Bron, Kobe, Iverson, Arenas, and as much as people dis him even Vince has shown in the playoffs to be able to over power the opposition, not just the guy guarding them. T-Mac and Melo are in the same boat to me…ridiculous talent but too often become spectators rather than dictators when their teams need it…

    Rickey probably would be better suited for the Cavs at this point, because there is no doubt who runs that team.