NBA / Oct 22, 2007 / 12:06 pm

H.O.F. Watch – Allen Iverson


Every day for the next few weeks we’re gonna take one active NBA star with at least arguable Hall of Fame credentials and break down his chances of getting into the Springfield, Mass., hoops mecca. We’re looking at not just past accomplishments, but also how a player’s career realistically projects for the future. For a full explanation of the process, click here. Today’s candidate: Allen Iverson.

ALLEN IVERSON (12th year, Nuggets/Sixers)
27.9 points, 6.2 assists, 2.3 steals per game

Why: First you look at the tangible: League MVP in ’01, Rookie of the Year in ’97, four times leading the NBA in scoring, three times leading the NBA in steals, eight All-Star nods, three All-NBA first team nods, six times carrying overachieving Philly teams to the playoffs (including an NBA Finals trip in ’01) while equaling or upping his numbers across the board in the postseason. Then you consider the intangible: arguably the greatest “little man” in the game’s history next to the likes of Isiah Thomas and Tiny Archibald, a cultural icon who has come to define much of the post-Jordan NBA, and as Dime called him in Issue #6, “The Definition of Now.”

Why not: The braids, the tats, the run-ins with the law, the infamous “practice” rant … call it politics, but some of the more purist H.O.F. voters may not be big fans of Iverson the person, even if they have to respect Iverson the player.

Our call: IN

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  • Jas

    This is easy. He revolutionized the game. He’s in without a doubt.

  • Mike

    Look at it this way, if AI don’t get in, no one else should get in. Not even Shaq, not even Kobe.. That’s how good and significant Iverson was for the last decade. If the so-called “purists” make an ass of themselves and keep him out somehow, then NFL will be my number one league from that point on. Seriously.

  • Chris

    i’m appalled you consider AI as on the “bubble” for this.. hey dime who’s next on the HOF watch tomorrow? Tim Duncan?

  • http://dimemag.com Tom Toronto

    AI is a MUST for the Hall of Fame. Besides gaudy stats, scoring titles, MVP talk and all the rest, this guy defines heart and dedication to the game. He may not have the most sterling image off the court, but when the lights are up and the game is on NO ONE can question the Answer’s determination and love for the game of basketball. Absolutely unanimous, first ballot Naismith Memorial inductee. Also gets the title of Dime cover champion.

    PS – Practice? Are we talking about practice? We’re talking about practice? LOL my favourite interview of all time, hands down. This interview + AI crossing over Jordan footage gets him in the media HOF alone!

  • Celts Fan

    Chris, I’m pretty sure the word “bubble” was never mentioned. The only guys in the NBA now that are more of a lock than him are TD, JKidd, and GP.

  • Celts Fan

    *and Shaq

  • Smity

    one of the greatest of all time without a doubt. should be inducted into the hall of fame’s hall of fame.

  • Big V

    AI is in just off the strength of the rookie year ankle-crackin’ he put on MJ.

  • Duke

    He plays hard every single time, and who cares about practice, I mean we’re talking about practice. He has no fear, the man deserves to be in regardless if he bitchslapped David Stern and made fun of his momma.

  • http://www.kianoosh.org djKianoosh

    No question about it. AI is in. If you put AI’s heart on all these 6’8″ swingmen types they’d be unstoppable forces greater than the power of a category 6 hurricane… damn, ya’ll made me go all Bill Walton hyperbole on you. still, it’s true.

    I’ll always remember that AI vs Vince Carter series in the conference semis in 2001 on his way to the championship against the lakers. he willed that team like no other. check the recaps of those games, they’re still on nba.com, and they show him scoring 50+ practically all series and capping a bunch of those games with 20 straight points. Only Lebron’s showing against detroit this past season eclipsed those performances in my opinion. Then he went up against that juggernaught first Lakers championship squad which destroyed everybody, having people talk about sweep for the first time since fo-fo-fo.. and only on AI’s pure heart and attitude (along with some incredibly gutsy showings by Snow, Mckie, Lynch, et al.) did they win game 1 in overtime, should have won game 2, and were in it late in game 3 until Shaq and Horry did their thing. Shaq had his most dominant playoffs that year. ANY OTHER year against any other west team and AI wins the ring. unfortunately he had to go up against arguably one of the best playoff teams ever. time goes by and I appreciate that Laker team more and more.

    AI’s press conferences are awesome because he always seems to be telling you how he really feels, unlike other philly stars like McNabb or coaches like Andy Reid that basically cliche you to death. “Practice!?” was the best, but we all know he was pointing out how they were putting too much emphasis on him missing practices when he’s laying out on the line every night, and what happened on the court, which should be most important.

    Lock, 1st ballot, not even a question. too much heart to be denied.

  • Gee

    A.I. is in no doubt. It’s ashame though, that the H.O.F. may be the only big reward he gets. He is like the little Charles Barkley in that he will probably never get a ring. Everyone knows it’s hard as heck to get to the finals and it’s good Allen has already been there. Seriously, with George K. coaching …nothing good can happen as far as a championship. Especially in the West! Perhaps with a different coach he may get one more crack at that trophy and ring. Other than that or some spectacular trade, we are all just going to see spectacular playoff showings from A.I. but never one that wins it all. I would love to see him get a ring because I feel he deserves one on his heart alone. I just don’t see his cards playing out in a great way right now. At least he will most def. be in the Hall though.

  • http://hi5.com Triple Threat

    A.I. is a shoe in for the HOF, the greatest little man of all time. It seems like he never slows down, the guy keeps going strong every year. Bubba is going to his championship that he tried to get for his Philly fans, organization, and his teammates.

    Anyway, the Tattoos and the corn rows, the hip-hop culture he brought to the league will never be forgotten. He changed the way the game is looked at from a culture standpoint.

    However, Stern had to throw is weight around and impose the dress code on the players. The dress code made Iverson upset for moment, but after awhile, I’m sure he doesn’t mind looking Ghetto Fabulous.

    And don’t sleep on the nuggets this year, Melo and AI both led teams to the playoffs. If they all stay health, meaning Camby and K-mart, the team can challenge the West elites for the top spot. K-mart and Camby both played against Timmy and Co. on the big stage, it will be interesting to see them match up this year.

  • fiyaman

    Definitely IN.. If he had a couple more inches on him he’d probably be better than Kobe or MJ..

  • http://www.msn.com Frank

    Dude is easily in, no doubt about it. A.I. was the greatest show in Philadelphia for 10 years strong. I miss the hell out watching him play every nite.

  • 2 Easy

    Wow dime uve given us some no brainers, some noggin scratchers and some that just werent ready. Ill leave u to decide which category AI fallin into. Dudes gonna be in the hall no question. I like that Barkley statement cause it seemsto apply. Their heart and talent was/is ridicuouls only difference is Sir Charles was country to AIs ghetto. I hope he and the Nuggets can make some noise this year cause their looking good and he deserves it

  • T Ton

    In for sure. Pretty lame topic guys, not controversial at all.

  • E-ROC

    AI is in on the strength of breaking Antonio Daniels’ ankles TWICE in the same game on one possession. Let alone all of his accomplishments and he alone brought the rule for what clothes you can wear to a game or NBA related function. AI changed everything.

  • Jah

    Man, too easy…IN.


  • Gmoney

    next to J-Kidd, best guard in the last 15 years to lace em’ up…

    What are we talkin’ about? Practice?

  • Gmoney

    next to J-Kidd, best guard in the last 15 years to lace em’ up…

    No brainer…

    What are we talkin’ about? Practice?

  • Ian

    Mike says:

    “Look at it this way, if AI don’t get in, no one else should get in. Not even Shaq, not even Kobe.. That’s how good and significant Iverson was for the last decade.”

    mike ok hes in but not ahead of shaq and i dont know why u mention kobe
    right now its


  • http://www.myspace.com/fresh2def6 Teddy

    download Practice – DJ Jazzy Jeff ft. J-Live

  • kman

    AI is the best “little man” of all time, ask Zeke!
    No player has more heart, GTOWN represent!

  • Duh

    This is easy he is a for sure HOF er. First one who is a shoe in that you guys have profiled besides the Kidd and GP. Still cant get over that Marbury laugher.

    Why dont u guys do another guy who may be at the end of his rope like “Big Shot Bob”?

  • TBone

    HAS to be in. Anything less would be uncivilized. Just watching him play is an inspiration. Watching him throw oops and other dimes to Melo is like a dream come true. I will boycott the NBA if he doesn’t get in!!!!!!

  • doc

    Aint no old people keepin him out . He’s goin in regardless.

  • http://msn.com ride01

    He’s in, but who said Duncan gets in before Shaq?

    AI vs Jordan. Classic screensaver.

  • http://dime Will

    In, without question or debate. The greatest ” little man” ( six feet and under) of all time. His stats alone justify his first ballot induction. His impact on the games culture rivals that of Jordan, Wilt and Russell. Too bad GM Billy King had no idea how to build a contender around such a spectacular talent. A fact that still holds true to this day.

  • pac8

    He´s in if only by heart and hustle, but he will never win a ring or make anyone a better player… he should be put in a side hall with Barkley, Gervin, Dominique and all those high scoring guys that never really got what winning is about…

  • http://www.cnn.com da kayruff

    If Iverson dont get in,then we need to shut down the hall of fame.If cornrows and tats can keep this guy out,then I need to change leagues.A.I.has been the most entertaining player in the league for the past decade.Just ask Philly fans,I know on the east coast his jersey was at the top of sales when he played for philly.Besides all of that,look at the numbers,they speak for themselve.As far as Im concerned its a no brainer.

  • jeff barlow

    Let me tell you this should not even be a debate A.I. gets in the Hall Of Fame.no doubt about it i would say inch for inch the one of the most prolific scorers in NBA history.He brings it every game no one could every question his heart or passion for the game.

  • http://dimemag.com Joshua Osah

    Should’nt be contemplated, THis question is just like asking if bill gates is rich. This guy is the best basketball player to ever play the game under 6ft 6 inches, those limitation are just made with exception to M.Jordan and Kobe.B. What can i say he’s de answer……….

  • baller23

    Allen Iverson is without question in. he is the second greatest player of his generation after kobe but allen iverso is an honest to god good guy. he has as much talent as kobe but kobes had more opportunities w shaq ai is a first ballot hall of famer

  • http://www.youtube.com/blackmac95 lamoni

    OF COURSE HES IN! he is only 5’11, im highly confident that if Kobe or Lebron were AI’s height THEY WOULD NEVER BE THE PLAYERS THEY ARE TODAY

    if AI was there height hed be the greatest player 2nd only to MJ (possibly better). he is very underated is always overlooked

    HE BETTER BE IN, if not you might as well put Kwame Brown in there