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H.O.F. Watch – Stephon Marbury (UPDATE)

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We’ve received a pretty serious reaction from our readers over the last 24 hours about THIS. The majority of readers (and DimeMag.com poll voters) don’t think Steph’s Hall of Fame material.

This morning I asked Mike K. over at KnickerBlogger.net to weigh in on the debate. Mike was cool enough to hit me right back with his take …

Comparing Marbury to Oscar Robertson is like comparing Vince Coleman to
Rickey Henderson. While they had some stats in common, there is a large
disparity in talent between the pairs. Sure 20-8 would put Marbury in the
same category of the Big O. But the category is an arbitrary one.
Robertson’s careers averages were 25-9, not 20-8, and he averaged 7.5
rebounds to Marbury’s 3.0. Clearly Steph isn’t in Oscar’s league.

But the question is whether or not Marbury is a Hall of Famer. As someone
who has had the opportunity to watch him for the last three and a half seasons, I’ve noticed Stephon excels in two areas. The first is driving to the basket. The second is the pick & roll. Marbury frequently beats his opponent to the hoop, and can finish with a strong right hand, even when the opposing big man comes over to help. In the pick & roll, he’s good at recognizing the defense and can either deliver a crisp pass back to the player who set the pick or take the shot himself.

Unfortunately Marbury isn’t particularly good at other aspects of the game. When paired with Eddy Curry, it became apparent that Marbury wasn’t good at getting the ball into the low post. Recently the Knick offense has moved away from the the pick & roll, and without it Marbury looks average in the half court set. Additionally he doesn’t push the ball up the floor well to create fast break opportunities. And then there is his defense. Last year Marbury was praised for his commitment to the defensive end of the court. It’s telling when a player starts playing defense in his 11th season.

Marbury was an All-Star twice in eleven seasons. He’s only been on two winning teams. He’s never made it out of the first round of the playoffs.
Stephon had a few strengths, but his weaknesses kept him from being a more well rounded player. Stephon Marbury was a good player, but never a great one. He’s not a Hall of Famer.

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  • T Ton

    Hummhh, someone else that agrees with me about the All Star issue and making his teammates better.

  • E-ROC

    That’s a good take on Starbury. And I agree, he’s out.

  • Bron42

    i love it when people back up my case lol…

  • Big Striz

    love dime, but why is this being debated?

  • Smity

    What does Mike K have to say about the other players that have been discussed in the HOF watch. What arguments can be made against the players that have been determined future HOfamers or non future HOFamers?

  • Captain America

    Stephon Marbles should be pushing brooms

  • Bron42

    its being debated because no matter how bad or how annoying a player is…theres always gonna be bonehead fans who try to back up a case like hes god. I had a kid debate with me for HOURS about how if darko got time, he’d be the most dominant big man in the league, and that was before orlando got him. So its always gonna be a debate when people cant except fact and just wanna be like “oh well so and so would bust this persons ass so fuck all ya’ll” and just overlook their body of work or lack there of.

  • Reed Ewing Frazier

    Mike K made good points but you dudes are killing me like I said before the Allstar Game is Bogus Yao Ming and Penny Hardaway if you are still using that for a point there is no hope for you. I accept the Big O stats and if that’s the case then maybe he shouldn’t be a HOFer but all that noise about Steph off the court is BS. I still don’t agree he has made teams worse. B-ball is still a team sport the four other guys have to be accountable too. I am a boneheaded fan(lmao)but I have to concede victory to the majority as of now Steph should not be in the HOF but if he averages 30-20-10 for the next two seasons I’ll bring him back into the ring(lol) I would like to suggest to everyone to go the HOF website to see what goes into the voting. Right now I’m going to look that up and Chauncy Billups Stats Oh yeah it over MFs see you on the other BLOG!!!

  • Big V

    I agree. The All-Star game should be completely tossed out the window when it comes to making justifications about the HOF. Guys like Chris Gatling have made the Allstar team, and Gatling having made one team vs Marbury’s 2 doesnt give a clear indication as to Marbury’s utter superiority as a bball player over Gatling. Secondly, fan votes are retarded. VC/Shaq should never have made as many appearances as they have. I might be inclined to agree with you as of now that Steph doesn’t cut it, but the Allstar logic has really got no place in the equation.

  • steve

    Marbury had the talent to be an alltime great pointguard. He is a pure pointguard, he was basicallly what chris paul is now when he was entering the league. He just never got it together mentally, he was 20/8 off talent. If he worked like a kobe or a garnett he wouldve been a 24/10 and one of the alltime great pointguards, and wouldve won much more, just never got it mentally, and never reached his potential. What a shame.

  • Bron42

    well shaq deserved most of his allstar votes accept probably last years. I mean its not as bad as yao gettinng voted in his rookie year when he completel sucked but had like 18 billion votes from china. People vote for their favorites, not who is best. So maybe if you said he was voted in by the coaches 7 times or something.

  • Coldchain

    Yeah, but usually someone is your favorite player because they’re good. I don’t know anyone who’s like “Kwame Brown is my favorite” except for maybe Kwame’s boys from back home. And nobody really like Tim Duncan, but he starts the ASG every year because everyone recognizes him as being one of the best.

  • doc

    We didnt need him to tell us Starburied aint HOF material.

  • 2 Easy

    Aight this is gettin ridiculous now. Its evident that Marbury is not a HOF player no matter how much people try and sell him as one. Reed Ewing Fraiser I understand ur a fan and I respect that but you have to be realistic. Marbury is not a good team player by any means. You say that there are 4 other players on the court with him, I wonder how many of them he can lead and make them play their best. Being a basketball fan you should know that having a player that runs the offence and allows each player to use thier skills to help the team is how a PG is supposed to play. If you believe Chauncy is the nicest take a look at his style and compare him to starbury. You’ll see that Billups is a fearless leader who teaches and directs his team and then takes the big shots when neccessary. Starbury takes shots when he gets the itch so Im done on this. Im movin on to Chauncey and Dwade. If Starbury was to make the HOF than the Halls standards have dropped SUPREMELY

  • gee the steph fan

    hey I’m the biggest steph fan out there. I don’t see the HOF, but I do see the knicks fans and organization making a big mistake not keeping him. this is the ONE time where keeping him will be to there benefit. This gutless knicks team still needs a whipping boy, someone the crowd can jive, while they learn how to win. Its a funny situation, one that only nY fans understand. Crawford has never been the focus of attention, he’s too soft, and will crumble under nightly scrutiny of being ‘the Man’ in this town. Q has admitted in a summer league interview that he’s not played one damn year for us yet. Curry is outta shape, Zach is being dealt. We have a young PF rookie. etc. Keep my boy around. Oh, and he still a pretty damn good PG