NBA, Video / Oct 23, 2007 / 11:11 am

KG = The Nature Boy

Back in July, I made a trip out to LA for the filming of adidas’ new “Brotherhood” ad campaign. Every one of their “Big 6″ was in attendance – Kevin Garnett, Gilbert Arenas, Tracy McGrady, Dwight Howard, Tim Duncan and Chauncey Billups – and I had the chance to sit down with each guy to do an on-camera interview.

Each guy was great in his own way, but KG, as always, was unreal. We’re going to be rolling out snippets of my interviews with the guys over the next week or so, but I wanted to get this clip of Garnett out there first.

This was KG’s response when I asked him about his acting skills on set …


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  • http://www.dimemag.com The Jed

    GREATEST video we’ve ever put up.

  • snackazz

    KG’s the man. He’s so versatile.

  • Taliban

    Woooooo! Rodman and Karl Malone wrestled after the Jazz/Bulls feud reached its pinnacle… maybe KG can get Z-Bo or Eddy Curry after the repeated near-melee’s during last night’s Knicks/Celts preseason game

  • Captain America

    Oh, another article/interview with KG. For a moment there, I thought there were other stars in the League. KG is good at marketing himself. Oh, and the C’s lost last night.

  • Captain America

    Question: What happens when KG finds out that he and the two other stars don’t get a ring? When KG passes at the buzzer instead of taking the shot? Will it be that KG doesn’t have the “team” behind him necessary for him to get the ring?

  • Taliban

    Can’t we just purely enjoy his passion for the Nature Boy?

  • For Real?

    KG vs Eddy Curry in a wrestling ring would be like Yokozuna chasing around Bret Hart.

    KG must be a real wrestling fan, ’cause I don’t even remember Cabuki. Koko B Ware was my dude, though.

  • Gee

    That is good that KG has something outside of ball to enjoy and get away with. I was impressed with what he remembered and knew too. I used to love The American Dream, The Road Warriors, Sting, The Great Muta, Doom and others. Wooooooooooooo! To be the man, you got to beat the man!

  • Bron42

    Cabuki was back when it was like the one man gang (omg), rock and roll express and stuff like that. kokbo B ware and his stupid bird lol…Ya’ll hatin on KG meanwhile all hes showin is his genuine side, dudes a easy goin guy who likes to have fun (unless ur rick rickket). Basketball is one thing and then you got life outside it. So quit sippin the haterade and just see hes a cool dude. Besides, once he puts Z-Bo in the figure 4 leg lock…game over.

  • http://luckylester.com Lucky Lester

    Captain America’s a dick… There always has to be some hater on message boards everywhere, doesn’t there?

    Kevin is an amazing cat, and I’d love to have him on my team any day – I can’t root against the guy.

  • nick

    kg is the man.

  • http://www.kianoosh.org djKianoosh

    what’s with a rumor I hear that Paul Pierce, Rondo and some picks would go to LA for Kobe?!? would that even work salary wise?

    maybe kobe gets to play w/KG after all….

  • Bron42

    heard about that too somewhere…it would NEVER happen but would be possibly the sickest team in a long time.But you’d also have to pay to see ray allen and kobe get along lol.

  • Captain America

    Lucky, sorry to bust your vibe. This site has many poster, such as yourself, who have a man-love thingy going with KG. KG is a good guy, although he is totally ungrateful for all that has been done for him in the past. I suspect I have a much better handle on KG than most on the site. As for being “a dick” the obvious response is mine is better than your’s .

  • Captain America

    …meantime, do you have a response to the pertinent questions I raised regarding KG? Or, are they too hard to respond to.

  • Captain America

    One last thing, KG had a very turbulent upbringing and deserves much credit for growing up straight and assisting his siblings to do the same.

  • BigGreen#5

    I love the Ticket. Captain America, do you really think you have a better handle on KG than me? Nice try. I have seen EVERY GAME he has played in the NBA. I have them recorded. Don’t hate just ’cause he’s that good. I promise that unless your favorite team is the Spurs, you would swap your starting 4 for him, in a split-second.

  • Bron42

    Lol a better grasp than most people. Unless your his little brother or next door neighbor I’d have you beat there too. ANd what does the guy have to be grateful about from minny? the fact they screw up most of his career by losing draft picks for joe smith? or couldnt put a SINGLE good player around him the whole time he was there (the closest being spree at like 34 and cassel at 35) even though he stuck it out and carried the team himself? ya your right..hes a selfish bastard. You didn’t raise any questions. You made a stupid remark that was overlooked because well..its stupid. Hatin on the guy before the season even starts about how hes going to flop. Mr. fuckin KG-ologist over here.

  • redsoxgirl66

    KG is going to make the Celtics HUGE this year! I am sooooo freaking excited about them!!!!!!! I haven’t been this excited about the Celtics season since LB played against Magic! I’m telling you this threesome is going to be awesome! The ring is ours for the taking!!!!!!

    Bring it home to Boston BABY!!!!!!

  • Gee

    Well I am in KG’s DNA so I know him better than anyone lol lol lol.

    So Capt. do you just dislike the dude outside of how he plays? Cause I am thinking no one could ever trip over how KG plays the game. So I am guessing you just don’t like him for some of other reasons.
    Seems to be a lot of people that don’t like players around here for reasons outside of how they play the game. That is wild.

    If I ever start complaining about someone “stealing” money, or demanding to get traded, or not showing up for practice, or if they got white teeth or a uni-brow will someone please put me in check and remind me to evaluate the player on his game more than anything. Thanks.

    Wasn’t this about KG and how he likes wrestling and stuff?

    My favorite finishing move of all time is the stand up-powerbomb (preferrably done by Nash).
    Favorite submission is the Scorpion Lock (preferrably done by Sting) Woooooo!

  • Bron42

    stand up powerbomb was cool but way too basic…everyone does a power bomb..but what your forget is thee MOST ELECTRIFYING MOVE IN SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT…the peoples….el…bow…if ya smell…lol……and ya sting still wrestles

  • Gee

    hahah yea I still like the rock bottom better than the elbow. I just like the force of the powerbomb. I wish the rock was still wrestling instead of movies. I mean some of his movies have been ok but I aint even looking for his latest one with him being a father and football player.

    Aight who remembers Ronnie “Hands of Stone” Garvin. Now that is going waaaaay back!

  • Nora

    Catain America, you do realize that KG doesn’thave to always take the last shot and that having 2 stars around him is proof of that. How many big men around sit and take the last shot anyway? LOL

  • Chris B.

    You need to find the clip from a few years ago of Garnett saying the Wolves are like Voltron, where he is the Blue Lion, because he is what the team stands on, but Terrell Brandon is the Black Lion, because he is the head and what holds the team together. Classic KG…I’m a T-Wolves fan, but glad he is on the Celtics because he seems happy to play ball again (the last three seasons were painful in MN…)

    Anyway, go Celts, go KG, and three years from now, go Corey, Randy and Big Al.