NBA, Video / Nov 1, 2007 / 3:58 pm

Joe Johnson’s Super Truck

Check out the video of Joe Johnson‘s F650 Super Truck. Details include:
– 55-inch tires
– Three TV screens (one in the dash and two in between the seat rows hanging from the ceiling)
– The gas tank holds 200 gallons of diesel fuel and costs approximately $600 to fill
– Equipped with cameras in the front back and on both sides
– Has a train horn
– Back seat folds down into a bed

For more photos of Joe, his crib and his car, pick up Dime #37, on newsstands now…

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  • http://psinapticapotheosis.org Amar

    love it . . . also of note: no books on his book shelf at that point in time.

  • Mooks

    Wow. So what you’re saying is that Joe Johnson is a friend of the environment.

    Goddamn, Joe… goddamn.

  • Captain America


  • nick

    damn, probably go a few weeks driving that thing without filling up the tank.

  • donners

    a week, or 30 miles…whatever comes first.

  • Lucky Lester

    that’s a perfect argument for those people that say “athletes get paid way too damn much”

    I personally don’t agree, but I can see the argument…

    And Captain America, thanks again for more of your sweet comments, the always impress me.

  • Luke

    Hey Dime if Dirk drove a car like that,
    would he make ur HOF?
    I dont wanna sound bitter, but its seems pretty shallow to promote sth like that…

  • Prof. TX

    I was going to say the same thing as Amar, so much time and money on that ridiculous truck but you notice there’s not a single book on the shelves.
    But then, leaving the Phoenix for Atlanta shows that he isn’t paid to be smart.

  • Taliban

    How many doors does that thing have? And if Dime puts a video up of JJ’s sweet super truck, that doesn’t mean they endorse his HOF candidacy.

  • A Town

    Prof. stop hatin on the Hawks. The Suns needed JJ more than he needed them. How many rings do they have since he left? The same amount the Hawks do. Second place still isn’t the winner and the Suns haven’t even came in second. Just wait till next season!

  • Kenyun

    So buying an over priced truck or buying a vintage Mercedes roadster that you never drive? hmmmmmm both sound like money spent on your passions. We all have them and this is his….

    Side Note….

    Phoenix has won exactly as many rings as Atlanta has since the trade plus he got Max money in Atlanta that he wasn’t going to get in Phoenix

    So yeah sounds smart to me! LOL