NBA / Dec 11, 2007 / 10:59 am

Yao says his Rockets are soft

After the Rockets got cracked in Philly last night, a disturbed Yao Ming had some strong words for his teammates:

“When you are soft yourself, everything will feel tough,” Yao said. “It’s not because they are so tough. It’s because of how soft we are.

“It’s weird that we changed that quick. I never had that feeling. I feel like they traded me to another team, a new team I’ve never been on before.”

Overall, it was just an awful night for Houston. They were beaten in pretty much every facet of the game by a bad team, they showed little life until the very end when they cut the Sixers lead to 10 and T-Mac sprained his ankle.

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  • http://www.kianoosh.org djKianoosh

    Wow, I never thought of Yao as a guy that would step up and say something like this. I think this is a good sign. He needs to kick some butt on that team. No way they should be losing to the sixers. Yao himself should get 25-20-7-8 on those fools.

  • Bust Jlaze

    Yao’s been poppin off at the mouth a LOT lately! That’s good, though…I noticed a big chip on his shoulder ever since he had that dunk on what’s his name…he had that angry look on his face, right?

  • Prof. TX

    The Rockets need something. Their current guys just aren’t getting it done. Maybe not a blockbuster trade (i.e. Yao or T-Mac), but a substantial one would help.

  • Big V

    Pretty nice coming from the softest guy on the team.

  • SWAT

    Softest guy on the team, right but next to Mac is the only one playing and showing up for games.

  • fiyaman

    Yao is right but he needs to lead by example. The rockets are soft but he is the softest. He needs to dominate then he can criticize the rest of the team fro not following his lead but right now they’re playing just like him. (SOFT)

  • Kobeef

    Wow – it’s pretty ballsy to rip your team when you are 7’6 and supposedly dominant yet only rank 11th in the league in rebounding and 8th in Blocks.

    And speaking of soft – if Yao got in better shape his team might not have to wait for him to drag his slow ass up the floor each play.

  • kowtz

    Yeah… YAO should rip his team mates… can you imagine Bonzi Wells outrebounding Yao??? Bonzi should toughen up…

  • Gee

    Aint nobody soft ain’t nobody hard. Look it is what it is.

    Right now they are not where they are where they are. THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!…just kidding.

    Anyway I feel Yao need to rip management if anything cause him and Tracy need a WAY better supporting cast outside of a about 3. They are at .500 and I am not in a panic cause it’s early. They still got to gel more and what not.

    Yao and Tracy should be on the Rocket’s brass arse for more help and focus on staying healthy and just play. No matter how much you go public or talk to the players on the bench. Again with this bench outside of about 3 they not gone produce. So again it is what it is.

  • dagwaller

    Still lots of people saying that Yao’s soft when T-Mac’s the one missing the games…

  • Bron42 aka Global4Areason

    you cant really hate on someone for being injured lol..its not like tmac is goin out there and just suckin wind. tmac is injury proned, yao has a soft unassertive mentality. theres a difference. Like they said, yao is callin people out meanwhile hes the biggest guy in the nba but 11th in blocks and 8 in rebounding. Either way, the rockets do need to do something. That battier trade for rudy gay isn’t really doin much and scola hasn’t done crap to set himself apart. Its gonna be another early exit if this keeps up.

  • Doc

    Yao can call out who he want he the beast of that team. They need to trade T-Mac bitch ass so they can get somebody while they can cause he just gonna get hurt every other week.

  • Bron42 aka Global4Areason

    lol who they gonna trade tmac for and get in equal return? other then kobe theres no one. and any swing man who plays with yao is gonna have the same problem, just ask steve francis. The problem with the rockets is their talent to mesh. you have guards and wings who wanna push and then you have a offense thats supposed to be run through a slow center. They all need to step up.

  • jnuh

    If I’m reading the critiques of Yao’s rebounding & blocked shot totals correctly, it would be safe to say, using the aforemetioned logic, that the all-time rebounding & shot block leaders in NBA history are:

    Manute Bol, Gheorghe Muresan & Shawn Bradley.

    Yeah, that sounds about right.

  • Bron42 aka Global4Areason

    ? none of those guys were EVER considered great, good or even above average. they were just tall. Yao is supposedly the 2nd best center in the league, the future of the rockets, one of the most dominant bigs in the league etc.. meanwhile hes pretty much just a 7’5 guy with a soft touch since he really doesn’t dominant the other aspect of the game. He has to learn the game and understand what he can do before he starts gettin crowned the best. theres no way with all this hype he should be 11th or 8th or that boozer should of averaged 40 points on him last playoffs etc..

  • dagwaller

    First of all, that’s his point – that just because they’re tall doesn’t mean that they should be good.

    Second of all, those stats that Kobeef put up are wrong. 7th, not 8th in blocks. 7th, not 11th in rebounds. So there’s that, too. In other words, if you take out guys like AK and Josh Smith (non centers), his numbers are top 5 center numbers. He’s also 15th in ppg, so it’s not like he’s not getting up and down. Also, the guy that’s supposedly “out of shape” is 24th in mpg. So there are only 24 guys in the league (or 4 or so per position) that play more than he does…top 5. Elite level. I wonder how many of those are centers. People saying he’s soft really need to let us know what that means, because he plays D, he plays O, he plays all game long, and they apparently don’t know how to find stats.

    Look, I’ve been injured, too, and I’m not saying that I’m soft, or that it makes someone else soft. It’s just that the nature of T-Mac’s injuries, combined with his past of quitting, kind of makes one wonder. I respect the hell out of his game, but you can’t say that a guy that runs all game long (Yao) is softer than someone that misses a game every few weeks. They called Cal Ripken the Iron Man (as in “hard”) because he never missed a game. So someone that misses a lot of games is…the opposite of hard.

    I don’t think that Yao (pleasantly surprised that he’s stepping up like this) is the problem. I don’t think that T-Mac is the problem. It’s very weird that such a defensive minded team for the past few years has taken on the problems of an offensive minded coach (Adelman) and forgotten everything from before. I’d say that’s the problem, especially considering the fact that the team is very undersized. When your starting PF is under 6’9″ (I forget what he is, but I’m pretty sure it’s damn short), you’re going to have a hard time defending and rebounding – two “hard” qualities to have…

  • ftm

    well said dagwaller.

  • Junior

    Yao the philosopher letting them know how it is. that they they aren’t tough we are soft line is classic.