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1999 Draft Do-Over


The Bulls were in total rebuilding mode by the time of the 1999 NBA Draft rolled around. After losing Mike, Scottie, Dennis and Phil off of the ’98 championship squad, Chicago had gone 13-37 in the lockout-shortened ’99 season and the Lottery balls bounced in their favor by way of the #1 overall pick. In what was seen at the time as something of a weak draft, the Bulls took Duke sophomore Elton Brand. Although Brand was a beast in college, he wasn’t seen as a superstar prospect as he entered the pros. He was undersized for a power forward, not to mention there was still a stigma of Duke players failing to realize their potential in the League. And while Brand did end up being a 20-10 producer for Chicago, they eventually traded him for a more enticing prospect in Tyson Chandler a couple of years later — a move they definitely regret now. So given a do-over and knowing then what they know now about the Class of ’99, who would the Bulls choose?

Then you’ve got the Grizzlies. Having gone 8-42 during that ’99 season, they also needed a shot in the arm. Maryland guard Steve Francis was the most exciting player in college basketball that year, and would have filled a need in the backcourt next to Mike Bibby, but Francis made it clear he had no interest in playing for Vancouver. The team took Francis anyway and ended up regretting it; eventually having their hand forced into a multiple-team trade that landed them Michael Dickerson, Othella Harrington, Antoine Carr, Brent Price and a couple of draft picks. Given a second chance of their own, who would Vancouver draft?

Here’s my 1999 Lottery do-over:

1. Chicago — Elton Brand, PF, Duke
2. Vancouver (Grizzlies) — Shawn Marion, SF, UNLV
3. Charlotte (Hornets) — Baron Davis, PG, UCLA
4. L.A. Clippers — Rip Hamilton, SG, UConn
5. Toronto — Lamar Odom, SF/PF, Rhode Island
6. Minnesota — Manu Ginobili, SG, Argentina
7. Washington — Andrei Kirilenko, SF/PF, Russia
8. Cleveland — Steve Francis, SG/PG, Maryland
9. Phoenix — Ron Artest, SF, St. John’s
10. Atlanta — Andre Miller, PG, Utah
11. Cleveland — Jeff Foster, C, Texas State
12. Toronto — Jason Terry, PG, Arizona
13. Seattle — Corey Maggette, SG/SF, Duke

OTHER NOTABLES: Chris “Birdman” Andersen, William Avery, Raja Bell, Jonathan Bender, Calvin Booth, Francisco Elson, Devean George, Gordan Giricek, Jumaine Jones, Trajan Langdon, James Posey, Michael Ruffin, Wally Szczerbiak, Kenny Thomas, Fred Weis, Wang Zhi Zhi.

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  • MSkittle

    Jeff Foster ahead of Jason Terry and Corey Maggette?

  • MSkittle

    How can you pick Jeff Foster ahead of Corey Maggette and Jason Terry?

  • Kobeef

    Steve “not a franchise player” Francis is below artest, JET, and even Wally World….knowing what we know now.

    Wally world is above Jeff Foster – watch for Wally to get traded soon to a contender that needs outside shooting. They guy can score.

    AK47 before Manu. Manu is a product of the spurs sytem – and AK47 is a victim of the Jazz system. (didn’t you watch the euro chapionships when Ak carried russia?)

    Artest would also be drafed above Manu.

    Knowing what I know now – I’d take Boom Dizzle first. Some of the others have flaws that drop them but BD is a prototype for a modern day PG.

  • gary

    fredric weis, man…why do my knicks do those things to me?!

  • celtics4life

    ya foster to clevland that early? dident they already have big z? and i gotta agree the black baron would have gone number 1.

  • Bron42 aka global-4A-reason

    franchise has had a wayyyyy more legit career than wally. wally was good for one season as a timberwolve and has sucked ever since yet hes pullin mvp type money. Stat wise francis is better than JET too..you forget, comin into the leage he was one of like 3 guards to ever average something like 15 points 6 rebounds 6 assists.

    I def take AK over manu too since he can do alot more although he sulks way too much. manu is a system player but he won’t bitch out.

    I think rip drops down a few notches since he didn’t shine until he got a well rounded cast in detroit, he was basic as a wiz

  • Bron42 aka global-4A-reason

    didnt baron get hurt right before the draft and thats why he was taken lower?

  • kars

    you all are crazy. forget the 2005 finals when manu prob should have won mvp, or the gold medal argentina won in the olympics. besides, manu has had to tone down certain parts of his game bec. of the spurs system. lets put it this way, if ak47 is your 2nd best player, no way you are winning a championship.

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com john

    ok i would have to put manu up competing with rip for #4 and marion would in no way be a #2 pick over davis. marion has had a couple good seasons all due to the system and the point guard everywehre else he has played, a bust!

    manu is in no way a “product of the spurs system” if that where the case he would have never won mvp honors in europe, a dunk title in europe, a gold metal in the olympics, or any world titles for the argentine team. that right there sould be enough to move him up on the list, but in case your not satisfied, look at what he has done this season (while healthy that is) i mean his numbers are as good as ANYONES and his minutes are rediculously low. if pop wanted to destroy the league, he would do like the other teams and play his big 3 40 minutes a night. how scary would manu be if he got marions minutes or rips or davis’s minutes. how scary would the spurs be if the big 3 averaged 38-40 minutes per game like the celts do?

    move manu up.

  • http://www.freewebs.com/betcats BETCATS

    you are all crazy. Their are no do overs. LIVE WITH IT

  • Jim

    Poor Foster, you even changed his diploma.
    And no, previous commenter, no one would take Artest over Manu.

    Speaking of crazy, how about this being considered a weak class?

  • http://www.dimemag.com T.M.P.B.W.O.T.P.

    1. That Cavs team needed a big man. They had Shawn Kemp at the 4; the centers were Andrew DeClerq, Vitaly Potapenko and Big Z, who had missed all but 5 games due to injury. And he’d miss like 60 games the following year. So he definitely wasn’t reliable. Foster is solid; he’s been averaging 8-9 rebounds a game over the last few years.

    2. Vancouver wouldn’t have taken Baron because Bibby was their future at PG. The Bulls could have, but Brand is just as good if not better as a franchise player, and you usually go big over small.

    3. Francis was putting up Hall of Fame numbers before he suddenly fell off. But he had a great 5-6 year run.

    4. Rip’s always been a consistent 18-20 points per game scorer on whatever team he’s on.

  • http://www.freewebs.com/betcats BETCATS

    lets put everything into prespective- this draft class is full of people who only achive when happy. Frances = Damaged Goods , Marion = Wanting to Leave, Rip = best 4th wheel, Elton = Great guy on sucky team. This draft happend the way it should’ve and you need to live with it. FOSTER SUCKS FOSTER SUCKS FOSTER SUCKS FOSTER SUCKS FOSTER SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • http://www.dimemag.com T.M.P.B.W.O.T.P.

    “marion would in no way be a #2 pick over davis. marion has had a couple good seasons all due to the system and the point guard everywehre else he has played, a bust!”

    You’re trippin’, my man. One, Marion hasn’t played anywhere else but Phoenix. Two, he was putting up the same numbers he’s putting up now BEFORE Steve Nash and D’Antoni came around. He was putting up the same numbers when his PG was alleged team cancer Stephon Marbury. Third, his “couple good seasons” have actually been consistent production ever since his 2nd year in the League. Look it up.
    And again, Vancouver thought they had PG locked up with Mike Bibby that year. They wouldn’t have taken Baron.

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com john

    yep you got me on marion, i glanced at his carreer and they changed the letters for the suns from pho to phx.
    his averages have been ok although ther is a pretty big difference from 9 rebounds to 11 rebounds per game. his assists have dropped some but his scoring has gone up a few points per also. the biggest increase is minutes he is playing more minutes then ever (only a couple minutes can mean a lot)

    i still take davis over him every day of the week.

  • Myrie

    1999 draft was the most underrated draft; I think. No franchise players in this draft, but very credible NBA talent with allstar potential all over the place.

    But DIME is downright bugging putting Jeff Foster up there. Jeff Foster still needs them Magic Fundamental tapes they be showing on NBA TV. Or maybe some of those Betterbasketball tape drills.

    What has he done since 1999?

  • http://GeeC2.com GEE …give Kobe his Nutella job back!

    I will say Elton first and Baron and then Steve next though he was hot then lol a commodity that went sour.

    Then you have to go Rip, I would say AK and Shawn are toss ups next because they both come off as system players to me, don’t get me wrong they would get theirs regardless but they thrive where they are more than I think they would other places. Rip always had a j, he just wasn’t being used effectively.

    I would say then Manu. After that it’s starts becoming a toss up.

    A good roll player draft you ask me though.

  • dagwaller

    This is pretty right on. I might drop Odom down past AK and Manu, though. Not because I don’t think Odom is good; mainly because Manu’s been a pivotal player on some playoff teams, and AK’s been a similar “do it all” type of player, but on better teams (and he does it better, I think).

    Ya’ll need to stop hatin on Jeff Foster, seriously. Check out Corey Maggette’s career stats, and you’ll see why. Plus, like the man said, you take big over small any day. Jason Terry has more of a case, but still, on a scale of 1-10, if Foster’s a 5 and Terry’s a 6, you’re telling me you would take small over big?

  • MSkittle

    Dagwaller, I just did check the career stats. 15.5 PPG for Maggette vs. 4.9 PPG for Foster. Small over big in this case.

  • Willis

    LOL yall just leave Bibby off the list? What kind of disrespect is that, not to mention he’d be top 13 anyway. Damn, I cant take yall seriously anymore. Nuts.

  • Willis

    Oh wow I just realized its the wrong year. Chew me up fellas…

  • Myrie


    Looking at Bibby’s overall body of work, he probably wouldn’t be top 10 now even if he were a part of this draft class. He had 1 good playoff run (2002), and hasn’t been seen nor heard from since.

    Henry Bibby is prolly more popular right now. Even in Sacto.

  • doc

    Foster under the last 2 and you working with something.

  • bron42 aka Global-4A-Reason

    i love how people keep hyping manus international career like it matters here. All hes proven is that hes just as much a system player that marion supposedly it. He can scorer when he has to and thats pretty much all hes asked to do. And who wouldnt put up good number when your 3rd option on the best team. thats like when me and my friend argued about the patriots. he said “wes welker is the best WR in the nfl cuz he led them in catches, even more than randy moss” umm…wes welker was only that open cuz randy was guarded by the best QB so welker has some ass lineback on him. Same with manu. hes got the other teams 3-4th best defender on him. he flops, isnt a above average defender and the only time he was on his own to carry the spurs, they lost. so stop makin it like hes equal to so many other guys cuz he occasionally puts up big numbers on a team with 2 other superstars. hell mike finley has days where he puts up numbers on that team, does that mean if given nba minutes by himself he’d be kobe? no it means hes gettin guarded by john salmons cuz ron artest is stickin duncan.

  • bron42 aka Global-4A-Reason

    best CB*

  • ML

    Wow Rip 4 damn. Clippers could have had 1 of a player. Agree with most it. But like Doc said Put Foster down 2 spots and im good with it.

  • ML


  • SpankItLikeAMonkey

    You’re stupid, Manu easily would have been the best out of every player here. Not only the most consistent, but also the most reliable for a franchise to build around. And this is coming from a LAKERS fan.