NBA / Jan 23, 2008 / 1:05 pm

Outlaw vs. Arenas

It might sound ridiculous to position these two against each other in any sort of comparison. Gilbert Arenas, the 6-2, 200-pound sharpshooter who averages a shade under 23 points per game, plays a much different game from Travis Outlaw, a 6-9, 215-pound versatile scorer who is posting a career-best 12.9 points per night. Outlaw couldn’t dream of having Gil’s jumper, and as much as Arenas would try to convince you otherwise, he doesn’t have Outlaw’s bunnies. But both players have helped their squads with late-game dramatics — Agent Zero in ’06-07, Outlaw this season — on eerily similar shots.

Take Gil’s buzzer-beater in Deron Williams’ eye: on Jan. 25 of last year, Arenas milked the clock around half-court before giving Williams a stutter-step as if he were driving the lane. He then pulled back and stuck the J with just enough room past Deron’s outstretched hand.

Almost one year later, on Jan. 21, 2008, Outlaw pulled almost the exact same move on the Hawks’ Josh Smith. Outlaw’s description of his shot also works for Gil’s buzzer-beater a year earlier: “He wasn’t really that close up on me, and then once I saw him backing up, I knew I’d have a jumper,” Outlaw said. “It was just instinct.”

OK, so that’s kind of cool. Well, it doesn’t end there. Gil would strike again against the Sonics with a runner off the glass.

Coincidentally, Outlaw finished off the Grizzlies with his own rendition of Gil’s buzzer-bank earlier this season: Off of one foot, off the glass…

What’s next for Outlaw? A blog and twenty versions of his own shoe?

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  • http://dimemag.com Keith

    Those Arenas buzzer-beaters are some of my favorite clips to watch. It was crazy last year – how many did he have? Like 5 or 6 right?

  • Myrie

    Hmmm….where did DIME come up with this Travis Outlaw/Gilbert Arenas comparison? Check this out from yesterdays (1/22/08) Hoops Link (post #2)—

    January 22nd, 2008 at 11:30 am

    Myrie says:

    Travis Outlaw sticking jimmies at the end of the game?…is he the new Arenas?

  • Myrie


    Kindly send me my check. Thank you in advance.

  • Captain America

    Outlaw is clutch!


    gil where ever you go take nick young with you

  • Bust Jlaze

    hahah…Nice one Myrie…sue them cats, man!

  • hatinonmanu

    Why compare these two, of all people?

    Wouldn’t something like Tmac vs Rudy Gay or something be more appropate?

  • Bossalini

    Yeah i don’t get why you would compare Outlaw and Arenas. They’re not the only ones with game winners. Deron had 2 game winners last year too, even Marbury had one. Chris Bosh even nailed a 3 pointer for a game winner.

    But i gotta admit, i get chills everytime i watch this video.

  • TJ

    Gil’s jumper was way more impressive than Outlaw’s. Did you see how far off J-Smith was playing?

  • Dank

    Not even close to mimicking Arenas. Dont get me wrong, i love watching TO play, hes got mad game, but are you fucking kidding me? you’re comparing a proven allstar to a kid that has JUST THIS YEAR started fixing his jumper. not only that, what the hell do the 2 shots have in common? absolutely nothing.

    im gonna start pulling up videos of clutch shots by Fred Hoiberg, and compare them to clutch shots made by Kobe.

    common Dime, im on your side here, i like reading your material. but when you guys run out of material and start pulling stupid shit out of your ass like this, you lose credibility. Dumbest blog entry ever.