NBA / Feb 28, 2008 / 11:02 am

Crazy like Rick Fox


If your goal is to make me NOT wanna see your movie…

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  • K-Dizzle


  • Constable Goon

    Are you serious? I wouldn’t watch this movie if I knew it would save the lives of my loved ones.

  • SWAT

    ROTFLMAO!! You got to be kidding me! Rick Fox is a d-bag and he gets to kiss fine ass angela bassett. This can’t be real.

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    On a side note….Has anyone ever thought a Tyler Perry project was funny??

  • http://GeeC2.com GEE… swag it out!

    Yea Max I think they are comical at times. Plus he makes family stuff so if you got a wife and older kids it works out ok. I like certain characters like Brown and all. Still I was real hurt when I saw him casting Rick Fox. Come on. UNC don’t even like this dude no more lol.

    I don’t like Tyler Perry’s show on TBS though. That mess is just not funny. I don’t know how it’s still on.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Not only is “House of Payne” still on, a couple of the actors got nominated (and might have won) NAACP Image Awards. I don’t see how that’s possible.

  • dagwaller

    The worst part is that House of Payne gets hyped ALL THE TIME on TNT’s broadcasts of NBA. Almost as bad as “The Closer”.

  • Adam

    Lol. I’ve hated Rick Fox ever since those Kings-Lakers battles back in the early 2000s. And being from Atlanta, I have to look at this giant House of Payne billboard on the side of one of our taller buildings everyday, it sucks.

  • http://GeeC2.com GEE… swag it out!

    They was advertising “House of Payne” like it was going out of style during the All-Star game. I was like man come on, who are the people keeping this show on the air?

    In the words of Otis (from “Martin”) Rick Fox has always been “A Young Punk” to me.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I’ve heard that Tyler Perry signed a deal with TBS that locked in “House of Payne” for 3 seasons worth of shows. But after a few weeks, I noticed TBS was doubling up: showing two new episodes a week instead of one. It was like TBS saw the writing on the wall and is now trying to get that 3 seasons done in 1.5 seasons’ time.

  • penske1

    Geez, finally… He’s been trying to get into movies since he was a Laker.

  • http://GeeC2.com GEE… swag it out!

    LOL @ Geez, Finally.

    I seriously have tried to sit and watch the show, and I have never made it through a whole ep.
    My wife works at a hospital and she tells me that a lot of her white coworkers and other white people like the show, and that’s how it’s doing well.

  • fattyacids

    i actually read the script for this movie, its kind of sad. at the end rick fox is killed by doug christie when he gets that ass whooped!

  • ben

    Fox should stick to good roles like OZ. this is garbage

  • Manny

    Somebody please take that House of Payne show off TV. It is absolutely horrifying!!! Subjecting us to the commercials during TNT NBA broadcasts is just outrightly mean.

  • http://GeeC2.com GEE… swag it out!

    I don’t know if dude was trying to be the Cosby’s or something but he missed horribly!

  • doc

    I like the commercial when the dude was Ernie Johnson.But fuck Rick Fox,nobody in the world except for his mom like him.Tyler messed his profit for this movie up.Shoulda just went with Morris Chesnut or one of the regulars in the black romance field.

  • http://www.kobebryantdvd.com Dave

    Its funny that so many people had exactly the same reaction I had to the movie poster — revulsion. Rick Fox was a decent ballplayer, but was too much in love with himself. Can you imagine marrying Vanessa Williams, then screwing around and losing her?

    I predict a box-office flop, and for it quickly to go to video. I won’t watch it, that’s for sure.

  • http://yahoo dhay03

    i try to support black actors and producers because we dont have much on tv these days but reality shows and mostly white drama and sitcoms but house of payne is not good. i think curtis jokes are stale that little girl is too bad and it moves to slow. tyler been better off with a madea show. does anyone remember the test run house of payne it was actual a million times better