NBA / Feb 6, 2008 / 12:48 pm

The Celtics and Pistons Talk the Most Smack


So says LeBron in today’s Akron Beacon-Journal:

Trash-talking during NBA games is as common as tattoos and reverse layups.

LeBron James has had his run-ins with several players over the years. Some more than others.

James said the Boston Celtics and the Detroit Pistons are two teams that do plenty of trash-talking.

“It’s in a competitive way, but they back it up,” said James. “We all know they fly off the mouth sometimes, but they play great basketball. That’s not what our team is about, but when you win ball games, you do want you want to do.”

James has had some run-ins with the Celtics’ Paul Pierce over the years. They’ve had some classic duels, and they’ve also shared a few choice words.

“Pierce and I are two competitors,” James said. “We look at each other as two of the best forwards in the game. We go at it, and it’s just competitive. I love going against the best, and he’s one of the best.”

Not every team engages in trash-talking.

“The quietest team is Utah,” James said with a smile. “Utah doesn’t say anything, they just kick your [butt].”

While the Jazz may not talk much, a Sports Illustrated poll of more than 240 NBA players, 20% (more than any other building in the NBA) reportedly said that their gym, EnergySolutions Arena, is “the most intimidating arena to play in as a visitor.”

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    The Piston back it up like KK in the Ray J video. (LOL)

  • Myrie

    Celtic trash talk?…why? What have they done to earn trash talking rights?
    Didn’t they lose a franchise record 20 games in a row last year? If they weren’t trashing then, they shouldn’t be trashing now.

    When KG gets out of the 1st round in back-to-back seasons, then I will let him trash talk. ‘Til then….shut your mouths in beantown. Yall have done nothing so far….and the Cavs beat you twice already.

  • control

    Myrie, you are a Knicks fan. You can’t talk about any team until your’s stops being the WORSE team in the league (they may have a slightly better record than some, but make no mistakes, they are the worse).

  • Captain America

    KG has much in common with ‘Sheed. Both run at the mouths but at least one has the ring to back it up.

  • Myrie


    I am the biggest Knick fan. And yeah…they’re a sorry bunch right now. But I’ll be damned if that means I can’t talk.

    Worse?…I’ll take that. It’ll be even sweeter when we go from worse to first one day.

    Champs by 3008!!…Put it in the books!…LOL

  • donners

    worst – learn proper english before you trash talk one another.

  • donners

    just playin’

  • fireman

    hey im a real Knicks fan and i say fuck 3008 we gonna shock the world just like da Giants.. Knicks will be in Finals in 3-4 yrs. (u can put that in da books)

    myrie u aint no real fan less u would have never put that shit in print.. 1 thing to say it but to write it :-( ..lol

  • Myrie


    Are you challenging my (NYK)fanhood?

  • http://GeeC2.com GEE…I sacked Tom Brady too!

    I think they probably talked more back in the day. Now you have a few players who are consistent. Back in the day though you always had 1 to 2 players on teams that would talk.

  • control

    Myrie, You telling me that you can talk even though your team can’t even come close to backing it up is exactly the same thing you are bashing the celtics for, just wanted to point that out.

    donners, thanks for being the grammER police, you are making a tangible difference in the quaility of internet blog comment posts everywhere. You sure learned me good!

  • BlazeMcHerbs

    The Knicks are actually 3 moves away from being one of the best teams in the league. 1. Put a hit out on Thomas, I’m serious, i want a body bad. 2. Trade Curry for someone who boards and plays D, ie Dalembeast. 3. Get a real PG.

    We’ve got a workhorse PF in Randolph. We’ve got 20 ppg player in Crawford. David Lee is machine who doesn’t need the ball. Nate is doing his thing, i like Balman’s energy.

    a) If QRich gets traded for a decent PG.
    b) We let Starbury’s contract expire and we sign Artest.
    c) Send Curry to any team that can provide us with a 12ppg 8rpg 2bpg player, and we’re back on our way…


    But then again, I’m a knicks fan who smokes a lot kush, and more importantly, the second dumbest man in NYC, James Dolan, is still around

  • control

    Oh yeah, fireman, Myrie is as rabid as it comes to being a NY fan, but he’s not stupid. You are just on drugs if you think the Knicks have any chance of even making the playoffs in 3-4 years, forget the finals and seek some help.

  • fireman

    naw myrie no challenge we’re a dying bread and we need all the support we can get

    BlazeMcHerbs i probably smoke more than u (im not the fiyaman for nothing) and i agree with so maybe we both smoking the same shit

  • mrcanadian

    Why is paul pierce trashtalking? What does he say, that he’s a max player and was on the worst team last year but now I’m good because I have two other max players. Ridiculous.

  • word

    KG can say whatever the hell he wants he is and has always been one of the best so he don’t need a ring to do that. Pierce on the other hand, probably not, Ray either. And sheed is a joker, I love to start hearing him miked up during games. I think that should be a rule, mics in jerseys cuz that would be absolute jokes to hear.

  • “JC”

    Hey Fireman, Is that dying bread wheat, rye, or raisin?

  • http://need4sheed.com jesse munoz garcia

    man the pistons are the baddest an d best team and they scare the opponents to win so were winning this year