NBA / Mar 10, 2008 / 9:25 am

The Last of Gerald Green?

IMAGE DESCRIPTIONGerald last year at the Boston sneaker spot Bodega

In today’s Smack, we explored the Rockets’ release of Gerald Green in favor of somebody named Mike Harris. Things don’t seem to be able to get much worse for Gerald – he never really cracked the rotation in Boston, he was included in the Kevin Garnett trade but couldn’t get on the floor for the young (and not very good) T-Wolves, was included in a deadline deal with Houston, and now finds himself completely out of a job.

The Houston Chronicle‘s Jonathan Feigen believes that getting cut might actually be the only thing that can save Gerald’s NBA career:

The Rockets did not intend to do Gerald Green a favor by cutting him. They needed a bigger body, and they needed it now. They released Green on Saturday to make room for Rice product Mike Harris.

But Green should take this as the day his career was saved. He was replaced by the guy he needs to become.

If Green played, practiced and most of all competed as hard as Harris, he would not be unemployed today. He has a sweet shot and can jump out of the building. Another team will likely take another shot to teach him how to play. It could be the Rockets.

“We have no formal plans for Gerald in the offseason except we will take a close look at signing him,” Rockets general manager Daryl Morey said. “We feel the same way about Gerald now as before — lots of potential.”

Teams are not giving him away because they can’t see the potential. It’s there. But he has not shown that he sees what it will take to bring it out of him.

He is a good guy, certainly not a bit of trouble. Green does what he is told. There is no defiance in him, so in that sense, someone can work with him and push him. He takes direction. But he has not shown the level of drive he will need to succeed at this level.

What do you think will happen to Green? Will he ever see another second of tick in an NBA jersey?

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  • Kobeef

    This is certainly one of the fastest falls an NBA player has seen in a long time. Coming out of High School he was seen as the second coming of T-Mac and for the first year in Boston it seemed like he was on about the same career path as T-Mac (tons of potential, shown in spurts).

    The move to the Wolves was supposed to be his chance to show what he can do. I am not sure what happened in Minnesota but it is safe to say he was not the player the Wolves thought they got. He didn’t even play for Houston before getting cut. Normally, a kid with a great attitude, extreme hops and who is a Dunk contest regular does not get cut.

    There must be something more to this story….but we haven’t heard anything.

  • Smitty313

    I think Gerald will be alright. I think he’s alot better than people think. He had alot of good games last year in boston. I don’t know what happened in Minnesota.

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Word to Gerald- Take your millions and go on a dunk contest tour or join And1, do something you enjoy because hes obviously not committed to doing this. Too bad.

  • SWAT

    Dude did play for the rockets…granted it was 5 mins but he went like 3 for 3 and grabbed a couple of boards. He’s amazingly talented but word is that dude expects alot to be handed to him. I really hope he gets his act together and this doesn’t come back to hurt the rockets later. Mike Harris used to hoop for Rice university here in Houston and dude was nice, we even had him in the preseason but released him about a wk before the season started. He was hooping in China and was getting like 24 and 10 and i’m glad we got him back. He’s a hustler and works his butt off. Good pick up for my boys until Landry comes back.


    Damn’ he’s like the guy you know is gonna come out of this funk every year but never does. Best of luck dude keep ya head up you gone make.

    Big Ups To All My Haaaattteeerrrrrr!!!!!
    YOUNG-Fizzle been gettin’ Paappeeerrrrrr!!!!!! LMAO


  • fallinup

    Hmmm…I just wonder what could have been if he would have stayed in college. I believe he was on his way to Louisville . I got to catch him in the McDonald’s All American game…the kid was oozing potential.

  • Myrie

    Just another example of an average player who went for the money at 18 instead of learning his craft.

    He wasn’t wrong, but he just did not make the better long term decision.

    He should have done a lil romeo move and sign with USC.

  • wat_helmet

    u gotta understand, what if he goes to college and people realize his crap?

    at least went to the nba. won a dunk contest, and a couple million in a rookie contract.

    more than a lot of college grads will ever say.


    What the hell are you talking about Myrie dude can play he just needs to learn defense and improve his handle a lil. Lets see go to college or hmmmmmmm make millions I think everyone in here choose the latter.



  • YallAllReadyKnow

    this bum must have got gas’sed in high school. how the hell you think you ready for the league at 18 and you only 1 dimensional?
    it sad he cant get on a team, but i dont feel sorry for him
    d league–here you come

  • Myrie


    Reread. I didn’t say he was wrong for enrolling in the NBA draft.

    You can go to college for a year or two and still make millions.

    Maybe his story will have a happy ending.


    What If he gets hurt or even worse exposed as a weak pick. Myrie you gotta get it while its hot he just needs the right team with the right coach (Grizzlies perhaps).

  • Myrie

    Getting hurt is a major concern.
    Kenyon Martin broke his leg his senior year at Cincy….was still the #1 pick and 3yrs later signed an $80 million contract.
    So much for getting hurt eh? I think that was the last time a major contributor had a major injury in college.

    I certainly believe players should go the league when the opp is there. Its the chance to fulfill your dream and earn a good living. Why not go?
    But you still have to be smart. Your not going for just money; you going to be a professional worker and perform a job task.

    Its still a business where expectations are high. It would be foolish not to prepare yourself the best way you can.

    if you dont….you may end up like Gerald Green (at least for now anyway).

  • YallAllReadyKnow

    serve him right
    little bastard just seems too cocky to me

  • Celts Fan

    the thing is, he did behave well in Boston and does seem to be coachable, he just has an inflated opinion of himself. I’m SHOCKED he got cut and can only hope he does get his shit together. He’s extremely talented (raw talent) and just needs to work hard. I loved the kid before the draft (he stole my heart the second he had the stones to try a dunk, Kenny Smith style w/ his back to the basket when he threw the ball, on a bounce pass off the wall behind the basket… and he made it!) and I was even more ecstatic when a guy that was projected as high as 3rd overall dropped to us at 18. The scouts are good, so I knew there must’ve been something we missed (turns out, basketball IQ doesn’t come out in McDs games and dunk contests!) but then he came in and had stretches here and there when he’d impress, and that potential kept showing through, then he’d get lit up by career d-leaguers in summer leagues and you’d wonder. I don’t know what his problem is or where he was lost, and I hope he gets his shit together, I just don’t know if it’ll ever happen…

  • jz_smoove

    1 thing straight, this dude can flatout play. smooth stroke and athletic and he rebounds alright. he jus needs good coaching and self respect i guess. many players have gone the path he is now taking. he will be back, very shortly. he wont be lack of work for long. The Raps will be a very good fit for him. This is also a biased opinion since i root for the Raps but is not far-fetched. i agree though , this fallout is a necessary step in his career which will end up being a respectable one.

  • QQ

    Wow prototypical hs baller (athletic as hell, full blown confidence, sick potential, fundamentals as few as Paris Hilton’s brain cells) getting the prototypical hs career (being hailed as the next big thing but eventually left in the dust because of obvious lack of skills). It shouldn’t have ended this way though………

  • Kobeef

    People who are being hard on Gerald should note that he and T-Mac had about the same output in their first 2 years in the game. Gerald actually had a higher scoring average than McGrady in his second year in the league.

    Even Kobe Bryant was not an all star from day one. Lebron is a freak so don’t include him.

    The point is, Gerald was on the right track until he became the victim of his team (s) chaning priorities.

    I think Houston might be more of the same – They need to win NOW. With Yao – and maybe Landry now – gone Houston needs players to help now – not tomorrow. If Yao hadn’t gone down Green would have still been with the team.

  • Brown

    jz_smoove I don’t think the Raps will even look at him. He said back at that draft that he didn’t want to play in Toronto, and they won’t bring in a player who doesn’t want to be there.

    Gerald Green is a prime example of why the age limit was created for the draft. Young players need PT to develop, which he would have gotten in college. LBJ and a few others are the exceptions to that rule, but there have been far too many dudes come straight out of hs only to be gone by the time their rookie deal is done.

    Youngfed, it all hs players were afraid of getting hurt in college, why would anyone play college ball? Players shouldn’t be afraid of an injury ending their careers when they haven’t even started yet.


    Myrie how many atheletes with his atheletic ability wouldn’t say their ready…NONE. Everyone thinks their ready even the ones that aren’t. He made the right decision. I wish the piston would have got him instead of dixon but dixon is ballin’.

    PS the New Shawty Lo is hot go get it all yall and vote Obama DAMMIT!!!

    Or look out for THE HATER HURTER……LMAO


    Oh the Janet and Badu is hot too go cop that too.


    Oh I almost forgot to say it…..K-HOVA FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!
    Even though he be sodomizing chicks in Oval Office..LOL
    That’s given them the O-FACE 4real. LMAO

    Alright I’m done. LOL

  • K Dizzle

    For once i agree wit Brown. Shoulda gone to Okla State or Louisville or wherever he was supposed to go so a div 1 coach could break down his weaknesses and make him a real ballplayer. All I hear about dude is that he’s athletic as hell but can’t think the game, no awareness. Funniest shit was him signin his kicks for the HOF judges at the dunk contest just to have Chocolate Thunder toss his kicks to the floor. Know your role, kid. he’s definitely headed to the Knicks lol

  • Eric

    i have to agree with a prior post. gerald is cocky. during the dunk contest, he took off his sneakers, signed them, and put them right on the table in front of darryl dawkins. who the #$* does 22-year-old, accomplished-nothing, Gerald Green think he is, putting his sweaty, sneakers on the judges table of great players (which included ‘nique and magic). chocolate thunder smacked those sneakers right off the table. that ordeal left a bad taste in my mouth.

    he’s a great athlete, same shooting form as tmac, but is too cocky and clearly doesnt work hard enough or respect the game.

  • Eric

    wow – KDizzle – same thought at the same time.

  • SWAT

    Kobeef they said that Landry is out for maybe a game or two. Nothing serious…at least i hope not. But i mean just looking at these two players shows the difference between college and hs ball players. Or really maybe just the maturity level. Landry was on the squad but didn’t exactly kill the summer league and wasn’t even a sure thing to play this season. Dude got his work out on something serious and added 4 inches to his vertical. Plus he was just hungry for a spot. Gerald green, while gifted, doesn’t have half of the work ehtic that landry does. It’s my belief that if dude would have had to work for his he may have appreciated it more. Dont blow your shot kid…stay in the gym, be humble and come back. You’re too talented to stay unemployed.

  • Nothing But Truth

    I hope this is an example to all the other youngins out there who think all it takes to get into the NBA is some some crazy ups.

  • YallAllReadyKnow


    this lil youth had his sneaks knock over by the thunder. serve him right. putting his funky ass trainers on the table like that. who the hell is you green to think you can do that?

  • http://www.theverticalsummit.com Vertman

    How much $$ does this kid have? IF I were in his shoes, I’d sign with some euro team. Lots of money over there, the bball is high level, AND, the women are drop dead beautiful! Learn how to play & then once again sign with an NBA team. That’s what I do.

  • YallAllReadyKnow

    yuck. euro groupies dont shave

  • money

    Rejuvenate career as a Golden State Warrior…..I have a feeling…..That’s where any player should go to run wild and get their SWAG back.

  • Sacto J

    I think it has something to do with the fact that he’s about the only guy I’ve ever seen wearing a T-shirt of himself. Even small name rappers don’t go around wearing themselves on their shirts, what’s the deal?

  • doc

    Darryl Dawkins aint no dam legend. He broke a court or two.

  • todd

    Money, he can’t play on the GSW. GSW relies on isos, and with Green’s poor fundamentals (that includes poor ball-handling), I doubt the man can play in the system. Maybe he could try the Suns or the Sonics, or maybe not. Not cracking the rotation on a bottom-dweller undergoing a youth movement says a lot about his work ethic.