NBA / Apr 16, 2008 / 9:04 am

Would Barack Give You Buckets?

IMAGE DESCRIPTION(Courtesy BarackObama.com)

HBO’s “Real Sports” ran a feature last night on Barack Obama‘s increasingly well-documented history as a ballplayer, where we got to see the presidential candidate get in some run. Pretty good stuff, with a few notable items:

* Barack can definitely pass. The pickup game they showed wasn’t very intense at all, but he can clearly thread it.

* If you ever find yourself in a pickup game and you’re guarding Obama, make him go right. The man is the political version of Manu Ginobili – he’d rather lose a digit than go right, and he basically admitted as much to Bryant Gumbel after the game.

* Obama’s self-analysis of his game when he was in high school and college: “I could get to the rim on anybody.”

* And today? “I’ve held up reasonably well at 46,” Obama said. “I’m still reasonably quick.” He then noted that he can pretty much get to the rim any time he wants to against his peers today.

* Finally, here’s this quote on Obama’s game from newly-hired Oregon State men’s hoop coach Craig Robinson, Barack’s brother-in-law who used to coach at Brown University: “He started out as a Black player who played Black. Now he’s more of a Black player who plays White. After 35, we all play White.” What does that even mean?

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  • Chris

    Let Barack und Hillary go one on one, winner gets the nomination.
    Here are the rules: Straight 1-on-1, make-it take-it, game to 11 (by ones and twos), obviously hypothetical. I flipped a coin, Obama goes first.

  • doc

    It means more Austin Croshere less AI. Dont act like yall dont know what he talking about.His brother better stfu before Hilary start talking about they racist. But on anothe note I will bust Obamas ass on the court.

  • nicole

    To those who haven’t seen it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CmvDQK3k2w

  • marcus the great

    lol playin white means relying more on fundamentals than on raw talent, for example a jump shot over crossovers, or pick and rolls over quicks and ups…

  • doc

    Or Austin Croshere over AI basically.

  • Jim

    Man, you know the folks out in Corvallis love that one from the brand new coach. Does that mean I still have a few years of playing Black left in me? I wish I had known that sooner. And I would watch that ish, Mr. Fundamentals.

    But great line about him not going right. I see what you did there. And let’s keep it that way.

    And no, he couldn’t.

  • Jim

    And thanks for the video, Nicole. I thought Obama was going to crown that guy.

  • Constable Goon

    I’ll bust Barack’s ass. He wants NO parts. Lol

    Good luck on your road to the White House Obama!

  • marcus the great

    no… more like JJ Redick than TJ Ford

  • Celts Fan

    Barack can give me buckets all he wants as long as he also gives me our Social Security money thye keep taking from our checks despite the fact that it seems like there’s no chance it will be around by the time I retire in 40 years. YES WE CAN.

  • control

    With Hilary’s fat ass getting bigger by the day, I bet she could just back Obama into the post like he was a child. She is sort of like the political version of Zach Randolph, fat, out of shape and mildly mentally retarded…but somehow keeps popping up and putting up numbers for a losing team.

    Personally, I’d no doubt destroy Obama 1on1…he’s too skinny and short to handle, I’d be dropping the hammer down on him all day.

  • http://GeeC2.com GEE…Life imitates art and art imitates….Deeeezzz nutzzz!

    Control I have to agree, plus Hillary is dirty lol you know she would cheat and foul him. Meanwhile Bill is hollerin at some cheerleader lol.

    Can you imagine Obama getting a pick-up game together with some secret service and a few cabinet members lol. That would be so tight.

    I would love to see Obama somehow dunk on Bush’s dumb a#$, that is just GEE though.

  • control

    Hilary is actually a mix of Fat Zach and Manu with a little bit of Bruce Bowen thrown in. Her body is just a little bit shorter than Zach’s, but from behind at a distance if they were both wearing hats, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. She acts, cries and flops worse than Manu, and always throws a fit when she doesn’t get her way. She also isn’t afraid to cross that line between playing hard and playing dirty, like Bruce.

    A pickup game w/ Obama and a few cabinet members would be the dirtest game ever played in the history of the world. None of those fuckers would play clean or fair, every single foul and basket would be disputed until lawyers were involved. The gov can’t do anything right, so the game would of course just end in a tie after Obama takes his ball and goes home.

  • Sactown J

    Hillary’s too busy downing mugs o’ beer (not pints!) and pounding shots of jack. Maybe Barrack wins a pickup game against her, but Hillary will crush him in beer pong…..

  • ERIC

    what a joke – he thinks he can ball? yea maybe at the ymca against 50 yrs olds.

  • hotdog

    “He then noted that he can pretty much get to the rim any time he wants to against his peers today.”

    His peers = John Mccain. My grandma can get to to the rim against him also.

  • http://www.kobebryantdvd.com/81-points.html Dave

    LOL!!! Funniest thread ever seen on this site.

  • Imperial-Mel

    Barack can play me one on one….i might let him crossme up and then im suing! Hes got bread!!!

  • jjankechu

    #11: funniest shit i’ve seen in a while.