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Paul Pierce Versus The World


Explain this one to us: With all the talent that has been brought in to support him, why is Paul Pierce still going 1-on-5 on seemingly every Celtics’ crunch-time possession, especially in a game where he’s not shooting well? Playing another one of their Mr. Hyde road games, Pierce (16 pts, 5-for-15 FG’s, 6 turnovers) and the Celtics couldn’t even crack 70 on the scoreboard last night, as the Big Three combined for 12 in the fourth quarter (4 points apiece). One of Boston’s last good chances ended when, down by five in the final minute, Pierce ignored everyone else and tried to go all Adrian Peterson on LeBron. As both guys flopped on contact, Pierce was called for charging … Boston looked pretty good for most of the first half, but Cleveland went on a 17-2 run to steal the lead, then Delonte West hit a buzzer-beater from 25 feet to stretch the lead to nine at the break. Asked to explain what happened during the run, one of the Dime crew’s die-hard Celtics fans (“The Jed” to DimeMag.com readers) e-mailed simply, “Us s***. Them good.” … LeBron only made a couple of shots in the first half, but came out in the third quarter and hit his first two attempts — a three and a floater — to spark another Cavs’ outburst. They were threatening to make it a 20-piecing when the C’s battled back with a 13-0 run to cut the lead to three, but then LeBron got the tough buckets when he had to (8 points in the fourth quarter) and didn’t let Boston get too close. He ended up with 32 points, 12 boards and 6 dimes, one of only two Cavs to hit double figures … Funny sequence in the second half: Delonte was guarding Rajon Rondo when Kendrick Perkins flattened him on a blind-side pick. But when Rondo’s ensuing shot got rejected by Zydrunas Ilgauskas and LeBron took off a fast break, Delonte got some get-back by cracking Rondo on a blind-side pick. Except Rondo’s dive got the attention of the ref, and Delonte got whistled for the foul. It’s always the second guy to throw a punch who gets caught, isn’t it? … Doc Rivers did some juggling with the C’s rotation. Sam Cassell and Leon Powe were out (Sam wasn’t too happy about it), and Eddie House and Big Baby were in. Well, Big Baby was in until he racked up four fouls in his first eight minutes of work. Those are Mike Sweetney-type numbers. Cassell never got off the bench, but he did make his TV appearance memorable in the final seconds when he could clearly be seen screaming, “F*** that! That was a bad muthaf****** call!” … Wally Szczerbiak has been torturing the Cleveland fans. Yesterday he kept getting wide-open looks at what would have been backbreaking threes, and the fans would get so excited as Wally let it fly, only to suffer letdown after letdown as he bricked shot after shot. Eventually Mike Brown started giving Sasha Pavlovic Wally’s minutes, but he wasn’t really producing either. So Wally (9 pts, 2-for-11 FG’s) was back on the floor in the end-stages of the game, and finally knocked down a big three with two minutes left that put the Cavs up by nine … You know how everyone said the Celtics did their pre-game pyro in Boston just to mess with Ben Wallace and Delonte? Well, last night the Cavs had their own pyro, and with Big Ben hanging back in the locker room, it ended up being really weird. When the PA guy announced the starters, he screamed out Wallace’s name, but since he wasn’t on the court, a backstage camera was used to show Ben in the locker room mugging for the crowd. Was it so crucial to include pyro in the presentation that it was worth not having the whole team participate? … Apparently the Cavs have someone who keeps a little container in his pocket for LeBron’s mouthpiece when LeBron is on the bench. Guess that’s better than ‘Bron sticking the mouthpiece in his headband and having it taste like Murray’s Pomade … In between the Cavs/Celtics and Lakers/Jazz games, you had to wonder: With the way ESPN’s Doris Burke was leading the LeBron Fan Club in the first game — one time she almost popped a forehead vein because ‘Bron called a timeout — how would Mike Tirico measure up with his Kobe-love in the nightcap? … Turns out Tirico certainly had plenty of material. The Lakers jumped on the Jazz early, playing almost flawless basketball and taking a 19-point lead going into halftime. Killer first-half sequence for the Jazz: Already down 12, C.J. Miles fouled Derek Fisher on a breakaway, but not hard enough to prevent Fish from getting a continuation and-one (even though Fisher took a good three steps without dribbling). On the next possession Andrei Kirilenko missed a dunk, sparking a fast break where Fisher hit Kobe with a no-look dime and Kobe finished with a two-hand double-clutch dunk. Spirits were broken after that one … In the second half it looked like L.A. was about to run away with it. Utah was playing man-to-man with no double teams, and Pau Gasol (17 pts, 13 rebs, 4 blks), Lamar Odom (13 pts, 9 rebs) and even Vladimir Radmanovic (12 pts) were just taking turns posting up smaller defenders and scoring. Kobe (34 pts) didn’t even have to do anything … The Lakers were up by 17 in the fourth quarter when the Jazz made one last run to save their season. All of a sudden guys were flying all over the place, actually making their shots, and eventually an AK-47 triple cut L.A.’s lead down to three with 25 seconds left. Rather than foul Kobe (who must shoot something like 98 percent at the line in the final minute of games), they trapped him and made him give it up to Odom (almost a lock to brick at least half his freebies in crunch time). But Odom made both his shots, AK hit another three, Kobe hit two more free throws, Paul Millsap got a dunk, and Fisher split a pair. So the Jazz had one last chance to tie it up with 15 seconds left. Mehmet Okur short-armed a three, Deron Williams (21 pts, 14 asts) missed one, and that was it … Didn’t Hubie Brown coach Pau Gasol for at least two years? How does he not know how to say his name correctly? He kept calling him “Gah-sal.” … Watching some of WWE Smackdown last night we saw a wrestler named Vladimir Kozlov, whose gimmick is that he’s a cold, unfeeling brute from Russia. The guy’s entrance is amazing: no light shows, no video, no music — they don’t even announce his name. He just walks out in silence, destroys his opponent, does some Ivan Drago grunts and goes backstage in silence. He’s like the Tim Duncan of the WWE … Yesterday we asked our DimeMag.com readers, “Who do you hate?” Some great answers came through, like this one from a man who goes by the name Steve Nash: “I hate Robert Horry. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I don’t even know you, but I hate you. I hate your guts. I hope all the bad things in life happen to you and only to you, and I’m gonna give David West some cake to crack your ass in New Orleans if he can walk, ’cause I hear all this s*** about him being a boxer, so I’m setting him on you, Lil’ Shot Bobby. I’m gonna go polish my two MVP’s now. It’s all I’m ever gonna win. And screw Rob Horry. Dude is like a jalapeno pepper enema all by himself.” Read the rest of the responses HERE … We’re out like the Jazz …

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  • Supremeng


  • http://psinapticapotheosis.org Amar

    damn . . . sucks to go out in 6, but the lakers were flat out better all series long. with the jazz playing like ass in 4 of the 6 games you gotta basically just say it: we were owned. congrats lakers! you guys were favored to win and you did what you guys had to do to win.

  • for real

    Spurs gotta get it done !!!

  • msquared808

    Congrats to King James and the garbage he hauls around with him for pushing it to seven.

    That said, how can he say with a straight face in the pregame piece that his friends in Akron keep “Lebron James” humble?

    You can’t refer to yourself in the third person and call yourself humble in the same sentence. It just doesn’t work.

  • Coach T-sun

    well you know what it is dime, Doc rivers does not possess a system that he trusts hes a quick-hitting coach he like to diagram quick hitters for ray and the others. Thus the poor execution on the road and esp the 4th quarter. So until they figure it out they are through. GO LAKERS!

  • Lebron James

    Lebron James is a humble man.

  • Oscarisalakerfan

    go lakeshow woooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

  • Camp Lo

    I am the humblest man I know.

  • the_don_mega

    FED gotta be the humblest one…LOL

  • Damon

    can’t this guy stop that 3rd person talking?
    sounds so cocky and isn’t very funny

  • XZoom

    Whenever Doris Burke does a game the mute button is on. U would think ESPN could get a batter analyst with some NBA experience but no they stick us with Doris Burke.

  • sans

    Man, 30% shooting as a team and Cleveland still won? Sucks to be in Beantown. Thank god for the reemergence of NBA basketball, (I run a sports bar, and) last year there was no love for the playoffs, nowadays everyone’s acting like a diehard from birth. Everybody hates Kobe, too–except the LA faithful. Seriously, I hope Kobe wins just because I like seeing the bad guy get away with shh in movies. Lebron is the good image for the NBA, and Kobe is the yang to his yin. And he doesn’t even have the common sense to ask a chick before throwing it in her ass. Go Cavs!

  • Smitty313

    To Sans. I know he asked, she was just trying to get paid and she did. The Lakers bench mob needs to step their game up in the next round and Pau needs to get some heart. He keeps throwing up baby hooks, gettting that shit blocked by someone smaller than him. MAMBA for president.

  • the_don_mega

    “And he doesn’t even have the common sense to ask a chick before throwing it in her ass”


  • Three Stacks

    I guess Title IX applies to sports broadcasting, too. I can’t see why else Doris Burke would have a prime time gig at ESPN.

    That Lakers-Jazz series was a lot closer than most people think. The higher level of talent prevailed at the end though, I guess. But someone’s got to give Deron Williams his due, the dude was the only Jazz player to bring it every night. During the close games, I was terrified whenever he had the ball, cause he would either get a layup or drill a three. Dude’s got some nasty game. Fisher did get some sick steals on him a couple times yesterday, though.

  • joe

    been a long time coming,good thing LA finally put off the jazz…..waiting for paul’s band. Good tim duncan comparison comparison dime!

  • Three Stacks

    The way I see it, Kobe just assumed he shouldn’t have asked. Honestly, when’s the last time you asked a girl before, let’s say, kissing her or something? (“Umm, can I kiss you?” is kinda loser-ish, same goes for “Umm, can I PIITB?”) Don’t chicks love spontaneity? I think he was just trying to be romantic. LOL.

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    ok guys IF the celtics get past the cavs (i repeat IF) NO WAY do they get past the pistons (i am sure young likes hearing that) the pistons are well rested, and they are going to win one in boston. the celtics show their hand with every game trying to get past ATLANTA? and cleveland.

    looks like a spurs pistons finals much to yalls dismay

    spurs in 7!

  • Three Stacks

    Spurs will most likely lose, seeing as they’ve yet to put together 48 minutes of good basketball in NO. But part of me hopes they win, it’d be so much more satisfying to beat SA on the way to the championship, if the Lakers get that far.

    BTW, Dime, I think Hubie Brown talks like that because of his Midwest accent. Like, white folk from suburban Chicago say “Chi-cah-go” or “Oh my Gahd” with the short “a.”

  • for real

    Doris Burke is just warming up for the REAL SEASON….
    when the WNBA starts up.

    WNBA: Expect Great Letdowns

  • Dennis Castro

    Doc Rivers will never win an NBA title as coach. He has no common sense, did you guys see the last play he drew up last night? I mean, really, that’s the best you’ve got? And his rotations suck. As a Sixer fan, I love it.

    The WNBA, expect 1 on none fastbreak layups!

  • http://myspace.com/bigfreeze101 Big Freeze

    “Everybody hates Kobe, too-except the LA faithful. Seriously, I hope Kobe wins just because I like seeing the bad guy get away with shh in movies. Lebron is the good image for the NBA, and Kobe is the yang to his yin. And he doesn’t even have the common sense to ask a chick before throwing it in her ass. Go Cavs!”

    Oh shit, that is hilarious.

  • the_don_mega

    where ya’ll people at???

  • the kid

    if lebron had a midrange jumper he’d be unstoppable. i know you guys have heard this before, but as a celtics fan, i was relieved every time lebron pulled up from 17 feet to brick those jumpers. celtics looked like they just got bullied last night though…

  • http://myspace.com/bigfreeze101 Big Freeze

    Brent Barry made a great point last night. KG is the only Celtic who produces offensively on a consistent basis. He needs to quit dishing it to sorry-ass Kendrick Perkins and drop that jumper in from 16 ft. KG should take at least 20-30 every game this series, but it’s too late now and they are gonna lose to a Lebron James team cuz a Lebron James team never panics.

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    JON barry, brent barry plays for the spurs

  • KenAdams

    I hate that all the Lakers get the star treatment by the refs. There was some questionable calls on both sides, but the Lakers always get the benefit. The Jazz shot 38% from the field and almost tied the game at the end. The Lakers shot 50%…. of course they won. You can’t win too many games shooting that bad. The Jazz will be ready for you next year Lakers! D-will MVP!

  • Tim

    Watching the Celtics/Cavs game, the Celtics have no idea of things to run at all.

    And if Bostons still wins…good luck winning at the Palace. Especially after the Celtics were popping their jerseys in Detroit’s face after winning a regular season game…the following is my matchups thoughts as a Pistons fan…so I might not be as un-biases as I should be lol.

    and judging by the postseason so far…the only advantage the Celtics have on the Pistons is KG slightly over Sheed. Rondo will be murdered by Billups. Can Ray keep up with Rip, or will his bionic ankles slow down? a 10 pt average won’t get it done against rip when he’s posting 20 a game. And can Pierce guard Tayshaun’s baby hooks and scoops from the post. Kendrick Perkins doesn’t know the pain McDyess feels after losing that game 7 in SA in 2005. And as for the bench…Pistons should win that too…Stuckey is better than House or Cassell right now, and Maxiell is slightly even with Powe, if Doc plays Powe right? And we can always dust of Lindsay Hunter to make it miserable bringing the ball up the court.

    And if Cleveland wins…I’m just gonna pray its not last years game 5 every game.

  • AT

    Boston’s done and all the boston fans should give up, going into the playoffs i thot theyd go 8-0 for the first 2 rounds, but they are choking and theyre gunna keep getting more tired as these 7-game series go on

  • IGP

    @ Tim…I’m from Boston and I’m more of a Lakers fan but I do like the Celts too. I don’t disagree with your thoughts on the series if the Celts play the Pistons. I mean really if the Celtics don’t trade the 5th pick for Ray Allen I think they are a better team. I have no idea what they are doing, and Doc should seriously get fired.

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    @KenAdams- Go take a ride in the WHAmbulance! Whah whah whah- the lakers get all the calls.
    Is it the refs fault that Okur and Deron Williams both had great looks at the hoop to tie the game and couldnt hit?
    Utah isnt winning anything next year- Welcome to being the Lakers Bitch Jazz fans for the next 5 years!

  • Chuck…NBA Junkie


    That’s IF the Spurs get past the Lakers, and that’s a big IF. The only reason the spurs will most likely get past the Hornets, is the Spurs being up to their old tricks. Who the f*ck sets a pick when a man is turned around, and since when does a pick look like a f*ckin football tackle? I could care less about all that good ole playoff basketball sh*t those anouncers were talking, they knew he had a bad back. So I hope the Hornets whip San antonio’s a*s today.
    You know I got love for you rangerjohn and I respect your basketball knowlegde, but you cn’t convince me that Horry play was just good ole basketball!

  • doc

    Doris Burke must be getting teabagged by the whole ESPN there is no other reason for her opinion.Dime I heard her with that see how calm Lebron is when he calls timeout BS.I love Bron and what he do for carrying them corny bastards they call a team every year but that was slurping at its finest.At least a female said that because Tirico should’ve got fired if it was him.Kobe vs Bron.Finals of the 2000’s so far coming up.

  • Ian

    he doesnt sound cocky he sounds retarded talking like that
    has he ever won anything

    a lebron james team is never desperate
    what a fuckin retard

  • Ian

    the kid
    “if lebron had a jumper he would be unstoppable”
    what r u sayin

    so if melo played D he would be unstoppable
    if kg had ball to play in crunch time he would be unstoppable (duncan)
    if arenas werent stupid and a ball hog he would be unstoppable
    if ray allen had a post game he would be unstoppable

    i mean comon u can take any star and say if he could fix his bad area he would be unstoppable

    if duncan could hit game tyin threes he would be unstoppable ohh wait….

  • Celts Fan

    THIS IS NOT AN EXCUSE AT ALL, so please don’t take it that way, but it’s funny that NO/SA get 3 straight days off and the Celtics haven’t had more than 1 since a 2 day break after game 3 of the Hawks series (and IF they can beat Cleveland on Sunday, they start the ECF on Tuesday.) Come on Stern, that don’t make sense!

    Having said all of that, the breaks should’ve been by finishing teams off when we could’ve. They don’t play the same on the road, KG insists on passing too much (not a terrible thing, but he does need to be more aggressive,) if anyone knows where Ray Allen is, could you please tell him the Playoffs started about a month ago, so whenever he’d like to show up, that’d be nice. and Doc is a terrible coach (and must be blind too. anyone else notice that awful suit last night? it looked like something from the 70’s!) No Leon Powe or Sam Cassell at all? Fuckin really? I know Sam’s been gunning and Leon’s not the perfect fit for this series, but shit, Cassell’s the only guy on our team with a ring that he did a lot offensively to get (Posey was more a defensive stopper type w/ Mia) and Leon’s been getting minutes and being really productive all year. You gotta at least give htem a few minuts and see what happens.

    It’s too bad Mike D’Antoni already jumped on NY, cuz if we lose Sunday, it’d be nice to get a competant coach for next year (or just promote Tom Thibedeau and can Doc’s incompetant ass.)

    In the end, I think we finally pay for letting teams hang around on the road, LeBron goes off for 40, we lose by 5, and I swallow a fuckin hand grenade. I can’t believe we’re in this situation. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY TEAM???

  • Jeffco

    so im wondering if the celts lose game 7 to bron n the cavs
    well actually just bron

    what will happen to that team next year
    i mean didnt they do everything just to win a championship this season?
    is there gonna be a big three next year for boston?
    if they dont win i wouldnt be surprised seeing a trade
    for one of those 3!

  • Celts Fan

    na Jeffco, remember the Heat a few years ago? You get there yr. 1, and win it the 2nd time around. That;s typically the plan for these types of things. It’s TOUGH to win it the first year together (but after rattling off 66 Ws, you should at least win a fuckin road game. what a joke.) I’m thinking that’s the model. Keep the big 3 together, it’s one more year of seasoning for Leon, Big Baby, Rondo, and Perk. i think we keep Sam (and he palys a full year w/ them so he’s a little more comfortable and hopefully gunning less) probably let PJ go (he’s pretty old and looks it now, though he can still contribute for 10-15 mpg.) We draft a 2 guard to come off the bench that’s taller than 6’3″ and another big (hopefully one taller than 6’8″) and hopefully next year Gabe Pruitt can contribute something too. This window is open for this year, next year, and MAYBE the year after that. It’s a very thin margin of error and I’m terrified that we’re stuck with Doc Rivers that entire time. That’s the one move we should look to do (that and get a legit center who can do SOMETHING to contribute and put Perk’s ass on the bench. He’d be a nice backup, as a starter, he’s very hit or miss, and when he “hits” it’s still only like 14 pts. on putbacks/FTs and boards and blocks. Not exactly a game changer…)

    also, wanna give credit where it’s due. Doc said that Rondo would probably have 3 and 3 this game. He ended up with 2 and 5. you know what you’re takling about man. hopefully next year, Rajon can be more consistent, but right now, he’s pretty up and down, especially on the road.

  • d

    yeah, Doris Burke has no idea what she is doing. The play where Ray Allen’s shot went off the side of the backboard, and then Delonte hit it, they showed the replay and even then she said, “what a great block by Delonte” when it clearly went off the side of the backboard. And while most analysts are sucking Lebron sideways, she’s definitely balls deep.

    And what’s up with the horrible refereeing in favor of the home teams? No one is giving it much play, but this is some of the worst officiating I have ever seen. I think the Utah / LA game last night was the closest thing I’ve seen to semi-fair officiating all post season. It’s no wonder the home teams have been fairing so well.

  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life daquest?on

    wats up with all these ppl using names like kobe bryant, lebron james, steve nash get ur own names.But yeah i knw that kobe is the MVP and he is the best player in the league but can he seriously contend like lebron is with lebrons players??

  • Big V


  • doc

    Celts yeah I was almost right on the money with that one.He’ll have4 and 2 next game and I hope u really dont swallow a hand grenade because its a wrap for yall.Great regular season though.daquest I dont think nobody else can contend with that team.Thats how I judge players his game might be ugly to some so they say he’s trash but I say u dont know b-ball.I dont give a fuck if he talk in 10th person.Let me see somebody else contend with Delonte, Wally, Washed up Ben,and big Z.The fact that Z’s the second best player says a lot.The fact that Wally and Delonte was starters on a fucking 10 win team at the trading deadline says a lot more.

  • Steve Nash

    About that Dime gave me some props….but I still can’t stand Robert Horry. That was from the heart…

  • Celts Fan

    ya Doc, it’s not looking good. I guess their reps are finally catching up to their performance…

  • K Dizzle – we been here before

    @ post 31 – c’mon, Mox. You ain’t gotta shit on dude when they down. You gotta show that class cuz we expected this anyways and you know, we been here before.

    It seems like a messd up sched, but goin 7 every series probably leads to that. Det over Orl and SA over Phx in 5 got some good breaks, even 6 games series’ll buy you some time. I think ATL destroyed your team’s confidence. I don’t know but I’m shocked cuz havin 3 future HOF’ers on your squad these days should let you roll to the finals out east. Where is Ray Allen? Dude been the best shooter in the WORLD for the past 5-8 years and he’s missin open 3s now

    I wanna say Utah just got the wrong match-up, but nobody can really match up with Kobe so you need your stars to produce. That being said, if I’m Deron Williams, playin a little banged up, I don’t accept any calls from Carlos Boozer for a few days. Dude let that team down. Question : What can Utah get for Booze in a good trade? Cuz it’s Milsap’s time. What does Carlos do that Milsap doesn’t? Nothing.

    I don’t even wanna watch that Celts-cavs game, just ugly ball. Lookin forward to Spurs-Hornets tho and hopin West is healthy and focussed cuz you know Paul bringin it at home and Peja startin to get loose even with Bowen on him

    Go Lakers, still hopin we get Ariza or Bynum back or both


  • http://GEE2.com GEE…Heeesheey, uh, blowticious!

    Now Utah can go join Houston in enjoying the summer. Welcome aboard Utah fans.

    I am going to give Sloan one more …possssibly two more years then I am calling for him to step on down pimpin.

    They (Jazz) tried hard though.

    Boston should have had that, they really gone have their hands full with Detroit. Granted horrible calls at the end helped out, but still come the end of games they look so confused.

    I promise I don’t think I can recall a team look so confused and disoriented come crunch time for a close game.

    It’s like unless they are up in a close game they lose it. If they are down, and having to fight back by say 5 or less, they go stupid.

    Poor coaching and them star players need to step up and show that star power for real.

    Clev. should be done.

  • K Dizzle – we been here before

    Just watchin the West-Horry incident again and the look on C Paul’s face when the San An crowd started cheerin Horry!Horry! is not good at all for the Spurs. You know that sayin,”If looks could kill”, well somebody’s gettin murked on monday night. Thank goodness we got D Fish cuz WHEN N’awlins gets past the spurs, CP’s confidence is gonna be in Magic-Isiah-THardaway-Glove-KJ in they primes level.

    I “accidentally” flipped by the wNBA game and saw a Candace Parker 2 minute stretch of domination(I know, but there ain’t no ball on today and I hadda see somethin, but I apologize) anyways, that girl is fine….like too fine for Sheldon Williams fine

  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life daquest?on

    yea im with u k dizzle shes is fine and definately too fine for sheldon williams she probably could beat him one on one basketball too

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    @Kdiz, you know I’m just playin…. But I hate cats whining about bad calls.
    Lakers won straight up.
    Wouldn’t expect to see Bynum or Ariza til next year tho

  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life daquest?on

    i hate the lakers but how sick are they gonna b next year with d fish mamba Lo Pau and bYnum thats a very tall lineup

  • word

    that call was absolute bullshit it was a clear block every1 and their gramma could see that the refs just love off lebron

  • stephen stepp from louisa kentucky

    Yo Dime, forshizzle, yall need to hit us up with a funky dope WNBA preview. Forget the L, when I wanna see ball 4 real, I watchin the W. Candace Parker is dope like Cheech, and if you need clutch trey balls Sue Bird is that nigga. This is where the best fundamentals are seen and die hard fans live and die with they teams on the realio. On the real tip, let this brotha know when that preview be droppin…I gots to know if yall think my Mercury can start a Cometesque dynasty. I’m out like Maro Dydek’s thong on my bed.

  • stephen stepp from louisa kentucky

    Margo. Not Maro. Shout out your homeys.

  • http://psinapticapotheosis.org Amar

    > What does Carlos do that Milsap doesn’t? Nothing.

    Carlos is clearly dominant when it comes to eye-brow prowess. No foolin, playing against Carlos everyday for two years has given Millsap some sneak ass moves, he even has a cross over. The thing is how do you tell if Millsap is a really good bench guy, and a bad starter; or a really good bench guy, and a solid starter?

    That’s the $10 million dollar question, I guess.

  • Three Stacks

    Man, people really are shitting on Boozer cause of this postseason, huh? Granted, he should have dominated that Houston series, but Odom and Gasol were really bad matchups for him. Millsap is good off the bench, but you really think he’s gonna give you 20-10 for a whole year, like Boozer’s done for the past 3 seasons? That’s kind of a stretch.

    Lakers need a new backup point guard. It’s become obvious that Jordan Farmar is not the answer. Any chance we can get J-Critt back?

  • stephen stepp from louisa kentucky

    Becky Hammon of the San Antonio Silver Stars led the dub in assists last year…the Lakers should take an unconventional route to a backup point gizzle.

  • weekend at Bernie Kosars

    Bump that.. I like and appreciate Doris Burke… on the other hand I cant stand Mark Jackson… that dude makes me cringe every time hes on air… I find the game experience very unenjoyable when I hear his voice…

    Reggie Miller is not the best, but I’ll take him any day over Mark Jackson.

  • http://psinapticapotheosis.org Amar

    >Any chance we can get J-Critt back?

    I’m sure you could get him for Gasol . . . if you’re willing to take Kwame back

  • M Intellect

    PP just iced Game 7.

    You must be so pissed you wrote this.

  • Jerry

    Not a fan of either team, but Celtics are SO lucky that Lebron doesn’t have anyone else that can play worth a damn. That game 7 could’ve easily been stolen if the rest of the Cavs had a clue. Once again, Wally disappears, Ilgauskas with just about nothing, only West seemed to have some initiative.
    Wallace? pfff.

    Lebron’s never going to get anywhere with the team he’s got.

    Will Celtics be able to get past the Pistons with the way their playing? i really doubt it, dunno, maybe Allen will show up finally.

  • cora lee

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