NBA / May 22, 2008 / 11:30 pm

Pistons 103, Celtics 97: Instant Analysis

IMAGE DESCRIPTIONKG did as much as he could

Why the Pistons won: They executed the hamster wheel at light speed. Whether it was Rip (25 points) on virtually every possession down the floor in crunch time, or Chauncey (19 points, 7 assists) with 20 seconds on the clock, Detroit created open jumpers by running their guards through walls of screens. It allowed Rip to get into the lanes of the Celtics’ defense for quick jumpers or to spot open teammates. With about 2:20 to play, ‘Sheed (13 points, 10 rebounds) knocked down an open jumper off a dish from Rip which epitomized the Pistons’ team offensive scheme. Six of Detroit’s last eight buckets were assisted. They had an answer for everything the Celtics threw at them.

Why the Celtics lost: It’s easy to blame Ray Allen (9-16 FG, 25 points) for missing two crucial shots down the stretch – he was blocked on a three, and then missed an eight-foot floater, which would have cut the lead to four with under a minute left. It’d be even easier to blame him for not being able to stick Hamilton. But ultimately, the Celtics were never able to break through Detroit’s four-point cushion back-and-forth through the fourth quarter because they didn’t control the glass in the fourth quarter. Though the Pistons were outrebounded 39-31 on the game, they got the edge on Boston in the fourth 10-9. Second chance opportunities kill when you’re trying to make a comeback.

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  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life daquest?on

    well so much for the celtics they are done homecourt advantage is over 4 them, if they couldnt beat atlanta they certainly wont beat detroit in detroit

  • Junio


    – Ray missing jumpshot is hidden in the first game scene in the C’s pre-game intro. They should take that buzzerbeater of the footage.

    – The C’s old school pre-game jackets, with the green name tag really rocks…

    – Rondo at moments in this playoffs is really playing wise beyond his 2 nba seasons…dude skyrocketed his learning curve…

    – Predicting a wiiiiild intro in the Palace saturday….Not a piston fan, but that ‘deeetroit, get on your feet’ is faaaantastic…


  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life daquest?on

    look at that ray allen 25 points but guess what the C’s still lost!!! f u commentators and analists (on tv not dime)

  • http://www.thehungersite.com Not Fantasy Doctor

    Rodney Stuckey?

  • Tim

    Stuckey is a beast…He missed the first 25 games…and check him out now…

    Van Gundy calling him Dwayne Wade was priceless comedy…

    I am gaining more respect for Pierce with each game though…and i’m not happy about Mr. Shuttlesworth starting to hit his shots.

  • Washington the Frog

    Stuckey, dangit! Dime, c’mon…not even a mention? Stuckey BEASTED them cats, man. I know the Detroit staff has been comparing him to a small DWade, but dude is Young Billups. Pistons can now slowly phase right into their next point guard, as Billups declines, Stucky will improve. Sick move by Dumars to bring dude on board. Peace.

  • http://www.thehungersite.com Not Fantasy Doctor

    Darko Milicic?

  • Washington the Frog

    Darko, dangit!! Dime, c’mon…not even a mention? Darko BEASTED them ca…..wait. Heeeeyyyy!!!

  • G

    At least this game is over so we can look forward to the game that really matters tommorrow

  • Tim

    Actually Darko could be mentioned, because trading him gave us the pick used to get Stuckey haha. Joe D fixed that mistake.

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    I think the Cs are finally feeling the effects of back to back 7 game series.
    Geez, its looking bleek in Bean Town.
    I was hoping for an old school 80s match up vs the Cs, but a revenge series of ’04 will be sweet too. Go Lakers!
    Shout out to me and some of my hommies making it in the Mag! Thanks Dime!

  • Tim

    and also,

    Stuckey is gonna be this years Boobie Gibson without the stupid nickname.

  • G

    …at least this game is over so we can look forward to the real game tommorrow

  • bill

    spurs 2008 :)

  • bill

    darko ha ha


    I told yall all year long but nobody listened, STUCKEY IS THE “ROY”.

    @CELTS and the CELTICS
    “Uh Oh Raggy Rooks Rike Rubble” – Scooby “Doobie” Doo.


    The difference between, Stuckey and Gibson is Stuckey won’t take a nose dive next year.

    Pistons 2008


    I noticed yesterday that not one Piston was on the new cover. What’s really good? Ya’ll need to really stop hatin’ on the New Era Bad Boys. I thought “Game recognized Game,” Guess ya’ll ain’t got no game.


    Ray Allen/Reggie Miller-Reggie Miller?
    Time Duncan/Karl Malone – Timmy D
    Lebron James/Charles Barkley – Lebron
    CP3/Isiah Thomas – Zeke

    what yall think?

  • kobeef

    Celtics D failed them.
    The pistons shot really well and for the most part so did the celtics. Allen getting his shot back is a good thing even if he missed a couple.

    Celtics need to get back to playing tough D. If they pistons score more than 100 it will be tough to beat them ’cause they won’t let you scre that many.

  • cbizzle

    Anybody else notice Rodney Stuckey looks a little like 50 Cent?

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/djkianoosh djKianoosh

    how about Reggie saying the only guy who had a better shooting stroke than him was Drazen Petrovic? very interesting. (i think he said it in the pregame)

    Detroit was getting a liiiiittle too happy with their jumpers. they were getting open, and so they have to take them, sure, but they shouldn’t settle so much. still, the celtics weren’t on point defensively in the 4th. It almost looked like they got dizzy wathing Rip run laps around them.

    anybody else see that?

  • DaPro

    @ FED

    You a fool fam 4 dropping Scobbie Doo in

    @ cbizzle
    Damn I guess they do look alike, never peeped that

  • http://dlyte41.googlepages.com/home dh

    this series looks over. i don’t think the celts can win in detroit.

    i love kg and his passion for the game but does he really have a passion for winning?

  • Tim

    The Celtics already won in Detroit this year, and since Detroit. I dont think Celtics will win Game 3.

  • Tim

    and Game 3 is going to show everyone how REAL pregame intros should go…seriously, of all the ones I’ve seen, Pistons intros are by far the best.

    The Celtics intros look like JV intros to Detroit’s setup…

  • doc

    Young aint no question about Reg being better than Ray stop tripping.