NBA / May 21, 2008 / 3:37 pm

Clippers Still in a World of Hurt

IMAGE DESCRIPTIONShaun Livingston (photo. ABCD Camp)

The balls didn’t bounce their way in the lottery last night. Elton Brand‘s status with the Clips is obviously in question, so much so that his name has been linked with Miami far more than with L.A. recently. Corey Maggette has had one foot out the door since the middle of last season, and will almost definitely opt out of his contract on July 1st. And Mike Dunleavy will have to wait for another 1-2 weeks for Shaun Livingston to participate in contact drills for the first time since the incident.

“There’s nothing you can do about it,” says Dunleavy. “I guess the only positive thing there is for us is that the top two picks in the draft are from the East Coast.”

With the 7th pick in the draft, the Clippers are at least two spots away from being able to snare a point guard to replace Livingston – either USC’s O.J. Mayo or Arizona’s Jerryd Bayless, and a whole world away from any shot at Memphis’ Derrick Rose. If Dan Dickau or Brevin Knight – the two remaining PG’s on the roster – are slated as opening day starters, it’d be much tougher to convince Brand that he should stay.

Are they so desperate for someone to play the one that they’ll reach for someone who is projected to fall towards the bottom of the lottery? DJ Augustin and Russell Westbrook could both fill the void. Westbrook’s freakish athleticism gives him more upside than Augustin, who’s already demonstrated tremendous leadership. DJ did win the Bob Cousy Award as the nation’s top point guard.

Do the Clips officially close the book on Livingston in the draft, or do they wait around to see how he does two years after the fact?

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  • yallallreadyknow

    what do you all think about trading the #1 overall pick for a star/franchise player?

    For instance, miami trading dwyane wade to chicago for the #1 overall pick?


    chicago bulls trading that #1 pick to houston for tracy mcgrady?

    I dont think such a thing has ever been done.
    what do you all think about doing such a thing from either end (trading the pick or trading the star. receiviing the pick or receiving the star).

    it would be interesting to me….

  • stephen stepp from louisa ky

    What does this have to do with Lauren Jackson? Seriously Dime, nobody gives a ish about the League, season’s almost over…give us what we want! More of the Dub. Bet anyone a 20 spot Sue Bird could beat Shaun Livingston in a game of h.o.r.s.e.

  • hahns

    yall, that would be interesting…but that can only happen in a weak draft. the promise of a number one pick overall comes with it visions of dynasty and continued winning for years to come.

    the upside derrick rose has shown is probably more valuable than 75% this years all star team.

  • JA

    Who would want to take the T-Mac side of that trade Yall?

    Something like that happened this past draft where RayRay was traded for the number 5 pick (Jeff Green). Why the Raps couldn’t have done that the year before when there was talk of getting Allen eludes me. Instead we have “The Next Dirk Nowitzki”. Yeah …

  • PALakerFan

    Headbands are retarded.

    I’ll take Wade over the #1 every day. T-Mac has peaked.

    If Brand wants to win a chip he should leave. If he stays, he’s an idiot who cares more about money than winning.

    Why are we talking about this shit and free sneakers that sucked when they were new, instead of tonight’s game. Get with it Dime.

  • http://GeeC2.com GEE…Old skool plaiyas to new skool fools..

    Naw dont close the book on Livingston but they need another scorer on the squad for real. A 20 point guy.

    yall that would be a tight move. I woulnd’t want to see Tracy go cause I am loyal like that. I still think Chicago trading that for an experienced star would be the move.

  • Celts Fan

    JA, give Andrea some time. He’s got potential. It took Dirk about 5 years to tap into it, so just be patient.

    If you’re the Clippers, why spend 2 years letting him take up space on the roster and recover, just to trade him while his value is still low after he’s almost healthy again? Let him play. Worst case scenario, he’s useless and you just let his deal expire (it’s got to be up this year, right?) after the season.

  • Jah

    Jah’s Crystal Ball says:

    1. Chicago drafts Michael Beasley with the #1 pick in the ’08 NBA Draft and has the opening day starting lineup of:

    PG – Kirk Hinrich
    SG – Larry Hughes
    SF – Luol Deng
    PF – Michael Beasley
    C – Joakim Noah

    2. Elton Brand is lured to Miami, who drafts Derrick Rose with the #2 pick and we get:

    PG – Derrick Rose
    SG – Dwyane Wade
    SF – Shawn Marion
    PF – Elton Brand
    C – ??? Does it really matter ???

    3. The Knicks continue to stink…but show some progress.

  • Prof. TX

    There are too many draft busts in history to give up a legitimate player like that. Ray Allen was traded because the Sonics were getting worse on purpose, trying to make themselves less appealing to local fans. Most GM’s will not part with a Wade or McGrady for what could turn out to be the next Kwame Brown. The draft is always somewhat of a guess, you can’t be sure how that person will turn out in the nba.

  • Bone

    Well unless Marion opts out of his contract or the Clippers are willing to take back a pile of shit from Miami, Brand isn’t going there due to money. He is not leaving $17 mil on the table for a mid-level exception, so that’s a pipe dream line-up.

    I agree with the Bulls taking Beasley though. The gap between Kirk Hinrich and Derrick Rose is much smaller than the gap between Beasley and Drew Gooden. Hinrich had an off year. Give him B-Easy and he will be back.

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Miami would NEVER trade D-wade for anything including the #1 pick. Chicago would NEVER trade the #1 pick for t-mac. Both of those scenarios are rediculous.
    Jah I think you are right on with those line-ups and in the East both teams will be competing for a top seed next year.
    The one good thing is that he is still young and even though that injury was devastating he can still come back and be productive. My issue is that he wasn’t progressing like they thought he would even before he got hurt…
    The sonics future is looking very bright especially if they get Jerryd Bayless. IMO he is a far better NBA prospect than Mayo and Gordon. They are going to be a very exciting team for a long time I think.

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    sorry he meaning (livingston)

  • ML

    @Jah you wild homeboy.

  • Diego

    Been there, done that: If you remember, stupid-ass Chicago traded Brand (who was a 20, 10 guy then) straight-up to the Clipps for the draft rights to Chandler or Curry (I forget which one–I think it was Chandler) to get some high school twin towers with big upside. It didn’t work out too well for Chicago!

  • http://myspace/jkwryter Jeffrey

    Gte rid of livingston.

  • doc

    D.Rose would embarrass Kirk.Stop disrespecting game.

  • doc

    and who cares about the clippers.You Seattle fans should try to get them scrub ass dudes.

  • AY

    It would’ve worked out for chicago, except they let chandler go and signed ben wallace to a much bigger contract than one they would’ve gave chandler. Chandler + Curry is a pretty decent big man combo if you ask me: one guy is quick on D and rebounds, one takes up space and has all the offensive moves. Duckworth and Buck williams, Sabonis and ‘sheed, Rik Smits and Dale Davis. It’s not a bad idea, they just had no patience.

  • Lady Luck

    The Clippers need to try to get Gilbert Arenas. He would be a good fit. Maybe some type of sign and trade to get the deal done.

  • kobeef


    You are right on the money.
    To those who don’t think Miami can sign Brand – you are wrong. Brand is Miami’s #1 target and they have let him know. Brand + Miami will wait to see what happens in the draft but if Rose goes to Miami does does Brand. Miami will give him a long term deal. Miami is about $13 Million under the cap next season but will pay the tax to get Brand.

  • Cammy Z

    I agree that the Clips could use a flashy point guard to give them a little character (Baaron Davis or Arenas), though are prone to injury and a little bit of a risk for their asking price.