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The Worst Choke-Job in NBA Finals History Has Lakers Down 3-1

IMAGE DESCRIPTIONKobe Bryant (photo. Chris Sembrot)

Along with embarrassing themselves in front of the whole basketball-watching world, falling into a 3-1 series hole that’s likely insurmountable, and proving they simply don’t deserve to win a championship, the Lakers also allowed John Starks some long-awaited absolution. By blowing a 24-point lead at home and losing to the Celtics last night, L.A. took Starks off the hook for having the worst NBA Finals choke-job under his name … If you changed the channel at the end of the first quarter, no one would have blamed you. The Lakers charged out at the opening bell like Mike Tyson and immediately punched Boston in the mouth, and it looked like the C’s weren’t gonna be able to recover. After playing like crap for the first three games of the series, Lamar Odom looked like an All-Star in the first half of this one; he hit his first seven shots, rebounded with authority, was dunking on cats and going hard to the rack, which opened things up for his jumper. Even L.O.’s passes had noticeably more zip to them. We’ve said it before that when Odom is at the top of his game, the Lakers are dominant, and that’s what happened last night. For a half. Along with Vlad Radmanovic drilling threes in the first quarter and Pau Gasol beasting everyone in his path in the second quarter, the Lakers were crushing Boston by 18 at halftime while Kobe Bryant only had three points, all on free throws … By the time they went up by 24 early in the second quarter, the Lakers were totally feeling themselves: Jordan Farmar was firing pull-up J’s in transition, Odom took a right-handed three following a stoppage in play, the bench was dancing and mugging for the crowd, and Trevor Ariza was throwing up gang signs (um, we mean, signaling that he’d made a three-pointer) … We can’t say we were shocked that Boston mounted a comeback. When you get to the Finals you’re dealing with two teams that are too good to get waxed for 48 straight minutes, and if you get out to a big lead it takes the utmost focus to never let up. But as the lead shrunk from 18 to 10 to six to zero, we kept waiting for Kobe — or somebody — to eventually end the nonsense and put Boston to bed. Never happened. Kobe (17 pts, 10 asts) tried, but those same guys who were ballin’ in the first half (Gasol, Odom, etc.) went back into their turtle shells in the fourth quarter. On top of that, the offense went from a clinic on movement and passing to being totally stagnant … Paul Pierce (20 pts, 7 asts) was a steady force offensively for Boston, but how big were the performances of Ray Allen, James Posey and Eddie House? Ray (19 pts, 9 rebs) unleashed some hops and quicks we haven’t seen from him since He Got Game — the reverse layup and the dagger where he skated past Sasha Vujacic were just nasty. Posey (18 pts, 4 threes) looked like Robert Horry 2.0, and House (11 pts) was doing what Sam Cassell has been trying and failing to do all series, getting positive results out of unconscious gunning. All four of those guys hit some huge shots down the stretch … With Rajon Rondo (ankle) sitting out the second half we had a Tony Allen sighting, but still no love for Big Baby despite Kendrick Perkins leaving with a shoulder injury. Is there any doubt Tony is gonna be the most fool-acting guy on the Celtics should they end up with a championship parade? … How does Phil Jackson not call for constant traps and pressure on House? With Rondo out, Boston didn’t have a true point guard out there aside from Cassell (which is arguable), and L.A. could have snuffed out the threat if they’d forced some turnovers. The same thing happened in the Celtics/Pistons series, with Detroit never deciding to press until their backs were against the wall … Not to keep piling on Odom, but he had 15 points and 8 boards at halftime, then put up 4 points and 2 boards in the second half. He’s making Kevin Garnett look like Jimmy Chitwood in crunch-time by comparison … Can you imagine how Kobe acted in the locker room afterwards? We imagine it wasn’t pretty. Do you think it was one or two guys who got the brunt of an epic verbal explosion, or did he give some attention to everyone? … With that in mind, however, we can all agree that as long as Kobe has a job, Ronny Turiaf will have a job. See, Turiaf is smart — he sees how Kobe emulates Michael Jordan, and he knows MJ makes a habit of hiring his best friends whenever he has hiring power. Turiaf is working his way in there to be Kobe’s Charles Oakley. Don’t be shocked 12 years from now when Kobe is part-owner of the Sacramento Kings and he names Turiaf head coach … Jeff Van Gundy said at halftime that L.A.’s bigs pass the ball just as well as their perimeter guys. For a team like the Lakers, that’s a compliment. For the Knicks, it’s an insult … How does Michelle Tafoya interview Will Smith and not even acknowledge Jada sitting right next to him? (And later on, Mike Breen was doing the celebrity roll call and said only, “There’s Will Smith and his wife.”) These people do know Jada Pinkett was a famous actress before she married Will, right? … We’re out like Kobe’s fourth ring …

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  • fallinup

    One more for Beantown!!!! What what!

  • fallinup

    And once again…Ray’s reverse was puh-ritt-eh. That’ll be the play they show over and over when Sports Illustrated is selling the “Boston Celtics 2008 Championhip” book.

  • catdaddywhack


    take that, arrogant phil jackson!!! hope you choke on your on words….

    out-coached by doc, how ironic is that? lol

  • D.H.

    Boston, boston . . .

  • Meica

    The Celtics will win this thing because of Ray Allen. Period. The guy plays like my dad for all of the playoffs and then starts letting out the Ray Allen I had though all but completely disappeared when it counts. That was a huge nineteen points tonight. HUGE. And the Celts first basket where Ray drove it up and laid it in, where was that before?

    The Celtics finally played like they deserve to win not like they just want to win and they should be almost impossible to beat now.

    It’s definitely been some fun basketball.

  • WTF

    its BAAH-STAAAAN….

  • Duke

    I just want to watch Sasha cry over and over again on HD. You can SEE the heartbreak!!

    Everybody was on L.O.’s jock in the first half then poof!! He forgot that this was a 48 minute game.

  • Jay

    To go out like this in the NBA Finals… any more question about whether Kobe is as good as MJ? I know MJ would have NEVER let a defense done him like this in the NBA FINALS.

  • Big Sia
  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Well, Im ready for football season…

  • bill

    John Starks and Nick Anderson are laughing right now :)

  • Jay

    BTW… did anybody catch when Sasha threw a hissyfit after he let Ray walk past him for that layup? Just saw some dudes hand patting him in the back then Sasha going crazy on the empty chair next to him.

    Dime, will the Sasha as a good defensive player finally stop now? Please?

  • Chuck

    This dude sasha is crying, but he let Ray just go around him like he was invincible. The Lakers deserved to lose that sh*t, they HAD the game, up 18 at the half, all they had to do was D’up and maintain the lead. All they had to do was just play some d*mn defense. Pisses me off!! I’m pulling for a group who thinks this sh*t is a joke, these dudes laughin and sh*t at half time like this is a joke or something, farmer is all happy and laughin and jokin wi Walton over 1 d*mn shot. This is war man!!! This is the NBA finals!!!! A chance to get a ring and you blow a 18 point f*ckin lead!! Man, I don’t know what to say? Bostn is earning it, and I gotta give em they props.

  • Chuck

    b*tch get off my d*ck, I rap lyrics and you wrap your mouth around d*cks!!! You a p*ssy a*s dude. I bet yo own mama don’t even like yo fagg*t a*s!!

  • Big Sia

    The league is fixed anyways.


    (Jewish Commisioners)


  • chance

    fallinup says:
    And once again…Ray’s reverse was puh-ritt-eh. That’ll be the play they show over and over when Sports Illustrated is selling the “Boston Celtics 2008 Championhip” book.

    Yeah… along with UBUNTU…

  • kulas

    Lakers’ front line = cotton

  • kulas

    “How does Phil Jackson not call for constant traps and pressure on House?”

    yeah been waiting for that all series long. Kobe should pick him up as soon as he starts dribbling the ball down court. That should result in 1-3 turnovers a game minimum.

  • bill

    where is the $a$ha love now :)

  • Remy

    Dpwn 3-1, maybe the Lakers can pull this one out.
    They play better when their backs are against the wall.

    I expect Kobe to be at his fullest.

    Never underestimate the heart of a chamption.

    Purple and Gold till the day I die.

  • Jay

    Kobe really is the golden boy to Laker fans. The guy shoots a miserable 5/19 and didn’t use that killer instinct he’s born with to choke out the Celts when his teammates were joshing around, yet fans place no blame on the man. Odom disappeared. Gasol has not been as good as advertised. Farmar and Luke joking around. How about the best player on the planet missing 14 shots and not being able to corral his young team to maintain a 24 point lead in the most pivotal game of the series?

  • tjack

    the lakers will win game 7

  • Phileus

    That’s the spirit Remy.

    People say Kobe can’t carry them the whole way… but with the way the others have been playing, is there any better option? Could anyone blame Kobe for going solo from now on?

    Like Chuck said “This is war man!!! This is the NBA finals!!!!” You just don’t let up your guard. Lakers almost stole Game 2, then let Game 4 slip away in the same way, in their own house.

    Was this a great comeback, or “the worst choke-job”? I think it was really our game to lose.

  • Remy

    Purple and Gold till the day I die.

    Kobe is no Jordan. However, he is still a Laker.

    I was waiting for my Kobe to do his Michael moment, one that never came. I feel you B. Russell, I feel you.
    The call that never came, the Michael moment that never came.

    Barring unjuries, I expect the Lakers to win next year championship! Chip or bust!

  • bill

    I still think this goes to 7 with celts winning. Lets not count the lakers out yet.

    PLUS completely agree with Jay. Kobe gets a free pass whilst Odom still gets criticised despite playing better than kobe (this game :) )

  • kb24!

    hmmm….Lakers in 7! Cmon Laker Fans!!!!!!!! 28-0 for teams who lead 3-1. Some team has to overcome that sooner or later…Lets make it sooner Lakers.

  • kulas

    MAMBA: “I’d rather DIE than lose!”

    I don’t see the Lakers winning 3 straight, including 2 games in Boston’s home floor. HOWEVER, I really don’t think Mamba’s going down that easily.

  • Camp Lo

    Ray’s ugly 1st 3 rounds will be completely forgotten by his cold-blooded Finals performance.

    “Posey (18 pts, 4 threes) looked like Robert Horry 2.0″ This dude has hit HUGE treys all playoffs long for the C’s, not to mention a few for the Heat in their run.

    Sasha is NO Manu.

    Kobe is NO MJ.

  • Camp Lo

    How much would everybody pay to get some audio from the Lakers locker room after this L? Do you think Kobe went off, mad-man style or did he just fall into a stunned silence?

    I actually really feel for the guy. It’s gotta be frustrating as hell when your teammates don’t share the “I’d rather DIE than lose” mantality that makes Kobe who he is as a player.

  • the austrian guy

    Why is nobody talking ’bout Radmanovic. He drives me crazy with his no-shows. For me the turning point of the game was him not fouling Ray Allen on the layup. Unexcuseable, I wonder how his teammates can accept his stinking act.

  • eric

    From yesterday’s dime: something along the lines of sasha needs to step up for the lakers to have a chance to win. GTFOH! Sasha, rad, farmar, turiaf… Who the hell are these bust/role/d-league players. These finals are completely overhyped, the lakers are not supposed to be here….spurs/celts would have been much more entertaining. Those espn morons that predicted lakers in 5/6 games have to be rolling over in their graves

  • WTF


    yeah, game 7 next year… LMFAO, mentally derranged a-hole

  • Truth

    The lakers should have just let Turiaf (or DJ Mbenga if he had suited up) smack Allen, Pierce or Garnett down. Take the flagrant and hope to kill the momemtum like that…better than playing like an AAU girls team

  • Big Sia


    Im pretty sure a team with Kobe, Gasol, Odom deserves to be in the finals..

    And im a spurs fan…

    Don’t deny the talent the Lakers came into the finals with (weather they amassed it deservedly or not)


  • Willis

    Kobe will never own the Kings.

  • Luigii

    i like how people were worshipin LA b4 this series and now theyre rippin on them bkuz they lost. hahahahaahahaha bandwagoners. i mean i stuck with my wiz even though ppl were hatin’ on dem through out da cavs series.

    this goes to show you that people are bandwagoner fans n not true fans of LA. srry Kobe. i love ya n yr my 2nd fav [Gil] but the Celts got this one

    Besides ya got next yr n ull be even stronger man. pull it together

  • Yoooo

    Gasol big Thanxgiving Turkey lookin ass was supposed to help on that last play. No reason for NO ONE to be in the paint getting ready for help. Of all the people u sag off of its KG when he’s standing out by the 3 point line!!! That showed why people think foreign players are soft. Aside from ginobili (and a couple other role players like varejao & Kleiza and I really despise admitting this cuz I despise him) they rarely leave it all on the floor. Last possession of the game no way does another team get a wiide open layup

  • http://creampie.com the real marcus


    sasha got OWNED!!!

    the finals’ experience – PRICELESS
    an nba championship ring – PRICELESS
    a larry o’brien trophy – PRICELESS


    the look on vujacic’s mug after ray’s bucket – PRICELESS

    we’re out like LA’s D… like it has ever been there, HAHA!…

  • http://creampie.com the real marcus

    …and by the way, if this goes game 7, well, let’s just say that it’d be due to “higher powers” (read: stern)…

    and if that happens…

    we’re out like… well… just like that… HAHA!

  • pimpin

    I been saying it for the longest, Kobe does not have that killer instinct. Only two people I’ve seen enough of to know they have it: mike j and chris Paul. That’s it. No other current player has that killer instinct. Larry bird might have but I never saw much of him in his prime to say.

  • tbeezy


    Your an idiot

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    hey chuck,
    now you know what spurs fan was feelin last series, after blowing leads.

    i love how lakers fans have disapeared (like gasol and odom) but i cant stand all the fair weather celtics fans who show up to gloat and disapear when they team loses. take the lumps like the rest of us if you want to talk smack when they are winnin. EARNED NOT ISSUED!

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    oh and CELTICS IN 6

  • Brazil

    So Kobe is a best offensive player than MJ ? I dont know what Kind of stuff some people are in these days ,,,

  • Smitty313

    Damn I haven’t seen this many Boston fans on here ever. You BANDWAGON FANS.

    Yes I am a pissed off Laker fan, but still stating the obvious.

  • Smitty313

    We didn’t go any where either. What the hell are we suppose to say. We are done for the summer just like are team.

  • chocolate boy wonder aka boogey banger

    ray ray had to play the point a bit back in his uconn days, don’t sleep

  • for real

    I just remember all the LA dikrider’s posting all of those comments those two days after Spurs were eliminated. All were talking Dynasty this and that, the next 4-5 rings are ours, we’re so good it’s scary, etc….

    Well, Kobe and the Kobettes don’t look ready for that. What LA lacks is heart and desire. They felt entitled, Boston feels worthy.

    If the Lakers win the next three they would truly show heart, but I don’t see it happening.

  • Logan

    Because it’s still possible, I gotta keep my prediction: Lakers in 7.

    BUT DANG! Kobe choked as much as any of the Lakers… what was Kobe like in the Locker room? I don’t care. What I want to know is what was Kobe like during the timeouts of the Boston “comeback.” Where were the Curt Schilling moments? Dumb.

    What I hate the most is that Pierce is now going to be elevated as the top player in the series. I think he played a lousy game! 20 points is cool, but dude was irrelevant at times….

    OH – and Sasha should have been punched in the face by Kobe. Er – Kobe should have Turiaf punch Sasha in the face. That last play was HORRIBLE. How are you gonna guard Ray Allen at the half court line – no foul – and then when you wind down the clock, you GIVE him the layup!! ARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!! Jack Nicholson should have punched him in the face for that matter.

    Nonetheless… Lakers in 7… I hope.


  • the_don_mega


    “I been saying it for the longest, Kobe does not have that killer instinct. Only two people I’ve seen enough of to know they have it: mike j and chris Paul.”

    – u gotta be blind or u gotta be dumb… cp has killer instinct all over him??? WTF??? i may not like kobe, but he and only he has that type of trait in the L today. and tell u what… during MJ’s days the closest that has that instinct is reggi miller…’nuff said

  • E$

    Not the Best team in the West. I’ve seen this team collapse with big leads before, nothing new

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/djkianoosh djKianoosh

    damn ya’ll!!!

    mr. sleepy took me out right around the middle of the 2nd quarter when van gundy was like “you know what, this is going to be 2-2″ couple minutes later i was out.

    you tellin me Kobe couldn’t seal the deal on a night where everybody else was clickin all first half? he didn’t do one of his patented “let me take over the 2nd half” jobs?


  • DO

    notice how the celtics are breaking out offensively? that’s what happens when they go from playing tough eastern conference, defensive teams (cleveland, detroit) to the soft, defenseless lakers. On the other hand, the lakers were averaging over 100 pts a game before the celtics but can’t score against the celtics. defense wins championships

  • parker

    Whenever the Lakers lose can everyone please…please…please stop comparing Kobe to MJ. Kobe is the best shooting guard in the league right now, but to call him as good or better than MJ is a giant stretch. And, can we please stop calling him the best player on the planet. Maybe I want him to take the last shot in a 1 point game more than any other player but what about the other 47 minutes. I’ll take a bunch of players over him for those 47 minutes.

    Im out like the Kobe to MJ comparisons

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    @ DO
    lmao tough eastern conf teams? HUH? WHAT? you have got to be kidding, please tell me your kidding.

    boston averaged 2 points less in the detroit series, and the pistons are a FAR superior defensive team then the cavs, that being said they averaged 10 points less in the cavs series and 4 points more in the atl series.

    i will say the celtics play good defense, but the lakers have taken themselves out of every loss and almost took themselves out of their 1 win.

    celtics in 6

  • girlybballluver

    No homo…but Jada Pinkett Smith is bad!!! Michele Tafoya better act like she knows…That is so rude!!! Jada is classy but she’s still got some ghetto in her. She’d rip Tafoya a new one, quick fast.

    If you asked me, Kobe was trying to take over, but he couldn’t…he kept brickin’ shots. Oh well…maybe next year.

    Let’s go Heat!!!!

  • rodnets

    You cannot get a ring with this “big trio” lineup:

    Selfish Bryant
    Lamild Odom
    Pau Gasoft

    I live in Argentina and I watched till the third quarter (It was 2:30 AM), when Boston cut up the lead, thinking that the refs will play their part and LA would get the wing with Kobe and the refs, but that didn´t happen

    Props to the Celtics cast: Eddie House, PJ Brown, Leon Powe, and Doc Rivers never ending rotation, this time paid off Doc, you should get a little respect, at least for carrying an all star team to the ring. Or that was not guys like Pat Rilley and Phill Jackson did in the past?


  • fallinup

    Will Smith during the post game interview:

    “Awwww Hell Naw!”


  • VQueezie

    Yeah Ray Ray unless he completely vanishes after game 5 will get the Finals MVP if the Celts win. KG deserves this fellas. Ewing, Barkley, Malone, Stockton never got theirs. KG deserves this.

    I saw a pic of Antoine Walker sitting on the sidelines at Game 2..i bet he is sick to his stomach watching this even though he got his ring with Miami but still.

  • Dennis Castro

    Um, why didn’t they put Ray on his @$$ on some of those uncontested layups? It’s the Finals, no one should be getting those types of layups/dunks so easily.

    It looks like this Lakers team either has no heart or they expected to be handed the O’Brien trophy or maybe both.

    And it can’t be understated, Pierce did a GREAT job defensively on Kobe in the 2nd half. That’s the difference in the game. Kobe destroyed Ray Ray in game 3, Doc made the necessary switch(or maybe Pierce did tell Doc he wanted to guard Kobe at halftime) and kept Kobe from driving.

    If the Celts win, does KG’s head explode from the pent up emotion?

  • DO


    i meant tough defensively. are you telling me the lakers are better defensively than the pistons or even the cavs? the lakers are soft, and kobe will probably ask for another trade in the summer.

  • word

    kobe may be the best player, but Boston the best team and deserve to win this year

  • word

    lol @ kobe asking for another trade soon, that so true

  • fallinup


    Just incase you missed it. LOL

  • DO

    nice vid, fallinup.

    “the machine” displays his emotions

  • fallinup

    And so you all know now…Manu never had to punch a chair.

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    the lakers are better ON AVERAGE then the cavs, and the pistons are just not all there. lakers locked down the spurs, and the jazz, and played just enough defense to slow the nuggets down 4 straight. no other team in the league would have made it through that gauntlet the way the lakers did. the celtics coasted IMO on the road in east. the spurs are my team, i pick them to win EVERY YEAR and the lakers locked them down, the east is not a “defensive” conference, the east is called the “leastern” conf for a reason.

    i do agree kobe will be BITCHING about “his team” and will either ask for a trade or throw someone under the bus like he did before this season.

    to be honest there will be a ton of “well if we had bynam there is no way the celtics beat us” spewed all over this board and out of the lakers locker room, maybe bynam should get kobe’s mvp?

  • doc

    Let me teach yall about this game called basketball.On Defense theres a thing called HELP which Sasha didnt get on that last play.Yall busting his balls when you should be bustin the 2 dudes that was standing in the lane and let Ray lay the ball up.How many times we seen Kobe go past the guards and run into KG Perk and them.Do yall come on here to talk about the game or just talk bullshit.

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    as for KG deserving this, i dont agree, i like kg (or used to before he got all “emotional” every game this season) but i dont like teams like the celtics for the simple reason that they have a bunch of “mercinaries” to try to get a ring so danny ainge doesnt get fired. same thing with the lakers in 04, they had a bunch of guys brought in to just get that ring. ONE AND DONE type guys. how long will cassell stay, pj brown?, posey? hell how long before ray allen retires?

    kg has had some let downs but damn does that make him more deserving then say tracy mcgrady? how long before t-mac goes to a team like the celtics this year JUST TO GET A RING?

    problem is between the celtics “buying a ring” and the lakers and their BULLSHIT trade for gasol, i have to go celtics. maybe it is because i cant stand kobe and i hope he never gets a ring since shaq left (i used to go watch shaq play at cole high school in san antonio where we both grew up)

    ph well rant ended ubruptly and with no real meaning lol

  • doc

    @ fallinup You know why Manu never had to punch a chair.Because Duncan and them aint letting nobody waltz down the lane like that.

  • http://myspace.com/bigfreeze101 Big Freeze

    The Celtics just want it more.

    Gasol and Odom are deplorable.

    They switched Pierce on Kobe in the 2nd Half, and that D suffocated the Lakers. Kobe totally forgot how to drive to the rack.

    Did anyone see PJ Brown get nasty with that dunk on Kobe’s mug? That one had everyone cracking up.

    Just remember, the series isn’t over. If the Lakers win at home on Sunday, we have a series again.

  • fallinup

    RJ, going 7 games, 7 games, and 6 games , in the playoffs isn’t exactly coasting.

  • doc

    But LA choked and its funny how dudes that were screaming Laker Love are Celticed out now(U know who u are).But Ima let yall fake asses ride with that.

  • SWAT

    Ok i have a few things to get off my chest. “Just my thoughts ladies and gentlemen…”
    @ Remy and everyone else who uses this slogan-Never underestimate the heart of a champion-DAMN!! Stop stealing H-town shit!! Rudy T used that back in 94-95 and it’s ours!! Make up your own “down but not out” slogan, plus don’t use that to describe your dumpster juice ass squads! Everyone team since that finals series that has been down has used that, then when they lose it makes the slogan lose it’s luster..you feel me!
    @ any laker fan that is calling out boston bandwagon jumpers…i will say this there is a lot of them, that does frustrate me as well and i will be the first to admit i was not a boston til’ this season. Like i have stated earlier they beat my Rox back in the day so i was never a fan of bird and them, but i was a fan of KG. Ever since his Minessota days, i have jerseys and all, i just loved dude’s heart and passion for the game. Plus him and steph were a nice combo for a minute. So natrually you’re gonna follow one of your favorite players to their new team. Plus who isn’t a fan of Ray, since “HE GOT GAME”, since Uconn, dude is just nice. Bottom line. All these other cats who don’t even know who their starting line up, those are bandwagon jumpers…please leave this to the real fans.
    Also why isn’t anyone beefin’ about Kobe’s numbers, dude was trash last nite and pierce worked his ass. I was seriously LMAO at the game last nite! Oh man then when Ray stutter stepped and lost Sasha, he just stood there yelling for Gasol to help! Damn that was comedy!! Lakers just dont have the heart it takes to be a champion.
    Ok i’m off my soapbox.

  • http://www.hoopdini.wordpress.com Hoopdini

    Hey guys…basketball is a team sport…did the Lakers forget?


  • doc

    And Kobe started that jacking shit in the 3rd and 4th when in the 1rst half they was running the triangle.He fucked the flow of the O up.But Phil lets him do that shit so, oh well.I think Phil scared of Kobe.Whoever didnt help Sasha on that last play needed to get jumped in the lockeroom.

  • fallinup

    Let’s chalk up that last play to horrible communication on the Lakers part, and excellent play calling on Boston’s part, (Ray Ray in particular).

    Ray called off the KG screen and worked the clock down. Sasha was locked in on Ray, but I’m sure Phil was stressing don’t foul…BUT…how was Sasha supposed to know that Boston had called a clear out when he was so locked on Ray.

    Ray drove at the right time, as soon as Fisher was fading to cover his man on the wing, he drove, and caught Sasha slipping. Layup, end game.

    Horrible end game defense…but I’m laughing, because “The Machine” was the one left feeling like a bum. LOL…the machine.

  • Dave

    The Lakers are soft….Gasol, cafeteria lady hairnet boy, Romonavich, Phil Jackson. They are all front-runners and can roll when they’re leading but don’t have the testi’s to buckle down when it counts.
    Ray Allen’s move at the end wasn’t even that spectacular, hairnet boy just plain gave up and then yelled to his teammates….I watched it about 4 times and it got better every time.

    Question for everyone…does anyone think that the timing of Donaghy’s allegations had an effect on the officiating last night? Even when the C’s cut the lead down I told my boys that we should expect Kobe and the Lakers to get phantom calls down the stretch to go to the line and it never happened…..I was shocked frankly.

  • fallinup

    Nah, Dave. I don’t think it had an effect. The turn around happened during game 3. The Refs were letting them bang a little more…I think that was more because of everyone bitching in game 2 than Donaghy.

    There were still some stupid calls here and there, but over all…refs are human, but criminal..as a whole??? I doubt it.

    I was thinking yesterday at about how the refs right now have to be sooooo pissed off that Donaghy would even say that crap to cover his ass. As much as we like to say games are fixed…these refs get a lot of un-needed flak for doing their job. Refereeing the NBA has to be the hardest ref job around…and referees in my opinion, are even more competitive than the players when it comes to getting the calls right, enforcing the rules, and doing their duties. Why else would they want to be a ref???

    They deserve the benefit of the doubt..especially after this damn scandal. It’s a thankless job to ref.

  • Dave

    fallinup…I agree officiating is a tough gig and by nature I give people the benefit of the doubt, but having watched so many games I’m conditioned to expect calls to go a certain way and last night that just didn’t happen. My point is that last night’s game was the best officiated of the series and other than Doc’s T early nobody complained at all about the refs.

  • jackshhhi

    Sasha the crybaby!

  • chris

    lakers got the benefit of the refs calls in the second half, celtics (esp pierce) didn’t have a tantrum about it, just kept playing tough team d on kobe, with pierce leading the way. posey made some nice shots. lakers went all soft on d a lot. i don’t think the lakers like playing with kobe (i wouldn’t), and i don’t think phil likes coaching kobe (wait, that’s an oxymoron, kobe is uncoachable as he clearly thinks he is in his own universe). as good as he is, it is quite possible this is as close as kobe will ever get to a chip unless he grows up and treats his teammates and coach with respect.

  • K Dizzle – Lakers since 82, You think I’m jumpin off now?

    LMAO @ all the hate flowin thru these pages today. I must be supportin the right team cuz all this hate don’t go to average teams. We lost to the hungrier team. Nuthin wrong with that. Funny shit is, there really ain’t more than like 2-3 dudes that are celt supporters, the rest are just laker haters. The shit I read today is comedy. Kobe ain’t got the killer instinct; Paul Pierce locked down Kobe; Lakers ain’t gonna ever win with this squad. LMAO! Okay. It’s obvious to me that if we can come back from 24 down in game 2 and get out to a 24 point lead in the first quarter last night means it’s not physical, but a mental disconnect. House and Posey got 29 and Kobe had 17 on a horrible shooting night, but haters on here soundin like little girls pointin and laughin like we played our best 48 and still got worked.
    Maybe I missed it, but over 80 posts and not one sayin that we get Bynum back next season and that completely changes the defense and reboundin weakness we seem to have.
    Of course it could just be that the Celts are the better team and the hungrier team and there ain’t nuthin wrong with that.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @K Dizzle — For what it’s worth, Bynum has had one good half-a-season in his career. Are you really 100% sure he comes back and is the same impact player? Just something to consider.

  • Sam I Am

    ooooooooooooooooooo in your face K DIzzle lol

  • 2 Easy

    Well that was one of the best games Ive ever seen a tale of 2 halves. Funny thing is I had the feeling this would happen, like the calm before the storm. This is the best display of rope a dope Ive ever seen. PP suddenly becomes ATTACHED to Kobe and I know their going to give it to Pierce but Ray Allen Finals MVP straight goods. Hes by FAR the constant for Celtics this series and if they go one to close this out on Sunday or Tuesday and he continues to do what hes doing, I dont know why he couldnt get it. Sasha crying did make me laugh Im sorry, I know he realized that he screwed up and felt his championship chances slipping away but I couldnt help it it looked funny.

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…The 900 number!

    Boston fan go ahead and act a plum fool! You all deserve all rights to act up, boast, brag and have total fun today. Your team did what was necessary and got an amazing one. I can’t help but give credit for what went down.

    Laker fans should still hold hope. Nothing is impossible. Still in the first 4 games Boston is the better, even in the one they lost. Laker fans should still be glad Kobe got his long awaited MVP, and you all got a fine gift from Memphis in Pau and Bynum might do more work next year. I don’t see why the Lakers won’t be back.

    I do wish the All-Star game was after the playoffs. How much fun would it be to have even more basketball when the playoffs end. Plus by the end of the year you can see who reaaaally deserves the All-Star nods.

    Again I say Jackson has to stop with rolling the reserves in…even with a lead. Man just keep the starters in and let them keep banging. He had Fisher out way to long and also Pau out at the wrong times. Sttiiillll even with all that, no team should lose like LA did.

    All props to Boston, and I bet a whole lot of women got pregnant last night in Boston…wooooo!
    LA…not so much.

  • Dave

    Kdizzle…I admire your loyalty and at least you gave the C’s credit. I’ll admit, I’m not a Laker fan….not that I don’t appreciate good basketball and Kobe’s unreal talent but Phil Jackson is such an arrogant ass it’s easy to cheer against him…..what’s your feeling on your coach based on this series? Seems to me he’s struggling to get his players to do what he needs them to without an on-court leader (Jordan, Shaq) to get everyone to buy into it.
    I cheer against the Lakers because of Jackson, he’s arrogant and seems to me that he’s all about himself. I’d love to hear your thoughts since you’re going down with the ship wearing your purple and gold.

  • for real

    if the all star game was after the season, you would have some very tired, worn out players (who would probably just pull out of the game any way). Then you have the dudes who haven’t played in a month and been drinking it up on vacation. If they played that game, it would be like when you get a drunk dude on your team in streetball. u neva know what’s gonna happen. People getting injured at tip-off, fights breakin’ out…….I’d damn sure watch it though

  • Dave

    Gee….I have to disagree on the all-star game. I think it would turn into something where only some of the players show up (NFL Pro-Bowl) and it wouldn’t pull ratings like it does mid-season.
    I’d rather see more coverage of the International and summer league tournaments during the off-season.

  • http://dlyte41.googlepages.com/ dh


    When the Lakers play their best basketball (ex. 1st half of game 4) and the Celtics play their best (ex. 2nd half of game 4), who do you think is the better team?

    I guess the simple answer is that the better team will sustain their great level of play for a longer period. Which, so far has been the Celtics.

    But for hypothetical fun, let’s assume that both teams are absolutely playing to their potential for the whole game… Who wins?

  • rell

    When the game first started, boy the Celtics came out ugly. I was in shocked and couldn’t believe Pierce and KG was going to play this bad again. Then when KG went to bench with the early 2, I almost lost all hope. I started to gain some hope and the end of the 2nd but everytime Boston cut the lead, the Celtics do something to give it right back. Cassell, or like Bill Simmons call him The Mole, come in and make a turnover or jack-up stupid shots, the offensive fouls, or the Farmer 3 at the end of the half could have buried the Celtics. I knew Boston would make a run in the 3rd because they have been doing it throughout the season. But I didn’t think they would have the poise to win it in the 4th. Man I’m glad I was wrong.

    I can’t believe DOC outcoached Phil. I mean DOC Rivers. When Perks went out I was screaming at the tv put Powe in, we are going to get killed on the board with the small lineup. That small lineup just won the Celtics the game and potentially the NBA championship.

    1 more win and that’s it Boston. Man I hope the Celtics end this in game 5. Even though he struggled, I don’t want to go against a angry Kobe with momentum on his side. Like Phil said momentum is a strange lady.

  • rell


    That’s a hard question because based on potential, Odom has the talent to be a top 15 player in the NBA. However, he do not have the mindset to do it. Also, K.G. should destroy the Lakers in the post but he refuse to post unless Doc makes him.

    With that said, I think the Celtics would win. They have 3 potential 20+ scorers and can play defense. The Lakers have a good offense but defense is suspect. The Lakers would have a harder time scoring against the Celtics compare to the Celtics scoring against the Lakers.

  • DaPro

    Never realyl been a fan of either team but I’ve always liked KG and Ray Allen is one of my all time favorite players to watch ball.

    Having said that- Ray has been the most consistent player during the finals, Paul has been the closer, and KG has been effective on d although his offense has been shaky at times

    Lakers look scared at times even Kobe. He wants to close out the game but truthfully the Celtic defense has been so focused on him that he hasn’t realized or figured out what to do

    Phil has been outcoached this series but even more so the Lakers have been outplayed and out hustled. They can’t sustain the level of energy, focus, and determination it takes to will themselves to victory

    Like I said in the last 100+ post, Celts in 6 , Lakers take two at home-Games 3 and 5 Celts close out at home

  • godfreyallstar

    kb24!, your claims here are simply ridiculous. Yes, LA is gonna win two games in Boston with their sorry pussy asses. And Kobe will finally surpass jordan as the GOAT. Then Pau Gasol is gonna grow some nuts and eventually carve out a career better than Tim Duncan’s. And someone is gonna come into the league with bigger and goofier ears than jordan farmar. Vladimir radmanovic is gonna become a premier defender, and Luke Walton is gonna show that he is in the NBA for reasons other than the fact that his dad is Bill Walton. And as the result of this the lakers are gonna win 8 straight championships to close out Kobe’s career.

  • K Dizzle – Lakers since 82, You think I’m jumpin off now?

    @ Austin Burton

    Bynum’ll be alright. Like I said yesterday, he’s the same age as Oden who had a way more serious knee injury but has 3 years experience. A dislocated kneecap ain’t as serious an injury as microfracture surgery. He’s only had a half good season, but that good half season put him into the top 5-8 centers in the l imo. He’s 20 and I wouldn’t be upset if the team held him out as a precaution cuz the team was rollin so good after we got Gasol.

    I was watchin the game last night thinkin the worse thing was that 20 point lead after one quarter cuz we haven’t seen one team sustain that throughout a game. The Spurs couldn’t, the Jazz couldn’t, the Celtics couldn’t, the Magic couldn’t, and the Lakers didn’t last night. This the first playoff year I remember seein where teams got big leads and couldn’t maintain.I feel like coaches get too much credit when the team wins and too much blame when they lose. I said it yesterday: When the celts lock down a team, Tom T gets the love, but when Ray Allen gets lit up by Kobe, it’s Doc’s fault. Just twisted. I don’t like Phil Jackson either. I feel like you give me Mike and Scottie or Kobe and Shaq, I better have a handful of rings. He’s gotten a pass because of that but I gotta support cuz he seems to know what he’s doin even he does come across as a arrogant prick 9 days outta 10. Last night wasn’t about the coachin, it was the players. PP and KG kept pluggin, Ray kept them in and Posey and House provided big support. I don’t know why Lamar and Fish were ridin pine for a long stretch in the second half, but when Pau and Lamar disappear and Kobe shoots 5-20 or whatever, nuthin a coach can do. Those are your stars and if they don’t play basketball on a base level, then that’s the ballgame. Kobe wants it, but KG , Ray and Pierce look like they need it. I just hope we play like we can at home on sunday. Don’t want them celebratin on our home court.

    @ Sam I Am – You laughin at me? That’s comedy. Read your name again. That’s called coat tailin for a chip, but thanks for the well thought-out contribution. “New” celtic fans are funny cuz I know you’ll be reppin a new team in 2 years

  • fishinWdaSpurs

    Lets establish some FACTS:

    1 Kobe is no MJ
    2 This thing is over
    3 Having one 20 point game does not make you “the machine”
    4 Riding on Shaq’s coat is much easier than earning your own ring, isn’t it?
    5. Gasol = Double ply, LO = Single ply

  • Dave

    Austin, I agree with what you said…although I think the coaching was a factor. Perhaps not specifically in the game strategy in that particular game, but from the overall personality and outlook of the players from each team. Doc’s guys are in this together, regardless of how things are going they support each other, believe in each other, and go to battle with each other which is a reflection of the coach. The Lakers on the other hand seem to be a bunch of individuals who are on the same team and their talent level has pushed them to this point but they lack the team chemistry and cohesiveness needed to get through adversity. I think that begins with the coach setting the tone from day one of camp, and as most teams do, they take on the personality and attitude of the coach.
    Doc may not be the best x’s and o’s guy, but his guys buy into him and with the combination of good talent and team chemistry he deserves credit for making them a “team”.

    good point on holding leads, I would rather the Jazz be up by less than 10 until the last quarter because they seem to lose intensity and focus just like happened with the Lakers. In a close game that tendency isn’t there. Why this year it’s happening more, I have no answer.

  • Drew Wonder aka Optimus Dime

    forget the celtic bandwagoners, check out all the ray allen bandwagoners. for reals i have never seen this much love for ray. LOL.

    Why so much hate for Sasha? Help was supposed to come on that play, but never came. Why hate for someone showing some passion for the game. Some Lakers need more of it.

    Lakers in 7
    Lakers 4 lyfe
    “The Machine” finals MVP