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    I’d be hesitant to pick either of them. Andrea Bargniani had alot of hype going in into his draft and he is far from being a star, he is not even the best player in his draft class. But if I had a gun to my head I would probably pick Gallinari because he looks like the safer pick.

  • doc

    They all sound like a bunch of bums to me.

  • Celts Fan

    all I’m saying is remember when Mickael Pietrius was “The French Jordan?” Sounds about the same. I’ll pass… Give me Gallinari

  • elusive303

    Nikoloz Tskitishvili all over again? Please No!

  • D

    late first round, early second rounder maybe? Don’t risk too much, stash him, either here or let him play for a few more years overseas. Then see what happens. Seen the youtube footy, and he’s definitely not a bad player. But then again, it’s Euroleague….

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    From the picture posted with this article Batum looks a lot like Gerald Green. Maybe that’s a sign of things to come. Another freakish athlete who never really finds his niche in the L… Or maybe not.

  • Kudabeen

    Batum just sounds too much like Boris Diaw for my taste. He did have that one good year, but I count Heart. I can’t ride with a guy whose heart is in question. That will be a guy that gets overpaid and produces little. That will be a guy that doesn’t play through pain (not injuries, just pain). That will be a guy that shrinks when your team needs him to be the difference maker (Odom, Dirk anyone?).

    I like reading about all the talents in Europe, but I get exponentially concerned when they’re hearts are in question before they even get to “Big Stage”… Just me.

  • Celts Fan

    exactly Kudabeen, and honestly, that’s why college is so important too. You can see which freshmen tend to shrink in bigger moments (DeAndre Jordan anyone?) and who tends to stand up (Derrick Rose.)

  • http://creampie.com the real marcus

    batum sounds too much like mike pietrus…

    …and gallo… well… it’s either he’s a bargnani or a skita…

    nuff said…

  • M.Balla

    Gallinari is OVERRATED (IMO Belinelli is better than him… yes, that bench scrub, Belinelli) and Batum is a BUST (wingspan? long? yes, and useful)

    The European rookie of the year is clearly and without a doubt Rudy Fernandez. Props to PHX for giving him up. Deng/Iguodala, Rondo and Fernandez could be on that roster… LOL

  • Matt_from_ITA

    Gallinari is not overrated. he is much better than belinelli and bargnani. gallo is a beast an he’s skilled. but the important thing is that u can’t even imagined how determined and “mentally strong” hi is. i think that if he is lucky to end up on the right team (good coach, big minutes,…) gallinari is going to kick some ass! for sure

  • http://knicksdefense.com knicksdefense

    everybody’s a phenom with tremendous upside.

    …aren’t you the same guy that blew smoke up our asses about Ike Diogu a few years ago? yeah, how’s he doin’? now you’re talking about this guy batum in the same light, I’ll take that bet with you on batum being better than gallinari.