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Nonstop NBA Draft rumors; C’s getting an All-American at #30?

D-WadeDwyane Wade to Chicago? (Again?)

Now that it’s officially NBA Draft Week, prepare to be hit with rumors flying in from all sides involving pretty much every team and every first-round pick. Regarding the #1 spot, the D-Wade-to-Chicago talk has picked up again, this time with Larry Hughes and Tyrus Thomas‘ names in the mix. And at the #30 pick, the newly-crowned champion Celtics might be looking at adding an All-American to their roster. Rumor is Roy Hibbert‘s stock is dropping to the point where he could be available when the C’s pick. That wouldn’t be the worst move for Boston; P.J. Brown could very likely retire this summer, and even if he doesn’t, Kendrick Perkins will need a backup for whenever P.J. does eventually call it a career. Plus Doc Rivers is very familiar with Hibbert, who played with his son Jeremiah Rivers at Georgetown. (Jeremiah has since transferred to Indiana.) At the same time, we also heard yesterday that the Kings like Hibbert at #12, so who knows where he’ll end up … One guy shooting up the Draft board is Brandon Rush. After a recent workout with the Blazers, Rush got big-time praise from Nate McMillan and Portland GM Kevin Pritchard. “He’s ready-made for the NBA right now,” Pritchard told The Oregonian. “He can come in and help a team right now. He can shoot it and he can defend. He’s a spot-up shooter, which every team needs, and he can defend multiple positions.” Out of the crew of Kansas guys slated to get picked in the first round — Rush, Darrell Arthur and Mario Chalmers — who do you think will make the best pro? We really like Arthur, who’s got a complete game for a power forward with range on his jumper, rebounding, interior scoring and passing skills, and he proved in the national championship game he can make big plays in crunch-time moments … In yesterday’s Smack we told you about a meeting between Carmelo Anthony and the Nuggets, originally scheduled for today, where ‘Melo wanted to know if the team was either committed to building around him or looking to trade him. Now Carmelo’s agent is saying the meeting won’t be necessary. “He’s not going to be moved,” Calvin Andrews said. “It’s not happening. We’ve been given assurances from the owner on down.” But does that mean the Nuggets just won’t try to trade ‘Melo, or that they won’t even entertain offers? … After the Raptors bought him out, Jorge Garbajosa is considering signing with CSKA Moscow, who won the Euroleague championship this year. Garbo would be joining a stacked roster that already includes Trajan Langdon, former Bucknell star J.R. Holden (featured in Dime #42, on newsstands now), Lithuanian star Ramunas Siskauskas (also featured in Dime #42) and ex-Bulls/Blazers forward Viktor Khryapa. The team also just signed Sasha Kaun from Kansas’ national championship team … One interesting rumor that has nothing to do with the Draft says the Wizards and Gilbert Arenas have already worked out a “secret” multi-year deal to keep him in D.C. Arenas said a while back he was only staying with the Wizards if Antawn Jamison was re-signed, and since we don’t know what’s happening with Jamison, it doesn’t make sense for Arenas to have already worked out a deal … Did you see Candace Parker throw down a dunk during L.A.’s win over the Indiana Fever? It was her usual breakaway one-hander, but she did get it down cleaner than some of the dunks she did in college. We remember it was a huge deal when Lisa Leslie had the WNBA’s first dunk a few years ago, but yesterday Parker’s dunk wasn’t even that hyped up. She put up 10 points, 10 boards and 4 blocks in the game … Peter Vecsey in Sunday’s New York Post: “BTW, what was up with (Kobe) Bryant feeling the need to kiss his daughters and wife during every home halftime? Doesn’t he live with them? Didn’t he see them just two hours before?” Yeah, we also don’t understand why a man would show love to his family outside of Peter Vecsey’s acceptable window for showing love. And you wonder why everyone thinks New York is full of cynical, miserable people … The downside of video camera phones: Boston police are currently combing through YouTube clips of fans rioting after the Celtics won the championship to see if they can identify anyone causing the damage. Have any of you ever been in a post-championship riot? Care to explain the thought process behind, “We won! I’m so happy I’m gonna smash this window with a street sign!” … We’re out like Garbajosa …

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  • Bobby B

    Isn’t catching idiotic “fans” rioting part of the UPSIDE of video camera phones?!

  • JOB33

    Not when some of your readers are the ones on rioting

  • bill

    lol the age of technology…….

  • bill

    how could the police use that as evidence, any decent lawyer would claim that was not their client (could not be identified properly)…………

  • loot

    Jorge Garbajosa back to Europe, Anthony Parker signed with a club in Europe supposedly…Navarro going back to Europe. Not good for Toronto and Memphis.

  • Big Daddy

    Why would Miami trade Wade? Unless they are worried about potential future health, i just don’t see how building around any spare parts the Bulls have to offer could make them any better off that building around Wade??

  • Money J

    Anthony Parker? What? Dude got years on his deal

  • http://nbaroundtable.wordpress.com/ Dave

    Derrick Rose and Michael Beasley would be an incredible partnership to build your club around. That could be pretty special.

    Still … Wade is an MVP caliber player. How could you let that go for one of two unproven guys? You can’t.

  • doc

    Shit I would trade wADE if Im gonna get Rose and Beasley.Pat Riley aint slow he coached Wade for years he know better talent when he see it.(Rose)And that Europe team dont look stacked to me,just a bunch of non nba fucks.

  • fallinup

    Miami is in fine shape after nabbing the #2 pick. Finding someone to compliment Wade should be the priority, anything else are just rumors. Pat Riley isn’t that dumb.

    Do you think Kobe’s agent put him up to hugging the family during halftimes to up his image more. You have to admit, even years after Colorado..the endorsements haven’t exactly been flying in for Kobe. Aside from the Nike ads.

  • karizmatic

    I think Arthur might be a good pro player, I’m not completely sold on Rush as an NBA player no matter what the scouts say, but I guess we’ll see.

  • Brown

    loot, you’re an idiot. Parker is still under contract and not going anywhere. I’m not losing sleep over Garbo being bought out. He became a useless spare part. The last thing the Raps need is a PF with no inside game.

  • miamiVIS3

    Although Rose and Beasley would be nice Wade is more proven tham either one so it definitley makes more sense to keep our best player and fill a hole on our roster PG or second high volume scorer with Rose or Beasley.

  • miamiVIS3

    Also, even though I think he’ll be a legit pro am I the only one who thinks that Brandon Rush’s rising stock has anything to do with the fact that a swingman from Kansas just won the Finals MVP?

  • Ashlov

    I’m pretty sure Peter Vescey dons a blonde wig and sits in random Colorado hotel lobbies waiting for the day Kobe wanders in. Jealousy is a bitch.

    As for Wade, people need to give it a rest already. The Heat aren’t going to trade their franchise player for a pair of gimps and the #1 draft pick. What I am concerned about is what the Heat are trying to do with the #2 pick. If Marion doesn’t opt out (which I hope to God he doesn’t), I see the Heat using his gargantuan expiring contract to make a blockbuster deal, possibly including the #2 pick. Sexy.


    I just read DIME’s article or Detroit Representative Douglas Roberts, then I see the Pistons are interested in him, if he’s available. Is Dude really nice, at the Gym Sunday the fella’s was saying he got offense but no D. Never saw the dude play or if I did I didn’t notice him. What’s really good.

  • Celts Fan

    Pretty sure it has a lot more to do with Kansas just winning the Tournament and Rush playing well than the fact someone that played the same position at the same school a decade ago winning a chip.

    Jeff Trepagnier sucked as a pro, that means OJ Mayo’s going to too, right?

  • Celts Fan

    btw, isn’t Sasha Kaun in this draft and supposed to be taken at some point (admittedly very late) Why sign overseas before you see what shakes out over here? I doubt a Euroleague powerhouse gave him that good of a deal.

  • Dime Magazine


    Defense is one of CDR’s strengths. Check out DraftExpress’ breakdown:

    “On the other end of the floor, Douglas-Roberts is an integral part of one of the best defenses in all of college basketball. He has great size for the wing position at 6-7, to go along with an excellent wingspan, and is just as tenacious here as he is one the offensive side. His lateral quickness is not top-notch, although his tough, pesky nature helps compensate for most limitations he might have on this end.”

    There’s a ton of other info on CDR here:


  • Data

    If R. Kelly can pull the shaggy it wasn’t me card in a child pornography case i’m sure the rioters can get off claiming it wasn’t them on camera phone coverage. Am I the only completely shocked by how athletic Joe Alexander is I must admit I didn’t see it during the tournament. Is he just one of those people who tests well but can’t put it all together come game time?

  • Celts Fan

    @Data “I think Joe Alexander is the most valuable player in the entire country for his team. More than Beasley, more than Rose, more than Mayo, more than Tyler Hansborough.” – Bobby Knight on Sportscenter back in March. Let’s just say he’s done more than ok putting it together on the floor…

  • Logan Light

    “We won! I’m so happy I’m gonna smash this window with a street sign!”

    Hahaha! That was hilarious.

    If the Celtics were able to get Hibbert at number 30 I would be impressed. Talented or not, the dude is tall and has a HUGE wingspan. Not to mention that he has serviceable athletic ability. Rondo could toss him oops all day.

    Speaking of Rondo, if he adds a jumpshot to his game this summer, can we talk about him in the same light at CP3 and D-Will as one of the best young PGs?? Dude does have a ring now.

    @miamiVIS3 – Absolutely his stock is rising because of the MVP… but honestly, I think that hurts him more than helps him. Imagine him falling to a team who already has players and then he pops out as a bonifide all star in a year or so ala Josh Howard (who I think is a clone of Rush… or vice versa). That would be ideal in my opinion.



    Yeah good looking out DIME. But is he worth a 29th pick. Also the fact that he’s a pesky defender explains why the Pistons want him (SMH). When will they learn that what we’re lacking ain’t D, it;s O.

  • http://psinapticapotheosis.org Amar

    Indy, Wash, Cleveland, Utah, Houston, possibly Sactown are all okay with taking Roy before Boston gets a crack at him.

    The local papers in Indy wrote fluff pieces proclaiming how he’s a lotto pick; Wash has the secret deal with Gil, how he’ll be an upgrade at 5 for them, and is a local product; Big Z isn’t going to last for ever and Andy may have outlasted his welcome in Cleveland; Utah worked him out TWICE and need a true 7+ footer on the roster who knows how to pass; Houston has an old georgetown guy on their roster, and have very brittle 5s on their team; Sactown can’t rely on Spencer Hawes . . .

  • http://myspace.com/bigfreeze101 Big Freeze

    Roy Hibbert is going to make great poster material, but that will be the extent of his NBA career. Can you say Shawn Bradley 1.5?

    Most people don’t understand the art of the post-championship riot. After UF won the Nat’l Chip in football, I vowed set a car on fire. But I ended up getting too drunk and wound up losing my shoes. WTF?

  • yallallreadyknow

    rondo is still a bum. rings dont make you nice. shit…leon powe and pudgie davis just picked up rings too. are you ready to put their punk asses with amare stoudamire and dirk?

    rings are good to have, but they dont make you good

  • http://www.barackobama.com Jim

    Celts-I thought about you and your insanely good teams yesterday around the 110 mark. Good game. You think Spain wins it?

  • for real

    Rondo was garbage last year, as a rookie, and also struggled at times this season. But he was golden in the playoffs.

    It can’t be denied. His TO/AST ratio was so low when it really mattered and that’s what you need to win: Poise.

    Give the dude his props for now and remember the kid just turned 22 years old in February.

  • DaPro

    I’ve seen 6 riots due to the Bulls and a one drunk ass semi- riot courtesy of the WhiteSox.

    We don’t just riot in Chicago, we loot. We’re breaking in stores in the hood. It’s dumb as a hell and cost a lotta dust.

    I remember before the Bulls won chip #3 against Phoenix, Bulls up 3-1 MJ did a PSA to discourage riots and looters. Suns won the game and used the PSA for bulletin board material.

  • miamiVIS3

    @ Celts Fan you make a good point with the Mayo thing but I’m saying his stock has been on the rise from where it was after the ‘chip at Kansas since Pierce won the MVP.

  • miamiVIS3

    And to add to the riot thing the closest thing I’ve persoally experienced to a sports riot is @ the championship parade when Shaq’s big dumb ass got off the truck and everyone went crazy ripping down the barriers between the arena and the streets forcing them to cut the parade short.

  • Data

    @Celts fan
    I was never questioning his (Joe Alexander) value to his team or his skill level. I was just saying that watching him play you don’t see his athleticism shine through to the extent that the numbers suggest he is at.I was questioning whether he’s a great numbers athlete but not as good in game athlete.

  • Celts Fan

    @Jim, haven’t really ahd a ton of time to watch it, but from what I’m hearing, Germany seems to have all the momentum. I’d love to see a Russia/Croatia final, just for the fact that the powerhouses don’t get to play…

  • Celts Fan

    that makes sense Data…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @YOUNGFED — CDR’s defense is strong, but his #1 thing is offense. He might have been the best 1-on-1 scorer in the country this year. He’s got the classic Detroit style like Jalen, Steve Smith, etc.

  • Phileus

    Celts Fan, if you’re talking about Eurocup then Croatia’s already out mate! Don’t tell me you missed the Turkey game? One of the best sports comebacks I’ve EVER seen. Better than the Celts-Lakers comeback by far (talking about soccer, sorry hoops-only fans) :)

    Links to two bitter and pointless articles today? Let Kobe love his family and let KG have his insane celebration. It’s not hard to imagine that a whole career’s worth of angst for a man as emotional as KG would naturally spill out in an over-the-top celebration.

  • Kobeef

    CSKA has lots of money. It is a real possibility that Kaun’s deal with CSKA is worth more than his 2nd round NBA contract.

    Rush will be the best pro of the Kansas bunch. He has perfect size for the 2/3, is a great shooter/slasher, plays solid D and is a great athlete. Arthur has the size but he is not a great athlete and has apprently looked average in workouts. I think the Josh Howard comparisons are fair for rush (both about 6’6, long arms, athletic with a nice shot) but I think of Eddie Jones when I watch Rush.

    Miami is trying to confuse the bulls with the rumors and comments about Rose. Riley really wants Beasley but it doing all he can to say he wants Rose or Mayo so the bulls don’t take B’easy. Right now it looks like it is working and it seems Chicago will pass on the most talented player in the draft for their PG of the future (and hope that his 3pt shot improves)


    That website you all put me up on earlier today said he was mor like Jerry Stackhouse. I kinda like that comparison a lil better. Jalen and Steve weren’t all that atheletic. But if he’s anything like any of those guys why isn’t he going higher, whats up with that.

  • Celts Fan

    Turkey! that’s what I meant. yes, great comeback. I knew Croatia didn’t sound right but didn’t have time to double check…

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Youngfed — CDR isn’t super-athletic either, and he scores in unconventional ways. I think he’s not going higher because he’s a different kind of player, not your traditional scorer. And he’s pretty skinny.



  • miamiVIS3

    @ Kobebeef I agree with you completly pretty much everything Riley says you can assume the oppisite is true. And I read something that said pretty much the same thing your saying I think it was in the paper down here.

  • who do you think?

    I hear the Knicks are going to draft Uwe Blab’s son, Babie Blab.

  • Myrie




  • Celts Fan “Kobe, Tell me how my ass taste”

    Yes! Well done Myrie. Glad someone put that up. That’s the best rap Shaq’s ever done (not saying much, I know.)

    “Last week Kobe couldn’t do without me.” Hilarious (pretty classless and unnecessary too, but whatever. Had me ROLLIN)