NBA / Jun 6, 2008 / 8:29 am

Was Paul Pierce Faking?


The LA Times’ Bill Plaschke says the Lakers were duped. Paul Pierce hit the deck as if he’d been shot. Pierce said he thought he heard something pop in his knee. He added at the post-game press conference that he really did think he tore something. That’s why he was carried off the floor and then wheeled into the locker room in a chair.

But Plaschke isn’t buying the injury.

“To nearly 50 years of delicious Celtics-Lakers lore, add a new apparent bit of chicanery,” writes Plaschke. “Call it the Fake N’Shake.”

“The Celtics won Game 1, 98-88, on the momentum of a recovery that smacked more of professional wrestling than professional basketball.”

But if Pierce were pulling the ultimate trick on L.A., he’s still carrying it out now. After the game, he said that while he was being toted off the floor, he thought “it was all over.”

“You know, I think God sent this angel down and said, ‘Hey, you’re going to be all right, you need to get back out there, show them what you’ve got,'” he said.

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  • http://myspace.com/bigfreeze101 Big Freeze

    Peirce pulled a Dwayne Wade when he was screaming in agony and clutching his knee only to return a few plays later and drain some daggers. He had to be carried off the court by Tony Allen and Brian Scalabrini, and of course that’s the only time they broke a sweat the whole game.

    Bill Plaschke is an idiot. Peirce wasn’t faking, he just over-reacted when he felt his knee pop and the tremendous pain that followed. He thought he blew out his knee something terrible, but fortunately that wasn’t the case. He sprained his knee, but I’m sure they gave him a shot of some good shit so he could get back out on the court. Both him and Perkins are hurt, so it remains to be seen how it will affect the rest of the Finals.

  • flo_rida evans

    I co-sign that.Remember When the mics caught Avery Johnson telling his players”D wade hurt and now he fine!’

  • fallinup

    Who cares if he was faking or not. Wouldn’t everyone (outside of LA) want Pierce on the floor anyway? It would have been crap if he was to stay injured for the rest of the series…to go down in game 1 would have pooped on this great finals.

    He fell. He got back up. He made a difference after. Nuff said, get over it….onward to game 2.

  • qq

    I wish you fat assholes to play basketball at least once…

  • Chuck…Haters come in all fashions and forms so bear arms

    Exactly… If they did they would know those initial injuries even small, hurt like crazy. Dude wasn’t fakin, a sprained knee HURTS, you can’t just play through that ish when that first happens.

  • D

    yeah Plaschke is a total d-bag. If he ever stopped to do anything physical he would know the fear that overwhelms you when you even twist an ankle. But like I said, that’s only if he stopped to do anything physical. Sounds like Plaschke is being a sore loser. And Big Freeze hit the nail on the head

  • DO

    i doubt he faked it. but even if he did, how did faking an injury cause the lakers to lose? pierce’s injury caused kobe, gasol, odom to miss shots? i doubt even plaschke believes this. he’s just looking for a fresh angle to write about.

  • word

    hmm is plaschke a laker fan by chance.. of course draw attention away from kobe’s wack performance, but clearly paul did hurt himself, there was no reason to fake that they weren’t losing game was tied pretty much throughout.. this article is bull

  • Bit Player

    Well…..P-Squared did have that head-bandage thing going on a few years ago.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/djkianoosh djKianoosh

    plaschke is a marooon.

    play any sport, do any exercise, and see what happens when anything funky happens to your knee. 80% of the people watching the game would probably cry and sit out the rest of the game if that happened to them. I give these athletes a lot of credit when they play through any pain and injury.

    like when Eric Snow and AI and Lynch and them played through all kinds of injuries and broken bones and just gutted it out against the Lakers a few years back. love that. that’s heart.

    damn. Pierce has die hard sixers fans rooting for the celtics. crazyness…

  • doc

    It was a vet move.He said I’m tired, they just took out Vlad and Kobe all hype on me.He just J’ed me twice.Doc aint subbing me,i need a rest.I play ball and if somebody get carried away like that somthing torn or popped.But i like it.As soon as he got back in they left his ass open twice and he grilled them.Ballgame.

  • CTG3Ball

    It doesn’t make me an expert or anything, but as a guy who’s just recovered from his 2nd torn ACL (still hoopin’, though!), I must say that it was scary postgame to hear Pierce say that he heard a pop. You can injure your knee any number of ways, but the pop almost always means ACL tear. Watching the replay again, though, I think that it’s entirely likely that when his knee buckled forward and caught him off guard, he just tried to quickly react, which can definitely HURT (esp. when the guy working against you goes 6’10”, 260). That said, both times I’ve torn mine my knee buckled sideways (like Tony Allen’s – pause at 0:22 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Le8rMnL56w8&feature=related), and the only other way I’ve seen a torn knee buckle is backwards (a la Willis McGahee). It looks like Paul’s went forward like normal, albeit quickly and forcibly.

    I wonder if Paul said he heard/felt a pop just because he’s lucky enough to not know what the for-real pop is. It SUCKS, y’all. Anyway, I must say that it’s unlikely that he’d be back on the court that quickly without it buckling again the first time he made a lateral move if his ACL was gone, brace or no brace.

    Whether Paul’s injured or not, let’s hope both teams can stay healthy the rest of the way and deliver one of the all-time great Finals series like we’ve been hoping for.

  • Richard Thornton

    RT says:
    Pierce was probably not faking that injury, but sometimes it’s hard to give him the benefit of the doubt. He over exaggerates any contact…body flailing, face (looking like he ate a poop sandwhich). Something I got to deal with though it’s part of his game, and if we do beat Boston I don’t want to hear, it was because Pierce wasn’t playing. The one thing that is pretty over the top is this quote “You know, I think God sent this angel down and said, ‘Hey, you’re going to be all right, you need to get back out there, show them what you’ve got,'” I could understand that comment after he was stabbed years back, and his life was in danger, but not in that circumstance…Either way Game 1 was fun to watch and my team kept themselves in striking distance…We will see what happens Sunday! Go….LA!

  • miamiVIS3

    Yeah people need to stop asuming these guys are faking and just realize the significance of making a comeback like that

  • miamiVIS3

    Also nobody was accusing Kendrick perkins of faking his injury

  • Dagomar

    This is why everyone hates Lakers fans.

    Pierce was barely walking when he left the arena. I just hope he’s good for game 2.

  • DaPro

    Anybody who’s ever played any sport and had an injury happens knows that your initial reaction is to overact because of fear

    He wsa scared because he thought “Damn, I’m in the finals for the first time and I’m hurt, it’s over”

    He wasn’t faking, it was a natural reaction.

  • SparkyJ23

    You folks think he would have NOT come back?
    Maybe if the leg was broken but anything other than that he’s gonna come out – SPOT UP – and drain some shots. If you don’t have the intelligence to get up in his shirt and force him to beat you off the dribble you deserve everything you get.

    Celtics in 6

  • knicksinsix

    It was on the same level as flopping. Acts like these tarnish moments like Willis coming out of the tunnel at the Garden, Isiah gutting out the bum ankle, Bernard dropping 50 with the taped fingers. Paul Pierce makes it so easy to dislike him, he’s searching for love and attention the true superstars get but doesn’t realize that he’s a beast and if he just plays the game he’ll get that but antics like these wear thin and he comes off as some pompous, arrogant jerk.


    I play ball fella’s and Dude was FAKIN’. Crying like a lil BEEE-AATCCHHH. Paul Pierce is a Straight Puss. “Straight Cakin and Icing Punk”


    Perkins didn’t cry and throw a tantrum like a lil baby

  • iowa

    He may have hurt his knee. I tore my ACL when I was 12 years old and I walked 2 blocks to my house. If a 12 year old female can walk two blocks with a torn ACL then I would think a professional athlete could walk to the sideline with a ‘strained knee’. PATHETIC!!! I watch quite a bit of sports but I can’t ever recall a professional athlete being CARRIED off for a knee injury.


    Thank you Iowa finally some one with some sense.

  • iain.

    alonzo mourning = man
    paul pierce = bitch

  • iain.

    regardless of wether he was faking or not.

  • LSM

    what the fuck, where do these people get their ideas, as if it was fake.. he really only hit 3pointers after he got hurt, its not like he threw down a huge dunk on someone

  • Kudabeen

    Hear a pop in your knee in the biggest game of your lives and try not to get emotional. If you feel like you blew out your knee in such a game, that would kill me. I fell on my spin once and couldn’t feel anything, I yelled out “Oh God” so loud and the rush of thoughts of not being able to ball, walk, run was overwhelming…

    I agree that it looked exaggerated given him coming back, but like LSM pointed out he was sprinting (he never does) up and down the court and throwing down dunks. He got two uncontested threes and a fadeaway. He barely jumped after coming back. He wasn’t on the boards either. Why are we even entertaining Bill Plaschke?? He is a homer and isn’t even a real BBALL analyst…

    If we want to talk about Pierce overacting we can talk about that Odom foul where Odom scratch him on the chest and he was acting like Odom scratched his heart. There was a scar, but come on this is the same dude that was stabbed multiple times and still came back on the court to ball…


    Somebody need to Stab him rite now. Dude is 30 something still throwin’ up gang signs. SMH

  • Kudabeen


  • Claw

    I’ve blown out both knees playing ball, and it doesn’t take much, just the right amount of force and that ACL blows.

    When I saw it happen it didn’t look good, and even strained tendons hurts like a muther, and you definitely don’t take chances with any type of knee injury.

    Tell Plaschke to try even playing Nerf Hoops before he starts talking about players faking it.

  • turambur

    If he was faking, why would he pick that moment to pull that kind of stunt? Sure, in an elimination or close-out game when your losing the momentum and your team needs an emotional spark that kind of stunt might work (but would still be cheap.)

    But in game one, when you are just getting hot as a player and building some energy for your team with your play it not the time to pull that kind of stunt.

    Think want to want about PP as a person and as a player, but he wasn’t faking that injury. He may have overreacted a bit to the pain, but the timing was all wrong for that to be a pure farce.

  • Celts Fan

    all I’m gonna say about the Pierce injury is that 1. Perk hit him in the back of the knee (a teammate, so it’s not like he was trying to sell a foul call and Perk CLEARLY did hit him in the back of the knee) 2. He’s never been soft, injury prone, or a flopper (dude got stabbed and almost died one September and didn’t miss a game!) and 3. Why is it so hard to believe that that hurt like hell for a second then didn’t hurt as much. Anyone that’s played ball has rolled an ankle or something that hurts like hell, has to get off the court for a few, then, when the initial shock and pain wears off, they’re fine, limping a bit, but still able to play. Why’s it so hard to believe that he got hit in the back of the knee, it hurt like hell (he said he thought he felt it pop too afterwards,) but then it stopped hurting as much and he got a cortizone shot or something in the 10-15 minutes between him doing it and him coming back?


  • Drama Rama’

    Oh please…”I heard a pop.”

    As if Pierce’s years on the court didn’t teach him enough to come up with this convenient little detail for his close-up. What a Drama Queen! I hereby out him as a floor-biting Thespian (isn’t that spelled with an “L”? Oh well…can’t be bothered to look it up…)!

    Laker haters can be as credulous as they wanna be, but I was neither born nor lobotomized yesterday and that was the tackiest display of Boston whining I’ve ever seen.

    I predict that “miraculously,” Paul Pierce will return in Game 2 and will be in play even longer than in the Game 1. The only thing Pierce hurt last night was his own credibility.

  • pete

    Anyone who says Paul was faking is a fool. The “Truth” is he came out of halftime really fired up scoring 8 points in a little over 1 minute. If he was “faking”, why would he exit the game when clearly, he was on fire?? Yes, we all remember the ridiculous bandage post-game incident, but clearly that was a different time and a different Paul Pierce. When he got back out he hit spot up 3’s and was laboring as he tried to get up and down the court. Overall, it was a gutty performance and should be applauded by the “real” I actually play this game fans.

    Plus, why aren’t any Laker’s fans talking about the cheap move Fisher put on Perk??? Fisher took a step and then fell backwards, rolling up on Perk’s leg. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I sense a Posey hard foul in Game 2. And needless Euro-flopping at the point of contact just needs to get stripped out of this game, period.

  • w

    “but I sense a Posey hard foul in Game 2.” -celts fan

    Did you see that nonsense posey did to kobe in the first half? Straight grabbed his arm while he was in the air, after a foul had already been call. It was completely unnessecary. What’s worse fisher falling and hitting perks leg or Posey yanking of kobe’s arm instead of just rapping him up? Perk might be a beast to you celtics fans but i think kobe may be more important to the lakers than the beast is to the celtics…

  • http://www.redsarmy.com red’s army

    Why would Pierce fake it?

    He wasn’t trying to draw a foul and he was in the middle of a hot streak offensively. There’s no reason to fake anything there. Even the most egregious floppers out there would get up and get back into the game. What reason would Pierce have to go back into the locker room when he’s rolling offensively in the NBA finals?

    Think people… think.

  • baller fan

    Paul Pierce is to theatrical. He flops all over the place, he just exaggerates everything so for him to have to be carried off the court is no surprise to me and for him to come skipping 3 mins later back on the court is no surprise. He wins the basketball oscar of the year. He would make a smooth transition from the NBA to Hollywood.

  • baller fan

    Celts Fan says:

    all I’m gonna say about the Pierce injury is that 1. Perk hit him in the back of the knee (a teammate, so it’s not like he was trying to sell a foul call and Perk CLEARLY did hit him in the back of the knee) 2. He’s never been soft, injury prone, or a flopper


  • Steve-O

    He is a faker. I said right when he went down he will be back. If he “heard” it pop then they would not have carried him off like that. A real medical team would have come out to handle it. What a little cry baby!He wined the whole game even when he was fouled. Just for that the Laker will win the series because they play like real men not like a bunch or over reacting b*tches!

  • LakerWillWin

    You guys are probably stupid or blind. Of course he faked it. Stern wants Boston to win and Boston knows drama. This injury faking guy “faked” his injury and then suddenly comes back just to hype the audience. He probably saw that the audience were quiet or his teammates are not doing well. What an actor. He should be an actor and not a basketball player.

  • Beantown, son!

    There is a difference between “crybaby/whiny/ate a poop sandwich face” & being a flopper

    I HATE that face P-double makes all the time & I’m a diehard fan…BUT he is NOT a flopper.

    Make yourselves clear, there is a difference between crying/whining & flopping.

    BTW – YOUNGFED YOURE A BITCH…I read this all the time and you have NEVER made an objective (or valuable) comment. I’m calling you out because you make me sick! LOL…for real dude, you can’t ever just be an unbiased fan of the game. Plus, personally I think its hilarious how you try to speak intelligently sometimes, yet misspell the most elementary of words.

  • Beantown, son!

    Also, I personally think it was a natural, albeit a little “over-the-top” reaction, but only because dude was probably scared/pissed & IN PAIN…

    the return to the game was dramatic but why not? if it pumps up the crowd & gets youre teamates hype (Cassell was downright giddy!) than why the hell not! If its gonna help the team, I’m doing cartwheels out the tunnel!

    he was hurt & then realized, “hey it aint so bad, so let me get back out there & bring Banner 17 to the Bean…”..would you rather he stay in the locker room so that dudes like Plaschke dont accuse him of faking?

  • http://karanmadhok.blogspot.com karan

    i dont see why this is being made into such a big deal.
    firstly, to respond to ‘LakerWilWin’, i doubt that stern really wants celtics to win… stern has said it several times that lakers are the real crowd pullers.
    secondly, i dont see anything wrong with getting the crowd pumped up. how is that, in any shape or form, illegal? it seems like laker fans do not want to admit they were outplayed, so they’re looking for different excuses to blame it on.

  • Jack

    Plaske (spelling ?) is the most dislikeable sports writer I can think of. I am a Celtics fan, but also a LONGTIME Dodger fan. I couldnt bear to read Plaske’s Dodger articles in the LA Times. They were always extremely negative toward both the team and management. And not even particularly informative or humorous. Just negative. He was so bad I stopped getting my Dodger fix from the LA Times and went elsewhere.I’m not a fan of “Around the Horn” on TV in any case, but it’s at it’s worst when Plaske is part of it. I wonder if he has ever played a real sport. I can imagine him playing golf, frisbee and kick the hankee.

  • LakerWillWin

    Karan it’s not illegal. Nowhere in my post that I said it was illegal.. I said it was dramatic like a soap opera. Go to NBA.com and read their Pierce article.. if he came back then he didn’t have injury so why do they continue to write “Pierce heroically comes back with injured knee” It shows that he wasn’t injured just overreacted so why do they keep playing the “i’m injured but i got back to win the game”

    Like I said, he’s a good actor. And I agree from the posts.. he’s a flopper too.

  • http://basketballnonsense.blogspot.com/ melvin

    hahha.. dude that one certainly made sense…

  • TheTruth

    One does not come back after 1 minute and 45 seconds from any injury requiring you to be carried off the floor and going to the locker room in a wheel chair. Pierce faked or at least greatly over exaggerated the “injury” in order to give his team the momentum and emotion necessary to win the game. Pierce better watch out for karma or he might really be injured before this series is over.

  • NBA Fan

    Heres my thing about paul pierce, i’ve watched him play many games and how his outlook on how his emotions play into things.But now i feel like he is getting out of hand, in this series he acts as though its still him and bench full of wack players. He will never be able to say he carried a team with him being the only superstar like some other great players because he can’t. I would rather watch him whine and cry and play a good game, than to watch him act like he’s the best when they now have about 11 other all star players sitting on the bench. So he gets no credit from me. Now i’m watching the championchip series and im just diappointed because i’m a celtic fan and i see all the good all stars like KG and Ra Taking in their victory peacefully and showing maturity because they are aware that they are a powerful team. But paul pierce still a bad basketball player, so whether he whines or crys about his ankle of all the fakeness he plays with to draw or get fouls its not going to matter. He has to step up and be an all star if he thinks hes a good bball player. Thats just my opinion.

  • http://1add.net Arnold Ferencz

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