Bounce, NBA, Video / Jun 24, 2008 / 5:39 pm

The Return of Shawn Kemp

Over on BounceMag.com they’ve got a recap of Shawn Kemp‘s recent appearance at the “Rip the Cut” summer tournament in Seattle. Looking more in shape than the last time anyone saw him, The Reignman gave Spencer Hawes buckets. Nate Robinson and Jamal Crawford were also on-hand. Check out the whole story HERE.

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  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I can’t tell if those clips were in slow motion or his actual game speed.

  • Kudabeen

    A Good look. I was hoping that the Sixers picked him up on the cheap with this young team, but they are too conservative and full of themselves to take measured risk right now…

  • iain.

    spencer hawes isn’t “new school” hes just wack. This is oooold news.

  • D’Antonio
  • kb24!

    @ post 1..lol I agree. Kemp is a goner. Just like Shaq.

    “Shaq, Tell me how your divorce taste.”

  • Dennis Castro

    As a teenager in the 90’s, seeing this brings back memories(Seattle was my favorite squad with Kemp and GP). It’s a shame that Kemp went out the way he did, although it was his own doing.

    If he can stay in shape and keep his head, he could be a nice veteran addition to a young playoff team. At this point I think he could give you 10-15 solid minutes a game.

    Imagine him giving Josh Smith pointers. Although that could be just as much of a bad thing as a good thing, but I’ll always give Kemp the benefit of the doubt.

    I’d love to see him on the my Sixers, but Kudabeen is right, they’ll never take a flyer on a player like Kemp.

    Kemp should make a comeback, with his slogan:

    Makin It Reign, All Over A-Gain…Ok, that was wack…

  • doc

    If the Sixers sign Kemp I will blow up the arena.

  • makedr

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  • DaPro

    I was digging the flick of Kemp. For all the bs that he took for putting on weight, he did loose it and he looks to be in game shape. As for actually playing the in L, if he can still compete and ball than I’m for it.

  • Dagomar

    Spencer Hawes. The guy who thinks global warming is a hoax.

  • Celts Fan “Kobe, Tell me how my ass tastes”

    and even if he can’t DaPro, let him try. I’ll say about him what I said about GP, Jordan, Zo, and everyone else that people were trying to push out. You can only play for so long. Legacies and all that crap are for other people to worry about. You play cuz you love the game, cuz you love to compete. MJ wasn’t MJ anymore on the Wizards (save for a 40 pt. game or 2 to school the youngsters that you still gotta respect your elders) but he still had that drive and wanted to play. You can only play for so long before your body doesn’t let you, and then, it’s too late. The only person that should decide when anyone’s career is over is that person. Shawn’s had a ton of demons, but it looks like he’s battled through them (let’s also point out that I haven’t heard a peep from the mothers of his 20 kids, so he must be doing right.) This had sad ending written all over it 5 years ago, now it seems like he’s got his life back together. As someone that grew up watching and routing for him (he and GP were probably my favorite players to watch in the 90s except MJ) and routinely had to pick my jaw up off the floor, I couldn’t be happier for him. Looks like Reign…

  • Celts Fan “Kobe, Tell me how my ass tastes”

    got carried away there, the whole point of all that was SOMEONE should give him a shot in summer league and see what, if anything, he’s got left in the tank. If he’s dropping buckets on Spencer Hawes (a lottery pick last year, although one that not many people believe in, aka last year’s Brook Lopez) then he’s probably still good enough to be somewhere on someone’s bench. I’d love for the Celtics to bring him into the summer league (he’d need to be somewhere with a strong veteran presence, you know, just in case.)

  • Kermit The Washington

    This just goes to show that even former, washed up, ex-NBA cats are WAAAAY better than normal ballers. But in NBA terms, don’t be fooled. Kemp is DONE.

  • flyp

    Was that a mad carry/illegal dribble over Hawes’ shoulder? Or a legit dribble?

  • willy beamin

    wow, I love the 4 steps he took while carrying the ball (45 seconds in), that sure is a summer league.

    kemp was amare before amare, his game is based on athleticism and explosiveness, which aren’t there no more. Those slo-mo moves aint fooling no one in the L

  • http://www.myspace.com/fresh2def6 TalenTed

    i see you shawn! puttin in work

  • Jay

    Giving buckets to a guy who can’t get any tick on the SacKings don’t mean shit…

  • DaPro

    Kemp developed a decent j and if I remembered corectly, the season or two he spent in Cleveland he avg. 18 or 19 points with all the extra weight. His fg % suffered his last few seasons with Cleveland, Portland, and Orlando.

    Celts Fan, I agree with you. No one should or can tell the catz to hang it up but themselves, but damn fam you have to agree it’s hard to see the legends hang on to the game when the game has passed them.

  • BxBaller

    Damn some off ya must be real young dogging on the Reign Man. Anyways its always good to see someone who battled through tough times doing well for themselves. Besides maybe he’s playing for the love of the game, and not for another chance. BTW Spencer Hawes is done, a lottery pick getting done up by a dude thats been out the league for almost 5 years, is not a good look.

  • Celts Fan, “Kobe, Tell me how my @$$ tastes”

    ya DaPro, it is tough to watch sometimes, but it’s their call. If Joe Namath wants to wrap things up on the 49ers, if MJ wants to get some run on the Bulls, if GP is content backing up Jason Williams, then more power to them. As long as they don’t play the, “I’m _______. Start me despite the fact I haven’t been as good as my name in 5 years” card, that’s cool. Imagine being told you have to give up what you love with more than half your life left (hopefully) in front of you. Let Magic stumble around, let Pippen try in vein to drum up a comeback, hell, let’s laugh at Barkley when he contemplates coming back. Let’s just not say they can’t because of how we want to remember them.

  • JA

    Done or not, no one can say they weren’t impressed by him in the video. The way he left the L, I would have given an 80% chance he would already be dead by now.

  • DaPro

    I feel you, for personal reasons I always want to see the legends go out with most of their game still in tact but if they still want to play because they love the game then I’m all for it.

    That’s what made us like player A to begin with, passion for the game.

  • DO

    best big man dunker of all time

  • Otis Redding

    Anybody know what music is on this? I know “Flashing Light”s but the other two i don’t know…

  • Oly

    I’m happy to see him in shape. He is the greatest in game dunker in history, no doubt.