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They Are the Champions

IMAGE DESCRIPTIONKevin Garnett: Certified

Nobody — no expert, casual fan, or anyone in between — who predicted the Celtics would win the 2008 NBA championship was going out on a limb, so we don’t feel a need to search the Smack archives for some prescient quote from the preseason. The way Boston played last night, absolutely demolishing the Lakers in Game 6 to clinch the title, was the way we all envisioned this team playing from the time Kevin Garnett sat down with Paul Pierce and Ray Allen at that post-trade press conference last summer. After withstanding a hot Kobe Bryant in the first quarter, the Celtics dominated every facet of the game thereafter, led by KG (26 pts, 14 rebs, 3 stls) playing the kind of hair-on-his-chest game we’ve been waiting for since the Finals began. The dagger: Garnett’s floating, twisting, one-hand and-one that put Boston up by 21 in the final minute of the first half. The explosion you heard from the Boston crowd when that happened was a collective “FINALLY!” They’ve been waiting for Big Ticket to come through with a moment like that, where they could lose their minds, all postseason long. From there it was just a matter of time until the clock hit all zeros and the Celtics and the city of Boston could celebrate … How amazing and insane was KG in the post-game? Incoherently screaming to his Moms and everyone else he’s ever met in his life, spitting all over Michelle Tafoya, bursting into tears a few times, screaming “ANYTHING IS POSSIBUUUUUULLLLLLL!!!” and damn near fainting as Leon Powe reassured him, “I got you! I got you!” We always wondered how Garnett would react if he ever won the championship, and somehow he still managed to exceed our expectations … Finals MVP Paul Pierce didn’t have his best game (17 pts, 10 asts, 4-for-13 FG’s), but over the course of the series you couldn’t give the trophy to anyone else. Does this definitely certify Pierce as a Hall of Famer? Is he going to have his #34 retired in Boston? We say “Yes” and “Yes” … Did you see when Doc Rivers took the Big Three out of the game with about 3:30 remaining and Kobe was standing right there by the C’s bench, having to see and hear the whole thing? Is he going to use that as motivation for next year? … Kobe hit his first three shots of the first quarter — two treys and a long two-pointer — just barely missed his fourth attempt (another three), then stuck his next shot from beyond the arc. Long story short, seven minutes into the game Kobe had his s***-eating “I’m better than all of you” grin going and it looked like we were definitely headed for a Game 7. Seeing Kobe off to a hot start like that might have sparked 5.2 million “KOBE’S GOING FOR 70!!!” text messages amongst Lakers fans, and forced the TD Banknorth Garden concierge to call in an order for 20,000 pairs of new pants. If only Pau Gasol and/or Lamar Odom had decided to show up during that stretch, the Lakers would have been up big early … Kobe didn’t start cooling off until Doc put in James Posey, whose solitary job was to stop the avalanche from coming. After Posey started making him work for open looks, Kobe was officially no longer in a groove when he short-armed two straight jumpers midway through the second quarter and L.A. fell behind by double-digits. Boston was cutting off his drives all night, too, so Kobe (22 pts, 7-for-22 FG’s) absolutely needed to stay knocking down those J’s if the Lakers were gonna have a chance. As it stood, L.A. shot 8-for-27 in the first half and totally fell apart in the second quarter. Their second half performance was just pathetic, embarrassing, and something that’s going to haunt Kobe for the next 12 months until he can try to get another shot at a ‘chip … In fact, watching what happened to Kobe and the Lakers last night was reminiscent of one of Mike Tyson‘s fights later in his career, in particular the Lennox Lewis fight. Tyson would come out in the first round looking to take his man’s head off or simply intimidate his man into wilting, but if that didn’t happen — if someone like Lennox took his best punches and stood up to that opening assault — reality soon set in for Mike that he was simply not as good of a fighter as the guy in front of him. That was the Lakers on Tuesday, and the Celtics have now forced them to fade into bolivian … Overheard from one member of the Dime crew: “If someone who didn’t know anything about basketball was watching this, they’d be like, ‘Why was that guy the MVP?'” Hint: they weren’t talking about Pierce … After KG, Boston’s best player was Rajon Rondo (21 pts, 7 rebs, 8 asts, 6 stls). He started out shooting horribly, but compensated by being a demon on defense and pushing the pace offensively. One time Rondo flew past Luke Walton so fast that all Luke could do was feebly stick his arm out trying to grab his jersey or anything to slow him down … Speaking of Luke, can you imagine his phone call to Bill Walton last night, as Bill is pretending to feel bad for him while trying to quietly dance around the room and smooch his Larry Bird posters? … Ray Allen was also a beast, dropping 26 points and 7 triples. When Ray got poked in the eye in the first half, you know somebody in the ABC production truck started screaming “Get an X-Mo of that! Get an X-Mo!” We’re glad they’re starting to use it more for actual game action and not just drawn-out shots of KG cursing. And cue the Lakers’ fans accusing Ray of faking/milking the eye injury just for the standing O he got when he came back … How bad were Odom (14 pts, 10 rebs, 5 asts) and Gasol (11 pts, 8 rebs, 5 turnovers) that Doc felt comfortable enough playing Powe and Big Baby at the same time as his big-man combo? And don’t be fooled by L.O.’s decent stat line; he didn’t do ANYTHING until it was already garbage time. Odom reached a point in this series where he could be going coast-to-coast with the ball — which should be a scary thing if you’re on the other team — and L.A. was hoping he would just pass it before something bad happened … Random thought during the broadcast video intro: Since Michael Jordan‘s immortal shot against the Lakers in ’91 came when Cliff Levingston found MJ cutting to the basket, does that mean Cliff Levingston has the most famous assist in Finals history? … Good thing the series ended when it did, because ABC was clearly out of ideas for halftime features. And when you consider the teams and players involved in this series, that’s really unacceptable. The montage of “Wired” clips was OK at best, and definitely not jaw-dropping as Stu Scott promised. Although Andrew did point out that in Doc’s pre-game/halftime speeches, you can see he usually seems to convey the intensity and urgency of the moment much better than Phil Jackson … We know we’re not the only ones who spotted Kevin Duckworth in the “NBA Cares” ad that ran in the third quarter. E-mail from Austin: “I remember when I was little I was watching a Blazers game and they had a halftime feature on Kevin Duckworth. The point of the story, from what I recall, was to get us to feel sorry for him because people made fun of his name. There was one dramatic moment where he looked into the camera all sad-eyed and said, ‘What is a duck worth?’ remembering how kids used to clown him at school.” … Another memorable moment from the Celtics’ celebration: P.J. Brown double-fisting Bud Lights in the locker room, dancing and pouring them on shorter people … Finally, soon after the game we got the pic posted below e-mailed to us from Jed, the Dime crew’s most outwardly passionate Celtics fan, with the line, “Got it for my wedding. Drinking it for a championship.” … We’re out like the season …


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  • Big Sia
  • Big Sia

    So happy for KG.
    So happy for Pierce.

    But man i feel sorry for WHOEVER steps in front of the Bynum-Lakers next year…

  • Big Sia

    1st, btw.

  • krip

    first and congrats to the champs

  • krip

    nvm…. 4th

  • krip

    or 2nd, whatever fudge

  • Str8ganksta

    boston, first.

  • Big Sia

    haha nice try krip

  • catdaddywhack

    8! just like antoine…

  • catdaddywhack

    …or not

  • for real

    fuk da lakers

  • Big Sia

    “We always wondered how Garnett would react if he ever won the championship, and somehow he still managed to exceed our expectations”


  • Big Sia

    LMAOO @ “fade into bolivian”

  • srb

    Dear Paul,

    Thank you.

    Your fan always,

  • http://myspace.com/bigfreeze101 Big Freeze

    Where are all those KG haters that were heavy before this game started? Is KG still on the list with Dirk, TMac, and Vince C?

    The Celtics played a perfect game for 48 minutes. The Lakers just gave up. I can’t believe I actually thought that Kobe was better than MJ for a minute there. My bad.

    The Lakers need to get rid of Vlad, Sasha, and Bill Walton’s retarded kid. They are embarrassing.

  • fallinup

    Portland, Utah, San Antonio, Phoenix, New Orleans maybe even Dallas. Those just mentioned teams have something to say about the “L.A. will be back next year.” statements.

    Paul Pierce, will have his number in the rafters. Mark my words. Way to go Beantown…way to win a chip.

  • Oscarisalakerfan

    Congratulations Boston……THe lakeshow will be back next season with bynum hopefully the lakeshow will grow a new set of balls

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Excellent game from the Celtics. And regarding KG, that’s what we’ve been waiting for! He’s got the monkey off his back and I’m happy for him.

    Kobe is PISSED in his press conference right now.

  • http://creampie.com the real marcus

    well, i got owned… was rooting for LA, but bad O, D and everything in between sealed the deal for beantown…

    props to the C’s for bringin’ back the pride in green… gotta give em due respect…

    soft or otherwise, kg finally got his ring… let’s see how he plays moving forward…

    and well, we’re out like rooting for LA…

  • Dagomar

    KG’s interview . . . best thing I’ve seen on TV in years.

  • for real

    I can see the KG movie coming out in two months….


  • http://myspace.com/bigfreeze101 Big Freeze

    How about that sick alley-oop from Eddie House to Tony Allen during garbage time?

    Lamar Odom is ridiculous. The Lakers are getting blown out, and he tries to drive on KG only to get his shit crammed hard…txice. Then Lamar starts whining on the second cram about KG being to physical. What a pussy. Lakers need to trade Lamar too.

  • http://myspace.com/bigfreeze101 Big Freeze

    What is up with KG? He needs to show more emotion.

  • http://creampie.com the real marcus

    trade lamar to cleveland for big ben…


  • http://creampie.com the real marcus

    “What is up with KG? He needs to show more emotion.”

    …any more emotion from him, and the dude will die from a combination of cardiac arrest and stroke…

  • http://psinapticapotheosis.org Amar

    great win for Boston. i’m happy that this season ended this way. somewhere Red is lighting up a cigar . . .

  • drewstar

    stuart scott getting booed..
    stern getting booed..
    kg: “michelle, you look good tonight, girl”


  • catdaddywhack

    Lamar Odom for Shawn Marion. 2 players who were traded for Shaq…

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Again, the Lakers kept Odom over Caron Butler.

  • Mister Sun

    congrats celtics, deserving as hell.
    what about kobe in the post game press?
    he will probably work out 20 hours a day now!!

  • Jerry

    Always had love for KG, so i’m glad he got a ring finally. All those years wasting away in Minny was heartbreaking to see. Congrats to Pierce and Allen too, clutch through and through.
    It was killing me to see the Lakers have zero balls and have no clue what to do. I definitely saw no leadership whatsoever in Kobe. Very disappointing.
    That whole Laker team owes their fans an apology for the way they played tonight, not even mentioning the rest of the series. They just plain got embarrased and gave their fans nothing to root for, not even some tenacity.

    The only one i have no love for is Cassell, fuck you Cassell you ex-clipper

  • http://myspace.com/bigfreeze101 Big Freeze

    Yo, great point Austin. Almost forgot that the Lakers kept Odom over Butler, what a bitch move.

  • Remy N

    Purple and Gold forever.

    Our year came one year early.

    Bynum and get a small forward and ring #4 for Kobe.

  • s,bucketZ

    i thought KG was a lil sauced up by the time he got interviewed

  • word

    fuck the lakers and their wack ass offense…


    CELTS DONE DID IT, I am glad they gave Pierce the MVP even though I know Ray felt left out cuz he didn’t win nothing this season but still the rings will be sweet enough. i think doc shoulda gave scalibrine some garbage time action, poor dude even mihm got more finals minutes than him lol

    The championship back where it belong.. in the EAST, LAKERS ARE TRASH AND KOBE IS A SNITCH

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Ray had that killer All-Star Game performance. But again, he didn’t get a trophy for that either since it went to LeBron.

    Did you all see Scalabrine’s press conference? What a clown.

  • boba

    Laker Fan here:

    Hats off to the C’s, they deserved to win. Lakers played bball like girl scouts and got taken out in every category.

    I know everyone in Lakernation is going to get their panties in a bunch, but Phil Jackson is NOT A GOOD GAME COACH. He’s boardline horrible. He does no coaching what-so-ever, doesn’t make any kind of game adjustment, and tells his player to “work it out”. What kind of BS is that?

    Anyways, Laker fans no need to panic. We obviously got skunked and embarrassed (I almost turned my Laker shirt inside out at the sports bar tonight), but we really don’t need any kind of roster change with spots 1-10. Expendable players are Walton, Newble, Mbenga, but other than that we don’t need any trades.

    Again, nice win to the Celtics. As painful as it is, your team played like men, and well the Lakers played like a bunch of pansies.

  • http://myspace.com/bigfreeze101 Big Freeze

    Every Laker fan is talking about Bynum like he is the second coming of Christ or something. He was solid this season pre-injury, but maybe Laker fans should wait and see how he plays next year before they start crowning the Lakers 09 NBA Champs.

    Just remember that Lakers won’t be the only team getting better next season. The Hornets are just beginning to tap into their potential, the Rockets get a healthy Yao back (we’ll see how long that lasts), and the Spurs will still have their Big 3 plus younger talent.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Chosen

    if i was in boston once they lifted the smoking rule i would have rolled up and smoked a fatty for the lakers next season. whats with the gatorade dump from pierce to doc, that was memoriable. kobe is pissed off cause he’s confused when to use his talents in game situations. have you played nba 07 where you can change from different superstar types? thats whats wrong with kobe, he stays on one type for too long but with the lose comes experience….lebron MVP for 09

  • BxBaller

    Not a fan of either team, but I’m so happy to see KG win a ring. If he didn’t win it this year, I doubt if he ever get one. Now that the Celtics won, they give me a reason to hate them for next season, especially with Cassell & PJ Brown on the roster. BTW is anybody else pissed off that Scalabrine has a ring when dudes like AI have none. Scalabrine does absolutely nothing for that team yet he has a ring. Total BS.

  • http://myspace.com/bigfreeze101 Big Freeze

    “Did you all see Scalabrine’s press conference? What a clown.”

    Naw, what happened? Scalabrini and Matt Bonner are both goofy, red-headed, pale scrubs who’s sole jobs were to keep the seats warm for KG and Tim Duncun. But they both have rings now. Coincidence? No, it’s clear that in order to win an NBA Championship, you need a suffocating D to go along with a big, red-headed scrub on the bench.

  • V. Radmonivich

    Greeting Laker fans, i hope i impressed you with my huge shots and awesome decision making. You can thank me later.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Scalabrine sat at the press conference table as everyone was pretty much looking at him like, “Is this a joke?” He starts off with, “Oh, no one has any questions?” Then he goes into this cocky rant about how he doesn’t understand how anyone could have picked the Lakers to win, etc. etc, then when a reporter finally decided to ask him a question, Scalabrine insults the guy’s outfit.

  • BxBaller

    Scalabrine is a dick.

  • mambo mamba

    I’d rather be AI and work my ass off yet not get a ring, rather than Scal and keep KG’s seat warm and maybe pretend to be Gasol/Odom in practice

  • Lee

    Is there any way LA can get Agent Zero. How about Odom and Rad.

    Congrats Celtics, Enjoy the championship we all know in 2 years it’ll be back to the good old days of 20 win seasons

  • kb24!

    Lakers in 7 still! hehe..did anyone expect the Lakers to play like crap? Like seriously..they played like a High School team. Since the NBA is fixed..I’d say they paid Kobe to lose. Almost every first quarter…guy comes out shooting lights out. Then he disappears? I would have loved if Kobe started playing the old selfish Kobe tonight..because no one else was doing anything. At least he would have cut the deficit to like 20? haha. anyway. Congrat True Boston Fans. KG congrats! only person I like on the Boston Squad. But no congrats to you Bandwagoners. Lets try to win this thing next year Lakers.

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…I don’t want the season to end


    HILARIOUS. That mess has me cracking up fo real.

    you know the draft will be somewhat big. its all going to come down to trades though. unless some team or teams make a big trade to even up things with the big three, they will very well repeat provided no injury..

    at this point you can almost say you need a better gm than coach cause honestly…Bostone prolly would have got the chip with (insert any name here) coaching.

    Congrats Boston …party hard. ON TOP OF DA WOOORRRLD!

  • knoc

    KG actually brought it today. finally!!!
    wooot happy lakers didnt win. but with bynum back next year its probably just a small delay till they get the trophy.

  • tealish

    Kobe Bryant is definitely on par/better than that Jordan dude. If the regular season wasn’t proof enough, #24 did what Jordan would never do in the finals. Psh, MJ’s got nothing on the Mamba!

  • Duke

    Tomorrow Kobe is going to be in the hospital for alcohol poisoning. Dude is going to drink himself a bar.

  • 2 Easy

    Yo honest to God Dime you called it. I knew if KG ever won a title he would lose his mind but I never expected that. Did u see when the clock was around 20 seconds left and he started ripping at his warm up tee? Props to KG for biggin up Minny even tho they wasted his prime. I still think its a travesty Ray Allen didnt win MVP but per usual he’ll be the player that won the series/game just like the all star game that no one talks about because they wanna give it to the star. Luckily PP played well so Im not mad. KG’s press conference was HILARIOUS! That bully story he was tellin Skip Jackson almost made my spit up lol. No lie KG looked like one of those old ladies in church who was catchin the Holy Spirit man lol Congrats

    O and LA, Portland is getting their talented young 7 footer back too, just in case you forgot. Dont hang ur hat on Bynum, tell Gasol to get some hair on his chest cause Rondo was playin bigger than him tonite, and I dont mean better, I mean bigger

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…I don’t want the season to end

    Even mo baby makin goin on in Boston toniiiiight. In Cali….well i just hope all e.r. nurses and doctors are on duty.

    Bynum will help next year but he aint the key. small forward position and collective defense is the area.

    that last ally oop from house to powe was niiice. oh to be in Boston tonight. i wouldnt even go to work if i was a boston fan today. oh well i aint so my arse has to clock in lol G’night

  • kulas

    trade Lamar to Ron-Ron!

  • Craig Hodges


    two possibilities:

    a)you are, like, three years old or something

    b)you are on crack?

  • Simon

    Finally KG got his ring

  • Wesley

    Finally KG got his ring


  • White Snoop

    I am happy for Ray-Ray mostly. He is so nice person. Of course The Truth and KG deserves it, too. X-factor was definitely Posey. Such a crucial shooter and defender as anyone in the L. As a fan of NBA, not particular team has to say that Celtics in 6 was my prediction. I cannot understand why so-called experts (at least 8 of 10) predicted Lakers win… At least finally nobody can compare Kobe to His Airness!!!!!! And please fix the Fix problem, NBA!!! :-)

  • Soopa

    Im begining to think less and les of Phil Jackson…

    Sure he has, what, 9 rings? But 6 has been with MJ and 3 with Shaq in his prime with Kobe running the lane!

    Dont you think other coahes could get a ring with those teams aswell?

  • alex murphy

    who would have thought that Antoine Walker would get a championship before Paul Pierce. Who knew that they would both win a chip despite playing for different teams? Crazy

  • http://psinapticapotheosis.org Amar

    I love how short sighted some of these younger NBA ‘fans’ are . . . sure brian scal has a ring instead of guys like AI. big whoop. Mike Smrek has like 3, while guys like Marques Johnson have zero. No disrespect, but doesn’t Fennis Dembo have a ring when John Stockton does not? Or Jud Beuchler over someone like Barkley?

    There are greater injustices in the world than a scrub on a great team winning bling.

  • http://creampie.com the real marcus

    …man… jud buechler?

    ex volleyball player… sounds too much chase budinger for me… or is it the other way…

    …bring some low budget scrappy guys like brandon bass, jason maxiell and paul millsap to LA…

    …no turiaf doesn’t count – he’s a freakin CLOWN…

  • sans

    61 posts before 4am west coast time? Damn…good looking Dime, hope ya’ll hit 300 today.


    K-HOVA definetly needed help and it just wasn’t happenning.

    At that time I think everyone would’ve kept Odom over Caron. But now the lakers are probably kicking themselves.

    I’m out like K-HOVA’s 4th ring finger. lol

  • for real

    Celts done did it. I guess the “LA Dynasty for the next 4-5 years” talk has quieted a bit in this forum. Bynum? Isn’t he like 20 years old? The Lakers young guys played very ‘young’ and they need veterans, not more inexperienced kids.

  • springz

    MVP shouldn’t have gone to Pierce……Should have gone to Kevin McHale…

    Kevin McHale

    Kevin McHale

    Kevin McHale

  • http://www.kianoosh.org djKianoosh

    “fade into bolivian” is my all time FAVORITE mike tyson quote. right next to “i’m gonna f*** you till you love me b****!” LMAO

    Kobe’s luster is all but gone now. He looked like a helpless AI looked in Philly. Makes me wish AI had played with a Shaq or Duncan or KG…

    KG’s interview with michelle t. and his press conference were great!!

    scalabrine was borderline annoying.

    ray allen was super cool. his kid was diagnosed w/diabetes so i’m sure that mute at least some of his emotions.

    i fell asleep before seeing kobe. any video/text? would love to see his raw reaction.

    17 chips. damn. dominating a league like River Plate, Manchester United, the Yankees, etc.

    cool nugget from KG, they practiced all year with the various Hall of Famers watching from the stands. wow. that must be cool.

  • mcmango

    Celts this year -> good
    Lakers next year -> better

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    the only negative i have, whats with kg calling out the t-wolves? he has no reason to do that, rubbing it in showed how little class he has lately. ray all was the only player to really show class all sreies.

    but congrats, the best team of the season won and they did it convincingly IN SIX like i called before the series started lol, hell i even called which games the lakers would win. i did not see a 39 point beat down though.

  • knocks

    Like a lot of people, I’m happy for KG too. Busting his ass for all these years…he definitely deserves this championship.

    But don’t forget about Ray Allen. This guy is class as well. Dude has to be one of the most humble stars in the L. Check out some of his old interviews as well the ones from these finals….Genuine humility as well, none of that fake show that Kobe puts on.

    Speaking of Kobe, as much as I was cheering against him and the Lakers, I gots to give him props. Check out his post-game press conference on NBA.com if you haven’t seen it already. Class in defeat. You could see this loss is killing him, but he already looks like he’s ready for next year.

    Scalabrine…his act is obvious. Dude is trying to line up his TV personality job (a less talented Sir Charles version) after his career is over. Too bad he’s not very funny–or insightful. He can take Jon Barry’s job.

  • 92021SpurMD

    The Celts have their championship now… and i’ll concede to KG’s good game, finally. He should thank Paul Pierce for setting him up, literally and figuratively. He was the assist man yesterday, so much for all that “undefined muscle tone slob” talk that everyone throws his way.

    The Lakers, um, had a good year, and will next year. Highly doubt they break the conference semis next year. Toss up between SA, NO, and UTAH. (HOU can’t get past UTAH, same for PHO with SA).

    Between Eddie House and Ray Allen, who’s the better shooter? Is this an formidable question?

  • knocks

    didn’t KG thank Minnesota? You’re talking about the interview with Tafoya? That was a shout-out not a call-out. Unless he said some other stuff later.

  • Truth

    I can’t lie and say I ain’t dissapointed, but
    it is what it is. Congrats Celtics
    I agree with the Garnett statement

  • http://www.kianoosh.org djKianoosh

    The West will be just as tough next year.
    and yes, the West is still the best 1 through 10. The East only has like 3 teams above a certain level.

    anyway, SA will be back, odd numbered year championship style. NO and Utah will be right there. LA, yes, they’ll be right there. Phoenix and Dallas on their way out, welcome Portland to the party. They should hope for the 2nd round this upcoming year.

    I don’t see why Boston can’t be right back in the finals next year.

    the West is a toss up.

  • Suciniac

    Respect to dudes naming my Trailblazers as contenders next year but I like to think rationally and see them as next year’s Hornets or last years Jazz.Definite up and coming team with talent and heart but lack veteran leaderships.Maybe in 3-4 years.

  • eric

    Scalabrine: “10 years down the line y’all will remember I’m a champion and will forget that I didn’t play a single minute in the finals”

    Like we will remember him at all
    what a loser

  • srb

    Did everyone catch the peanut butter and jelly feature early in the game?

  • http://www.kianoosh.org djKianoosh

    yeah no doubt Suciniac, i think portland can definitely shoot for the 2nd round, like the jazz/hornets. one year to taste defeat, then start contending, as long as they get themselves a floor general PG soon.

    i just caught kobe’s presser from last night on nba.com. man, that was some kind of simmering, deep down, part hate, part disgust, just badness. he calmed down towards the end but he’s got to feel that Gasol and Odom’s defense let them down. Bynum is not going to make them better defensively by himself. Those guys need to put in work and get stronger (Gasol!).

    Big Q for the lakers is why couldn’t Odom guard Pierce at all?

  • http://www.kianoosh.org djKianoosh

    Chauncey Billups won’t be playing for Team USA in this summer’s Beijing Olympics.

    The Pistons’ starting point guard told team director Jerry Colangelo on Tuesday that he was pulling out of consideration because of family issues, according to ESPN.

    “It’s a matter of what you want to do and what you need to do,” Billups told ESPN, declining to be more specific about the family matter. “Winning a gold medal is the one thing that I haven’t accomplished, and I was looking forward to standing up on that big stage. That’s what I really wanted. But I was taught family comes first, above anything else.”

  • Juanito

    The ONLY thing positive about this is KG getting a ring. I just wish he hadn’t sold his soul to do it…

  • garbageman33

    Next time they send Michelle Tafoya to interview KG, they need to outfit the poor girl with a salad bar sneezeguard or something.

    Oh wait, I think Ray Allen just hit another three…

  • fallinup

    Alright. We have a new season on the horizon. So I’m going to make my picks now for next years finals.

    I have the Seattle Supersonics defeating the New York Knicks in 7 games. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!!!

  • ERIC

    I know this will get lost in the shuffle, BUT:

    Kobe surely was the MVP of the season taking a cast of scrubs and 2 border-line AllStars to the finals against a team with THREE (3!!!) H.O.F. players.

    Even MJ had Pipp (Bulls)
    Even Magic had Worthy & Kareem (Lakers)
    Even Bird had Mchale & Parish (Celtics)
    Even Alcindor had the Big O (Bucks)
    Even Wilt had Jerry West (Lakers)
    Even Bill Russell had 7 other H.O.F’ers.

    You saw when Kobe & Shaq were together they went for 3 (should have been more). Hopefully Bynum develops or a veteran H.O.F talent goes to the Lakers in hope for a ring.

    [Yes – Gasol and Odom are very very good players, but they arent H.O.F quality]

  • fallinup

    And just because, i haven’t seen anything on it yet…but.

    What about Rondo’s game??? The second year kid did his thing in game 6. He can only move up, and Boston has a bright future with him. He just needs to lock down that jump shot and perimeter game and he’s a potential all star. He’s got the talent, and the brains. What a steal for the Celts to pick him up.

  • Suciniac

    Also I am mad scared about Oden’s knee.How do you blow your knee without playing a single NBA game?

    How about Phil saying he needs better players???That’s the most BS,classless statement I’ve heard from him.Way to put the stinker of a Finals on your players and management.That just made Doc’s pulling out the Big three together move borderline Saintly.

  • chaos rob

    man kg, the truth and jesus deserve the rings they got and pierce fed deserved the finals mvp. I thought kg was gonna fal out into a seizure during his interview man….the lakers if they had any pride would have fought back like the critics did in the last couple games like boston did. jones showed why he waany gonna win another ring until his attitude changed about the game and his team.

    did anyone see big baby get the dunk in traffic in garbage time? I don’t care who you are, you should never let him dunk on you? he has a ten inch vertical…..problem it was his second try in traffic

  • shake&bake

    I think when KG blocked/fouled Odom on the one that Odom started complaining about is when KG lost it. He was standing there with his tongue sticking out below his chin like he was possesed. It continued in the post game interview and press conference. Good thing ABC had a delay on so they could bleep him out. That whole postgame with him was hilarious. . .I made it ma.

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn


    i didnt hear that part from phil but it just goes back to my point, the guy is not as great a coach as everyone makes him out to be. even he says he needs better players, well every team needs better players but the ones who win either have the players or the coach does what he can with what hes got. this season, the celtics had the layers, look at 2003 the spurs had 1 player, 2 newbees, and one fading star. look at the 2004 pistons, they didnt have a single superstar (still dont) and i dont see any player on that team making the HOF but they got it done against the “master”

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    and a hear a lot about the celtics this yr being “the best defensive team ever”, NOPE sorry 1999 spurs best defensive team EVER!

  • Suciniac

    I always referred to the Lakers as the Big two and a half in Odom,Pau and Kobe.Gasol WAS an all-star.BTW if you call Kobe ‘s support cast scrubs what do you call CP3’s???Every Laker fan and “experts” were calling the Lakers bench the best in the league.Give credit where credit’s due,the Celtic’s defense made the Lakers bench irrelevant and even brought Kobe’s game,aura,ego(hopefully) and FG% down to Earth.A washed up veteran wouldn’t be the answer,concentrated effort on playing team defense is because although I hate the Lakers,I will admit they are probably the best Offensive team in the League.

  • Kermit the Washington

    YO CELTS FAN!!!!

    Congrats, son…me and you went back and forth with the Lakers vs Celts thing (I was BustJlaze for most of the season), and you win. DAG! Still stings, but hey you guys were the better team. I’m OUT! Come check us next year!

  • ERIC

    @ Suciniac

    I absolutely give the Celtics credit. They hired a great defensive coaching staff to allow Doc to focus on his offensive strengths.

    I wasn’t comparing the Lakers team to those that have not won championships, but to the conventional thought that you need at least 2 H.O.F talents to win a title. (yes: exceptions do apply like the ’04 pistons). Kobe did a great job leading his team there.

    Regarding the Hornets, Peja is a 4-time all-star, lights out shooter who, if healthy (a big IF) can get you 20+ each night. Chandler is a defensive monster who is a strong rebounder and has great length to catch anything CP3 lobs. His supporting cast is on-par with Kobe’s, but he didnt lead the team to the finals, which is the focal point of my comment. CP3 wont win a championship either until he has another H.O.F-level talent too.

    The Lakers are great when they are “on” but they need the toughness at the 3 and 4 spots and consistency. After showing their potential, hopefully wiley veterans will flock to LA like they did to Boston last season and the Spurs the year before.

  • Marcel P.

    Congrats to the Celts. They played defense, played with heart and wanted it more. As a Knicks fan, I don’t like Boston but I can’t hate today. KG probably doesn’t even remember his post game interview with Michelle right now. I was actually worried that he might suffer a seizure or pass out or something because he was so emotional. However, you have to respect the emotion. Cassell has got another ring, good to see that.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @ERIC — And you didn’t even mention David West, another All-Star that CP3 has on his side.

  • E New

    Celtics!!! Celtics!!! Celtics!!!

    What an incredible journey to number 17. For all of the Celtics fans out there enjoy the heck out of this. For all the doubters who questioned their ability to get it done, this just shows what a true TEAM can accomplish.

    Nothing like hammering the Lakers to end a magical season!

  • http://www.kianoosh.org djKianoosh

    all that needing a 2nd HoF level player is a self-fulfilling deal.. if kobe had won this year, they would have made Gasol or Odom out to be all great and HoF worthy all of a sudden. since they didn’t win, they’re scrubs. truth is in between as always.

  • ERIC

    @ Ashton Burton

    Thanks for pointing that out. Sometimes my mind goes blank when I am alt+tabbing between websites and work in the office! haha

  • ERIC


    see what i mean?

  • Suciniac

    Couldn’t have said it better dj.

    Agreed,West is a borderline all-star but Chandler is not a defensive monster.Yeah he’s a good defender and rebounder but far from a intimidating presence.Peja is a slight upgrade over Vlad.

    Comments like Kobe’s and CP3’s support cast are on par makes you look like a complete idiot or a homer of the lowest quality that are abundant on the net and I DESPISE.Can you even name the guy who backs up Chandler and West.Wells doesn’t count.By your arguement the Nuggets should be the champs or at least representing the West in the finals.Let me see:-
    1)Two HOF caliber players(Iverson,Melo)…check
    2)One long defensive “monster” center(Camby)…check
    3)One long range bomber(JR Smith)….check
    4)Srubs on par with Kobe’s scrub….check

  • http://myspace.com/bigfreeze101 Big Freeze

    So is Doc Rivers still a horrible coach like everyone was claiming the first two rounds of the finals?

    Is Kobe still better than Jordan?

    Is Brian Scalabrini really that big of a douche bag?

  • jack

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  • rell


    I feel happy for KG and Ray but especially for Pierce. I am so happy DA didn’t trade him during the offseason and go completely young. The only thing that could have made this championship better for me is if Employee #8 got a ring with the Celtics. This is the breakout game we have been waiting for from KG. When KG went into the post he start beasting the Laker and no one could hold him. When he hit the And1 on Odom that was the icing on the cake. It seems like everybody contributed last night. Rondo with his defense, KG killing it on the block, Pierce with his passing and game management especially in the 2nd, Shuttleworth with his 3’s, and Posey with his D and timely shots.

    Finally Celtics has bought the ‘ship back to Boston.


  • 92021SpurMD

    Doc Rivers is much better than people ever gave him credit for, still don’t understand why he was the scapegoat…

    Kobe will never be as good as his airness, he couldn’t win a title WITH a decent center (Pau is decent, just not tough enough)…

    Scals and Bonner should start a red headed version of the NWO for the NBA!!

  • http://myspace.com/bigfreeze101 Big Freeze

    “Scals and Bonner should start a red headed version of the NWO for the NBA!!”


  • Tom S.

    The way KG reacted to winning will pale in comparison to how I react if the Cavs (or any Cleveland team) ever win a championship.

  • ERIC

    @ Suciniac

    You were making valid points until: “Peja is a SLIGHT upgrade over Vlad?” Maybe you are the one who should do your basketball research. You have just lost all of your credibility.

    Most players in the league feel that Chandler is an intimidating inside presence.

    My points were focused on ONLY teams that are in the finals and comments by beat writers, reporters, nba analysts, players, etc that you need to have 2 HOF talents – I did not make up this theory, only stating it as a supporting argument.

    If the team doesnt make the finals, they arent even in the discussion. Maybe to you, and in that case, we are talking about two very different things. I never said that 2 HOF = championship. There have been plenty of teams in NBA history with 2 HOF talents. The Nuggets you mentioned are one of them. BUT, your comments are missing the point of my discussion, and your nitpicking adds zero substance to the argument.

  • rell

    @Big Freeze
    Doc is not a horrible coach now. He moved from horrible one to between a average and bad coach now. If he win us another one next year he will jump to a great coach on the level of Pop and Phil :). For real though, Tom T. is the reason why our D is so good and I hope we don’t loose him in the offseason. I was happy when Phoenix and Chicago found their coach because this will give us a better chance to retain Tom T. Without Tom T. we would not have won this title.

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    i have to ask, what are the reasons for the spurs last 2 titles, and the pistons title in 04? the spurs have 1 HOF and 2 one time allstars and a bunch of solid players (wel lthey were then) but no other HOF players, and the pistons have ZERO hof players.

    kobe doesnt need another HOF player to make it, he needs his guys to settle down and quit whinning. like sasha saying “the celtics are playing to rough”. i say it was all a conspiracy setting up a duncan garnett finals in a spurs odd yr! lmao

    kobe will blow up his team again in a month and then the lakers fans will start the whole “if bynam was here” bs and we will have to live with the lakers and kobe for another yr.

  • ERIC

    @ rangerjohn

    Reason for the Spurs 2 titles?

    2005 – Tim Duncan HOF + 2 All-Stars vs 0 HOF Pistons and 3 All-Stars

    2007 – Tim Duncan HOF + 2 All-Stars vs. LeBron HOF and 1 All-Star (if you even think Big Z deserved that distinction)

    The Celtics are a great, dominant team who were built in a strategic manner with 3 HOF talents. The Lakers didnt stand much of a chance when Kobe wasn’t on his game.

    Whenever 1 of the 3 Celtics were ‘off’, at least 1 picked up the slack. Kobe didn’t have that.

  • doc

    Fuck u Celts Fan.lol.I give you props because you used to be the only Celtic fan on here last year now there are hundreds.I hope that works for my Sixers next year.KG and them got one of the best Defenses in history.Them teams Bill Russell was playing wouldnt score 10 points against them.Fuck the Kobe aint better than Mike,that dude aint better than Bron.Where all the Bron haters at! Stand up yall.He took them to 7 at least and got through that tough ass D enough to score 44 in a loss to a better team.Not to mention the cram on KG.What Kobe do against Beantown besides get his ass handed to him by James Posey.Hahahahahaha.

  • Suciniac

    Vlad is a 6,10″ shooter,Peja is a 6,9″ shooter although better hence the upgrade.Is that really hard to figure out.

    Who are you?Disciple of Miss Cleo..to know what NBA players feel.I watch games,I don’t type what NBA players allegedly feel.For what it’s worth no one’s ever accused KG of being an intimidating presence and well he won the DPOY.Being a presence and playing defense is not necesserally co-existent.Ask Shaq.

    So, you are basically writing what you read about what some “experts” wrote on their sites.Aren’t these the same guys heaping accolades on the depth of the Lakers team/bench.Raving about Kobe’s maturity and picking the Lakers in 6????Yeah, thought so.

    I see your point is Kobe needs one more HOF player and I say that’s BS.Olajuwon,Barkley and Pippen joined forces once and you may know what happened there.

  • Luigi

    i love KGs interview wit michelle man dat wuz funnii lmao haha

    anyways i think the lakers should trade Lamar n Vlad n next yrs 1st round pick to NY for their 6th pick and David Lee n if they do that the lakers should get Mayo haha imagine Mayo n Kobe. i doubt it but imagine it haha.

    oh well but the lakers should trade L.O. i mean 10 yrs ago he was supposed to be this stud. what is he now man. n also trade Vladimir he abselutely sucks man i see him chucking up 3’s. man dissapointing

    laker fans shouldnt be happy they have a legit shot of winning the title kuz remember. you have to go through New Orleans, Phoenix, Denver, Spurs, Mavs, Utah, Portland [get Oden back], Warriors, H-Town, the Kings [up n coming team], the Sonics [theyll be legit next yr] and basically every team in the west not named Memphis or Clippers or Minny, but any of those teams could get hot in the year. and when u or if u make it to the finals, you either get Lebron. Detroit. Boston. Orlando. or Washington [Sleeper n only if Gil n twan come back]

    Anyways it comes down if kupchak doesnt listen to Kobes demands and trades all of his role players or releases them n makes the right choices n the right desicions

    Oh yeah Washington Wizards. 2009 NBA Champs

  • Suciniac

    Oh that was directed at Eric BTW and about time you done looking up who the backup big for the Hornets is???

  • http://www.kianoosh.org djKianoosh

    boston fans, if you speak spanish:

    you’re welcome.

  • Sam I Am

    YEAH LUIGI go Hometeam BABY!!

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    spurs 2005, duncan hof yes, who where the 2 allstars? 2005 manu was an allstar (put on as a replacement for an injury) in 2006 parker was an allstar, but hell 2006 damn near every piston starter was an allstar. (4 of them)pistons also had the 4 time DPOY and 6 time all defense ben wallace.

    hell gasol was a ROTY and an allstar in 2006 also. odom has been borderline allstar and might have made it this yr if cp3 didnt make david west better then him.

    your theory is out the window

    i mean damn the spurs won a title in 2003 with duncan, parker as a backup, manu as a backup and an VERY DECLINED david robinson.

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    oh and for the record (in reference to some stuff yesterday and a little today) can we please take GRG ODEN off the list of best centers i mean DAMN HE HAS NOT EVEN PLAYED A SINGLE NBA GAME YET! you cannot be in a top 10 nba centers list if you have not even played in the nba!

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    For the record, Ben Wallace has an arguably Hall of Fame resume; if you think Mutombo is a lock, you have to at least consider Wallace.

    As for the Spurs, I think Ginobili would get into the Hall based on his 3 rings and Olympic gold medal and deity status in Argentina. And for Parker to have 3 rings at the age of 25 plus a Finals MVP, he could get in as well.

  • doc

    Why cant you be a top player if you havent played a game.They said Duncan was a top forward before he played.

  • http://myspace.com/bigfreeze101 Big Freeze

    Why do people try to make their former championship team sound as bad as possible?

    “We won in 2005 and our team sucked.”

    “Yeah, well we won the chip in 2002 and our team was fuckin terrible.”

  • 92021SpurMD

    Parker started in the 03 finals, just never finished. (which always has me thinking, why didn’t they keep Stephen Jackson?????)

    TP and Manu will build their HOF resumes in the coming years, it wont be such an argument then.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Do you really think the Spurs would keep a guy like S-Jack for long? They needed him to win the title that year, but I’m sure they knew they had to get rid of him before something bad happened. He’s just not a “Spurs” guy; same reason I knew James White wouldn’t be with the team for long.

  • doc

    I think James White got let go because he stinks.

  • DaPro

    First, damn I feel good for Kg, Ray, and Paul. Good looking to KG for shouting out Chi-town in the post game (even though he’s from South Carolina)

    I love to see guys get that chip that play hard and go all out.

    Can’t believe the Lakers went out like that. I wanted to see the Celts win but damn the Lakers never left LA after game 5.

    99 Spurs were not the best defensive team ever to win. To many reasons to list, the main being it was the lockout season and many players were not in tip top shape so the shooting percentages were significantly lower than other seasons.

    Other than that I’m looking forward to next year. I’m glad Kg, Ray, and Paul finally got the hardware!! Ray could have been MVP as well but Paul has been a Celt since day 1 so I ain’t mad.

  • http://myspace.com/bigfreeze101 Big Freeze

    Wow, Brian Scalabrini is truly an asshole: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UUBC8NoQgA

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    freeze, i dont think anyone is trying to make the 03,05 or 07 spurs like they sucked, but with exception of 2007 they where ALL TIM DUNCAN ALL THE TIME! manu was a contributer, and IMO should be a HOF guy, 3 rings (for now) gold metal, euro titles, euro mvp, hell even the euro slam dunk title lol. he is the only player in basketball history to win a euro title, nba title, gold metal and world title. that being said, he will msot likely not make the hof. parker imo is a bit to selfish and i dont see him being a spur in 4 yrs.

    in 2003 he played behind antonio daniels not jackson
    and austin is right, jaskosn was there to help out but pop knew what he was all about and he was GONE!

  • 92021SpurMD

    He’s trouble, true, do I think he would’ve been trough had he stayed… eh, not so sure. He seems like a “right crowd vs wrong crowd” kind of guy, they could’ve used him this year, I do know that.

  • 92021SpurMD

    and antonio daniels wasn’t even on the team in 03

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    here you go
    from a holinger article ranking all the finals teams (not juast the winners) until 2006

    “A forgotten great team because of the lockout, the Spurs began the year 6-8 … and then went 46-7 the rest of the way, with nary a losing streak. An awesome defensive squad led by big men David Robinson and Tim Duncan, San Antonio’s 84.7 points allowed per game is far and away the least of any of these 60 squads. That 15-2 postseason mark ain’t too shabby either, including sweeps of the Blazers and Lakers. So stingy was the defense that only twice in 17 playoff games did San Antonio’s opponent muster 90 points.”


    looks like a pretty damn good defensive team to me, BEST EVER on the D

  • alex

    No, the Lakers don’t need better players – they just need to play better! They’ve got Kobe, Gasol, Odom, and a potentially good (but soft and no heart) bench players.

    On paper they are the best team in the league, but the C’s beat them by hardwork, hustle, determination, and just being unselfish.

    Michelle Tafoya’s interview with KG: “how does top of the world feel?” – that’s just plain fu*king stupid – TOP OF THE WORLD FEELS LIKE TOP OF THE WORLD!

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Do you all realize Antonio Daniels has been in the NBA for ELEVEN years? I feel old. And I almost forgot he used to play for the Sonics.

  • doc

    Pop aint give 2 shits what SJack was about that 1rst year.Im tired of the Spurs are boy scouts BS.Thats your team Ranger I understand thats how you ride for whoever you like but please.Did Steve get cut?

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    92021 spurs md

    yu are right, i was thinking the yr before not the 2003 season where parker backed up daniels

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Did anyone catch Garnett quoting Rocky Balboa in the press conference?

    “Other than my kid being born, this is the greatest day of my life.”

  • 92021SpurMD

    Yeah Austin, I thought about that earlier this season. He was big in SA’s 99 title run. That was a LONG time ago.

    Ranger, for a fellow Spurs fan, you should know that TP started in 03, and SPEEDY was coming off the bench to finish, helped that he had a moderate jump shot.

  • 92021SpurMD

    With how loaded this draft is, Boston could get a good pick out of it. SA better do well, i still maintain till this day that they should get Joey Dorsey, maybe with their second pick (possibly move up to get him). Use the first one on CDR!!!

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    jackson was not offered a contract, they let him go, he was a “hired gun” sorta like robert horry, brent barry, and mike finley, he was there for a reason, he plays good defense, and he could shoot (well sorta) but when it came time to resign, he was not offered a contract. that in itself is the same as being cut. and you are also wrong, pop and the spurs have always stayed away from “trouble” guys since the time of rodman, they saw what trouble could do, and they know what trouble does to a team in a city with no other teams. IMO rodman is the reason the spurs are the “model franchise” because they learned a lesson with him.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    That’s precisely why, Ranger. Dennis Rodman, in a way, deserves a lot of credit for the current-day Spurs.

  • doc

    its not the same Ranger I know what being cut is about.trust me.

  • doc

    But good point on Rodman.

  • DaPro

    Damn good team defensively but as I said it was too many variables to consider during the lockout season to go by stats.

    The players didn’t expect to start the season, let alone play midway through the season. Most players (not all) were in game shape. I like the Spurs but as any NBA fan can attest a grind it out game can produce lower numbers but look at the stats from the 95-96 Bulls. They dominated from the start of the season til the finals. I can’t find the link but they won by an average of 13 points in the regular season and palyed some of the best teams in the playoffs.

  • fallinup

    Jackson was offered a contract. It wasn’t what SJack wanted so he tested the market and the Spurs essentially moved on. SJack couldn’t find what he was looking for and ended up settling for less, with the Hawks. He wasn’t cut.

  • 92021SpurMD

    Yeah, I remember him being greedy at the time, my senses come back to me now…

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    doc while being cut vs not being resigned are not exactly the same, its all sematics, the spurs didnt cut him, but then how many teams actually CUT players? how many actually waive them and get them off the team, when your contract is either up for renewal or you have a team option (i will have to do some checking but i believe the team had an option on him) and they say no thanks we dont want to keep you around and pay you all that money, it is the same generally as saying your cut!

  • http://myspace.com/bigfreeze101 Big Freeze

    Yo this new track by Young Buck sums it up for KG:


    Shit is tight

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Put it this way: If they had the choice, would the Spurs take O.J. Mayo or Jerryd Bayless? While O.J. is a better player, Bayless isn’t THAT much worse and he doesn’t have any (potential) character issues. For a team like the Spurs, that’s more important than simply taking the best talent.

  • ERIC

    @ rangerjohn

    for the 1,000th time, it is not MY theory. It is a theory by many nba analysts, reporters, etc. I was just saying I happen to agree with it. You, clearly, don’t, which is fine.

    Either way, the Lakers need a dead-eye shooter (Vlad and Vujacic are streaky shooters) and a tough defensive 3 man who can defend (1-4, like Ron Artest, Udoka..hopefully Ariza can develop).

    @ Suciniac

    I didn’t think you were actually ‘testing’ me on the Hornets roster. I’m pretty sure that everyone who visits Dime and other bball sites (nba.com, espn hoopshype, hoopsworld, realgm to name a few) all know the rosters of each team. (by the way your answer is Hilton Armstrong, Melvin Ely and the occasional Birdman).

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Eric — As a Hornets fan, looking back, how do you feel about the Birdman signing?

  • 92021SpurMD

    I think next year, Birdman will make a difference. Catching oops from CP3 will bring him back, dude can finish, if nothing else.

  • fallinup

    Birdman can finish…especially if you give him 20 tries to do it. LOL

  • ERIC

    @ Austin Burton

    The Birdman signing was a risk to the great team chemistry. It was an unknown how he would work-in with the team. He really didn’t play much as I am sure Byron Scott wanted to maintain the team momentum as well as allow Chris to get back into game shape.

    He’s is an athletic, energy guy who had a feel-good story of making it back from his drug/alcohol problems. He just wasnt going to pay any dividends this past season. I’m rooting for him.

    I do think that they traded Cedric Simmons too early (he was 20 or 21 when they traded him, only 22 now) and think he could eventually develop into a big body, solid backup (too bad its for the Bulls now, and the Hornets are stuck with Armstrong and Ely).


    “Other than my kid being born, this is the greatest day of my life.”

    Damn KG what about your wedding day? I know it ain’t get nuffin’ after the game from the wifey.

  • Celts Fan

    your redhead NWO Kevin Nash = Robert Swift

    @Kermit and Doc, thanks for the good wishes fellas. Can’t believe how big a difference from where we were last year to today. Damn. I hope you guys get to see your teams win one soon too (especially the Sixers. having lived in Philly for 5 years, I know, that city needs a parade BAD… stay up Doc, they’re coming soon. another few solid drafts, you can be legit contending in 4-5 years. Thad Young looks LEGIT and we know Iggy is…)

    as for the Lakers, I think they’re healthy next year, can either play Lamar at the 3 (can he really be worse than Vlad?) or start Ariza (who was a damn good defensive stopper type before the injury) and with Bynum, they’re not soft as a grape anymore. I think they grab a chip next year…

    What a great friggin night. The Garden was LOUD, lost my voice, which is neat when you’re in sales (oh well, I think they’re just surprised I even showed up… I kinda am too!) I’ve seen a lot of Boston teams win titles, but the Celtics are my team. Not the Sox or the Pats (though I love both) but the Celtics. I love this team. Gotta do the role call:

    Paul Pierce – this guy went from potentially being shipped out of town 3 years ago, to the defining Celtic of the post-Bird era. What a GREAT Playoffs from him. Can’t say enough about the all-around things he did all year and the clutch shots all Playoffs when certain others didn’t want to take/couldn’t make them. In an era when most players want out when things start going badly (Kobe, Vince, JO, even ‘Toine!) Paul signed an extension, said all the right things, and had faith in the front office to surround him with a real supporting cast. He is/has been the next in the line of great Celtics, and I’m happy to say he’s going to retire with a ring and retire wearing green. This locked up a spot in the Hall. “You can’t handle the truth!”

    Ray Allen – damn dude. off for 2+ series, then goes all Shuttlesworth on us for the last 8 games. What a game last night! I think Ray Ray just won the Kobe feud… he definitely gave up the most of all the guys in the Big Three to make it work. Despite how he played, it was always, “We won, I don’t care what I did, I’m ecstatic.” Beyond classy (and great to see his kid’s doing ok.)

    KG – the passion he brought to this team (and defense) made them into what they became. He’s CLEARLY been miscast as a Jordan (#1 option/scorer), when he’s definitely more a Pippen (amazingly versatile, can be the #1 guy, but won’t win a title in that role,) but regardless, he is AMAZING (and completely and totally f*ckin nuts in the most likable way possible.) I’ll always remember the quote Sean Grande (Celts radio guy, was the TWolves radio guy when KG was making his name) gave to Simmons right after the trade, “All out, every night, heart and soul — Game 13 in Atlanta, Game 61 on a Monday night aganst Charlotte, Game 6 of the Conference finals, doesn’t matter.” dead on. What a competitor, and that moment with Bill Russell afterwards, I mean WOW…

    Perk – is developing some offense and KG’s instilled a mean streak in him. owns the glass and is a hell of a defender. a lot ot like besides his awful “hood suit!”

    Rondo – last night was what I’m talking about when I say I think he’ll be a top 5 pg a few years down the line. 14, 6, 7, and 8. Wow. Keep working on that shot, but it’s great to see his versatility, PHENOMENAL defense, and knack for keeping the offense under control (amazing for a 21 year old playing w/ this team!)

    James Posey – this guy is a WARRIOR. He’ll probably be gone next year (can opt out this summer or keep the 1 yr, $3.5M left) I hope someone finally gives him a “set for life” type contract. He’s earned a 4 yr, $25M type deal. Hopefully it’s from us, but if he leaves, he’ll ALWAYS be loved here. We couldn’t have won it without his D and clutch 3s.

    Doc Rivers – I was as vocal about wanting him gone as every other Celtics fan. I WAS WRONG. After winning the East, that’s when I really understood how vital he was to this team. The guys LOVE him and will run through a wall for him. For Paul to thank Doc for sticking with/by him was refreshing. Doc’s never gonna be a great X’s and O’s guy, but it’s a player’s league and Doc just out-Phil’d Phil. Ubuntu indeed…

    What a great year with some great moments. It was awesome to see that w/ Pops and actually see them take one. We were beginning to think it’d never happen at this time last year (after season tickets since Antoine’s rookie year – when the decade-long wait list from Larry Legend’s career finally ended, which was wicked cool) and now we got to see them take one and be a part of it at the Garden. amazing night, too many great moments and memories to recount them all. Watching them with the trophy, you could see the, “I can’t believe this, I’m living my childhood dream right now” look in their eyes. GREAT MOMENT. At this time last year, I was trying to figure out a reason to get excited about a Paul Pierce, Al Jefferson, and Yi/Jeff Green/ or Joakim Noah team and how they could win more than 35 games. Today, we’re world champions. “ANYTHING IS POSSIBUUUUUULLLLLLL!!!”

  • Suciniac

    So, since I see that you are a Hornets fan,you really think Armstrong,Ely,Chandler and West are on par with Gasol,Odom,Turiaf or Pargo,James are on par with Fisher,Farmar???

  • fallinup

    @ Celtsfan, couldn’t been said better. Congrats to your town and your team. Repeat? Whatcha think? LOL


    GOOD LAWD!!! CELTS, did you right a whole articl. lol

  • 92021SpurMD

    NWO’s starting five and coach!

    Bonner = Hogan
    Scals = Drunken Scott Hall
    Swift = Big Sexy
    Bill Walton = Eric Bischoff
    Luke Ridnour = Sixx (X-PAC)
    Mark Madsen (honorary member, I feel like he should be a red head) = Big Papa Pump

  • fallinup

    @ Celtsfan again

    And after this Finals…I’m a true believer in Rondo. Get the man a consistent jump shot and he’s deadly. Such a smart ball player.

  • Celts Fan

    Youngfed, I could’ve, just started typing and that’s what came out… been waiting for this day for a LONG time. To see it done by such a classy team, in such a fun way (the ups and downs of this playoffs almost gave me a heart attack, but what a ride!) in a Celtics/Lakers Finals was absolutely amazing. Nights like last night are why we love sports. Went home and watched the 2nd half on DVR to see what I missed while I was at the game. Still smirking like an idiot and probably won’t stop for a while…

    fallinup, if we resign Posey, I think we can definitely repeat. If not, it’s a lot harder. I think the window’s still open, but we’re in a Miami-like situation in that it’s not gonna be open really long. Thankfully, we got one, so now the pressure’s off for next year for them. I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised to see ‘em repeat, but I’m not ready to think to that point yet (except to hope that Eddie House and James Posey get PAID this summer by someone – hopefully us.)



    “BOSTON — Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis says about 30 people were arrested during the Celtics’ championship celebration, most for disorderly conduct.

    Several storefront windows were damaged near the TD Banknorth Garden after the Celtics’ 131-92 win over the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

    Police increased patrols around the arena Tuesday night and early Wednesday and used video surveillance at key areas around the city to control rowdiness.

    Previous New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox championship celebrations have been marred by deaths among revelers.” -Detroit News

    Damn Celts thats how yall get down in Boston. Yall kinda wild

  • Joe

    I think Kobe has really put a stamp on his legacy after this finals appearance. He must be considered the greatest 2nd banana of all time. He won 3 rings playing 2nd fiddle to Shaq, when they went for a 4th title he wanted to be the leader but couldn’t close the deal. Now he leads a team to the finals, but can’t finish the deal. On second thought, maybe he’s the 2nd best 2nd banana of all time…..at least Scottie knew his place and didn’t have a power struggle with MJ

  • chrisGO

    @post #50
    are you a retard?

  • fallinup

    Wow, FED…only 30 arrests???!! In Boston? That’s nuts!

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I think poster #50 was joking…

  • ERIC

    @ Celts Fan – Congrats

    What does everyone think this season (DPOY, Championship) does for KG’s legacy in terms of top PF’s of all-time?

  • fallinup


    The Boston Celebration, would you expect anything less? Damn, do they love their team or what! LOL

  • John Starks

    Game 6 was such a fluidly played game because it was the first game in a while the refs couldn’t interfere. With all the scrutiny, the league office finally told them to back off and just let them play.

    No ghost fouls, no ref-induced momentum shifts to let the Lakers back in the game. They had to just let them play. They couldn’t control the outcome of every play, so the outcome became about who is actually playing better for once.

    I’m not big into conspiracy theories, but the refs definitely do poison the game, and the league office does tell them to make certain calls in certain situations for certain players.

  • Phileus

    I’ve been in shock the whole series…

    What happened to the Lakers that dominated the reigning champions in five games?

    What happened to the Celts that needed seven games to beat the worst team to ever make the playoffs?

    Like maybe most Dime readers I grew up watching the Jordan/Jackson duo dominate the NBA. This season, more than ever, seemed like the second coming. Before this series I would have said Kobe was not a Jordan shadow, but his own man, and this series would let him finally make his own legacy. What happened?

    Did Phil Jackson give a damn this series?

    Completely shell-shocked. Congrats to the Celts and their fans though. It’s hard not to be happy for KG especially.

    P.S.: Did anyone else just want Michele Tafoya to leave KG the hell alone during that awful interview? Let the man have his celebration!

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    @youngfed and fallinup
    only 30 in boston on a celebratio nnight? hell i think theyre where 40 or so here in houston last night and we had nothing to celebrate lately considering hte only team playing is the LASTros

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Phileus — I kinda wanted the media to just let the Celtics have their moment (did you see how there was about 500 people on Boston’s bench and on the baseline for the last minute of the game?) but you knew Tafoya wasn’t leaving that floor without getting her questions in.

  • K Dizzle

    DAMN!!!! That hurt.
    Congrats, Celts – the hungrier team won it.
    After the 3rd quarter, I felt like I was watchin Chappelle go Prince on Charlie Murphy.
    If Kobe woulda had 60, we still woulda lost big. He just had no help. I’m ok with the Celts winnin it cuz they don’t have the players dudes love to hate. Everybody wanted KG and Ray to get a chip and P-Double just took his oppurtunity after years of bein a good soldier.
    I hope last night shut up the KG haters and dudes still sayin junk like “we’ll see how his career is after this” need to disappear. KG can retire right now and he’s still HOF and the TWolves should do him right and retire #21 when he’s done.
    I ain’t goin into panic mode and pullin a Phoenix and callin for blowin up a good thing. Lakers are young. Only Fish is over 30 and I keep hearin too many heads sayin Bynum can’t make that much of a difference next year. Stop the hate please. If any of your teams had a 20 year old 7 foot, 280 lb center who averaged 14 and 10 with 2 blocks while shootin 62% from the field comin off knee surgery and goin into his 4 year, you’d be giddy. More rebounds is more possessions, a bigger body means Gasol doesn’t have to try to guard big bodies. I’m not tradin Lamar Odom and lookin like Phoenix without Marion, dude still got skills but Boston is just murder on the defensive end. What ever happened to lettin dudes learn together, take they lumps and move forward? I think Laker fans just gotta come to grips with the fact that we ran into a defensive buzzsaw. I hope we never face 3 guys and a coach that hungry in the playoffs agin.
    I got 47 texts as the game was ending. Only 7 were legit die-hard Celts fans. The other 40 were straight Laker haters lol.

    @ doc – If Ray played against Cleveland like he played against the Lakeshow, the series doesn’t go 7 and neither does that Atlanta series

    @ Celts fan – Whole new level of respect for Mr. 21, 8, 8, and 6. i remember puttin dude in the top 5 floor leaders in the playoffs over Tony Parker and some dudes losin they minds. Tony Parker didn’t get a jumpshot till 2 seasons ago. Once Rondo gets his, his boardin and defense gonna make him an all-star. I loved dude @ UK leadin the squad in boards so his d and all arounds don’t come as a surprise. Y’all lucky u didn’t lose him in the KG trade.

    @ post#160 – Yeah, you right. Kobe’s a 29 yr. old hasbeen, a scrub who is only the best in the game and got thru the tough western conference cuz he played with Shaq 5 years ago. He led a team to the Finals and couldn’t seal it….cuz Scottie Pippen did that how many times without Mike? You can keep your “stamp”. I’ll wait til he retires

    @ Austin Burton – KG steppin up in a title clincher is why Vince is soft

    lookin forward to next year – Peace

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @K Dizzle — I give KG all the credit in the world for the way he played last night, but it doesn’t erase how he played in the first five games of the series. If he played like that the whole time, Boston might have swept.
    After 10-plus years or not being clutch, does one game wipe it all away and make you clutch forever?

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    one question

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Quick story about Rondo’s jumper: I remember I did a season with Kentucky on NCAA 2K-whatever when he was a sophomore, and he was the best player on the team. I might’ve averaged 8 or 9 steals PER GAME with Rondo. But I swear, he didn’t hit ONE jumper outside 15-feet the entire season. Not one. I never checked, but his shot rating on that game must have been like a 14 out of 100.

  • 92021SpurMD


    NO WAY!!! A legacy is built over time, not overnight. GREATNESS is acheived through a steady flow, not spotty.

  • Celts Fan

    sounds about right AB. You may’ve given him 13 pts too many too. That shit was BROKE at UK

    @KDizzle, Danny refused to part w/ Rondo in the KG deal, instead it was Gomes, a #1 (ours, not theirs back – #3 this year) and a #2. I’d say Ainge got that one right.

    I’ve always looked at Rondo’s ceiling as Tony Parker offensively and an AMAZING defender. His jumper, while still broke, is developing and better than last year. 3 more years at this rate, it’s about average, then look out…

    @Youngfed, it was actually pretty pieceful out there. The idiots wrecking stuff got cuffed real quick. No real rioting, just a few drunks trying to act a fool and ending up in lock-up.
    and 1 person died at the Red Sox celebration (none for any Pats stuff,) and it was AWFUL. After the Sox came back from 0-3 on the Yanks in the ’04 ALCS, there was a large, pretty “racous” (aka drunk) crowd outside near Fenway. tons of cops were there, the crowd got out of control. the cops shot some rubber bullets and pepper spray into the crowd to get control of things. unfortunately, one of the rubber bullets hit some poor girl in the eye and went right through it and hit her brain. it was pretty tragic…

    @Eric, it’s tricky to figure KG’s legacy cuz he’s been proven as a better 2nd banana, but a GREAT one. Does he get rated above Malone for pulling out a chip as the 2nd option (though a HUGE all-=around force for the team) compared to Malone’s individual brilliance as THE GUY on a team that never won a chip? I don’t know, tough to compare (both tended to not be super clutch.) It’s tough to compare guys with different roles. All I know is he’s probably locked himself into the top 20-30 players of all time, and a top 5 PF of all time and he has the undying, unequivical love of both teams’ fans he’s ever suited up for. Whenyou see guys night in, night out, flaws tend to get exposed. KG’s biggest flaw was that he may’ve cared too much (sleepless nights during Detroit series, getting so pumped up he was rendered half useless in some 4th quarters.) Larry Brown would LOVE this guy, he plays the right way and behaves like a class act off the floor. One thing I’ll remember from last night is KG making a point of getting off the bench and hugging and high fiving every single ball boy and towel boy lining the baseline, long after he’d checked out and been mobbed by his teammates and coaches. Dude wanted everybody, regardless of how important they were to the team to be involved. When’s the last time you saw that? When he won DPOY, he waived his teammates over and made them all join him there to take the picture with the award -which they were all holding by that point. Offensively, KG is a 2nd option, defensively, his intensity and fierceness (when he got down on all 4s like a lion ready to pounce, I’m pretty sure Pau wet himself!) set the tone. A true leader in every sense of the word. How that overcomes for him being more a 2nd option offensively is for another day. He’s got his ring, a place in Springfield long locked-up, and soon enough, his number in the rafters in 2 buildings. “ANYTHING IS POSSIBUUUUUULLLLLLL!!!” Now can someone please get him a Zanex?

  • doc

    Celts Fan is feeling hiself today.

  • doc

    If Iggy legit give me the big 3 for him and Thad right now.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    1. Duncan
    2. Barkley
    3. Malone
    4. Garnett

    That’s admittedly without giving it a ton of thought…

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    i would switch malone and barkley on that list austin but thats just me

    i read celts fan talking about kg’s flaws, to be honest IMO his biggest flaw (and this is one that gets me good too) he is greedy. had he opted to take less money in minny he would have had some better company to play around. but hey he had to get paid. what 24.7 mil next season? and that is left over from his contract in minny. maybe he figured out that he can win with less money when he resigned with the celtics but damn he still took a ton of cash. this is a fatal flaw of a ton of nba players. when shaq signed with the heat and turned away 5 mil a yr on his deal i was SHOCKED! and duncan turned down 11 mil on 2 yrs, i was a little surprised (not completely) but damn kg took what $250 mil off the t-wolves and they got nothing in return but some “intensity”

    had he taken say 200 mil and left 50 on the table, who knows maybe they could have signed some decent tallent?

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    My instinct is to take whatever money they’re offering you and run with it, but when you’re talking insane figures like that, yes, Garnett could have thought more of the team than of himself. But I can’t in good conscience down a guy for getting every dollar he can so long as he’s not hurting anyone.

    Now what he DOES with that money is another story. I like hearing about guys like Warrick Dunn and Shaq who do good things with their money and give back to the people.

  • Dave

    someone get cafeteria lady hairnet boy a LIFE ALERT….”I’VE FALLEN and CAN’T GET UP!!!!!”

    Good to see Doc get his, and Ray and PP. The only problem I had with anything last night was KG’s interview….he sounded so bad and I was embarrased for him….he only knows about 11 words and two of them are MF. Glad he was happy, but come on KG, get real.

  • Celts Fan

    na Doc, just feeling KG and the Celtics. Still got that sh*t eating grin going…

    I’d switch Barkley and Malone too, but that looks about right Austin.

    KG’s biggest flaw in Minnesota, if you awnt to get technical, is that McHale is a clown and broke the rules to lock up Joe Smith of all people. Goodbye 4 out of 5 #1s in KG’s prime. Taking less $$$ would’ve helped, but having your draft picks to be able to add to the team probably woulda helped more (let’s be real, big time free agents aren’t flocking to Minnesota, KG or not.) Another flaw was that he was stuck as THE GUY, when he’s definitely a better #2 (offensively anyway.)

    Imagine how differently things may’ve been in Minn. had they either kept Ray or, been able to work things out w/ Marbury after Ray Ray was dealt for him…

  • Heat 24

    I was hoping someone would knock the tar outta Sasha…… Oh he got on my nerves the whole dang gone series…. Way to Go C’s…. I’m so happy KG, PP, and Ray Ray got theirs, and Doc. I mean I have never seen defense played like that in the 21st century!!! that was amazaing!! The game was off the hook, I’m sad to see the season over but it went out with a BIG GREEN/WHITE BANG!


    celts did it


    and they may not do it again

  • Snoop

    and it’s 187 on a mutha-fukkin cop

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    i agree get al lthe money you can so long as it hurts nobody else, BUT when you take all the money the team could use to bring in AT LEAST ONE player who could help ,dont need all those big names, just one good solid guy would help bring in the other guys. look at the spurs as an example, the free agents have come running for the chance to play in a tiny little market in the middle of hot ass south texas.

    the other thing, when you take all the money and your team cant aford those help guys, then you have no right to whine about not ever getting over the hump. you cant blame management when you took all their working money.
    when you have 60 mil to hire 13 + men and 1 guy takes 1/3 of all your money BY HIMSELF then that man cannot complain about the help he is given. on top of that, all that money DID hurt someone, it hurt the fans and listening to the radio there are a ton of fans not real happy with him.

    and sorry celt fan but ray ray never played in minny, milly maybe not minny.

  • K Dizzle

    @ RJ

    Ray Allen was traded for Steph on draft day.
    Celts is sayin if they coulda kept Ray, it coulda been different and takin less money’s cool and all, but I never heard about MJ takin less money. It comes down to management and how smart they are. We can all agree McHale wasn’t that smart durin KG’s tenure. You lose 4 first rounders for a Joe Smith then lose him too, that’s a bad decision.
    Even the spurs were payin D-Rob and Tim and smart gm’in got then TP late in the draft and Ginobili was 2nd round money.
    The fact that the Celts won the chip this season is the perfect example of good gm work and a little luck cuz PP,KG and Ray gotta be eatin up about 75-80% of the Celts cap

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Milwaukee drafted Steph at #4, Minnesota took Ray at #5, then they traded, kind of like when Vince and Jamison were traded on Draft day. (I never understood the point of that, BTW.)

  • Celts Fan

    Ranger, San Antonio, is hot and the place looks like a really nice town. as for Minnesota, I’ve heard the people are nice, but that bitch is frozen 9 months a year. Not the same, Minnesota will never be a free agent destination in any sport. It’s just too cold (and if you like/don’t mind the cold and want the midWest, first choice would probably be Chicago)

    I’m not going to make excuses for KG, Tim Duncan would have at least gotten his teams to the Playoffs and out of the first round had they switched teams their entire careers, but when KG was given the right cast around him to let him excel at what he does best and be the #2 scorer (or at least not have a ton of pressure on him to have to get 25,) which has only been twice in his entire career, he’s gotten to the WCF and copped a ring. This wasn’t TMac losing with Yao or other solid teammates he’s had, this was Kobe losing in the 1st round with Smush Parker and Kwame Brown, only if the Lakers decided to try to cheat to keep Brian Cook aroudn too and kept Smush and Kwame until Kobe got pissed and raped a bitch, I mean asked to be traded (only instead of asking out like a dick, KG still insisted that he wanted to retire in Minnesota until he was eventually traded anyway.)

  • Kobe

    LOL @ POST 193

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/djkianoosh djKianoosh

    huge Spurs news!!

    word out of Argentina’s news outlets is that Ginobili’s ankle is worse than what the Spurs previously thought. He’s going to go through another 3 weeks of tests and his participation in Beijing for Argentina’s Gold medal defense is in doubt!. He just arrived in the country and he’s said that the ankle is worse than what the Spurs staff originally thought.

    listening to Argentina vs Brasil on the radio right now, and they just reported this at the halftime update. bad blow to argentina. hopefully for the Spurs he’ll be able to rehab it and get back to 100% by next season. he doesn’t have to play in the olympics. he’s already won the gold and as an argentine fan, I say thanks Manu, but please rest and get healthy first and foremost.

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…doing the wop, running man, cabbage patch and mudfoot

    So just for the sake of wonderment lol. Just think if ATL had beat Boston somehow. I have to wonder with the way the Lakers played a team out the East still would have gotten them.

    Homecourt was big this year. Matter of fact I have to also wonder if Boston could have won had they not had the first two games at home. Don’t get me wrong yes I know they won in LA and beat them up bad for the last game. I am just wondering if the 7 games were somehow switched to wear Boston doesn’t get to play the first 2 at home would the series be different or at least go to 7?

    It’s good Boston had the best record in the L this year. Homecourt helped them out a great deal. I bet more teams are going to be fighting harder than ever for homecourt and higher seeds next year.

    Anyway that is all on some if and wondering stuff.

    Still Boston got it and congrats again. For a long time I didn’t know if KG or Paul was ever going to get theirs. I felt like KG was waisting away in Minny (here that LeBron) and I hated it for Paul when fat boi (Antoine Walker) got one.

    I am glad to be able to see KG be “certified” and for Paul to have one that he deserves not like Toine who disrespects the game and money to much for my taste.

    Congrats Boston.

  • http://www.theverticalsummit.com VERTMAN

    Wow!!!! I still can’t believe the Celtics won the NBA finals! So sweet it is after all these yrs. LA vs Celtics made it a classic one for sure. And you know the Lakers are kicking themselves for being up & losing it a few times.

    Ray Allen was awesome
    The Truth was the man – MVP
    KG – that one shot was SWEET! You know the one.
    Rondo was very impressive, dude has some QUICK hands!
    James Posey is the most underrated NBA player in the league!
    Peace & chicken grease!

  • Buck Fush

    @fallinup #151
    That is absolutely fucking classic

    Stephen Jackson was offered a low deal, thought he could bank elsewhere, and like someone said ended up taking even less $$ with the Hawks I think it was.

    And I can’t believe you of all ppl actually defended Karl Malone on any topic, dirty mofo you talkin’ about there. Knocked D-Rob out with that elbow.

    that really sucks about manu

    -SAS Sizzle aka BuckFush aka ginobiliwilldestroyyou

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    lmao SAS
    i didnt exactly “defend” malone, just said i would put his “legacy” in history over the round mound of rebound. (never was a fan of either but barkley just always rubbed me the wrong way by just being alive)