NBA Draft / Jun 27, 2008 / 4:22 pm

Top Undrafted Players

RobyRichard Roby

Guys looking for free agent deals and summer league tryouts…

Keith Brumbaugh, SF, Hillsborough CC — A big-time recruit coming out of high school, Brumbaugh got into trouble at Oklahoma State and has bounced around since then. He’s talented enough to get a look over the summer, but the character issues definitely hurt his cause.

Brian Butch, C, Wisconsin — Another guy who seemed like a future Lottery pick coming out of high school, Butch could land on an NBA roster someday, but has been racked by injuries throughout his career.

Jamar Butler, PG, Ohio State — The player with the most wins in OSU history was destined for an overseas career. Good college player, just not NBA material.

Pat Calathes, SF/PF, St. Joe’s — Cut from the Steve Novak/Raef LaFrentz/Matt Bonner cloth, Calathes is a 6-10 shooter who will have to blow somebody away in the summer leagues to get a training camp invite.

Jaycee Carroll, SG, Utah State — Another dead-eye shooter who will get buckets in another country.

Josh Duncan, PF, Xavier — One of the strongest players in the Orlando Pre-Draft Camp is a little stiff and not the greatest athlete, but is one of those guys who could eventually land on an NBA roster and carve out a niche as a screen-setter and rebounder.

Gary Forbes, SF, UMass — He killed it at the pre-draft camp and seemed like a lock to get taken in the second round. You’ll hear from him this summer.

Jamont Gordon, PG/SG, Mississippi State — A big point guard who can score, rebound, handle and pass (plus he’s a lefty), Gordon was probably the best player to not get drafted. Guess he should have gone back to MSU for his senior year.

Kyle Hines, PF, UNC-Greensboro — A 20-10 caliber workhorse in college, but undersized (6-6) for his position.

Davon Jefferson, SF, USC — At one point near the end of the college season, Jefferson was still projected as a first-round pick. The freshman made a big mistake coming out, but making money overseas isn’t the worst thing in the world, especially is USC’s program may face NCAA sanctions.

Marcelus Kemp, SG, Nevada — One of those guys who seemed like he was in college for 8 years. After Nick Fazekas left Nevada, everyone seemingly forgot about Kemp.

Chris Lofton, SG/PG, Tennessee — Someone who probably would have been picked had he gone pro earlier. Teams might have been willing to overlook his drop-off in production as a senior due to his cancer complications, but at the end of the day Lofton is still a 6-2 gunner who’s not much of a point guard.

Derrick Low, PG, Washington State — Teammate Kyle Weaver went in the 2nd round to Charlotte, but Low, the leader of the recently successful WSU squads, wasn’t even a thought on draft night.

Drew Neitzel, PG, Michigan State — The handful of Syracuse fans in the Dime office always liked to ask, “If Gerry McNamara can’t make it in the NBA, why would Neitzel?” Good point.

DeMarcus Nelson, SF/SG, Duke — We all knew DeMarcus hit his ceiling a couple of years ago. He might be a productive guy overseas, but don’t bet anything on him ever seeing NBA burn.

David Padgett, PF, Louisville — Even if he hadn’t dealt with injuries his entire college career, Padgett still would have had a hard time getting picked.

Charles Rhodes, PF, Mississippi State — Slightly undersized for his position and doesn’t have eye-popping skills.

Brian Roberts, SG, Dayton — Explosive college scorer destined to kill it overseas.

Richard Roby, SG, Colorado — Two years ago, Roby was a probably first-round pick when he pulled out of the draft at the last minute. What happened? Guarantee he gets a summer league shot with the Nuggets, though. Why? The Denver fans know him, and he’s Kenyon Martin’s half-brother.

Bryce Taylor, SG, Oregon — Solid player and good shooter with NBA bloodlines, but he’ll have to latch on with someone in training camp to get his shot.

Reggie Williams, SF/SG, VMI — One of the most productive scorers on the college level over the past couple of years, Reggie will put up big numbers in the minors or overseas and will get his 10-day eventually.

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  • ERIC

    What ever happened to Derrick Caracter?

  • Sam I Am

    Derrick Low will make it just watch

  • babyboi

    Brian Randle

  • Truth

    I just hope most of em got they degrees cause they gone need them b*tches! Welcome to the work force and the recreational gyms!! LOL!!
    Most of em will prolly get some overseas looks if they worth something. I believe Lofton, brumbaugh, low, roby and a few of the others will end up playing overseas. They rest of these dudes. Get your resume’s ready. And Sprint likes potential workers in ties and slacks. LOL!!!

  • Kobeef


    DC announced he is going back to Louisville….but his coach disagrees. Should be interesting to see how that works out.

    D. Stern is looking at this list and thinking “I made my point with the age limit”.

    Some of these guys were considered future pros in high school but just didn’t put it together in the more competitive NCAA world (Padgett, Nelson, Brumbaugh, Butch). Stern probably saved some teams from draft busts.

  • http://www.myspace.com/lilpenny23 JHov

    It suprised me that Jamont Gordon (MSU) didn’t get selected! It was also suprising that he refused to participate in the Orlando pre-draft camp. Gordon’s game reminds me of Baron Davis with a lower hops. I think he makes a roster next season

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…ain’t the one that’ll pay fo ya phone

    Wow that is probably the best group of undrafted cats I have seen.

    Seriously I promise a lot of those cats could do better than some of the name and no-name cats that actually got picked in the draft. Shame.

  • Bron42 had springs before slamball

    Most of them are one dimensional cats who shoulda left sooner but got stuck in loaded draft classes. Roby was supposedly the next allen houston 2 years ago so hopefully with the talk of JR smith leavin (to the spurs?bwah?) roby could get a roster spot and fill in as their deep threat and be less of a head case.

  • Zach

    Drew Nietzel is my man just to bad he’s so damn short I hope he gets on overseas cause he’s a warrior

  • Desrat

    I live in the same town as Washington State. D. Lowe is a workhorse and he has the head to play the game. I hope he makes it to a place I can wathc him play again.

  • http://www.kwanzoo.com Matthew Kimel

    The Miami Heat should pick up some of these guys, maybe they will win 20 this year!

  • doc

    They going over the water because none of them pricks league material.

  • Pepgirl

    D.Low has the potential to be NBA material and I would love to see him play again.
    Go Cougs!

  • SayItAintSo

    Dude, D-Low is worthless…furthermore, I have no respect for an individual who leaves HAWAII to live in PULLMAN WASHINGTON for four years.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    So Low was supposed to TURN DOWN a chance to play Pac-10 basketball?

  • Celts Fan “Kobe, Tell me how my ass tastes”

    haha exactly AB. Hawaii is my idea of paradise, but so is playing Pac10 ball and your job being playing a game. If dude made the NBA, he’d be able to go back to Hawaii afterwards with a much better situation…

    I was surprised Calathes didn’t get drafted. All the guys you compared him to are fine NBA players (just gotta keep their salary in Novak’s range and not throw Raef money at those type of guys.) I heard he and Gary Forbes tore up some predraft camps and were almost locks to be in the 30s. When guys dropped, that obviously pushed them down, but out of the draft? damn…

    After watching Xavier a few times this year, I feel almost sure Josh Duncan will be in the NBA at some point. He’s strong as hell, 6’8″ and has a pretty sweet jumper. Not the best athlete in the world, but when you’re strong as a bull and can shoot, there’s a place for you. I could see him being the surprise of the summer leagues (or Euroleague) and playing his way to the NBA quicker than people think.

    Richard Roby’s another guy I think will make the NBA. He can’t defend worth a damn, but that jumper is pure. Hell, I could see him making the Nuggets this year, especially if JR leaves.

    Drew Neitzel, just like Gerry Mac, seems like a guy that could be a STUD overseas.

    Derrick Low – If JJ Barea can make a team, you never know…

    Davon Jefferson – this guy is a fuckin bum. He declares for the draft then, signs w/ an agent locking himself into having to stay in the draft, then according to all kinds of reports, shows up out of shape and with a deserving attitude and no heart? He’s got KG’s attitude… only the exact opposite. Enjoy Poland clown. Hopefully that puts some work ethic into you, cuz you should’ve been better or at least tried harder. Develop that, and we should see him again at some point (if he’s injured and we don’t know it, fine, but I heard he’s just got no heart/passion for the game, and that’s completely inexcusable with so much on the line.)

  • jamont

    pat calathes should have been drafted and is going to kick ass in the nba

  • Scott

    Gary Forbes could be a legit NBA player if he can improve his Defense. If he lands on a team with a veteran mentor swingman he’d be legit.

    Calathes can play in the L and Duncan could be a solid role player.

    Someone you’d never think of, but I think could be a role player in the L, is Etienne Brower of Umass. Not to be a homer, but at 6’8″ he has NBA range, can shut down SF’s, and is a plus rebounder at the 3. Underrated.

  • Len Bias

    Pat Calathes has Greek citizenship so he will def. be making cash ballin it up in the future

  • lalala

    do you think davon jefferson will ever make it to the nba?

  • lalala

    do you think davon jefferson will ever make it to the nba?

  • Dont BE A DURANT

    Kevin Durant AKA KD treats his real blood family Like (#@*%) you know what I mean. Him and his mom Miss. Wanda A Pratt dont do anything for their blood family, his Only brother , I’ve seen this my self is being treated like and out sider, His mom waited almost two years before she desided to move her mother out of the hood in capital heights MD. You see articales in the papper where kevin Durant has given several Different familys Bike and xmas gifts, and yet he hasent given any KIDS in his own family nothing at all. Oh, Im sorry he did give six of them a free tickit the his home game, wow you mean to say that Nike give you $60 million,gatorade a few million, AE Sorts, trading cards, and commercial for all kinds of things and YOU CANT HIT your own family with somethin? Hey if you ever see him asked him what he’s done since the Draft for his family

  • Rob

    Where’s Josh Heytvelt?? This kid has great length at 6’11”. He blocks shots and is a great shooter. Should have been drafted and should be on this list!