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Carlos Boozer Starts Beef, Carmelo weighs in on the Camby trade, and Josh Smith to Miami?

Carlos BoozerCarlos Boozer, Dime #35

Watch out for the next time the Heat and Jazz play. Asked about the trade rumors involving him and Miami, Carlos Boozer said, “I live in Miami during the offseason. Obviously, they have a huge hole at power forward. I’m very good friends with [Heat owner] Micky Arison. So, the rumors are going to fly. We’ll worry about those later.” Huge hole at power forward? Mike Beasley probably laughs that one off, but Udonis Haslem might have a little elbow grease in store for Booz … On the topic of Heat trades, though, we’d be all about a sign-and-trade with the Hawks for Josh Smith. Ink J-Smoove for $11 million per year — that’s Kevin Martin money — throw in Speedy Claxton ($5.7 million), and you’re in the ballpark to match Shawn Marion‘s salary. The Heat get a young core of D-Wade, Beasley and Smith, and the Hawks stay good enough to be a playoff team next year with a guy in Marion who matches a lot of what Smith did for them and has plenty of playoff experience … The Warriors completed the second major piece of their post-Baron rebuilding, getting Andris Biedrins inked to a reported six-year, $63 million deal. Too much dough for a guy with very little offensive game? Probably not if he’s 22, 7-feet tall and has some 20-rebound games under his belt … More NBA/Europe rumors: Jason Williams has gotten an offer from Maccabi Tel Aviv (Israel), and Dan Dickau has the interest of UNICS Kazan (Russia) … In an article in the Boston Glovbe, Carmelo Anthony said when he’d first heard about the Marcus Camby trade, he thought he was the one who’d been dealt. “Everybody was blowing my phone up,” ‘Melo said. “So I picked up my phone and called back someone who said, ‘Did you hear what happened?’ I said, ‘Where am I going now?’ I was just laughing and joking about how much was involving the Denver Nuggets right now. So I was like, ‘Where am I going?'” … On his opinion of the Camby trade, ‘Melo said, “I played five years with Camby; it was like we almost started an organization together. To see a Defensive Player of the Year just leave like that for nothing, I still don’t understand that.” We understand it: Money over winning … ‘Melo and Team USA are in Macao, getting ready for the next leg of their pre-Olympic exhibition schedule. The next opponent, Turkey, isn’t going to the Olympics, but if they have their full squad — including Hedo Turkoglu and Mehmet Okur — they’re no pushovers. If Hedo gets hot and starts giving the U.S. major buckets, Tayshaun Prince should get a lot of PT and get the assignment. He was giving Hedo problems in the playoffs, including that series-clinching rejection in Game Five … Summer-league success story: Charles Rhodes, undrafted out of Mississippi State, was impressive enough to get a training camp invite from the Mavs. He might have a hard time making the roster, seeing as Brandon Bass does all of the same things Rhodes does and is more athletic … The WNBA is having a contest where you can design team shooting shirts, and the winner gets their design turned into actual product. Chauncey Billups turned in a design of his own, which you can see HEREDoc Rivers is tough. Recalling this past season, Tony Allen said, “Doc was trying to push me all year. He was saying to me: ‘TA, your knee is not hurt! Quit saying your knee is f***ing hurt!” Funny, that’s the exact opposite of what the Blazers were saying to Darius Miles for the last two years … We’re out like Dickau …

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  • Ding Dong We Got Big Snacks

    First. Free the Knicks!

  • j from la

    boozer aint a top 5 pf in the league, warriors lost their captain and waste 63 mil on a guy u can get from da d league and y is tony allen in dime smack hes da 18th guy on the team n he will b cut in training camp.

  • Kobe

    Second. Free the Knicks!

  • j from Ia

    boozer aint a top 5 pf in the league, hes top 3.

  • j from la

    biendrins for mvp?

  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life daQueSt?oN

    lmfao @ tony allen and darius miles

  • j from la

    duncan,garnett,dirk, al jefferson and elton brand r all better than boozer. boozer has too many silent games to b a top 5 pf. i wonder wat euro team will offer tony allen a deal? a team in africa might give him a minimum deal

  • heavy d

    Serious BYC issues with your idea of sending Josh Smith to Miami. Also, if the Hawks don’t want to pay Josh Smith 11M per season why would they pay Shawn Marion 17M for a 1 year rental.

  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life daQueSt?oN

    @ the miami trade.. would you really want a very young team with smith, who’s supposedly a knucklehead, beasly who is supposedly immature and like to pull pranks, and a rookie coach that nobody has ever heard of??

  • imung lolo upaw

    PF by rank: Duncan, Garnett, Nowitzki, Brand, Boozer

  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life daQueSt?oN

    btw id take that smith marion trafe

  • Luigi

    Booz is nothin special. i mean hes solid but id rate


    over him but hes top 10 TOPS in the NBA

  • Luigi

    i meant Top 10 PF’s in the NBA not top 10 players in the NBA kuz if it was that. then hed be top 30 players

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I wouldn’t put O’Neal over Boozer, and Bosh is arguable.

  • bill

    Marion >>> Smith

  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life daQueSt?oN

    bosh plays a different style than boozer. Bosh is more of a finesse style player while boozer is more of a bruiser, but bosh is taller and younger, but there is no way o’neal is better than boozer, hes always hurt, he plays like hes 40 and skill wise i think boozer is better

  • Coop

    Boozer once again showing how stupid one man can be. Oh, and he’s not even close to top 3 pf. He couldn’t defend a brick wall.

  • Coop

    Oh, and on the Melo/Denver thing- ‘money over winning’ dont be dense please Dime; as if it’s been any other way for anyone else? you think it’s not been a business before now? You think owners got where there are by pissing away loads of money on guys who can’t get past the first round? Er no. And dont feast on every ‘will so and so get X amount of money’ story that comes up then deride the business factor.


  • M

    @ Coop
    I should remember that statement, funny

  • Three Stacks

    I forgot Smith is a BYC player. That would make it almost impossible to trade him for anyone whose salary is around $16-17 million (like Marion), even if they do throw in Claxton. Unless they give up Pachulia, too.

    BYC rules are retarded in situations like this. The rule was made to prevent teams from signing players to contracts specifically to match salaries with a trade target. Whose gonna argue Josh Smith isn’t worth at least $10 million a year?

    Sucks for the Hawks. Maybe they can trade Smith for Artest, then, since Ron’s salary isn’t that high. Smith and Claxton for Odom still works, too, if Smith signs for around $12 million.

  • dagwaller

    Some good posts so far. My main thoughts, though, are for the first couple of paragraphs. Udonis Haslem is a serviceable PF at best. If he was a “serviceable” center, that would be great. Unfortunately for him, he plays in an era in which PFs are an elite position. Compared to Boozer, he’s expendable.

    Josh Smith is worth 11 mil a year, but his agent won’t sign him for that. I bet he’d sign in Russia somewhere if they paid him enough. That having been said, if I’m the Hawks, I’d take a trade for Shawn Marion. He’s young enough to still have some good years in him (and I’m not a huge Marion fan), and his mindset is such that he’d be a good fit. That is, “I’m then man – throw me the ball”. No problem, considering that after Joe Johnson (his old teammate), there’s not too much offensively for the Hawks. Might be a little too sweet for the Heat – they’d need to throw in a draft pick or two. Which, considering the youth that they’d have with Wade, Beasley, and Smith, wouldn’t be too much to part with.

  • dagwaller

    Also, I think that Carlos Booze is garbage for what happened with the Cavs/the fact that he played for Duke.

    And j from la, Beidrins is probably better than whoever your team is trotting out at center, unless you’re a Magic, Clippers, or Rockets fan.

  • Three Stacks

    @ dagwaller

    you think Biedrins is the 4th best center in the L? Really? And you think Chris Kaman is a top 3 center in the L? Or do you mean Camby? Either way, really?

    I assume Bynum will be better. I’d say Tyson Chandler is better, too. Oden, probably. And maybe even Shaq, still.

    And that’s just true centers…if you count players that primarily played the 5 last yr, you can add Al Jefferson, Chris Bosh, Al Horford, Rasheed Wallace…..probably more.

  • Edwin

    Whoa, whoa, whoa dagwaller… Beidrins will get abused by Andrew Bynum. I’m assuming that’s who j from la roots for. In fact there are many other centers in this league that would abuse him. He is an “energy” guy. Works really hard, not much else. 10 mil a year is WAY too much for him, especially considering that they didn’t want to give B-Diddy a new deal.

  • Three Stacks

    I wouldn’t say 10 mill is WAY too much for a double double guy, especially considering how rare a good center is nowadays. He shoots almost .600 too, as fantasy players would know.

    I’m just concerned cause this means the Lakers gotta throw a max contract at Bynum if he plays remotely well this yr.

  • dagwaller

    Fellas, I’m not going to get into an argument on a definitive top 10 centers of the league list. Point is, after Dwight Howard and Yao, there’s a jumble of comparatively similar players at that position. And no matter who you have ahead of him, you have to admit, he’s better than someone “you could get from the D League”, as j claimed.

    I like Andrew Bynum, but we have about one half of a season of good (not great) ball from him. Chandler is in the same league, Shaq is on his way out of that tier, Oden hasn’t played A SINGLE MINUTE, the other guys you’ve listed are power forwards…meh. No one really stands out after D Ho and Yao.

  • Bruce

    Andris Biedrins – Does own any post-up moves, no set offense, and I rather have Ben Wallace or Shaq at the free throw line. GSW — Dampier, Foyle, Patrick O-Bryant, and now this! Monta is a natural socring guard bot a point guard. Boom Dizzle was the head of the snake.

    What is all the fuss over J-Smooth? J-Smooth for Odom, no way. Get Ron-ron!

    Team USA — Bring on The World! LeBron guaranteed the gold and there is nothing any country can do!

  • João

    Trade Haslem for Jeff Foster and we are set ,,,


    The bench

    James Jones

  • Coop

    Bruce, I am reading you right- you’re saying you wouldn’t give up Odom for Smith? If that’s what you’re saying then you need treatment right away because that’s just plain stupid.

  • Three Stacks

    Odom is a better all around ball player than Smith. Better handles, better passing skills, better rebounder. Both need a midrange J.

    If (big if) by some chance Lakers get Smith, I think it’ll be dejavu. I’ll just be yelling at the TV cause a super talented lefty can’t make an 18 foot jump shot.

    Except all those layups that Odom misses, Smoove will throw down everyones head. So just for that, I’d want him.

  • Coop

    This is madness mate- Odom is a stoner who’s what, 29 is it? 28 I cant remember. He’s not going to improve that’s pretty much a fact. Smith isn’t far off in terms of rebounding ability (which will improve you would think), he scores more and is roughly 20 times the defender Odom is. Granted, Odom is a better passer and ball handler but thats not really what you need from a sf or pf is it? it’s nice but not the primary requirement.
    not to mention the big point here i.e potential.

  • Yoooo

    The Lakers don’t need Josh Smith. He isn’t the fit they’re looking for. They need a tough, perimter defender with the ability to knock down the 3, get to the line AND finish around the damn basket… My choice is Stephen Jackson. Not as expensive as those other guys and he is a proven winner. And he has balls man. Doesn’t shy away from the moment. He’s just a dickhead in his personal life. On the Court he’s cool tho.

    I also wouldn’t have minded Jr Smith on the squad instead of Sasha, even though im a huge Sasha fan who thinks Jr is dumb. He’s just tough man. Can do what Sasha can and can’t do and adds explosion around the rim. And he gives maximum effort on D

  • Ashlov

    I’d rather the Heat trade for Luol Deng than Josh Smith. But I don’t think either of those trades happen due to BYC complications. If the Bulls threw in Larry Hughes, it would work, but again, unlikely.

  • the_don_mega


    gotta luv the suggestion of having Cap’n Jack with the Lake show! much cheaper than Ron-Ron… but does somehow does the things he does anyways (on n’off the court that is), watcha cats think?

  • shake&bake

    Is that white or black Jason Williams?

  • Logan Light

    Wow… that Miami deal for Josh Smith actually makes TONS of sense for both teams. PLUS you get to reunite Marion and JJ.

    Some of these organizations need to start reading dimemag.com!




    Pistons say price too high for Hawks’ Josh Smith
    July 28, 2008

    A team source confirmed the Pistons did approach the Atlanta Hawks weeks ago about a possible sign-and-trade deal involving restricted free agent small forward Josh Smith, but said Sunday that the two teams haven’t talked in weeks.

    The source indicated the Hawks were asking for too much, and both sides walked away from any possible deal.

    A blog on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Web site said that a “Western Conference power and Eastern Conference big dog” have offered deals.

    There has been speculation for several weeks that the Pistons would be interested in acquiring someone of Smith’s caliber.

    Smith, 22, averaged 17.2 points, 8.2 rebounds and 2.8 blocked shots in his fourth season in the league. – Freep.com


  • doc

    If Josh go anywhere he need to go West or overseas.Dont come East teaming up with Wade giving my Sixers trouble.

  • miamiVIS3

    I would definitley take a trade for J-smoove because he adds so much to the defense with his shot blocking and if Zo decides to come back the defense would be ridculous.

    @ joao
    adding a sub-par center doesn’t really do much because assuming matrix stays him and Beasley should hold down rebounding and blount should do okay as the 5th option on offense and shouldn’t get too exposed on D

  • Dagomar

    Top PFs:

    1. Duncan (arguable because he really plays C)
    2. KG
    3. Bosh
    4. Dirk
    5. Amare
    6. Boozer
    7. Brand

    Bosh is more versatile than any of the guys under him, and he actually plays some defense (unlike Amare or Dirk). Amare is good but he still gets alot of his buckets from his athleticism and playing with Nash/Shaq – and Bosh torches him. I put Boozer over Brand until we see what Brand’s like coming back from injury; when Brand is healthy he is a more complete/consistent player.

  • Skeeter McGee

    I’d love to think that Boozer is great, but I think we under-emphasize the importance of Deron Williams being his point guard. He wasn’t having those type of years in Cleveland but I guess that’s just what I think.

    Al Jefferson has to get some love, because apparently the Celtics were really reluctant to let go of him even though they got KG in return. It’s a shame that AJ is playing on a shit squad, otherwise more people would be able to see how talented he is…

  • Top_Gun

    Boozer is a playoff dud…plus Bosh always gets the start over Boozer for the US team. I still think Boozer is Top 10 PF in the league.
    6.Jermaine O’neal
    7.Elton Brand

  • doc

    Bosh not better than Dirk or Amare.What D he got that they dont.


    Yall are Trippin’. how you gonna have a top PF list without SHEED!



    Bosh is Better thand Dirk and Amare. Sorry Doc

  • Kobeef

    I would not do the Matrix for JMoove trade.

    The Hawks are a young team and need to build for the future – Matrix has reached his peak and is past prime…actually he was not that good post-Nash. Also he is a big time me-first player/locker room problem.

    Josh is only 22 and will get much better. He is already better than Matrix.

    If anything the Hawks should trade Josh for a real center so they can move Al Jefferson to PF. Marvin Williams would also put up come nice numbers if he ever saw the ball (not likely with Bibby).

    Boozer is an idiot. Every year he is a no-show in the playoffs and yet he still thinks of himself as one of the best in the league. He’s got some skill but I’d nver bring him near my team.

  • Kobeef

    Correcetion on the above comment – “move all Horford to PF” ….

  • doc

    How is Bosh better than Dirk who got MVP and a finals appearance as the MAIN star.Amare will beast his ass also but the dude Bosh gets overatted to me.What has he done besides put his little stats up.Do he even average 10 boards.He cant even get the Raptors a top seed in the East now watch Elton come do it .A real power forward,not some skinny ass tall guy shooting Js with no post game.Somebody with that description shouldnt be allowed to be named the best 3rd best 4 in the game.The 3rd best power forward in the game gets his team out the 1rst round.Bigs are supposed to control the outcome right?At least thats what everyone says on here,you need a big to win.He should be horsing the 1rst round by himself.He better than Dirk because Dirk lost in the 1rst round a year after going to the chip.Put Bosh on Dallas they fall off some and Dirk in Toronto they are a threat to get out round 1.That to me means he’s better.

  • doc

    And Bosh is not corny.But he is WORSE than Dirk and to me Amare.They would both go ahead of Bosh in my draft.People just go off the hype that certain names got.

  • DaPro

    I’d go Bosh over Amare too

    Better scorer than STAT and defender

  • http://myspace.com/bigfreeze101 Big Freeze

    Isn’t Beasly going to play the SF position? So Boozer was correct when stating that Miami has a huge hole at the PF position. Haslem is decent, but that’s about it. Quit trying to start beef and realize that Carlos was just stating a fact. If Haslem has a problem with Boozer’s statement, maybe he will quit trying to shoot those broke 15 footers and actually take it to the rack.

  • dagwaller

    Good post, doc.


    Bosh is a beast with way more allaround game than Amare. Now him and Dirk are debatable, but Amare ain’t. If Bosh goes to Dallas, HOW DO THEY FALL OFF? Also most people think gaurds control the outcome of games. CP#, Chauncey, DWill…etc.

  • SD32

    Hey Carlos, I was flying across the US the other day & saw a ‘huge hole’ as well, turns out it was UTAH! (btw i’m a bitter cavs fan if u couldnt tell…). And cheers FED, was worried about smith goin 2 detroit, that would seriously fuck with the east

  • nick

    switch dirk and bosh from dallas to toronto and the raptors have an even worse chance of getting out of the first round. dirk is more perimeter oriented then bosh plus does not get to the ft line anywhere near as much as bosh. yes he does hit more 3’s then bosh but other then that he is the lesser player. plus his defense is less then desireable.

  • Coop

    this isnt about ‘if he went there’ thats an illogical argument and totally redundant. Bosh is NOT a good defender, at least STAT gets blocks a plenty. He’s also the superior scorer and isnt just a jump-shooter. I’d take Amare. And Dirk was MVP so really thats not even close.

    And to answer your question, they’d fall off exactly the same. What exactly do you think caused their loss to Golden State? Was it their lack of a jump-shooting, poor-defending pf? er, no, i think not.

  • Tony B

    When you see guys like Dalembert get $10 million contracts (and Jerome f$#!%*n James get about $5-6 million) wouldn’t you expect Biedrens’ camp to ask for at least the same amount?

    Also this summer Andrew Bogut got 5 years and $72.5 million. So basically if you look at the market its easy to see how Andres gets that amount.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    I think that boozer, even with his lack of defense, is better than Amare.

    That said, I don’t think any of Turkey’s NBA players are playing on their national squad. I could be wrong, but I know Memo’s not playing on it.

  • doc

    What is Bosh all around game?He shoots jumpshots.And everybody that says all Dirk do is shoot treys dont watch the dam games so what they say is irrelevant.Whoever picks Bosh over Dirk is losing they dam job the next day.And Amare was asked to come on this Olympic tea over Bosh for what reason?So he can bang the boards and be a presence down low.What everybody is saying is our weakness because we have Bosh and Boozer instead of Amare and Tyson.People can debate Amare for arguments but his stats and team records speak for itself.He even was in the playoffs with fucking Marbury.Tell Bosh to do that!

  • doc

    @nick stop making shit up.NBA.com has Bosh shot 559 free throws and Dirk shot 544.What does that equal to 0.5 more attempts a game.Just shows people go off what they hear or imagine instead of watching or researching.


    Don’t count the Pistons out of the Josh Smith sweepstakes. Joey D just might still make it happen.


    @Doc Dirk has played alot longer than Bosh.

  • DaPro

    Dirk isn’t in the argument for me, I’d take him over anybody but Duncan, KG, maybe Sheed

    STAT is a help defender but he gets killed gaurdign his man one on one

    Bosh has better range and doesn’t play in a system designed to help his game

    If STAT isn’t playing pick and roll with Nash than his game suffers

    How will his game be once his athletiscism drops??

  • dagwaller

    Jeeeeez, doc, I thought defending Dirk was MY job.

  • weezy f

    is it just me or is deron williamas ALREADY starting to go bald

  • tealish

    Luigi says:

    Booz is nothin special. i mean hes solid but id rate


    over him but hes top 10 TOPS in the NBA
    Your list was good until you hit Bosh and O’neal. I’d take Booz over those two every time.

  • tealish

    Lol @ Youngfed: Those are not career numbers, silly. Give up the Bosh debate. He’s nowhere near Dirk.

  • Ian

    lol sheed numbner 4 good one

    i have to say that exactly my list

    easily top 5
    u can swith amare and brand doesnt matter

    id take a healthy oneal over booz but since thats not happening

  • doc

    @Dag.I just know you gotta respect the best if they black white or brown.Aint no way Bosh better than Dirk right now.

  • Skeeter McGee

    All you dudes are whack if you gonna take Bosh over Amare. Have you seen Amare go off since he moved back to his natural position of PF after the Shaq deal? Dude is legit, and he’s playing the West, not against the East and starting PFs like Joe Smith and Zach Randolph…

  • Skeeter McGee

    And Doc,

    I gotta agree on your post about Bosh and Dirk switching places and seeing the differences in team performance.

    And to all those who say ‘Sheed should be in the top 5 power forwards: Apparently you all forgot what he did in the playoffs this year. I’ll give you a hint…NOTHING!