NBA, Video / Jul 15, 2008 / 12:49 pm

Donte Greene’s 40-point Vegas Summer League Show

Houston rookie Donte Greene lit Phoenix up for 40 in the Vegas Summer League last night. Say what you want about “It’s only summer league,” but the kid came two points shy of the VSL single-game record, and if it were easy to score 40 here than everyone would do it. Is Greene a first team All-Rookie talent?

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  • word

    dude is ill

  • aaron

    i didn’t know he had pistols like that. I thought he was a midrange player. I gotta rethink how good I think he’ll be, that adds a whole nother level Houston might have gotten lucky with this pic.

  • Kudabeen

    He just looks like Darius Rice given a green light to play his game. Darius was the same type of player, but once you get mixed in with the wrong coaches that try to change your game, then you are stuck on the outside looking in. It’s no good reason why Darius Rice is out of the league. Who couldn’t use a 6’10 shooter with athleticism? I liked his game out of High School and at Miami. I guess if he was from Europe or Africa he would have gotten more looks.

  • Bruce

    Dude is not ill, intensity level of the opposition were low.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Just like your average Bucks/Bobcats game.

  • Big V

    Impressive. But I’d have to reserve judgment on this until I’ve seen him in a real NBA game. But impressive, nonetheless.

  • http://highschoolhoop.com Otto the Orange

    40 points is 40 points ANY way you slice it.

  • AB_40

    You know you and yahoo sports are the only ones giving love to this performance. If Gallinari, Westbrook or Mayo would posted this there would have been a media explosion