NBA / Jul 26, 2008 / 5:56 pm

Hawks About To Trade Josh Smith

Josh Smithphoto courtesy adidas

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution‘s Sekou Smith, who is always on top Hawks news and rumors, says that the Hawks are weighing not one, but two huge sign-and-trade deals for Josh Smith:

There are at least two, blockbuster sign-and-trade proposals the Hawks are chewing on regarding Smith (one from a Western Conference power and the other from an Eastern Conference big dog) that could dramatically change the landscape in Hawksville.

The “proverbial” ball appears to be clearly in the Hawks’ court regarding both opportunities, and we should presume many more. Because if they are resigned to the fact that they don’t intend to pay Smith a salary commensurate with what he feels he’s worth, then there only recourse is to sign-and-trade him.

The leverage we all assumed the Hawks had with their own restricted free agents went up in smoke last week when Childress bounced.

Anyone that doesn’t think Smith will wait this thing out as long as the Hawks is living in a dream world. If you don’t think he’ll sign a qualifying offer, play out his season and walk next summer as an unrestricted free agent you’re crazy.

If the Hawks want to get anything in return (and keep in mind they get absolutely nothing if he plays out the year and walks, NOTHING), they have to act now.

Who could that Eastern Conference “big dog” be? It’s been out there before

Source: AJC

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  • j from la

    it has to be lamar n radmonovic for j smooth

  • j from la

    o yea 1st too. fish kobe jsmooth gasol bynum = 2009 nba champs

  • Kev

    J smooths comin 2 tha D!!

  • Sir Charles

    oh SHIT

    whoever gets Smoove is a insta-contender

  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life daQueSt?oN

    plzzzzz plzzzz plzzzzz let it be the nuggets plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • D-Town

    I smell a J-ho for J-smooth trade in the works…….

  • mason

    @ Sir Charles

    You Really Think So…..Really?!?

  • H

    maybe the suns….LB and diaw????

    that wud b interstin

  • dagwaller

    I’m with mason. How many teams are there that are built around their small forward? Lebron is arguably the best player in the league, and his team got waxed in the Finals. Getting to the Finals is no small feat, but from there, you have…Carmelo’s team? Or the Kings? The most successful notable 3s out there would probably be Peja, Bowen, Prince and Pierce, but other than Pierce, you couldn’t really say that their teams were built around them. And Pierce’s team was only successful after they added a few pieces.

    Point being, I think that a small forward can put someone over the top, but shouldn’t be the focal point of your team (unless his name is Lebron James).

  • C Burner

    Whoever the Hawks get in return, I’d bet good money they won’t be back in the playoffs

  • mason

    i kinda think the pistons would be running in place by getting Smith. He blocks shots like Prince and he’s more athletic but he’s not a shooter.

  • Arrogant

    most likely its the pistons and lakers,

    i think the bulls and hawks should swap players (deng and jsmoove) they both are having problems with their teams so it should work out great for both..

  • Kermit The Washington

    Odom and Tay are the most likely candidates to go in this one…..OH PLEASE OH PLEASE BE LA OR DETROIT! I’ll take either one!

  • Homeless J

    If I’m the Lakers I would jump at the chance to throw Odom’s bum ass for J-Smooth. but if I’m an NBA writer I’d have a hard time calling that a “blockbuster trade”. When I think blockbuster trade, I think either a huge name like Shaq or a huge trade involving a lot of people, and this is probably going to be neither of those (although I guess we’ll see.)

  • kobeef

    If the offers are for Odom and Prince I can see why the Hawks are ignoring them.

    JSmoove is as valuable now as almost any player in the league (excluding the untouchables…kobe, lebron, dwight,duncan,etc)

    If I’m the hawks I only give up Josh if you are throwing Andrew Bynum or Amare my way.

  • Ashlov

    Here’s hoping the Hawks are interested in Shawn Marion’s expiring. Wade and J-Smoove running the break makes me have accidents in my pants.

  • Bruce

    Ron Artest is the better SF……….Artest over J-Smooth anyday! Screw J-Smooth, LA should get Artest.

    Fish, Kobe, Artest, Gasol, and Bynum

    I ain’t trying to hear it, J-Smooth is not better than Artest!

  • dj ho

    why arent the hawks doing everythign in their power to keep jsmoove? he’s a great player, popular with fans – just pay him what he’s worth!!!!

  • Dagomar

    kobeef, you think Smith is as valuable as Howard or Lebron?

    Why, because of his bad attitude? The fact that he can’t shoot?

    Guy is a tremendous addition to a team, especially to an older team. His athleticism is through the charts. But he’s no franchise player and there’s no guarantee that he’ll ever be more than Ron Artest meets Shawn Marion. Which is a killer second-best player. Also there’s no guarantee that whatever team gets him doesn’t just tread water from what they gave away. If the Mavs get Smith and trade Howard, for instance, do they really get that much better?

    Regardless, I can’t believe how much the Hawks have trashed their summer. They had all the leverage in the world, and now it looks like both Smith and Childress will leave. Hawks = perrenial losers.

  • Jonny Drama

    So if Smith leaves…Hawks go from almost upsetting the Champions to being Eastern Conference trash ONCE AGAIN.

    I feel really bad for any Hawks fans out there. Really, really bad.

  • David

    What are these “hawks fans” you speak of?


    If there were any before, there won’t be any more after this summer.

  • Luigi

    ah yes the hawks are arguably wasting one of their best drafts in recent memory when they picked Childress 6th n Smoove 17th in the 04 draft with D-12.

    stupid hawks. they shuda kept GM Knight n now there like BEGGING for ppl to take smith. n they LET JC go without putting up a fight. unbelievable. n to think i was ACTUALLY liking you. your team had SO much potential. with Bib teaching Law. n JJ as ur focal point. n Smoove @ 3 runnin n gunnin. while Horford n Zaza make up the frontcourt. wow.

    now ur sayin replace JC with someone. n replace Smooove with Marvin?. ehh im kinda iffy about that. good job hawks for ruining your team.

  • Gmoney

    as one of two committed hawk’s fans (my best friend adam), i must say i haven’t been this bummed about a summer since CP3 was passed over for Starvin’ (for buckets) Marvin Williams.

    Smoov was the anchor of the D. With out him we’re givin’ up 110 a night easy. We’ve lost so much and it seems around these parts that the 1st round and the horses that got us there are a distant memory, how quickly hawk’s front office forgets.

    lets see what happens…

  • QQ

    Ginobili and Udoka for Smith.

  • heavy d

    As another Hawks fan, there was that bad summer they drafted Marvin Williams over 2 legitimate PG options, then the horrible summer they wasted the #5 pick on Shelden Williams and signed Speedy Claxton and Lo Wright. Last summer they didn’t really screw up. This summer I couldn’t fault them for not matching Childress big money offer, but to trade Josh Smith? That makes me sick just thinking about what they’ll get in return and watching Josh Smith thrive for another decade in a different uniform. I’ve got to find out how to get a refund on my season ticket because I might as well stay at home and watch real franchises on league pass.

    Some of the best teams in the league are lining up to try to get Josh Smith. Shouldn’t that be a hint that he’s worth keeping.

  • Coop

    Joe Johnson is uber-pissed, that’s all I know haha


    Joey D better make this happen. Tay and Billups for just Josh is a little bit much however. The hawks need to put up a lil bit more.

  • Knickhopeful

    Has anyone seen Josh Smith play lately? He is not blowing up people’s skirts you know. This guy is not going to make someone into an instant contender unless he becomes more consistent, takes better shots and develops a better all round game. He is not worth Odom straight up (Odom is a better passer and better with the rock) and if its for Tay plus one young Piston, its still not good enough against the C’s. Who was the most effective against the C’s in the Hawks Celtics series over 7 games? Josh Smith is not the first name that comes to mind. By the way, I am a huge Josh Smith fan, but i think some of you guys are crazy

  • dagwaller

    I’m with you, Knickhopeful. I think that for the Hawks, this move is really important, but in general, Smith is being overrated on these boards (like Baron Davis was last year).

  • Money Maker

    But boom dizzle has sick game and hes no where near as overated as j-smoove! but like baron i think j-smoove is guna find his money and a decent place out of this!

  • tim

    I really hope its Detroit…as much as I love seeing Tayshaun in the Pistons colors…he has quietly stopped doing a lot in the playoffs anymore…If you Trade Tayshuan and say Amir Johnson for Josh Smith…


    thats a pretty great frontline…and an all star backcourt.

    I’m just imagining Sheed guarding the big, then Smith coming over for a huge weak side block like every other play.

    and then him running back to get some special highlights. The Pistons would finally have a super athletic player on their team.

  • heavy d

    The attractiveness of Josh Smith is not instant return although I don’t think he could pull as big a disappearing act as Odom did in the finals if he tried. You get world class athleticism, excellent help defense, and a player who’s improved each year and at 22 hasn’t hit his ceiling. If the Pistons get him his athleticism could help against the Celtics some, but it is about keeping the window to compete for championships open another half decade or longer. He’s would a piece of the puzzle as would Stuckey and they would add to it as they transition from one competitive lineup to another. If they give up too much for him perhaps the Hawks will competitive for another 2 years before entering another rebuilding phase.

  • http://sithlord24.blogspot.com Sith Lord 24

    i have to say that Josh would not fit as good in LA and the Triangle as Ron Artest but it still is not a bad trade. yes Josh is not the offensive person Ron is but he does not have to be in LA. his offensive game will come around in the next few years. hey he has Mamba to learn from.

  • Izz7

    Im am tired of seeing everyone sayin “THE LAKERS” odom and vlad? u kiddin me, im not a fan of dallas but its going to be them, u talkin about brandon bass if they include him and josh howard, i say he ends up in dallas and theres been alot of websites sayin thats abig possibility

  • http://www.myspace.com/angrytoddkillings angrytoddkillings

    We’ll give Steph, Malik Rose, and Jerome “The Buffet Slayer” James, and another guard for J-Smoove. I want Smith in orange and blue: he’ll be nice in D’Antoni’s scheme. J-Smoove @ MSG, baby!! MAKE IT HAPPEN, PLEASE!!

  • The Accountant

    The Hawks need something bold, otherwise just give Smith his money. My first choice would be:

    Smith, Marvin and the rights to Childress for Yao Ming. My second choice would be Smith and the rights to Childress for Deng and Noah.