NBA / Jul 31, 2008 / 1:23 pm

Joey Dorsey Wants to Play in the NFL

Joey DorseyCould Dorsey play in the NFL? (photo. NBA)

Joey Dorsey is 6-9 265 lbs. physical freak with Evander Holyfield‘s shoulders. He was the sole enforcer on Memphis’ national runner-up squad, swallowing up virtually every rebound and tossing weak shots around the tin.

The Rockets liked Dorsey’s ridiculous athleticism (38-inch vertical) and toughness enough to trade for him despite being stacked three or four-deep already at power forward. But Joey doesn’t seem concerned about his spot on the Rockets. He can’t get his mind off of another Texas team that has inquired about his services.

At a recent workout with the Rockets, the Texans came to scout Dorsey as a potential Antonio Gates (Kent State, San Diego Chargers)/Tony Gonzalez (Cal, Kansas City Chiefs) two-sport standout.

“Football’s my passion – it’s my first love,” Dorsey told us. “They said I’ve got some of the fastest feet for a big man they’ve ever seen. I can see myself playing [defensive] end or tight end.”

Maybe Dorsey doesn’t realize that with the NFL starting in August and running through late January, it would be directly conflicting with at least two months of the Rockets’ regular season. Or maybe he’s just prepping himself for another career if things don’t work out with the NBA.

Do you think Joey Dorsey could play in the NFL? Is he a DE, a TE, or something else?

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  • imung lolo upaw

    first! isn’t brand also around 6’8 260?

  • doc

    He got the physical talents.If they teach him right who knows.Gates did it.

  • miamiVIS3

    He didn’t play football at Memphis did he?

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…hood watch!

    Shoot yea he could do it. I mean I hope he doesn’t if he turns out to work well for the Rockets cause that would just leave them high and dry. No trade, no money in return just nothing.

    Still dude could most def. do the TE I don’t know about DE cause them WR will run dude ragged. He be better off in a SS or FS spot more than DE so he can come lay it down on someone.

    Still give the Rockets at least one year pimpin lol. Perhaps the Rockets can put him in that deal for Ron Ron and keep Donte.

  • JCarr

    He has a bigger chance of getting more playing time in the NFL than the NBA. As stacked as the rockets already are it’s dumb on his part not to do it. FYI the NBA roster holds like 12 players while the NFL holds like 12×5= 60!!!!!!!

  • Celts Fan

    He definitely has the body for the NFL. Football’s weird though. It’s so much about timing and technique, so who knows, but he’s DEFINITELY got the body, strength, toughness and athleticism for it.

  • aaron

    yea, i think he’d have a better career too.

  • Celts Fan

    Here’s why he never will though:

    The NBA has guaranteed contracts that pay more on average.
    The NFL will trash your contract in a second and not have to pay you crap.

    The NBA has an occasional knee injury, the NFL has an occasional paralysis.

    Successful NBA players have long careers, successful NFL players (non QBs, Kickers, or punters) have short careers and typically are a shell of their former self physically by the time they’re 50. Earl Campbell’s practically paralyzed, Johnny U. couldn’t even hold a football by the time he died. Bill Russell and Dr. J still glide across the floor when they walk…

  • dapro

    Good points Celts

    @ Gee

    I think you flipped it bruh. I can see him playing end like Julius Peppers but no way he plays SS or FS. He would either have to cover someone or read the field and make a play.

  • dapro

    Can’t see him reading the field or being able to cover a Wide out

  • http://www.barackobama.com Jim

    I think someone who runs a lot of zone blitz…kind of gone out of fashion lately…would love someone like him at DE or 4 technique in a 3-4. Celts is right…NO one makes this jump when they can still get an NBA contract, it’s just insanity even if you prefer football. The money for average starters isn’t even close not to mention all the things that go along with the much weaker union and the nature of the game.

  • isotope

    tight end. I would hate to see him lay a block on some1. Like Shawn Merriman got a taste of Jones-Drew last year.

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…hood watch!

    dapro my bad I was thinking DB, yea I could see him at DE or TE. I was saying I could see him at FS or SS before DB, well at least that is what i meant.

    Most def. think dude could work at TE first then DE second.

  • shake&bake

    He’s very similar to Peppers physically. I think he’d be a good defensive end. Imagine a QB having to throw over/around that wingspan and height.

  • Luigi

    well Joey Dorsey is a Linebacker at best. i think whoever signs him will utilize him as a pass rushing LB [kinda like LT] but hey who knows. if this doesnt work out. the rockets still have the dorseys rights. n so if Dorsey gets cut by end of preseason. he can still come back to the rockets.

    but hey Dorsey will be either a LB or blocking LB as a Tight End

  • Michorizo

    I can see him playing tennis too…also golf…shit put a baseball hat on him and I can see him playing that too…

  • GsusX

    wait… did someone actually suggest that a 6’9 265 lb man try playing SS or FS??? he didnt even catch one whiff of a football field in college and y’all want him manning up on slot receivers in the nfl and tryin to make reads??? BAHH

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    I think he’d make a bad ass DE.
    Make come in for trick play on offense

  • bballinca

    #17 thank you. THis guy would get smoked trying to stay with a WR. Not only that but with his height he’d be easy to take out at the legs.

  • Ted DiBiase

    To the Rockets: Let him go to the NFL. Sign Brock Lesnar (who couldn’t make it to the NFL) instead. The “Next Big Thing” will keep “Tru Warier” in line.

    Cause U know, “Every man has a price” (except cough…Ricky …cough…Davis)

  • Celts Fan

    @17 and 19, yes, this is all true, but just the thought of him roaming the middle of the field and smashing some unsuspecting WR who’s outstretched going for a ball makes the post worth it. Imagine a small WR like Wes Welker getting blind-sided by a sprinting Joey Dorsey. It’d be pretty funny til the funeral…

  • http://www.barackobama.com Jim

    Or imagine a 6’9 LB flailing at slot receivers when they hit a 8 yard seam for a touchdown.

  • the mamba

    I think if lebron played in the nfl (reciever, like in high school) he would probably be the best player in the league. What do yall think?

  • GsusX

    yes Jim, yes, that is the image that plays over and over in my mind with this scenario… dude gettin burned

  • bballinca

    #22 Yup, that or have a RB or TB run him over since his center of gravity is so much higher. Hell you’ve got RB that weigh almost as much as him.

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…hood watch!

    Celts I agree lol. That would be so dramatic him catching a wr body spread trying to catch a high one.
    Ewwww call the ER.

    LOL @ cats waiting on a mistake or a point they can jump on. Funny guys.

  • Dre

    He would be a great TE

  • Bron42 had springs before slamball

    @ #1, brand is around that size but hes no where near freak athlete level.

    @23, I really don’t get where people sayi lebron would be a elite nfl reciever just cuz he was nice in high school lol. Iverson was nice too and he wouldn’t be a elite QB in the nfl. Every issue their sayin about dorsey havin would be the same with lebron cuz last I checked while lebron tall and fast for his size, hes not runnin a 4.4 or anything like that. And sure he can out jump most people (although alot of wrs in the league already have more hops that him) someone that big also makes a easy target comin across the middle for a waiting LB or CB, ask reggie bush how he was feelin after gettin blind sided.

    At very best dorsey could be a DE or a middle LB. Neither have to guard recievers that much or read. pretty much just eye the QB and runnin back

  • http://www.freewebs.com/utscore Optimus Dimes aka freewebs.com/utscore

    the only positions dorsey would realistically play is Tight End, Defensive End, or Offensive Tackle depending on his speed. he is to tall to be playing Safety. the tallest safety right now is 6’5″. great athletes his size usually play DE. if he can run a 40 in under 4.65secs then they’ll probably try him out at TE first but if he can’t catch he’ll play on the line. Left tackles need quick feet which the Texans coaches told him.

  • Jules

    Joey Dorsey could play tight end in the NFL without a doubt. Antonio Gates broke the touchdowns record by a tight end in a single season without ever having played organized football in his life. Plexico Buress didn’t practice most of the season and was still one of the most dominant receivers in the league. Dorsey would only be playing a game once a week in the NFL, and I’m sure Rockets and Texans games aren’t scheduled to be played at the same time. Plus as a rookie he’s probably not gonna play in the first couple months in the NBA the same way Carl Landry didn’t. It’d be a hell of a lot of work, but definitely worth the second contract and all kinds of national press. I just wanna see Lebron get Cleavland a ring in the next couple years so he can try to do the same thing. There is literally nothing you could do to Lebron lined up wide, all 6’8 260 of him… And you know he’s got at least 4.4 speed, at least.

  • Bron42 had springs before slamball

    I know for a fact lebron doesn’t have 4.4 speed. 90% of college WRs don’t have 4.4 speed. Watch a NFL combine and see how guys struggle to break that and they train for that specific drill. Once again another person not realizing what 4.4 speed or a real 40 inch vert actually are and lebron has neither. Again hes fast for his size but hes not running a 4.4 and his height would hinder him as much as it would help because he would leave himself open each time he raises his arm to catch. why do you think all the 6’8 guys in the world don’t just go play wide reciever. He would be big enough to catch a pass and get drilled dead in the mid section where his pads arent covering since hes so tall compared to them.

  • shake&bake

    I can see saying LeBron would be a decent NFL wide receiver, but definitely not the best player in the league. But he would be a nice target on a fade route in the end zone.

  • the mamba

    Lebron very well could lead the nfl in touchdowns, i think

  • Bone

    Lebron was all-state as a WR in high school as a sophomore before he focused on basketball.

  • jr

    who dose he think he is Deion Sanders? come on joey!

  • Slicey

    Maybe he can join Michael Jordan’s baseball team. It would be a lot easier on his body and he’d probably be almost as successful. I say if he’s not that interested in just playing for the Rockets, screw him. Make the choice of champions, Joey: the Houston Texans!