Bounce, NBA, NBA Draft / Jul 30, 2008 / 10:08 am

Michael Beasley Killed it at Nike Pro City Last Night

Michael Beasley
After a full day of “work” at the NBA Rookie Shoot in Tarrytown, New York, Michael Beasley and Donte Green (who is reportedly part of the Ron Artest deal) somehow found the energy to make a surprise appearance at Nike Pro City up at Manhattan’s Hunter College last night.

Our man Kyle Henry was on hand to deliver the recap and pics for Bounce’s NYC Daily Blog. Spoiler alertBeasley killed it. Check out the full story HERE.

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  • Imperial-Mel

    wht kind of stat he hit em up for cassidy

  • Truth

    I love street ball!! I can’t wait to move to Houston for the better competition and I wish I lived on the east coast!!
    And I mean street ball without all those stupid carries and traveling and very bad ball handling tricks that are all violations!!


    You can come to The D if you want Truth, so I can personally break those ankles while given you BUCKETS pimpin’.

  • Truth

    I’m from the midwest homie. Ain’t nuttin out there!! LOL!!
    I ain’t ever been to the D though? I’m from KCMO!! Home of Derek Hood (loser) and Tyronne lue (loser)!! LOL!!

  • Truth

    Also home of the Rush brothers!! (Also losers) and Anthony Peeler (drunk and high loser!!)

  • http://dimemag.com/2008/07/the-2008-nba-rookie-photo-shoot/ B-Easy

    “Beasley killed it”-Suprised?


    Hey we got CDR, Willie Green, and Jermaine Jackson. Oh wait that list wasn’t really good. Let me say this we got a lot of ballers here. Just none smart enuff to get in college. lmao

  • Kobeef

    I like the style by Beasley.

    His approach takes a book out of the pages of MJ’s game -which is interesting since he is apparently wearing Jordan Brand shoes.

    Kobe also likes to pull the “turn it on whenever you want” move by sitting back until you are needed, then destroying the opponent for a comeback win (B’easy had 21 points in the 3rd quarter?!)

    The Heat loved it when the Bulls picked Rose.

  • mr. a

    i totally thought this said “Michael Beasley KILLED…”

    and my heart stopped.

  • dcom

    whos the girl interviewing him?

  • Kobeef

    Is it just me or does B’easy have more tattoos than he did at Kansas?

  • B Nice

    pat riley cant be too happy that b’easy and smush parker were on the same team haha

  • Kudabeen

    Thinking the same thing dcom…

  • doc

    B-Easy shoulda came at that pretty young thing beside him.

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…them young kids don’t trouble me

    so how many points did Donte put up? Did him finding out he is possibly going to be in the mix to be traded mess his game up or did he at least drop 20?

  • boo boo mcgee

    doc kudabeen and dcom im thinkin the same thing lol, thats the first thing i peeped in that pic

  • e

    I was there beasly had like 36 or 38 dontae had like 4 points mike beasly made quick effortless work of a nyc icon junie sanders you might have seen him on battlegrounds on mtv smush parker also had like damn near 30 lol that game was funny as hell the whole stands were screaming at junie you d leauge bum smush gets busy in nyc at every tourney p.s shorty next to beasley is a nice caramel shorty