NBA / Jul 21, 2008 / 10:56 am

Nate Robinson’s Summer League Jersey Is Now Retired

Nate RobinsonNate is an icon

If you randomly showed up to the Knicks/Timberwolves game during the second half yesterday, you might ask why Nate Robinson‘s No. 4 summer league jersey was hanging on the wall of UNLV’s Cox Pavilion.

Well, that’s because Nate’s jersey has officially been retired from the summer league. The ’07 VSL MVP has participated in the league for four straight years now. That merited the first-time honor to anyone in the history of the camp.

“It’s crazy, right? Yeah, it’s kind of awesome. First time ever, so I’m glad I could be the first one. It’s kind of cool. Maybe I’ll set a new trend.”

Source: NBA Fanhouse

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  • imperial-mel


  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    …In other other irrelevant Knick news…

  • imperial-mel

    Are you serious…is it llegal to retire a summer league jersey…srry i dont think thts a big honor…its SUMMER LEAGUE. I mean if you were jus bringin in like 50 a night for four yrs str8 thats one thing…but i dont see Nate pullin tht off

  • CJ

    Wow, when I first heard about this I thought it was a joke. I really hope some mid level nba guy came up with this and is just laughing his ass off right now.

  • Kobeef

    Is that really an honor??
    I think it is more of a punishment for Nate to attend for 4 years.

  • hahns

    isnt that just a nagging reminder that Nate was sent to summer school 4 yrs in a row?? dont know if thats an honor i would want.

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Thats like being the skinniest kid at fat camp, Nate

  • imperial-mel

    lmao @ 7

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Joey Graham’s been playing summer league for about four years now, right?

  • Justice

    damn! there’s playground leagues in every major city where u can get in a run with more talent..maybe it’s the allure of vegas

  • Kudabeen

    I guess I’m one of the few that respects Summer League for what it is…Exposure. No it’s not the NBA, but you can either hold your own, excel, create further doubts, or get embarassed. Nate voluntarily played in Summer League the last two years for the run.

    If you are serious about making the NBA and didn’t get drafted, where else are you playing? How is that working out for you?

    Having said that, retiring a jersey is just a novelty. No true meaning, especially since Nate hasn’t been able to get consistent burn to date, even though Knicks were a better team (offensively) with him and Crawford on the floor together. Him, Crawford, Chandler, Lee, and an in-shape (???) Curry would be a tough line up. But it’s the Knicks so I don’t really care. Someone has to be last place in the Atlantic.

    Boston….76ers..Toronto….New Jersey……..Knicks

  • BxBaller

    Guys Nate’s been playing in NYC tournaments around the city, plus dude decided to play in the summer league the last two years. He loves to play, so why clown him for doing what he loves.

  • http://psinapticapotheosis.org Amar

    so what does this mean? for the rest of time knicks players on their summer league team can’t wear #4? this is, after all, the society that has graduation ceremonies for the 2nd grade. so the next logical step is to “retire” summer league jerseys.

  • Ross

    Didn’t he get a technical in a summer league game a few days ago?

  • frankie

    This is why I’m not too excited about Jerryd Bayless yet. Yet. A few days ago, everyone was saying that he was the second coming of D Wade – in other words, a shoot first guard that excelled at getting to the basket and drawing fouls. As of now, he’s no better than Nate Robinson.

  • I`CouldBeYourFather

    Amar’s comment ..LMAO!!!

  • doc

    Its a bullshit story.But Justice aint no playground leagues just chillingin every city with more talent then dudes in Vegas.About 80% of the dudes in Vegas will average 40 in your favorite summer league.If them dudes was so tough they would be in Vegas.

  • JoV

    After Nate Rob’s career is over, we will look back at this moment and say that this is the biggest accomplishment of his nba career LoL.