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Gerald Green Follows Vince’s Blueprint, more Ron Artest rumors, and Tyson Chandler Out for Team USA?

Tyson ChandlerTyson Chandler, DIme #33

Gerald Green is getting a good start on being the star of the Rocky Mountain Revue. He dropped 27 points (with five threes) in Dallas’ win over the Spurs yesterday, continuing his run as the leading scorer for the undefeated Mavs. Green said that since he doesn’t wanna be pigeonholed as a dunker, he’s trying not to dunk as much in these summer league games. Didn’t Vince Carter catch major flak for saying something like that when he played for the Raptors? Anyway, if the Mavs for whatever reason decide not to keep Green through training camp, he would actually fit in well with the Jazz. They have to decide this week if they’re gonna match Oklahoma City’s offer sheet for C.J. Miles, and if he’s let go, Green could step in as that athletic wing with shooting ability they wanted C.J. to be … Anthony Randolph put up 16 points and eight boards in Golden State’s win over the Nets, while Brook Lopez had 16, six boards and three blocks for Jersey. If you had to make a preseason All-Rookie 10-man rotation based on summer league ball, who would it be? We’re thinking Russell Westbrook and Jerryd Bayless in the backcourt, Michael Beasley and Kevin Love at forward, and Brook Lopez at center. Off the bench its O.J. Mayo, Mario Chalmers, J.J. Hickson, Anthony Randolph and Robin Lopez … He didn’t get his number retired, but 31-year-old Tractor Traylor isn’t the only older guy slumming it in the summer leagues. Speedy Claxton, 30, is on the Hawks’ roster, coming off the bench behind Acie Law. Speedy’s missed a ton of time with injuries over his career — including not playing at all this past season — so maybe he just wants to get back out there against (for the most part) NBA-caliber competition. Or maybe he thinks he needs every opportunity to battle Law for the #2 point guard spot behind Mike Bibby. If they’re both healthy, who would you rather have: Speedy or Acie? … As if Team USA wasn’t thin enough in the middle (depth-wise; we all know Dwight Howard is a brick wall by himself), alternate Tyson Chandler‘s toe injury might keep him off the squad. Chandler was going to travel with the team to Beijing but could only suit up if someone got hurt. It hasn’t been decided yet whether he’ll sit out with this injury or not, but word is Kevin Durant could get that 13th spot if Chandler doesn’t go. That would be pretty pointless, actually. They should bring a big man, but the only available bigs officially in the USA Basketball program are Antawn Jamison, Lamar Odom, Brad Miller, Nick Collison, Greg Oden and Elton Brand. And that simultaneous “YEAH F’N RIGHT!” you just heard came from headquarters in Portland and Philly. Can they just divert from the program once and take Al Jefferson? … Does Gilbert Arenas deserve a spot on our “Loser List” series? A lot of you said “No” when Gil’s name came up yesterday. On one hand, he is only 26 and has a lot of time to prove himself as a winner. On the other hand, he’s racking up a history of first-round playoff exits despite having a very talented team around him (more support than T-Mac‘s ever had), and the list of shoot-first/shoot-second point guards with championship rings on their fingers is a short one. Tell us what you think HERESebastian Telfair re-signed with the Wolves, a good move for someone who just needs some stability and a defined role for more than one year so he can succeed. Bassy might not like being Randy Foye‘s backup, but there aren’t many (any?) places where he could start. He can always look to Chauncey Billups as an example of a guy who didn’t “get it” until he was well into his career and ended up being a superstar … The Kings/Lakers talks have reportedly cooled down regarding the Ron Artest-for-Odom trade, but now word is the Kings are getting interest in Artest from the Pistons. We know a lot of fans are fickle nowadays, but can you see any scenario where Ron-Ron isn’t booed by the Palace fans? … What do the Pistons need to get over the conference finals hump? We continued our series of breaking down all 30 NBA teams’ needs yesterday with Detroit, with another team to be posted later today … You’re not really worried about the NBA being “invaded” by the Euroleague, are you? That’s the popular topic as of late, between the Brandon Jennings story, a few recent draft pick choosing to stay overseas because the money’s better, a handful of NBA guys — Carlos Delfino, Jorge Garbajosa, J.C. Navarro, Primoz Brezec and most recently Boki Nachbar — opting to go overseas after becoming free agents, and with the news coming out yesterday that Josh Childress is seriously considering Greece as an option. (Before being traded to the Nets, Keyon Dooling also mentioned the possibility of playing in Europe.) We don’t think it’s a big deal at all; with each guy who’s actually taken the overseas money, you could say all of them weren’t bad bets to eventually go back across Atlantic eventually anyway … As far as Boki, he agreed to a three-year, $14 million deal with Dynamo Moscow (Russia). His teammates will include Hollis Price (THE MAN at Oklahoma), ex-Blazer Sergei Monia and Yaroslav Korolev, who’s trying to get on with an NBA team this year, but didn’t do anything in summer league to justify it. “The NBA had better be careful,” Nachbar told reporters yesterday. “European teams are offering a lot of money. It’s much more, considering there are no taxes, than what I could make signing for the mid-level exception.” … Would you like a free pair of Air Force 1’s? How about a throwback Bernard King jersey? A fresh pair of Iverson Q3 kicks? We’re still giving this stuff away as part of our summer cleaning. Do like Too $hort says and get in where you fit in … We’re out like Boki …

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  • dmitry of jersey

    Nets should have hung on to Boki. He wanted to come back to Jersey and would have been a good presence and influence with young team we got now.



  • JM



    c’mon d?

    anyway, I did read the WHOLE THING unlike others.

    Russia and all these eastern European countries have mad money to spend. For real. It’s all money laundering if you ask me but, hey, I’d take 3 million dollars tax free, plus car, food and all the jungle fever groupies a baller can have anyday rather than being stuck playing garbage minutes and no chicks tryin to holla

  • Jason

    Ron…Artest..In.. a Piston jersey.. bahahahha

  • bill

    Great that it is becoming a global game with players getting more options for an international career. Sharing the USA wealth so to speak :)

  • http://www.myspace.com/verbose1 sans

    STR8BALLER…ain’t seen you in a while. Welcome back…unless you’ve been posting under a different name.

  • DJ Ho

    Can someone explain how the money earned by players in europe is tax free?

    Are the teams paying the salaries covering the tax of the players? If so, shouldn’t that be added to their salary cap?

    Or is it simply because they aren’t residents of that country paying them.


    Man this is some BS, since when did hating on people who are atheletic (black ball players) become popular. Why is it as of late that any body who can jump outta the gym doesn’t wanna be “labeled a Dunker”. WTF, Nique never complained about it, hell it amde him famous. Just because a guy has the abilty to get the easiest bucket in hoops, why shouldn’t he.

    I think they should take Greg Oden for the final spot. Durant wouldn’t even get any p.t. so why bring him in. They might as well bring in another point gaurd.

    Also why isn’t Sheed being considered for the final USA spot? WTF(x)2

  • jz_smoove

    NBA beware!!

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I know for most of the recent European signings the teams are covering the taxes as extra incentive for players to sign. As far salary caps are concerned, they may not even have them.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Players signing overseas will not be a big threat to the NBA until an American born star spurns a team. The guys who have bailed from the NBA offers are international players to begin with and are nothing more than role players. Now let’s say Lebron, Wade or even Bosh left in 2010 for mega European offers, then that’s were the threat may be.

  • http://creampie.com solomon (the artist formerly known as the real marcus)

    whoa… interesting… lbj going overseas? playing for, uhm, everyone’s favorite foregin team, maccabi tel aviv?

    …well, if the $$$s go low, and the pounds go high, well…

    …i think there’s no salary cap for the euroleague… sign em all till yo bank breaks out…

    we’re out like salary cap space in the near future…

  • Yoooo

    Riiiiiight Let Greg Oden play in traffic during Rush Hour too..

  • josh

    Ok this is something that has confused me for a while. Why don’t a lot of big time NBA players play such porous defence? Ok so i get the whole i gotta save energy for carrying the offensive load thing, but what about MJ and Scottie….were they fitter than the likes of Kobe LeBron Carmelo…because MJ and his side kick put up big numbers AND locked down dudes on D. I have read here on dime numerous times about how Lebron could be one of the best defenders ‘if’ he wanted to, and how Kobe became lock down defender for team USA.

    So why don’t they try on D…surely they want to win and if they D’d up that would give their team a better chance to win..right?

    Or do they just not have the technique/ability to play good defence (barring kobe). i mean being long and athletic doesn’t nescessarily mean you are a good defender. I look at Gerald Green as good example..i mean the dudes career was on the line and he still could guard his own shadow…if your future isnt motivation enough then what is.

    So is it heart or lack of ability?

  • josh

    ..do they play porous D..

  • shake&bake

    Pistons fans would love Artest if he were on their side because of his style of play. Talk about reviving the Bad Boys, I think Artest is the prototype of a bad boy.


    The Str8baller was busy takin care of biz. Now He’s back. Those who say dunking is overrated they just hatin cause they can’t barely touch the NET. lol. That’s the best feeling in the world other than gettin some a$$.

    I’m out like hatin on dunkin just cause u can’t.


  • celticsdada

    gerald green’s contract is guaranteed so the can’t cut him. I think gerald should have gone oversea though. He could of make a lot more money. 3yrs for 14mil euros that’s like 21 mil in dollars plus free car free housing.

  • Mike



    Kobe and Lebron are 2 of the best defenders in the league. So thats really not a good analogy. Also everyone isn’t going to be a great defender.

  • Kev

    artest 2 d pistons…killaa


    We’d rather has Josh Smith in a piston uni but I could live with Artest.

  • Truth

    You ain’t lyin bruh!! People who can’t smash to hate on people who can ALL DAY!! And they try to pass that player off as fundamentally flawed for relying on athleticism. I don’t buy that, a player can still be fundamentally sound and be athletic. Even if the player was both, people would still have something to say, outside of MJ and Kobe people have dogged most dunkers.

  • Kobeef

    No way Ron Ron goes to Detroit.

    Can you imagine the intro? “I know he punched a couple of you but he’s a solid basketball player”

    I didn’t know Green’s contract was guaranteed but I’d also say he’s staying with the Mavs. They made a big deal about signing him. And he’s playing really well in summer league.

    My Summer League starting 5

    PG – Westbrook
    SG – Mayo
    SF – Anthony Randolph
    PF – Beasley
    C – Brook Lopez

    Why am I leaving Bayless off? The guy averaged 1.3 assists. He was a one trick pony. Even the scouts who were watching said he’s not going to be able to shoot like that in the NBA…which begs the question – what is he going to do?

  • Mustard

    Gerald Green saying he doesnt want to be known as a “dunker only” is not the same as Wince Carter. He flat out stopped going to the hole for ANYTHING, b/c that meant he would have to take contact on the drive. Instead we were all treated to his one footed fall away jumper. Horray.

  • 92021SpurMD

    I can backup that Kobe is one of the best defenders (spotty though), but Lebron? When dude gives me a whole quarter straight of lockdown D, then we can consider him. Being a beast on O and D takes heart, determination, and will. How MJ never passed out from exhaustion is baffling, but dude put in the work. Look at Paul Pierce, where’d that defense come from all year? Will power. Kobe could be the same if he wasn’t worried about being pretty. Lebron can be, but needs the determination and will. Carmelo is lazy.


    This Just In:

    Pistons president Joe Dumars is annoyed by all the talk that he isn’t doing anything to improve the Pistons. His problem is people are not privy to all the early-morning and late-night phone calls he has had with about a dozen NBA general managers.

    “Here is what I can tell you,” Dumars said in a measured tone. “I am continuing to do everything I can to improve this team.”

    He believes there is a 50-50 chance something will happen before training camp. Dumars is not allowed to talk about players on other teams. But he reconfirmed that all players on his team are up for grabs, but he refuses to give them away in a fire sale.

    That is why the rumors that the Pistons would send guard Chauncey Billups to Golden State for center Andris Biedrins are so far-fetched. The Warriors play a running style and Billups is a power point guard who excels in half-court situations and cannot keep up in up-tempo situations.

    The other factor is Dumars puts high value in point guards and apparently wouldn’t consider trading him straight up for Biedrins, a 6-foot-11 center. He started 59 of 76 games and averaged 10.5 points and 9.8 rebounds.

    There also have been reports that Rockets guard Tracy McGrady is interested in coming to the Pistons. Dumars said he could not comment on the report but is flattered McGrady is interested in the Pistons. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith said he spoke to McGrady and said he would not mind coming to Detroit and that he has faith in Dumars as a leader.- Detroit News


    @90210SpurMD (lol)
    Name on player that has EVERRRRRRR blazed Lebron. Dudes got D

  • 92021SpurMD

    If I remember correctly, Arenas killed him a couple years ago before missing freebies. Oh, and didn’t Mike Brown sic him on TP in the finals? In your own words, I blatanly remember TP graciously blazing the “King” the business!! Dude could be an awesome defender, not disagreeing, but suck it up and do it already. Oh, and Manu routinely kills him during the season.

  • Ernesto

    Of all the dimwitted things I’ve read, this one takes the cake:

    “I think they should take Greg Oden for the final spot.”

    In limiting my selection to the fully fit USA squad members mentioned above, unfortunately – and it’s very unfortunate – Nick Collison is the only choice. Brad Miller is currently under suspension (though not by FIBA, I assume the NBA definitely wouldn’t be happy sending a drugs violator to represent the country), possibly overweight and high. Lamar Odom’s not tough enough and certainly not an international big man. Elton Brand is neither a C nor willing to do anything to jeopardise a healthy beginning to life with a new club, and Antawn Jamison’s a borderline three and too soft for the middle positions at that level.

    Nick Collison it is. At least he’s tough, and more useful than Kevin Durant if any of the Howard, Bosh or Boozer trio go down.

  • schoops

    If you’re borderline NBA talent, or even if you’re a solid NBA talent who could command something close to the mid-level money wise, why wouldn’t you consider palying in europe? The euro is almost twice as strong as the dollar is now, you usually get set up with a free house and car… and it’s all TAX FREE. Frankly, Childress pulling down $20 million of that nice Euro money to chill on the Mediterranean with some hot euro ladies seems pretty good to me.

  • yallallreadyknow

    team usa don’t need no skinny as kevin durant.
    the need some size and help on the boards. they should get troy murphy instead.

    agent zero aint no loser. zach randolph is a loser.

    gerald green….damn. i still dunno about this dude. he getting his chances tho. he shouldnt bitch.

    euro ball is growing. i can see more players making that move if they dont get on nba rosters.

    do players need a euro agent for that? or do they keep their same americn agent to negotiate a euro contract?

  • Big V

    “Carlos Delfino, Jorge Garbajosa, J.C. Navarro, Primoz Brezec and most recently Boki Nachbar”

    Too bad all these guys are trash.


    lol at BIG V
    But it’s da Truth

  • Dagomar

    Lebron is a really, really underrated defender. But what people don’t understand is that a guy like Lebron or Kobe almost never defends the other team’s leading scorer all game. Think about it: why would a coach wear out his superstar like that during the regular season? For instance, when Kobe and Lebron go at it they usually guard each other for only brief spurts during the game, and then for a chunk of the fourth quarter. And Lebron almost always comes out on top in those situations.

    Lebron is now a very good defender, but still learning. The guy could be Ron Artest good with that body and athleticism and dedication. So nowadays when people say Lebron “could” be a great defender, they’re usually just referring to his upside.

    By the way, Carter said that he would NEVER dunk again, which seemed to fit into all that fadeaway jumpshooting trash he was doing at the time. Then he insisted he was just joking. So what Green says is much different, and he makes a valid point: players who enter the dunk contest nowadays tend to be pigeonholed, another reason that it’s become less popular.

  • Skeeter McGee

    Tax free money is what’s good, so I don’t blame Boki for going over like some other dudes. Isn’t that why some hockey players sign with teams in Russia to get crazy contracts with no tax? Sounds ballin to me…

    But like Big V said, too bad those guys are garbage. Primoz had potential, then I realized he was the only big man on the Bobcats for a minute. Delfino always seemed pissed off when he played; all 5 seconds, that is. Boki used to always try to posterize dudes and I’m gonna go out on a limb and say he failed more times than succeeded. And Garbagejosa actually had the most talent, in my opinion, of the trash crew, but he probably prefers those Spanish women/men anyway…

  • schoops

    Usually players keep their agents from in the states who look at american and foreign options for their clients.

  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life daQUEsT?on

    yea i would love those q 3’s

  • http://greatlivepaper.blogspot.com Big Sneezy

    How long til the NBA starts sending teams to the Euroleague club championships?

  • doc

    First up Can u see any scenario Ron isnt booed by Detroit fans?Hell Yeah! Ron in a detroit jersey.And I wouldnt worry about overseas raiding the league.They just taking they own bums back because they aint cut it like they thought so they can go back and average 30.Dudes like Josh dont wanna go but teams aint paying him what he want.In my book that means they dont want him.And about mthat Gil is a loser BS.Cut that out.Yall woulda had Paul Pierce on here last summer now everybody on his balls.

  • doc

    And about the Team USA being to thin up front.They got Dwight Fuckin Howard,CB4 the fake skinny soft version,and Carlos Booz.Only in America can people bitch about that rotation.Lithuainia and them got 15 scrubs and they be on here talking like they gonna win.I like that mindframe.

  • Desrat

    I wish my short ass could dunk. The only way I can hang at 5’8” is to be fundementally sound, otherwise I am just watching…

    I don’t dog on dunkers. I love watching it. The only dunkers that are unsound ballers are the ones the ones that dunk on me!

  • Ernesto

    Nothing wrong with that rotation, doc. Ain’t the point. It’s what happens when one gets hurt. Internationals ain’t scrubs any more. You can’t call a Nowitzki-Kaman frontcourt scrub, and they’re nowhere near the best squad, either.

  • doc

    They never was scrubs.But to the players on that USA team most of them are, except for Manu,Gasol,and Dirk.My point is I dont care about all that talk.Yall just keep telling me that look for upset shit so if somebody pulls a stunner you can say I told you so.And when they blow everybody the fuck out yall say they was supposed to.Make up yall minds.Like last year yall was saying that on here and when they went and destroyed everybody yall said, well the top teams wasnt there.Knowing dam well 2 weeks before you was screaming about this same shit yall are now. I wish they took it back to Kemp and them and dunked on everybody and talk shit.

  • Homeless J

    Do you really think dudes like D-Wade or Lebron (or any american born player for that matter) grew up daydreaming about winning the euroleague championship? Get real. They want an NBA title (or a gold medal, or preferrably both).

    The major difference between VC and Gerald Green – VC was never cut from his team for being completely unable to do anything BUT dunk. say what you will about Vinsanity but he knows what to do when a basketball is in his hands.