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NBA Team Needs – Boston Celtics

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With the NBA free agent pool drying up more and more every day, we’re in that strange time in the offseason where teams have to come up with ways to still make their squads better. We’re going to team by team to look at what every franchise needs and how they can fill those holes. We’ll start at the top with the World Champion Boston Celtics.

The Needs: The Celtics were in a tough spot with James Posey. They were believed to be offering Posey three years at the full mid-level. That’s a pretty good deal for a 6th man. The problem is, New Orleans one-upped the C’s and gave Posey that all-important 4th year he was looking for. Now the Celtics certainly need to find a new 6th man, add bench depth, and also add those intangibles and toughness that Posey always brought to the floor. He was the ultimate bench player and could literally give them good minutes at the 2, 3, AND 4 spots. That’s a tough hole to fill. The Celtics also need a back up point guard and could use one more shooter. They added to their center depth by signing Patrick O’Bryant.

The Possible Solutions: In-house, the C’s still have their share of unrestricted free agents that could help fill some roles. They have big decisions to make with Eddie House and Tony Allen. Boston would love to have House back, on the right terms, and House would probably love to be back. Eddie is looking for some job security though and a one-year deal isn’t going to cut it. The money might not have to be perfect, but the years need to be there. 3 years, $2 mil a year? House made @1.5 million this season. The Celtics probably see more value in Tony Allen than anyone else and to his credit, TA was well-behaved all season. He has real talent, but he also has had multiple major knee surgeries, and is still a work in progress.

They’d love to bring back PJ Brown, though retirement seems to be the route PJ is headed. Sam Cassell lobbied for a player/coach role at times during the season and has a great relationship with Doc, so although that might not be option 1 for Boston, it’s there. Draftee JR Giddens can play that Tony Allen role but putting those two together in the same locker room might not be such a good idea.

In the free agent market, the Celtics have the midlevel exception to play with. The closest match to Posey’s versatility and toughness who is unrestricted and out there is Matt Barnes. He can hit the three, can play the 4 a bit and is scrappy (though super inconsistent). Other guys who could be a nice match are Michael Finley, Juan Dixon, Shaun Livingston (the C’s can afford to wait), and Lindsey Hunter. The Steph deal is not going to happen.

Our suggested moves? Eddie House, Matt Barnes, and Shaun Livingston. Then sometime in late February call PJ Brown and Sam Cassell. Sound familiar?

If you’re Executive of the Year Danny Ainge, what do you do?

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  • Roby21

    celts ftw!

  • Roby21

    pick up finley and house…livingston..yeha maybe at the right price, just worried about that knee

  • snook

    that’s NBA champion celtics… not WORLD

  • srb

    champs of the universe.

    what they should do is kidnap posey. and slap him around for leaving the most perfect role he could have in the league.

    depth at center was a huge problem, still is. someone tell me how patrick o’bryant is any different than when they had useless olowokandi? or dwayne jones? a healthy pollard to foul everyone in sight would be nice for the entire season. he did his job pretty well in the 30 games he actually played.

  • Ansonious

    All the players who are a good fit in boston, the c’s won’t have a enough money to pay them decently, they’ll get signed at a ridiculous one year contract for some change(sound familiar the patriots are the same way in the nfl,)and have their heads under the guillotine at the beginning of next season. For what a chance to take the easy route and jump on the bandwagon. Still the chance of ring does change minds more often than not, so expect them to get someone sweet somehow, and in a world where Kwame Brown can be traded for allstars multiple times this is more than possible.

  • Nathan Gugliotta

    bill walker can fill posey’s spot. hes maaaaad underrated

  • http://www.dimemag.com The Jed

    That’s a lot of faith in Bill Walker. I don’t think Matt Barnes is too expensive. The C’s have the mid level exception, nobody is left is really pricey.

  • http://nba.com ninja cool

    1. Re-sign Tony Allen
    2. Retrieve Allan Ray
    3. Put Ray Allen, Allan Ray and Tony Allen in the game at the same time and wait for Tommy H. to have fun…

  • Cammy Z

    Sign Shaun Livingston and JR Smith then wait to see how the Starbury thing plays out.

  • hhhhh

    bring back toine then take a chance on kedrick brown

  • Coop

    JR Riser would be an awful fit with the Cs. Get Barnes imo. Boston has slashers and a post presence so he’ll get open looks and he’s a better defender than Finley (not to mention he’s not over the hill)

  • Bruce

    they could make a push for jr smith and shaun livingston.. a shooter and back pg. garnetts gonna whip o bryant (who????????) into shape he’ll b a all pro bench player by the all start break..

  • Celts Fan

    We needed 3 things this off-season:

    1. A backup PG that can dribble. (LOVED resigning House, still need another one though. I’d like to give Gabe Pruitt a shot and he’s got some potential, but a proven vet would be nice.)

    2. Resign/replace Posey (obviously became replace last week, btw, good for James, was on vaca when it happened, so I didn’t get to say my opinion here. I’m glad he’s getting some set-for-life money to close out his career. He’ll ALWAYS be appreciated here for the way he goes about his business and his invaluable contributions last year. N.O. got themselves a hell of a piece and James got paid more than we thought. Good for him…)
    -I like TA alright, but not as a 6th man, and DEFINITELY not guarding 3s. He struggles w/ bigger 2s. Bill Walker and Giddens have potential and could be the answer, but just like w/ Pruitt, can you really RELY on them – or any rookie/unproven youngster – to deliver right away? I’d LOVE if the rumors of us after Trevor Ariza were true. He’d be the PERFECT replacement to do the things Posey did last year. Sign and trade TA and a few 2s, I bet that’d work…

    3. Get a big that’s over 6’8″
    I guess O’Bryant accomplishes that. The backup lineups (pre-PJ) of Big Baby and Leon Powe together caused major problems. Like both of them, but not out there together. All the ?s w/ O’Bryant are supposedly w/ work ethic. If KG can’t fix that, I don’t think anyone can (same reasoning I was, and still am, upset we passed on DeAndre Jordan.) Also, O’Bryant may’ve been in a system that was TERRIBLE for him in GS. I guess I never asked for a competant 7 footer…