NBA / Jul 11, 2008 / 8:44 am

NBA Trade Rumors: Pistons Making a ‘Big Pitch’ for Tracy McGrady

Tracy McGradyT-Mac to Motor City?

Maybe Pistons GM Joe Dumars was serious about shipping Chauncey Billups, Rasheed Wallace, or any other piece of Detroit’s long-standing nucleus out of town after all. Except this time around, they wouldn’t be headed to the Rocky Mountains in exchange for Carmelo Anthony.

And, speaking of major trade possibilities, there’s a blockbuster brewing in the NBA, too.

The Detroit Pistons, we hear, are making a big pitch to the Houston Rockets for perennial all-star Tracy McGrady.

Source: MLive.com via Metro News

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  • shake&bake

    Would this send Tayshaun to the bench? I don’t know that they are title contenders without Billups and Sheed.

  • banga

    Detroits staring Five would be..

    PG Stuckey
    SG RIP
    C McDyss

    Prince would have to move to power forward since McGradty isn’t long enough to play that position… Think about how dangerous RIP, McGrady and Prince would be in an uptempo offence with that lineup

  • Fred

    @banga: Hmm sounds like a little bit undersized. Prince at the 4 is to skinny, think about the mayhem a combo like Bosh/JO or Bynum/Gasol could do to them…

  • Truth

    Prince doesn’t have enough wait to play power forward.
    Mcdyss doesn’t won’t be able to play center either, dude is like 6’9.
    This trade sucks! Billups AND Wallace for a dude who barely plays 50 games a year! Stupid trade!

  • Damon

    the pistons would have to get another big. prince at the 4 is impossible against most team. if they did that, they would be right there with boston in my opinion
    houston would be more balanced, but they wouldn’t be any no chance at a ring.

  • Damon

    @truth: of course tmac would have to healthy. a big IF, i know.
    if he is injured like he was the last seasons, everything i said about the new pistons can be thrown away.

  • Kobeef

    Why are you assuming it is Billups and Wallace for T-Mac?

    I’d say it is just as likely to be Rip, Stuckey and Tayshaun. T-Mac plays also plays at the 2. I can’t imagine houston would give up t-mac for Billups and Rasheed who are both at a pretty low-point in terms of value right now for issues like injuries and effort.

  • miamiVIS3

    I agree Kobebeef I sending Billups and Sheed doesn’t make much sense either way

  • shake&bake

    Is Maxiell good enough to start or should he be an energy guy off the bench? I’m not a big fan of this trade for Detroit. On the other hand, I think Houston would improve if The Great Wall can stay healthy and be thier go-to-guy.

  • Kermit the Washington

    Wait…the article doesn’t say WHO the deal includes. Why is everyone saying Billups and Wallace? This blog simply said:

    “Maybe Pistons GM Joe Dumars was serious about shipping Chauncey Billups, Rasheed Wallace, OR any other piece…”

    And the article linked here didn’t say any names except McGrady. Did I miss something?

  • Truth

    The Wallace part makes sense, this is the last year of his contract, and houston needs a point gaurd bad, I actually think this would be a good trade for houston. Yao can take over games. Billups wouldn’t have as much wear and tear on his body with the post presence of Wallace and Yao, and Wallace wouldn’t have to worry so much about being an interior force. Detroit would suck though! This is a trade in the wrong direction for them.

  • Zach

    I can’t think of any trade for T-mac that would make this team better. Yes sheed needs to go, but Maxiell steps right into the starting line up. We need a center so Dice can get back to comin off the bench. T-MAC IS NOT THE ANSWER

  • Ashlov

    If McGrady joins the Pistons, they’ll never make it out of the first round.

  • Kermit the Washington

    now I’m sure of it. You all are bugging, no one said Billups and Wallace for McGrady.

  • Damon

    of course tmac is no allen iverson

  • Kobeef

    My thought on the trade is:

    1) Houston is not winning the west with T-Mac and Yao is only 27 so there is still time to go in a different direction.

    2) Detroit is not winning the east with the current lineup but they are close to being a conference winner so an upgrade at a position or two could push the to the ‘Chip

    I’d do this

    PG – Bones Barry
    SG – Bones Hamilton
    SF – Bones Prince
    PF – Scola
    C – Ming

    PG – Billups
    SG – Stuckey
    SF – McGrady
    PF – Rasheed
    C – McDyess

  • Kermit the Washington

    LOL @ Kobeef

    But yeah, Detroit would have a nice lineup then…I’d do it too, although I’m a big “Bones Hamilton” fan lol

  • Bron42 had springs before slamball

    like i said the other day, the idea was originally tmac for prince and billups, but that doesnt work since both those guys do what guys on the rockets (rafer/battier) already do.

    @kobeef, ya yao is only 27 but has proved just as fragile as tmac (and possibly more long term with the foot injury). I actually like the detroit lineup you named though. It would be irnoic for tmac to go to the team that started his whole “glad to be in the second round” curse lol Trade his ass to miami for marion….
    C- Zo or haslem…
    they score 1000 points and no one plays 82 games lol


    Damn can’t see breaking up rip and chaunce. It’s kinda like your favorite pair of old ballin’ shoes. You the new J’s would look so much better, but you just can’t let go of the way them old kicks feel.

    I think yall stretching for news on this one Dime. But still way to keep yall ear to the streetz. I ain’t heard this nowhere yet. looks like yall finally beat me to the punch. lol


    Beasley would play 82. lol

  • Truth

    I don’t think stuckey is ready to be thrusted into the starting lineup, especially at the SG spot. He has good size at 6’5, but why throw him in with the sharks (Kobe, wade, joe johnson) it’s only his second year, but he may be okay?

  • fiyaman

    how bout trding rip and Sheed for tmac and maybe Head or landry or the dude the got from the spurs( for some reason i cant remeber his name right now damn..lol).. dont know how the salaries match but htat would make

    pf- that dude again ..lol
    C- Maxiel

  • Kermit the Washington

    Stuckey’s about ready for the keys…I kinda wanted to see him get one more year under Chauncey’s tutelage, but from his playoff performances, I think he’d do ok. Is Lindsay sticking around as like a player/assistant-coach?

  • SWAT

    Dime has stated this in articles before but still nothing is definite as for as which players are in or out. Before they said it was Sheed and Prince for Mac…i’m not too sure how i feel about this trade.

  • fiyaman

    Scola is that dude im talking about..

  • Arno

    Everybody talks about the Pistons. But what about the Rockets ? Why would they trade TMac ? Especially since they are loaded with PFs. It doesn’t make much sense. All they need is their injury prone starters to stay healthy.

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…She caught the vapors

    Commmmeee owwwnnnnn maaaaannn! No.

    I have to agree with Fed you don’t break up Rip and Chaunc. I really don’t think that is where any prob. was they were straight.

    I can understand if you trying to ship Sheed off somewhere and all, but still I don’t like it.

    Granted I am still rollin with Houston regardless and will support Mac anywhere he plays and if he went to the D I would still be straight cause I like them too. If and when Mac ever got out the first round I just wanted him to be a Rocket doing it.

    I am the Rockets though, and this just GEE, I would try to trade Yao before Mac. Granted Yao offensively is pretty nice, but his defense needs work and he still doesn’t and probably won’t ever get that tenacity that is needed to make it to “Great”. Plus he easily breakable.

    I try to get a decent center that can score perhaps bout 12 to 15 and a “pure” point who can score and create his own shot. Most def. I ship B-Jax and Yao out for a trade. Alston becomes a great 6 man or back-up.

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…She caught the vapors

    LOL that was If I am the Rockets though, not “I am the Rockets lol”

  • LakeShow84

    This trade wont fall through.. too much uncertainty..

    Who will be traded FROM Detroit that Houston really needs.. and honestly they really only need a pure PG in Houston.. But whatever they pieces Detroit gives up it will be MORE than ONE marquee player..

    And trading for T-Mac and his injury history will be creeping up on Dumars after the Drank wears off..

    This team (detroit) has become to cocky for their own good.. i noticed before anyone said nething that they carry themselves like they are most successful team in the history of the NBA.. to get rid of that sentiment you have to break the team apart.. There are too many egos on that team and when you have a starting 5 who support themselves (which is good) over their coaches (which is bad) the shit will start to stink at some point..

    What is it, FIVE conference finals and ONE title?? Ehhh..

  • LakeShow84

    And I am the lakers!

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…She caught the vapors

    LOL LakeShow I agree on how they carry themselves. It’s a difference between condfidence and cockyness. They were reppin the latter.

    If both teams make some kinda trade they need to do it with other teams cause with each other not gone really make a diff. on either part really. Perhaps with Houston but nothing that will gain a championship.

  • tim

    its 6 conference finals and 1 ship….

    i really think the problem is the captain Billups…

    he plays great…but his ego is crazy…

    like the lose by 30 and he said its just another game its on us….

    and then when they ask him who his fav starting five would be and he picks his entire pistons team…

    trade Billups and Hamilton…

    TMac / afflalo
    Prince / Sharpe
    Maxiell/ Amir Johnson
    Sheed/ Samb.

    in any case, get ready for some serious youth movement from the Pistons next year…Curry is gonna work them young boys…then when Amir is a beast they will trade Sheed for someone and win the title.

  • tim

    btw, did anyone hear the story how Cheick Samb took a bad shot for the heck of it…Curry straight up called a timeout and told him how he felt…

    I don’t remember Flip ever doing that…oh wait…he was late to practice, so he probably didn’t even notice.

  • devin

    Pistons should trade Phoenix

    Rip Hamilton
    Rasheed Wallace


    Boris Diaw
    Leandro Barbosa
    Raja Bell

    It works and is great for both teams.sun will make their starting line-up all all-stars.And the Pistons will get younger guys.