NBA / Jul 23, 2008 / 11:30 am

Ron Artest to Detroit Rumor Is Gaining Steam

Ron ArtestArtest in the Palace?

In what would be a flat-out bonkers turn of events, the Ron Artest-to-Detroit rumor seems to be gaining momentum. After Pistons GM Joe Dumars offered Chauncey Billups and Tayshaun Prince to the Nuggets for Carmelo Anthony, and later to the Rockets for Tracy McGrady only to be rejected both times, Detroit’s front office is forced to look elsewhere.

But is Ron-Ron the “superstar” caliber player who they publicly stated that they were seeking?

Sure enough, a second source close to the Pistons has indicated that Pistons are pondering a trade for Ron-Ron. I’m not sure of the opinions of the Pistons powers-that-be – namely team president Joe Dumars and owner Bill Davidson – but it says plenty that the chatter surrounding the mere idea is spreading around them.

According to the Sacramento Bee’s Sam Amick, the piece that makes the deal complete is Tayshaun Prince. Clearly the Pistons are willing to part with Tayshaun if the piece in return is right.

It’s too bad that Artest and the Palace share a tumultuous past, to say the least. He’s the exact type of player that the blue-collar Motor City could rally around.

Now that this rumor is legit, how should Pistons fans react to the possibility of Artest in Detroit?

Source: Sam Amick

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  • B

    I like this for Detroit. Never been sold on Tayshaun.

  • ERIC

    What a turn of events this would be

  • CasualFan

    Artest is supposed to get them over the conference finals hump? Part of me thinks this is nuts. Another part of me thinks Joe Dumars may be on to something…. You never know…

  • JoV

    Artest and Sheed on the same team?? Craazzzy

  • dapro

    @ JoV

    I was thinking the same thing- that’s too much crazy for one team

    The Commish is secretly pissing his pants. He’s not going to let this happen

  • Celts Fan

    @Casual Fan (#3) both parts of you are right, that’s the gamble w/ Ron

  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s loc

    “Artest and Sheed on the same team?? Craazzzy”

    Dr. phil should be on speed dial.

  • Big V

    Artest > Prince

    Who else is supposed to round out the deal?

  • http://sithlord24.blogspot.com Sith Lord 24

    how would the fans in Detroit respond to this. if this trade happens anything can happen!!!

  • shake&bake

    Maybe 2 crazies equal sanity, or maybe they’ll combine into a supercrazy. It will be interesting to see how fast the Detroit fans fall in love with Artest’s style.

  • http://www.worldvision.org Uhm…

    i’d much rather see this trade go through over the billups and prince for t-mac trade. i dont want to lose 2 starters for just one player unless than one player is on the 1st or 2nd team all nba

  • johnny

    I would rather lose Rip for Artest. That would solve the long-running back-up small forward thing for Detroit. Tay would back him up and get some 2. Afflalo would get some 2. And Chauncey/Stuckey are no problem as a 2-pg-set.

    On the Kings side…putting Rip with Kevin Martin is…crazy enough to work. Hehe.

  • McLovin

    ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • johnny

    Also….if Ron has his head straight (yea, big “if”), then he is a superstar. He can go in the same sentence as Melo or T-Mac. In fact his offense is probably better than their defense.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    What exactly is Detroit gaining if this trade goes through?

  • fiyaman

    Crazy people can make sane people act crazy.. 2 crazy people on 1 team isnt doesnt sound too gd. But considering who the lunatics are i’d take it

  • http://www.worldvision.org Uhm…

    well imagine detroit playing against the celtics or cavs. detroit will have artest on those two guys rather than using rip and prince. that’s huge.

  • johnny

    Sheed and Artest are both expiring contracts.
    Summer 2009 could be the back-up to Plan Crazy.

  • cbizzle

    As long as he stops beating up fans, I think this could be a good trade. I’d miss Tayshaun like crazy. But Artest is such a versitle defender and consitent scorer. I’m torn. Is there any way they can just keep them all?

  • Wanabballer

    They could of had Melo’ already… what a shame…!!

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Stats wise Artest brings 6 pts and one rebound more than Prince and that’s only because Prince has been the 4th option his entire career. The other stats are virtually the same. Prince has a better post reason resume as far as experience is concerned. I like Artest’s defense but I just don’t see it as putting Detroit over the so called “hump” and winning a championship.

    However maybe they’re willing to give it a chance just for the sake of doing something because after being turned down by Denver and Houston the options are getting very limited.

  • cbizzle

    @ #20, Melo would be a no-brainer if he wasn’t allergic to defense. And remember, Denver rejected the Melo trade. Joe couldn’t trade for Melo if Denver didn’t want to do the trade.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    That is to say I see this as a desperate move just so it looks like they made a huge shake up like Dumars said he would. But I wouldn’t call this a huge shake up

  • fiyaman

    @cbizzle I think wanabballer meant they could have had him in the draft..

  • shake&bake

    True they could of had Melo in the draft, but I think the Darko pick is working off extremely well for them. Oops. Melo, Wade, or Bosh instead of Darko probably would have put them in to the finals at least a couple more times.

  • http://sithlord24.blogspot.com Sith Lord 24

    they would run Melo outta town when they see he plays 000.000 defense LOL

  • doc

    Melo would play D for a coach that demands it.

  • hahns

    artest is a stud…if you watched him play in indiana and chicago, you know the guy can kill it and fill up the stat sheet. i think if the pistons signed him, it would instantly makes them a viable title contender….but they still need mr. big shot. i dont see the pistons firing on all cylinders (pun intended) w/o him.

    i think ppl forget that before the pistons/pacers brawl happend, the pacers were killing it, and in my oppinion, were headed to the finals, due much in part to artest

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    How about Rip for Artest? That way they could play Prince or Artest at the four depending on the team they’re playing. Stuckey can then play the two with Billups at point until Stuckey is ready to take over.


    I like the Piston lineup more this way.

  • GsusX

    I definitely like this deal for Detroit… Artest would really beef them up and make them an intimidating team alongside sheed and maxiell…

    Hey just throwin this out there- how about livingston signing with the Cavs? They desparately need youth (and talent) in the backcourt and they have a year to let him get his feet back under him with snow and d-jones presumably around for only one more year. I think that livingston and boobie would be a solid 1-2, with livingston using his height to man up the opposing 2 on d…

  • Mike

    If anyone remembers the Bad Boys and their acquisition of Mahorn (Mc Nasty). He was considered a high risk guy but helped get them two titles.

    Then Dumars traded for Sheed who was considered a trouble maker and head case. He is still considered an on court head case, but he did help them get a title in 2004.

    The Pistons got soft under Saunders.

    Curry is a lot tougher. Adding Artest would added talent and toughness. The biggest risk with Artest is that he never plays 82 games in a year and in most years not even close to 82 games. Pistons starters rarely miss games so getting Artest would be a big risk in that area. Better to have Prince for 82 games than Artest for 50 games and some backup for 30 games.

  • Zach

    I not sure how I feel about this, (I love Tay so I would hate to see him go) I guess that I’ll have to wait and see what the Pistons are giving up before I form an opinion. But imagine the Defense with Maxiell, Artest, Prince, and L Hunter (if he comes back) I think they could keep the other team from getting past half court 3 outta every 5 times with a full court trap

  • Kermit The Washington

    OH SNAP! I so called this…I have the emails to prove it…I know it’s just rumors for now, but if this happens I CALLED IT! I love this idea. And the next phase of my Detroit plan is to bring in Isaiah to coach, which was a Dime idea originally i believe.

  • johnny


    Tay can not play the 4. He has pooped his spot minutes there. Including Game 7 at San Antonio 2005.
    In fact, he gets muscled by some sf’s too. But he can play the 2 like a giant falcon, so I agree on Rip for Artest.

  • johnny

    Whatever happened to Artest interviewing a fan that instigated the brawl?

  • http://ESPN Alex

    I like it a whole lot!

  • http://ESPN Alex

    I like it a whole lot!

  • Joe Cozi

    Rip for Artest come on now we already have K-mart and that would be the two skinniest guys in the league on the court together….the Kings would not take Rip when they already have Martin might want to think about rosters before you just say trade x for y…..

  • the mamba

    What about a camby for rasheed trade or a tayshuan for odom deal?

    That could give detroit this l/u




    The first deal would make the clips solid w/ rasheed and kaman down low.

    If they get odom I would love to see the lakers roll out that starting l/u.


    Or detroit can jus trade everyone of the core n have a lineup like this.

    Marion (for chauncy)
    Odom (for tayshuan)
    Camby (for rasheed)

    Detroit definitely has the pieces to upgrade and offer something teams would take. I think they should blow up the team. They could get artest, marion, odom, camby whoever. All those guys have expiring contracts so they would be looking good going into the next two major free agent classes

  • Mark

    Very interesting team Detroit would be. Although I’m pretty sure the Detroit fans may forget and retaliate against Artest again.

    I kid, I kid. Not really.

  • tim

    Yeah not sure…People around here aren’t big fans…But if he played consistent ball and didn’t act like a nut…I think he would be great.