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Summer Cleaning Contest: Bernard King Jersey

Bernard King jerseyB. King

Next up in the contest … We have a Bernard King Bullets jersey (maybe to go with your ‘Sheed Bullets jersey). The King jersey is a size 48.

And if you don’t know much about B-King, or don’t know just how nice he was (or how good he could have been if not for his awful knees), learn.

Who wants it? Tell us why you want the jersey, what you plan to do with it and we will hook up the best commenter with it…

Bernard King jersey

** Make sure the email address you use to comment with is legit so that we can contact you.

*** We will be contacting winners directly

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  • Justice

    Where’s the knicks joint? I know ya’ll got it!

  • fiyaman

    4 real I claim the Knicks King jersey

  • Kudabeen

    Forget the Knicks Jersey I’ll take the Bullets Jersey. Bernard was one of the players I watched most even though I wasn’t really of age to appreciate the era. Him and Adrian Dantley were my models of effective offensive moves as an under sized low post to mid range scorer.

    Let me take that off your hands…

  • I`CouldBeYourFather

    Bernard King’s jimmy was liquid…smooth……I definitely would love having his jersey!

  • Justice

    Bernard King is the original Glenn Robinson/Carmelo Anthony

  • http://www.musicbyryan.com/kidandy andy c.

    i’ll humbly take that jersey for 3 reasons:

    1) i’m old enough to have watched king play and know his silky-smooth, almost sleepy style. he was deadly. even with the bad knees, he couldn’t be guarded. he was like that guy that everyone hates because everything he throws up goes in, but you liked king and respected how he played.

    2) i used to live in dc. i was and am a washington fan, wizards or bullets, doesn’t matter. i’ve done the “take the metro to the game” thing and i do as much as i can to stay with the team.

    3) i will rock that jersey. it’s my size, and it’s not going on the wall or in the closet, it’s going on my back!

  • gary

    my favorite player of all time(well maybe bird) but king was the truth even after his knees went…tell me what i have to do and ill do it!!!

  • JA

    Can’t say I know much about Bernard King.

    But anything that says Bullets on the front and King on the back is pretty solid.

  • imperial-mel

    I wasnt watchin basketball when King was playin but growin up in Va Beach, Washington was my regional type team….I respect his game so much, and being a student of the game, i would be honored to have his jersey!

  • luke M

    well for one, ill be the owner of the finest bball attire in the southern hemisphere

    im not even wearing this thing, its getting framed and hanging on my wall


  • Truth

    I know I’m only 26 and all I have ever gotten to see was mostly throwback games on espn 2, but I have been indulging in B-Ball since I was like 8, and through books and throwback games Bernard King became one of my favorite players. I don’t own any throwback Jersey’s, (them joints cost too much and child support is a beast these days!). So this would be my first throwback. I love Bernards game! I would love to have something like this to frame and keep for me and my son to pass down.

  • the_don_mega

    i aint gonna lie Dime..
    i want this!!!
    coz Bernard king is one of the most underrated players ever…
    cat deserves respect…
    n i can giv em dat…
    by rockin’ his jersey all day…everyday…every damn day!
    and because K.R.E.A.M.

  • imperial-mel

    @ 12…you might need to put No Homo after that acronym…haha j/p

  • Truth

    @Post 13. LOLOLOLOL!!!!

  • Tha Boddy

    7th Pick by the New York (Later New Jersey)Nets in ’77, 22ppg average ,had 2 straight 50pt games, one 60pt game, then in 1986…anterior cruciate ligament (don’t know if it’s spelled right. He then came back with the Bullets (without the super speed and quickness) then back to the Nets b4 his knee gave up on him…And thats what I wanna do with this jersey wear it and live the life of a comeback player who played thru the pain until it became too much to handle…

  • Chris

    bernard king was nasty…..would rather have the knicks jersey for this one, but the bullets one will cut it.

  • Spanky

    For those of you that don’t know, we’re talking about a career 52% FG percentage, a turnaround jumper in the post that was virtually unguardable.

    How about the series when he had 2 dislocated fingers and still dropped buckets all over all over Zeke and the Pistons?

    His best years was when he was a Knick, the #30 needs to be retired at Madison Square.

    In the meantime i could settle with hanging the #30 Bullets on my back, repping one of the most underrated players ever!

  • Jeronimo

    I discovered Bernard King watching this NBA video “Guts and glory”, and I immediately loved his game. Since then I’ve seen more footage of his playing, and he was sick, even with bad knees. I want this jersey to be pretty much the only guy in Argentina who:
    a) Knows who the King was
    b) Wears as NBA jersey other than Manu Ginobili’s

  • Luigi

    he was best remembered 4 the show down with Isiah. that was his pinnacle. he was a star and could of been a HOFer if the knees still was straight!.

    man my moms friends son is friends with B-King. n he always tells me that he was a baller n if B-King did his thing he wudda been NBA champions wit Ewing. i could imagine B-King + Ewing = NBA champions kuz he coulda played for a longgggg time.

    oh well

  • bobby stew

    I gotta get this B. King Jersey! I want this jersey because Bernard King is so underated and these young guys out here don’t know much about him. If I won this jersey I would give the youngsters a history lesson on B. King everytime they asked me about the jersey. It’s all about spreading the knowledge and respecting the history of the game.

  • MSkittle

    As Shaq once said, “Boom, Ping, Ping, Baseline fadeaway like Bernard King.”

  • Dell

    As a long suffering NY Knicks fan, this jersey would allow me to return to a great time of my youth, watching King light up squads (I still remember being 10 watching the Christmas game where he hung 60 on his former team, the Nets). King was greatly underrated during his career, and after (how’s he not in the Hall, or named to the all 50 team when he’s #31 all time in points scored???), and let’s not forget that he led the L in scoring while playing for the “marquee” team in ’85. He was my favorite player, even after he came back (who doesn’t remember him in Celtics vs. Lakers, getting buckets even in video gameland lol), because his work effort on the court and off it epitomized everything that was right with B-Ball. And don’t let me start about his Brother Albert. I still have those posters!

  • Ian Wen

    Back in the mid80s, in the heart of Celts country on the North Shore, I’d be screaming “Berrnnaaaaard Kiiiiiing!!!!!” as I drove to the hoop… King was pure scoring, and even after knee surgery, came back to dish out more. I’m having knee surgery this Friday, so rockin the jersey post-op would be sweet and help me while I rehab.


    Thats a cold jersey love it!
    I’ma give it to my girl to make a dress out of.

    Now where is my Sheed jersey DIME!!!!!

  • the_don_mega

    yeah FED.. who won the SHEED giveaway? did they giv it 2 u? ur d best fan o’ d pistons here

  • J Tok

    as a long time knicks fan, and D.C native I feel this jersey is the best of both worlds for me. King was the truth and rocking his jersey will only build his legacy in the D.C area

  • fiq

    OMG that jersey is fire!

    First of I am huge Washington Bullets fan! I’ve been going to games every season since ’86. I am/was a huge Bernard King fan even before he was a Bullet. The Bullets got him when the Knicks traded him literally while he was being carted off the court after he blew his knee out. I think the Knicks fans at the time never forgave the front office for that. One of my favorite Bullets memories was watching on HTS (remember that channel ol skool DC?) as King would repeatedly torch the Knicks for 50+ in MSG. Every game the Knicks fans would cheer for every bucket King got and by the end of the games, angrily booing the home team.

    Anyways, you have got to get me this jersey. I am huge Bullets fan. I will wear that jersey to every game I go to at the Phone Booth (hell I’ll send you pictures of me opening nite this season in my fresh new King jersey). You gotta give me that jersey because when everyone asks me where I got it I will tell them,”Dime Magazine THE BEST basketball magazine on the planet. Slam? Total crap. SI? Garbage. ESPN the Magazine? Bunch of Bitches. Dime Mag. You gotta check it out.” Seriously I will rock this jersey all the time at the Verizon Center. You gotta give me that jersey because I wear a Bullets hat all the time anyways at Wizards games.

    Hey just throwing it out there. Who’s brother was better? Bernard King’s bro Albert or Dominique Wilken’s Bro Gerald?

    Thanks for the great mag and website.


    P.S. What other Bullets gear do you guys have? Are you gonna give away #77 Gheorge Muresan jersey next? If so I will be writing in for that one too.

  • Promoman

    I’d like the jersey because I remember seeing him play & the fact that I don’t like Isiah Thomas (but I respect his game). When he destroyed Pistons despite the two dislocated thumbs, I was estatic. H

  • Ramon

    It should impress you that I’ve never been to Washington, or New Jersey, Salt Lake City or San Francisco in fact, I’ve only been to the states once, to New York.

    I’m from Spain, I love the NBA and my true King’s name is not LeBron, is Bernard.

    I’m a basketball player myself and I have had some injuries, never as tough as Bernard’s. But he was my inspiration to pass through it and bounce back.

    I think he should have been on the best 50 players list of all time, his game was great, and not only that but the fact he was able to become a legend by fighting his own injuries should be respected.

    It would be untrue to say it was my inspiration since I was a child, or that I had seen him play, but his strenght, his legacy, was key for me, and I think having something of him would keep his legacy alive and spread in Spain.

    PD: Sorry for my English, I know is not as good as an American but I hope it is enough to transmit the respect I feel for Bernard.

  • Stacy

    ahhh no shit! I dont normally comment on things but this is well worth the time.

    here’s my reasons

    1. I loved the bullets and B King was still slick as hell even though the knees weren’t cooperating, but I never got behind them once they became the Wizards; the franchise shoulda nutted up and kept the bullets name and not gave into all the political bullshit behind the name change. I’d rep that shit PROUDLY.

    2. Ya never know he might be my dad??? who wouldnt want their dad’s jersey?? seriously Dime hook me up…I loved the Dwades ya’ll sent me about 3 years ago but I need some new shit!

  • http://lahoopsblog.wordpress.com AG

    Size 48?

    Dime, please let me have this jersey so that I can pitch a tent out of it that says ‘King’ on one side and ‘Bullets’ on the other.

  • doc

    Because I respect his gangsta on the court.

  • Ernie Grunfeld

    I’d like it because I am the other half of the Tennessee Vol “Bernie and Ernie show”!

  • Aish1

    I’ll take it cause I’m probably the only one that will fit into that big ass jersey

  • Homeless J

    Over the weekend I got popped with an under an ounce possession charge. I have about a $600 bill coming my way that I have no way to pay for. I’ve been putting in job apps all day.

    I’ve been waiting for you guys to put up an item that I’d really want (some of the shoes have been dope but none of them are my size) and so far this is the thing that appeals to me the most. I’m not gonna lie. Bernard King was a great player, I saw his 45-point christmas game for the Knicks on espn classic, but he’s not one of my favorite players, and the Bullets are cool (and have one of the coolest team names in sports history) but that particular team has no real sentimental value to me. Basically I would wear this around because I think the jersey looks cool and I’d really like something to cheer me up and maybe even sell to help pay off my new fine. if you guys put up something else that I like better, or some shoes that fit, I’ll make it known that I want it.

  • Ryan

    This will go great with my Manute Bol jersey

  • jamesinva

    i miss old school basketball. it frustrates me to read comments made by the younger generation not having a clue about a certain player that played in the late 80s and early 90s. Yea I may not know everyone from the 60s or 70s but I feel as a fan, you need to know the history of the great players that came before the guys playing today. Bernard King was a BEAST. I would definitely be showing my retro pride wearing this classic. and you cannot wear this without the slim gold necklace just like the “King” did. living in the Metropolitan area this jersey would be the perfect throwback to rock to any event.

    thank you Dime for the great opportunity to have a chance to win such items.

  • jz_smoove

    i have never won anything significant. i have loyally read, bought and subscribed to Dime. i would cherish this for a long long time. a bernard king jersey, (or any jersey from Dime) would be Sweeeeeeeeeet!!…but its all good if nothing comes this way boys.

  • ash

    the original KING…

    def a hot piece and one i would love to rock…

    no super-special, specific reasons or stories…

    respect the player, the old skool hard-ass play, and as i posted b4, making that move to DC and need some gear…

    ummm, 30 is also one of my favorite #s…hahahaha…

  • SwedishMooze

    I was born and raised in Sacramento before the Kings and LOVED the Warriors with JBC, BK, World B Free and the Enforcer, Larry Smith. I remember crying when Jack Sikma’s nasty fro took us down in game 82 and made us miss the playoffs.

    When huge names like Terry Tyler, Mark Olberding and the gang moved in from KC I lost touch with my Warriors, but a King is always a King, especially when he was the King in the eyes of a 5-year old.

    Now I’m 33 and live in Sweden. I am about to buy my first house and having Bernard King’s jersey framed on the wall would bring me full circle…

  • joe a.

    Bernard King, along with Bird, Jordan, and ‘Nique were the players that got me interested in b-ball when I was young. A few years ago I bought some red white and blue Converse weapons to go along with the King throwback I was gonna buy, but like an idiot, I decided it was more important to pay my rent then to buy it. If I win, it will redeem that mistake I made 4 years ago.

  • michael lee

    hook me up dime. i’m a subscriber and i’m on your site daily. plus, i’m down with the king.

  • http://funnybike.dk Howard Brammer

    The reason I should get this jersey was because I grew up with the King when he was with the knicks and I loved when he single handed bust the Pistons in they ass back in 84. Also he was the first player to ever make it all the way back from a torn ACL back to the all-star game

  • Schmitty

    I don’t know if this is still going on, but Bernard King was a beast. My brother and I grew up a Bullets fan (yes they are still the Bullets) and got to watch Bernard on some bad teams. He really only had Jeff Malone to support him, but he still kept the Bullets competitive. They would hold there own against the Pistons and Bulls for what little talent they had, thanks to Bernard.

    Now the Bullets are gone and I am a Wizards fan, but it would be awesome to surprise my brother with a Bernard jersey. When fans were jumping on the Jordan, Magic, and Issah band wagons, we were Bernard fans. I think that loyalty deserves something.

  • pedro mercado

    He should have made the Hall this year ,The best scoring small foward in history ,great first step,great leaper, quick release just” THE KING OF NEW YORK ” …I got his highschool jersey,his knick jersey and his tennessee also ,i could use this one too,,,,,,