NBA, Video / Jul 23, 2008 / 5:21 pm

Tim Hardaway Had the Best Crossover Ever

Nothing excites fans like an ankle breaking crossover. When executed correctly, a proper cross leaves a defender helpless, looking foolish. You remember when the Glove tried to trip Jason Williams after he hit him with a one-two on the sideline? White Chocolate has some great moves, but for my money, Tim Hardaway had arguably the best crossover to ever hit an NBA court.

Dubbed the UTEP two-step, his crossover has victimized several NBA defenders and single-handedly began the end of the careers of Knick guards Chris Childs and Charlie Ward. In an age where some players carry the ball on just about every dribble, Hardaway had a deadly handle and killed guys with his cross without carrying the ball.

Tim Hardaway had the best crossover ever, write it down.

Who do you think had the best crossover of all time?

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  • that’s whats up


  • that’s whats up


  • Marian

    no discussion at alle. tim bug
    always was and always will be the man with the best cross

  • DaPro

    Yeah can’t argue with that

    His crossover was SICK

    AI had killer crossover (carried)

  • Daily boy

    Real Talk da boy was nice wit da Rock!

  • the haters POV

    Hell Nah and I’m from Chi-town. He had a good cross but the boy AI is the best hands down. Check this out.


  • BxBaller

    No Question, Tim-Bug had the best crossover. I just used to hate how he would kill my Knicks in the late 90’s.

  • iain.

    brandon jennings! naw but seriously he breaks dudes regularly.

  • the haters POV


    Brandon Jennings is not even top 100 homie. We talking about crossover legends here.

  • bleedingfinger

    file it away. tim hardaway by a landslide.

  • original2k9

    steve francis back then was unstoppable check some youtube vids of him in his rocket days, he wuz sick

  • iain.

    i know he cant touch timmy or a.i, yet anyway. was just watchin a clip of him send his man to the hotdog man in row 28 lol, hes nice.

  • rob stewart

    Allen Iverson had the best crossover ever. He hit MJ with it twice and he devastated hundreds of guards in the league with it. Yeah, I know some people say he carried but MJ pushed off on Byron Russel too and everybody respects that. A.I. all the way.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    greg ostertag

  • Tim Hardaway

    Guys, thanks but A.I. got the best crossover. 100% of my crossovers, I always went to the right. I got no left. So please, thanks for the support, but that was the only move I had. Crossovers don’t win chips, defense does, and I don’t have either one.

  • PJ 310

    Timmy 2-Step
    Grant Hill had a mean cross back in the day too
    Jordan in his early days

  • iain.

    lol greg ostertag.. that reminds me i was thinkin today….

    Do you think there is a player in the NBA that CAN’T DUNK? it was intruiging me i thought surely not, but there could be one?

  • Michorizo

    Crossover? … I have to go with John Amaechi … I’m not one to say it was the best but his crossover shocked a lot of people when he announced it.

  • Yoooo

    Tyronne Lue can’t dunk…

    AI clearly carried on his cross overs. He blatantly would put his hand under the ball. Tim Hardaway had the best cross cuz its timeless, whether at the start of basketball or up to now. Cuz its legal.

  • focalmatic

    Gotta go with…God Shamgod! Does he count? LOL

  • Mark

    Killed it. His handles are smooth and effective. Although the worst crossovers (ultimately ending up in ankle breaking) had to be AI, just cause he’s been in our generation and I’ve had some exposure to his highlights.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    earth shaking news . . . brevin knight and jason hart were traded for each other!

  • Buffalo Brave

    Hardaway was a beast with it

    He’s a very overlooked player

  • http://sithlord24.blogspot.com Sith Lord 24

    Greg Ostertag…. lmao how about Keivin Duckworth!!!!!!

    na but Tim by far, he killed cats for years. everyone learned it because of him

  • John Amaechi

    Tim Hardaway ain’t got shit on me !

  • JayTea

    Timmy got SKILLZ

  • Kudabeen

    Speaking of crossovers:

    I was surprised that Sebastian Talfair had a very steady season. Maybe he will continue his crossover from over-hyped NYC prospect to respectable team first facilitator after all…

    “Telfair averaged 9.3 points, 2.3 rebounds and 5.9 assists and finished 10th in the NBA in assist-to-turnover ratio. The former lottery pick enters his fifth season in the NBA after a heralded entry straight out of high school.”
    espn ~

  • Celts Fan

    Tim hates carrying almost as much as he hates gay people.

  • Ashlov

    He’s ugly, but deadly.

  • Dagomar

    AI had the best crossover ever. So many of his points came from ridiculously tight crossovers, and he’s one of the leading scorers in NBA history. Remember that crossover in the Finals when he stepped over the guy (who was it again? Name’s on the tip of my tongue)? That was AI for me. Maybe the sickest handle I’ve probably ever seen.

    And actually Marbury was pretty insane in that department as well. I agree though, Tim was good – probably second-best crossover ever.

  • dagwaller

    Laughing at Celts and Amar! Hahaha. Didn’t Shaq try a crossover in an All-Star game?

    Anyway, I’d give it to Timmy, although White Chocolate and AI both had some good ones. Knocking over GP and MJ respectively is enough for me.

  • Kudabeen

    I have to say AI had they quickest killer crossover…

    Hardaways was just perfect for getting guys off balance enough to use an effective first step or step back J, which Tim had in his game…

    But All-time although I’m not a fan of the player, I loved his Game…Steve Francis was a total package killer with the handle, because he had the step back, but could also take Anyone to the rack with power…


    And Illegally:


    Only other player with that kinda of combination of abilities and was a better lead guard is Baron Davis…


    With all that I have to give it to Steve Francis he was just silly talented…just couldn’t package that with the temperament to be a team guy…

  • andru

    did he ever crossover to the left? defenders must be pretty dumb

  • Get off Mike…Mike Who? My D***

    How can people say AI. He made an ILLEGAL move every time he crossed some one. Not only that, he pushed off with his off hand, that’s what floored defenders. Not his “Killer” cross.

    Baron Davis and Steve Francis in his younger years, have an argument. That’s about it.

  • Luigi

    Tim was killer. but i think hes top 2

    i think allen iverson hada sick x-over.

    so i think


  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life daQUeSt?oN

    Allen iverson perfected tim’s crossover but ai’s is clearly better

  • Kudabeen

    @ Get Off Mike

    I agree about AI to a point… it wasn’t a push off that floored defenders (Antonio Daniels anyone)


  • Tyrke


  • http://www.themavenreport.com desha rogers-givens

    dude stop playing, HOTSAUCE!!! STOP IT!!!

    too bad Timmy made those anti-gay remarks…otherwise i think he would have got in the HOF (would have to be an off year)

  • http://greatlivepaper.blogspot.com Big Sneezy

    Tim’s crossover is extra-efficient. No wasted movements. A lot of guys can beat their defender with the cross but then put in an extra hesitation to admire themselves, which ruins the whole idea. No dawdling with Tim: He’s either at the rim or putting up a jumper before the defender can think.

  • Get off Mike…Mike Who? My D***

    Well said Big Sneezy. Period.


    The best one was……Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • SVCat

    Tim Bug had the best crossover…its official…he was the one who had the black crossover kicks with the velcro strips. I had those back in jr. high…forgot who made the shoe…can anyone refresh my memory?

  • http://nike.jp/basketball/bg/home.html asmaticasiatic

    Timmy and Kenny anderson( mainly Georgia tech days) were the homies I watched to develop my cross back in the day;gotta give luv to A.I and Stevie Franchise before he fell off….

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    reebock, right?

  • kb24!

    @ Do you think there is a player in the NBA that CAN’T DUNK? it was intruiging me i thought surely not, but there could be one.

    Um if you mean NBA history..then you can put muggsy in the list.

    Tim’s crossover is/was sick. But he aint the best.

  • http://karanmadhok.blogspot.com karan

    as good as his crossover was, i think his lay-ups were even better
    and btw, i think both AI and marbury have better crossovers

  • Nike

    @ SVCat:

    Nike Air Raid

  • Bruce

    That is my Nigga right there.

    His UTEP cross-over and his anti-gay remarks……….
    More of the latter than the former!

  • Top_Gun

    Tim is the man, he hates gayasses and leaves defenders on their ass.

  • karizmatic

    Allen Iverson had the best crossover ever, you can call it a carry if you want to, but they didn’t start calling it a carry until AI devastated the league with it.

  • DO

    in his prime, grant hill had an unstoppable crossover.
    he would do it on the break, near full-speed. it wasn’t flashy but effective

  • doc

    Tims was the shit.Ai shit got outlawed.Thats how you know its the best.Same way they started goaltending and u cant dunk free throws because of wilt.The lil dude changed the game.

  • Jason

    Paul McPhearson feom Depaul….Learn about it!!!!

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    Anyone remember the “Cross Colours” Air Raid? With the “Peace” signs and what not.

  • Big V

    My man AI for the win on this one……

  • Kyle

    Yea man those where hot. I remember I had a friend that was fresh to death and he came to school in them the day they dropped. On the way home some dudes tried to rob him. That’s Brooklyn for ya. We were like in 5th grade.

  • Andy

    Tim Hardaway: Responsible for more broken ankles than fools trying to play ball with Chuck Taylor low tops

  • Kevin K

    god all these posters who no nothing about AI. When AI did his cross, no one called that carrying back then. After he started destroying all the nba players with that nasty cross, everyone started to cry about him “palming” the ball so the NBA made a huge emphasis to the refs about carrying. Remember players travel all the time but doesn’t get called. people talk about LJ and cp3 now, but for people who watched nba during AI when he was young, the dude was straight up a killer and still is

  • jr

    Come on man a.i. made dude from da wizards fall twice the he laid him up! i love tim but ai made it more famous.

  • IserlohnFortress

    Since Iverson’s hand is never underneath the ball, it’s debatable whether his crossover qualifies as a ‘carry’ but in my opinion, at the very least, he violated the ‘spirit’ of the carrying rule. That said, regardless of legality, making a call on a type of move that was never called before with the specific purpose of targeting one player (Iverson) is pathetic on the NBA’s part. It’s wrong to be inconsistent about the written and unwritten rules of the game like that. It’s just as bad as that time Hue Hollins called a foul on Scottie Pippen in the final seconds of the game and after the ball had already been released. It was widely acknowledged by refs, coaches and players that that kind of foul is NEVER called in the final seconds.