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Air Canada

There are a million videos of dunks — good and bad, NBA to backyard — posted on YouTube and other sites. But this one caught our attention for obvious reasons. The dunker’s name is Henry Bekkering, he plays at the University of Calgary in Canada, and dude’s got hops. Take notes, Billy Hoyle.

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  • Celts Fan

    Nice hops, eh

  • http://highschoolhoop.com Harvey Dent

    Dude has stupid hops. The question is……….can he play though?

  • http://bouncemag.com Mr. Make it Rain

    He probably sucks like most dudes that dunk all the time. No J, no handle, no D, no nada.

  • JChau

    This video has been a while back. Henry is a totally different player now, I can guarantee you. This dude has now much much more size, and plays really well in University. He is often seen in NBA 3on3 in the Canada regions.

  • bballinca

    THought this was itneresting:

    CALGARY – The Calgary Stampeders announced Tuesday that they have signed current University of Calgary Dinos basketball star Henry Bekkering to a contract for the 2008 Canadian Football League season.

    Bekkering, who was drafted in the fifth round (35th overall) by the Stampeders in the 2007 CFL College Draft, becomes the second Dino this spring to sign with the Red and White after offensive lineman Tim O’Neill, a first team all-Canadian in 2007, inked a contract mid-March.

    The 6’6″, 240-pound forward known for his otherworldly leaping ability on the hardwood will bring his athleticism to the gridiron, where he will train as an inside receiver with the aim of cracking the Stamps’ practice roster.

    Despite the signing, Dinos basketball coach Dan Vanhooren fully expects Bekkering to return to the floor for his fifth and final year of eligibility in 2008-09.

    “This is a great opportunity for Henry,” Vanhooren said. “It’s a chance for him to learn, and it will give him the ability to choose between a pro football career and a pro basketball career in Europe when he graduates. We’ve been assured that this will in no way affect his ability to play basketball for us this fall, so we’re thrilled for him.”

    Should he remain on the Stamps’ practice roster past August 15, the date CIS training camps begin, Bekkering will be charged a year of eligibility and will be unable to compete in CIS football for the 2008 season. However, the University of Calgary has received assurances from Canadian Interuniversity Sport that his basketball eligibility will not be affected.

    The Stampeders’ rookie camp opens Friday, May 29 at McMahon Stadium, while the main camp gets underway June 1.

    Bekkering transferred to the Dinos after three years at Eastern Washington in the NCAA’s Division I. He redshirted with the basketball program in his first season there but did play football, suiting up as a kicker for the Eagles. After two seasons of basketball, the Taber, Alta. native elected to return to Canada to play with his brother, Ross, also a forward with the Dinos men’s basketball team.

    The Dinos posted their best record in more than 30 years in the 2007-08 season, posting an 18-4 regular season mark, reaching as high as No. 2 in the CIS Top Ten poll, and hosting the Canada West Final Four in front of a sold-out Jack Simpson Gym.

  • T Dubbs

    Looks like he was a joke in basketball. In the 05-06 season, he averaged an astounding 3.9 ppg, while “playing” 11 minutes a game. Sign him up…

  • Joe Alexander

    That aint shit…

  • that’s whats up

    I couldn’t hit my head on the rim if I was on a ladder.

    Give dudes hops props

  • Luigi

    lol how does he improve tha vertical

  • Paris Hilton


  • Big Shot BOB

    Is that rim official size? Anyone can do this ish on elementary school rims…

  • oh canada

    Holy shit, C.I.S B-Ball on dimemag.com….props Henry and props to dime for the find!

    Props to the hops!

  • D.H.

    As others have said the can jump, but can he ball? There’s a guy at my local gym who does many of those same dunks and the dudes only about 6’3. But as soon as the run starts, and we’re talkin gym ball here, the guy seems as lost as a deer in the headlights . . .

  • D.H.

    Oh yea, and I’m in Canada too . . .

  • gman
  • d-buzz
  • Big Nyce

    I saw dude win the dunk contest at the Dolphin Park Classic a month ago… No doubt crazy hops….BUT..he can’t dribble or shoot. i assume thats why the CFL is looking at him..but he has zero speed….DEFO can hop out of the gym… but plenty guys can dunk but ball is more about skills then hops….

  • Big Nyce


  • rob stewart

    stockton=no hops
    Harold Miner=mad hops
    And we all know who the better baller is.

  • Ian

    comon people
    this video doesnt say the next jordan
    its a dunk video and the guy does it real good

  • Pete

    he got hops for sure, I remember seeing the video linked below about 2-3 years ago


  • Pete

    He got hops for sure, I remember seeing the video linked below about 2-3 years ago…


  • doc

    Good dunks.

  • http://www.nerditry.com nerditry

    Really? Henry Bekkering again? Dude pops up on basketball sites every couple of years like Bigfoot or something.

  • http://www.nba.com Justin

    Dude is 6’7″…. most of the stuff he did should be cake for someone with just some hops at that height.

  • Tomasz

    here is a good site with useful tips how to improve your vertical:


  • josh

    6 7′ with just some hops can do all those dunks…….don’t know about bro. i know plenty of 6’7 dudes with hops that cant do that ish……

  • luke

    Pretty fly…
    for a white guy