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Cavs Owner Rips Media Over LeBron Free Agency Rumors

LeBron JamesLeBron James (photo. Mannion)

The LeBron James-to-New York, LeBron James-to-New Jersey, Lebron James-to-Europe rumors will never go away – at least until he actually signs a new free agent deal in 2010. That’s just the way it is. He’s arguably the biggest name in the basketball universe, he plays in a relatively small market, his team hasn’t done much to improve his supporting cast and when he officially becomes a free agent, every team in the world will want him. There’s not really much anyone can do about it.

Cavs owner Dan Gilbert apparently disagrees:

“The reason this thing is where it’s at,” Gilbert said, “is that we’ve got a bunch of bored, East Coast sports writers who have nothing to do because the offseason is a few months away and the Olympics [hadn’t] started yet.

“The undertone to the whole thing that I wonder is, why him?” Gilbert said. “Why not Dwyane Wade? Why not Chris Bosh? Why not whoever else is coming due?

“The only thing you can come up with is there are certain writers, or people who live on the East or West Coast, who think that Cleveland, Ohio, is not a good enough place for a superstar of LeBron’s caliber to spend his career.

As nice as Wade and Bosh are, Gilbert knows very well that they’re different from LeBron. Plus, they’re both on teams that are actively moving to dramatically improve themselves. I’m not saying that the Cavs aren’t working as hard as they can to make something, anything, happen, but the fact remains that they haven’t. As detestable and irritating as the media can be, this sounds like he’s blaming his problems and insecurities on newspaper columnists and bloggers.

And what does it really even matter anyway? Even if the Cavs do pull off some miracle deals to get A-List talent around LeBron and end up winning a title, there will still be rumors going round and columns written about James jumping ship. That’s what the media does. I realize that he’s probably been asked about it every single day for the last few years and that eventually anyone in that situation would eventually snap, but ripping the media just fans the flames.

Source – RealGM

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  • Tha Boddy

    …I wish I heard some LeBron to D.C. rumors but the Wizards cap space won’t appase LBJ in the least but hey D.C. is a big market and they do directly pull 2 states with it (MD/VA) who knows it could be great

  • http://www.myspace.com/verbose1 sans

    Now we’re gonna here about Bron playing on the Moon in 2010. Dan Gilbert is more blind than Gordon Gund if he thinks this move helps his squad in any facsimile–stop whining and do something. Sign JR Smith or grab Ben Gordon. DO SOMETHING. Action breaks words in half.

  • Celts Fan

    Unless this is a side note to the article announcing Ferry being fired, Gilbert needs to pull his head outta his @$$ and get someone to do something that might keep ‘Bron satisfied. And sorry pal, but it is too crappy of a stage for a star of LeBron’s caliber. The only reason he’d ever stay is cuz he’s from there.

    Why not DWade? cuz Miami’s the exact opposite of Cleveland (fun, warm, nice, no state tax) and has been getting better.
    Why not Bosh? cuz Toronto’s a nice, cultured city that I’ve heard is really nice, and by the time these guys are FAs, the Looney may’ve surpassed the dollar exponentially and they’re also getting better.

    and if he thinks, after playing in these Olympics with other superduperstars, that he’ll be content to go back to his merry band of nobodies and not be even more cognizant of how terribly run the Cavs have been, he’s smoking something. Make a move before Bron’s back from Beijing or you may as well help pack his bags for NYC (or Greece) for him.

  • Michorizo

    D. Gilbert bitching about losing LeBron is like YoungFed bitching about who won the Summer Cleaning Contest give aways … oh well

  • Celts Fan

    No Michorizo, Gilbert crying about losing LeBron is like Carlton Dotson bitching about losing a teammate.

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Frustration is a stinky cologne.
    I’d be upset too if I had the most talented ball player maybe ever for 5+ years and couldnt get the right pieces around him to keep him or win a chip.
    Nobody ever said Cleveland wasnt good enough for Lebron….On the contrary, he loves Cleveland. The management made it impossible for him to win and in turn impossible to stay.
    Tim Duncan did just fine in SA and never wanted to leave cause the team was built to WIN!!

  • Michorizo

    Nasty Celts … LOL

  • shake&bake

    Any chance the Cavs are saving money to sign Bron and another from the Class of ’03 when they become FA’s?

  • Celts Fan

    @Mox, yes, that’s true about TD, but he’s just a basketball player. That’s all he’s ever wanted to be. LeBron has said himself, his goals are to be a “global icon” and a “billionaire,” whereas Timmy just wanted the rings. Also, SA from everything I’ve heard is an absolutely beautiful city and is warm, Cleveland has a river that once caught on fire.

  • Logan Light

    @Celts Fan:

    LOL at “Cleveland has a river that once caught fire”

    LeBron is a story. He always will be. The sooner the Cavs front office realizes that, the sooner they move in the right direction. Do they really know what they have in Bron? It doesn’t feel like it. If I worked in the front office I would be doing everything possible to bring in some sort of talent…. and I know that that’s easier said that done, but for goodness sake!

    Oh, and if the Cavs are serious about getting a shoot first point guard – might as well work out a sign and trade for Ben Gordan.


  • pimpdaddy

    i seem to be the only person that doesn’t live in cleveland that would love to see bronbron stay there…i would like to see him win 12 chips in the “land o’ cleve”…and you can’t really say they have sat on their hands and done nothing…they made a multi-player trade last season (yes, i know it didn’t put them over the hump, but it was a move that management, and probably lebron, assumed would make them a better team)…and was i the only one watching as the cavs gave the world champs a better series than anyone else in the playoffs..i may be biased, scratch that, i am biased, (due to my huge adoration for lebron’s game) but i feel that they could keep the same exact team that they currently have and win at least one championship in the next 3 years. you guys are also forgetting that lebron is from ohio and he may very well choose to stay…he and his company, has done a fine job making him a global icon all the while playing in cleveland. it wouldn’t matter if he was playing in the d-league, he would be followed world-wide…i truly do not believe that he HAS to leave cleveland for bigger (not better) pastures in order to increase his global icon status…
    good luck cleveland…i hope that muthafucker stays put bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    fuck you to all you haters

  • Dagomar

    The problem with the Cavs is that Lebron’s too good. He’s so good that he can drag a band of nobodies to playoff success, year after year. That actually might convince Gilbert he’s got a good team and a good GM. He has neither. Without Lebron the Cavs are the worst team in the league, and it isn’t close. Gilbert also said that the Cavs would probably have beat the Celtics had Gibson been healthy. When you place that much emphasis on Gibson you know there’s something wrong with the team.

    Small market teams usually only keep the really big names if the team itself is competing for championships or the place is really nice. The fact is Lebron has already been more than loyal enough to Cleveland; if he leaves nobody there will blame him. If the team does not improve soon James is gone, and that’s not even considering the possible offers from Europe.

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    You can be a global icon from anywhere in this day and age Celts.
    Its not like cause he’s in Cle that ESPN will wont show his games as much. Internet + TV + Superstar talent= Global Icon.
    He really just needs to win championships to get put on that stage w MJ and Tiger etc…
    If you goes to NY/NJ and never wins he wont reach his full “Icon” potential.
    After he wins a few titles he can then go to NY or Greece or The moon and challenge Darth Vader for inter-galactic domination.

  • Luigi

    imagine this…LeBron disses Cleveland n becomes the MOST HATED MAN there..[that wud be funnyyy]

    n also he signs with NY or NJ or BK. haha

    or some random cellar dweller in euro suddenly becomes The Celtics dynasty of the 60’s…

    n if LeBron doesnt get talent…..they could possibly be an 8th seed or out of the playoffs..[sure Lebron can do it alone..but for how long?]

    n Dan Gilbert…hes the 2nd coming of Kevin McHale..

  • Celts Fan

    @PimpDaddy, there is no way in hell that team wins a title the way it’s currently constructed, they are a solid contender, but not getting over the hump without more help. It’s a tribute to Bron’s abilities that he was able to carry them to the Finals once, but where’s the Scottie to LeBron’s MJ? I like Big Z and Delonte/Gibson, and I like Wally as the shooter off the bench/#4 option, but there’s no #2, just a few #3s and some other servicable pieces around him.

    Also, you’re right about leaving Cleveland not being necessary to help his global icon goals, but with about $50M extra in his shoe deals if he leaves for Chi, LA, or NYC, it does help his quest to become a billionaire (and that’s ignoring the TONS of other endorsement ops that are available in those cities.)

    I don’t care one way or another if he leaves Cleveland personally, I just honestly think it’s inevitable unless the front office does something to improve this team, which they don’t seem to be doing. Just remember that they have almost $30M in expiring deals still, so there’s plenty of time and opportunity. There’s a certain tiny 2 guard on Denver who’s reportedly available…

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    ha ha, what if olympic teammates Deron and Boozer convince lebron to go to utah to sign for the midlevel — who would cleveland fans hate the most then? never going to happen, but it’s a great way to piss off that fanbase.

  • Kayfah

    I just hope he gets a ring

  • Ashlov

    Wade-Lebron-Beasley in ’10, baby!

  • qq

    Stupid owner. They writing about lebron because he has 2 years left in cleveland. So witness, while you still have time.

  • George W Kush Sr

    Danny Ferry, Dan Gilbert, both will go down in history as the guys who let LeBron slip away.
    While they must realize the magnitude of LeBron’s starpower on the international level, they’re still not doing anything to retain him.
    Like one of the first comments said, do something God dammnit! JR Smith is still out there, so is Ben Gordon, the Knicks are always good for a bad trade, The Nuggets gave away Camby, where were you guys at?
    I think of a handful of trades i’d have already made that would instantly make the team better, and i aint no former pro baller or nothing, and thats why those free agency rumors aint gonna go away, cuz the Cavs aint doing shit.

  • kobeef

    Actually Gilbert, the reason teams are writing about Lebron is:

    a) Wade won a championship already and is looking at a second run at a ring after the Heat properly and with some luck rebuilt a contender around him.

    b) Bosh is on a team with a very good GM who continually finds talented players to support him. Bosh is probably the least talented of the big 3 of 2003 and still makes the playoffs every year and has millions rabid fans.

    c) The only reason Melo hasn’t won a chip is because he is lazy. He – arguably – had the most talented team in the West around him last year.

    d) EVEN DARKO (D-A-R-K-O!) has a ring.

    Think about it Dan. You’ve made some of the worst trades and signings in the past three years (Ben Wallace is the best PF you could find with Hughes’ $14 million contract? You’ve got 3 guys who are supposedly PG’s but who are only good at chucking shots? You traded for Wally World?)

    The only GM in the NBA worse than the Cavs GM was Isiah and he got fired.

  • Young Lebron 23

    Oh shit Darko does have a ring!!! LOLx50.

    @11 God Bless You. you are correct.

    This is what Cleveland should do. Let LBJ run at the point and get someone that can play the three because Damon Jones and Boobie Gibson are too one-dimensional and Eric Snow-LOL. Make a run at a quality 3 or get someone in the draft next year. Oh yeah, I’m better than Snow and he gets paid over 7 million dollars next year.Huh?

  • fallinup

    Cleveland sux. There, I said it.

  • sunni

    when bron says greece and russia have already called him, although they havent offered anything..u know its done…why would they offer something now, they called him to make sure he was serious if they put up the cheese…in 2010–greece and russia will battle for bron who’ll probably end up with a 64-70 mil contract a yr…its done

  • Luigi

    yeah i agree what sunni says [if hes sayin wat i think he is]

    LeBron can leave the NBA nevertheless the cavs. but if he leaves the NBA. the league is DONE. n Kobe wont keep being Kobe forever ya know.

    but they need to find LeBron 2.0 b4 its too late…..

  • bill clinton

    Ship him to the Laker$$$!

  • http://karanmadhok.blogspot.com karan

    tired of playing for the shitty cavs, lebron will just chicken out and go to a mickey-mouse european league because that is probably the best chance he will have to get a title.

  • AB_40

    china just lost in OT
    to spain… nice game though