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Baron Davis and White Chocolate Team Up, the Olympics are here, and Ron Artest gets a ‘chip

Baron DavisBaron Davis, Dime #29

Back in 2000, if you had put Baron Davis and Jason Williams on the same NBA squad, it would have been like one of those Jason Kidd/Steve Nash or Mark Price/Kevin Johnson deals: Both guys would be too good to share the PG duties, so one would eventually have to be traded. Eight years later, it’s not that kind of party. Baron is clearly the superstar and White Chocolate — whom the Clippers agreed to a deal with yesterday — is clearly the backup. Plus both are players who you hope to get maybe 65 games out of before the injuries start coming … And does it bother anyone in L.A. that two significant additions to their rebuilding effort were prominently involved with one of the worst NBA teams of the last decade, the 15-win Miami Heat? Between J-Will and Ricky Davis, the stench of losing is all over the Clippers locker room, as if it wasn’t bad enough already … This also means Shaun Livingston definitely isn’t coming back to the Clips. We can think of a few teams that need point guard depth — like the Celtics, Cavs, Hornets, Suns, Nuggets and Warriors to name a few — but not all of them have open roster spots. If there’s room on your team for Livingston, do you take a chance on him? … Meanwhile, the Heat picked up Yakhouba Diawara, one of the few Nuggets who seemed to take pride in defense (two of the others, Camby and Najera, also left). As solid as Diawara’s defense is on the perimeter, his offense is far behind. His J is broke, but with some practice he could turn into a Kelenna Azubuike/Mickael Pietrus type of contributor … The free agent pool is quickly drying up otherwise. After Josh Smith and Andre Iguodala, for example, the best forwards available are guys like Dorell Wright, Carl Landry and The Ghost of Juwan Howard. Check out the list HERE. And the list of remaining centers is just too sad to print … Early-morning Smack readers might be catching this in the middle of the Opening Ceremonies from Beijing. Look out for Dirk, Manu, AK-47 and Yao bearing their country’s flags and leading their respective delegations, and check for LeBron and Team USA possibly rocking these orange backpacks … Some of the Dime crew went up to NYC’s Hunter College last night for the Nike Pro City playground tourney championship. Ron Artest led the squad from Queensbridge — featuring Ryan “Special FX” Williams (St. John’s, AND 1 Mix Tape Tour), Alexis Foyle (Adonal‘s cousin) and Darryl “Showtime” Hill (St. John’s) — to the ‘chip, dropping about 35 points … What’s the best hoop team you’ve ever played on? We know a lot of our readers have played college and pro ball in various countries, and if not played in high school and in countless rec leagues and asphalt runs. We’ve already got a lot of good stories HERE … It’s been a while so we don’t remember it exactly, but was the media coverage this crazy when Michael Jordan decided to come back to the Bulls after the baseball thing? Were there reporters crawling around airports in random cities waiting for MJ’s plane to touch down? Were we keeping track of every phone call, page (remember beepers?), hand gesture and facial twitch Mike was making at the time? This whole Brett Favre thing has been crazy, but at least here in New York it’s taken some attention away from the Knicks … Yesterday NBA TV showed a Hawks/Knicks game from 1991: double OT, Dominique dropped 54, but ATL lost. Cameos by Pat Ewing, Mark Jackson, Gerald Wilkins, X-Man, John Starks, Mo Cheeks, Rumeal Robinson and Stacey Augmon, plus Pat Riley coaching in his first season with the Knicks. Early in the game the announcers were talking about how Gerald Wilkins always got all worked up and bent out of shape whenever he played against Dominique, and then a few minutes later ‘Nique ABUSED him with a double up-and-under move in the post. Gerald flipped out and screamed at the ref for some reason (he must’ve thought it was a travel), drawing a tech … More fascinating to watch than ‘Nique, though, was Kevin Willis and Charles Oakley beating the s*** out of each other in the paint. This was around the time when those two were definitely the strongest guys in the League — remember that made-for-TV weightlifting competition when Willis and his alligator arms beat Oakley on the bench press? Last time we saw Willis he was beasting some poor dudes on “Pros vs. Joes” (the same show where X-Man once showed up pushing 310), and of course you can find Oakley wherever MJ is at … We’re out like White Chocolate starting ever again …

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  • D.H.


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  • KenAdams


  • KenAdams

    third first then…… so close

  • D.H.

    Stupid computer . . . I guess D-Wade is going to be bringing the ball up the court a lot in Miami.

  • 94by50

    I don’t remember MJ facing this kind of media hype when he came back… not like this. But back then there was no Internet and cell phones weren’t everywhere. The world wasn’t as connected as it is now. (By the way, I barely remember beepers. It’s almost as if they didn’t even happen. Even cassette tapes had a longer run than beepers did.)

    List of centers too sad to print? You sure there wouldn’t be some comedic value in it?

    Ricky Davis, I can see identifying with “stench of losing”, but Jason Williams? He did win a title with Miami. He has played in almost a season worth of playoff games (68). And… well, he may be a poor defender, but he’s not a bad player. A team could do worse at the backup point spot. A vortex of suck, he is not.

  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life daquest?on

    damn the clips just keep spending money… it sucks though that they keep bringing broke and old players, i would love to play with the clippers because i know for a fact that right around the time the allstar game comes i would most def be a starter because have the team will be injured

  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life daquest?on

    half the team will be injured*

  • heavy d

    Come on, Jason Williams will start again provided he’s healthy when Baron goes down. Last year’s 82 games was the exception not the rule.

  • Homeless J

    you’re god damn right I remember beepers. see Sir Mix A Lot – BEEPERS from the Seminar album from ’89.

    as far as yakhouba diawara and kelenna azubuike is concerned – I remember Yakhouba being a hell of a lot better than Kelenna just from watching the past season and plenty of games from both teams. Kelenna was just a pure shot jacker and I specifically remember from the last Golden State game of the season (the one where everyone bitched about Baron not playing the second half, which was apparently a completely legit bitch because he ended up bouncing to the Clips) and he was just jacking bricks every time anyone was kind enough to hand him the ball. I guess this was probably because he knew he needed a new contract and if he scored a lot in his last game it would give him a better chance at getting one, but to me he looked like a complete bum who just jacked brick after brick. I’d rather get ricky buckets than kelenna azubuike, but conversely, I’d also rather get rid of ricky buckets to pick up yakhouba diawara, so congrats to the Heat.

    the game that was on NBA TV makes me realize I need to step my financial game up and be able to afford NBA TV. I’m not gonna get butthurt like a lot of dudes were from not winning the summer cleaning givaway (congrats to the ones who did win, by the way) but I could have really used some shit to sell because I have court tomorrow. even one of the jerseys would have been great, I could have sold that on ebay and paid off some of my ticket, but whatever, congrats to the dudes who did win, dime is not responsible for paying my bills, I am because I am a grown ass man.

  • Three Stacks

    haha butthurt. I didn’t know that word was part of the national lexicon. It’s used quite a bit in LA.

    I remember that game J is talking about, but I didn’t really notice cause everyone on the Warriors jacks it up. I think Don Nelson benches you if you pass up wide open shots.

    I’m out like Homeless J using this comment space as a personal blog. lol.

  • http://creampie.com solomon

    hell yeah white choc will start again, with baron and his ceramic knees…

    kevin willis LOL… dude is a dino, lierally… could’ve made a cameo in jurassic park and noone will barely notice…

    we’re out like kevin’s fossils…

  • nicky

    big up to Homeless J for namedropping Sir Mix-a-lot, that Seminar album was tight back in the sixth grade

  • fReSh

    Shaun Livingston is one of my favourite players. He s battling trough real serious injury but I would still remember that he had the exact same knee injury on his other knee when he was in high school. Well he became pretty damn good then. So he prove to be capable of rehabbing, so why shouldn’t he come back again!?

    My Livingston jersey still rocks my room :)

  • shake&bake

    I think now would be a good time to take a chance on Livingston. He’s injured and hasn’t done much in the league, plus he can’t play the “potential” card as much. So his asking price should be low. I think it would be worth the risk. He’s only 21 or 22 (not sure).

  • AB_40

    take a chance on livingston for the leauge minimum for one year. MJ didn’t have the hype because of all the internet digital camera’s etc. these days. Every scrub can post his pics on blogs and ish like that. And MJ’s seccond comeback wasn’t that big because of 9/11… y’all forgot about that one huh.

    I just hope livingston is 210/220 now cuz 190 ain’t cuttin it.

  • Celts Fan

    I saw that Kevin Willis Pros Vs. Joes. They had to get a board over him and Willis was just throwing guys to the ground WWF style. It was hilarious. You could tell they were getting annoyed, but what are you gonna do? Kev may’ve been like 45, but he’d’ve still left them in a coma. btw, I think he gave up like 5 boards total between the 3 guys, all of which just took funny bounces. and yes, he still looked like he could rip the entire basket right outta the ground and beat you to death with it.

  • Celts Fan

    2 things about MJs comeback:

    The first one w/ the Bulls was handled with the intent being to have the exact opposite of this Favre circus. It was mid-season and MJ just sent out a 2 word press release, the classic, “I’m Back,” and was in a game rockin the 45 within a day. That 1 day was a circus, but then he was back and it was reporting on actual games. It was, like all of you said too, a very different time. The world’s gotten MUCH smaller (hell, there are like 5-10 different countries represented most days on this board. that wasn’t happening 10 years ago.)

    His 2nd comeback, was one that was kind of similar to Brett, but announced shortly before the season if I remember right (right during the baseball playoffs/end of regular season and right around the kickoff of the NFL season, so there was more than just mid-summer baseball oging on, and yes, right around 9/11 too which didn’t help the cause. people were also kinda ignoring him hoping he’d just not return and “ruin” his legacy, which, despite him not dropping 30ppg, he only added to it with the occasional 40 pt., “I can still do this sh*t!” game.)

  • Skeeter McGee

    Can we stop talking about Brett Favre now? Oh wait he went to NY where now the media will probably feast…

    Clips keep spending money but that doesn’t always equal more wins. You have to at least give them credit for trying though, especially in such a tough conference. But J-Will is like a shell of his former self and Baron is waiting for them bionic knees, so I gotta wonder what the idea behind this was. They could use another big considering they don’t really have a power forward do they?

  • Celts Fan

    ya Skeeter, but at least you know JWill has got handles. He may be a shell of his former self, but he beats the hell out of Dan Dickau.

    Also, their PF = Al Thornton (last I checked, they were playing him there, but he’s played 3 and 4, so I may be wrong.)

  • Kobeef

    I think Miami and the Clipps should go for a trade – Matrix for Kaman + DeAndre Jordan.

    Clipps start:
    PG – BoomD
    SG – Buckets
    SF – Matrix
    PF – Al Thornton
    C – Camby

    Heat Start
    PG – Wade
    SG – Yakhouba?
    SF – B’easy
    PF – Haslem
    C – Kaman

  • Scottee

    I like what the clippers are doing. The fact of the NBA is it is run by point guards. The Clips got a top tier point in BDiddy and a crowd pleasure (at least he was a few years back) in JWill. Those two will sell tickets.

    Camby is a top tier defense player and center in this league. Why he insists on standing outside the paint and shooting those jumpers (that he does seem to knock down) kinda pisses me off…or maybe just seeing how UGLY that stroke is pisses me off. But he does hit it occassionally.

    Eric Gordon isn’t going to play this season. He needs work and he’s got too much talent in front of him.

    Cat Mobley is a flat out scorer. Chris Kaman is working his way up as one of the leagues top tier centers and Al Thorton has to be considered one of the top up and coming players in the league.

    I hate Ricky Davis and Tim Thomas. Those to are cancers and never been winners.

    Lastly, they have some roll players who could prove to be very valuable. Shooter in Steve Novak and Defense in Quinton Ross. I also believe that BDiddy and JWill can play together at the same time, as long as BDiddy is willing to guard the Shooting guard on the other team. Defensively it won’t be pretty, but offensively BDiddy can really do his thing…

    Warriors and Blazers also very impressive looking…

  • miamiVIS3

    @ Kobebeef
    let’s get that done lol
    although there are two flaws with your Heat starting lineup
    1.D-Wade has expressed that doesn’t want to play the point and I could easily see him saying “Remember that season you made me play point guard” to Riles when he bolts to Chhicago so unless Spoelstra (get used to it he’s the coach) wants to start Mario Chalmers you can lock in Marcus banks at the point
    2. although I guess Yakhouba’s got some talent especially with Beasley playing the 3 I don’t see Yakhouba getting too much tick.

  • Celts Fan

    I’m an idiot, needed more coffee. The Clippers PF whichever of the Kaman/Camby duo that’s not playing center (I’d guess Kaman’s the 4.)

  • Yoooo

    I seen Charles Oakley several times in Magic City being overly aggressive with some strippers. He just doesn’t give a fluck… Extremely weird to see him and garielle union so close, I almost wanted to shout “get ur damn hands off her!”

  • Logan Light


    You got it right my man. We should see Mario Chalmers starting at the point before too long, but I think the opening night nod may go to Banks. But as much as D Wade doesn’t want to be the “point guard,” he sure wants the ball in his hands in the half court offense. Especially in the 4th quarter. So this is really a conversation about who is going to pass the ball to Beasley.

    AND speaking of B Easy, I have no doubt that the signing of Yakhouba was nothing more than practice muscle for him to beat up on. He’ll pick up spot minutes for sure and may be a real pesky defender for some ‘big men’ but I don’t see him getting significant burn.

    BTW, I’m dressed in red, white, and blue at the office today. I’m so geeked for the Olympics…


  • Logan Light

    OH – and does the signing of all of these players from not so hot teams/early playoff exit teams/just missed the playoffs teams mean that the Clippers are actually going to be a self motivated team?

    Baron needs to sure himself up as an all time great and get that All Star nod. J Will wants to show that he’s still got game. Camby got snubbed by the Rich and Creamy AND saw an early exit. Mr Buckets needs to show that he can actually be on a team that is worth something…

    I’m going to call it: Clippers as the 8th seed in the west! Any takers??


  • Celts Fan

    @Logan, I might take that. IF Eric Gordon can make an immediate impact and Baron stays healthy (ALWAYS the biggest ? w/ any team he’s on) there’s no reason they can’t grab the 8 seed.

  • miamiVIS3

    Your right D-Wade does want the ball in his hands but I can’t rememcer the exact words that were used but I think It was that he doesn’t want to be the Primary ball handler or something like that.

    And that Eight spot should be tough race between the Clips,Warriors and Blazers and maybe the Nuggets.

  • Kobeef

    It will be interesting to see how Camby makes the transition to the 4 spot (I don’t really expect he will get traded – even though it would make some sense)

    When he came to the NBA he was more of a forward (averaged 15ppg in his rookie year) but after going to the nuggets he became a defensive specialist (not really by choice – with AI and Melo he wasn’t getting any shots)

    Camby is about the same size as Bosh but probably a bit stronger. If he can get his shot back the Clippers have a nice looking lineup of:

    PG – Boom
    SG – Buckets
    SF -Thornton
    PF – Cambyman
    C – Caveman

  • Young Lebron 23

    I would definitely take a chance on Livingston. A one year deal sounds appropriate.

    As for the clippers start EG right away. I think Baron can stay healthy and the great assistman he is will give EG plenty of outside shots to show off his crazy range.


  • Skeeter McGee

    For the 8th spot you don’t have to worry about the Nuggets cause they pretty much gave away their only defensive player in Camby to the Clips and now I’m just waiting for some team like the Warriors to drop 140 on them on a regular basis.

    The Clips have a starting 4 spot but I was referring to their lack of depth with bigs. We all know that foul trouble is huge a problem for bigs, especially in the West, so I think to make a playoff type run they need more than just Camby and Kaman and a relatively inexperienced but solid dude in Thornton.

  • Skeeter McGee

    And I ain’t never played against a stacked team (going back to DIME’s question about playing against ill comp.) but my good friend had to guard Louis Williams in an AAU tournament a while back, now dudes playing at Elon but he said he did work against him haha.

  • that’s whats up

    I can see ChocoWhite running the point, B-Diddy playin’ the 2, Thornton at the 3, Chris Kaveman at the 4 and Clamby at the 5. Make Tricky Davis the 6th man(ego) for some points and turnovers, bring Gordon in when Davis starts screwing up, then put Cat Mob in when Gordon starts screwing up and I think you got a really weird team with a lot of potential. They could grab the 4 seed or the most ping-pong balls; no one knows.

    now would you want to be in a card game in the back of the bus with J-Will, Buckets and Smush??

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…Like Whoa!

    Straight up and down Kevin and Charles O would straight be brutal on some of the young cats today. They act like they don’t wanna bang in the paint and get after it hard. Course with today’s no touch rules, Kevin and Charles would likely foul out in the 1st quarter lol.

    Houston should take a chance on Shaun. If dude turns out, then it was a great gamble and if not just waive him.

    B-Diddy and White Choco ain’t that like a lil And 1ish. Both of them on the floor (healthy) at the same time might be ill.

    I like Ron Ron’s way. If you can’t get a ring yet one way, go get one the other.

    Someone mentioned Sir-Mix-A-Lot, now that is taking it back.
    Crazy songs like:
    Buttermilk Biscuits
    Square Dance Rap
    My Hooptie
    My Posse on Broadway
    Hip Hop Soldier

  • frankie

    That stench of losing thing doesn’t really make sense, unless you want to say that the Clippers locker room has reeked of losing for decades now. J-Will has won everywhere he’s gone…

  • doc

    I like big butts and I can not lie.

  • doc

    Jason Smith just tore his ACL so that takes away some of the Sixers big man depth.

  • Skeeter McGee

    EB better not get injured then if the Sixers wanna do work…

  • baron von faulk

    I kinda thought it would look like this:

    PG Baron
    SG Mobley
    SF Thornton
    PF Kaman
    C Camby

    PG J-Will
    SG Gordon
    SF Ricky D
    PF Tim T
    C D Jordan

    With Ross and Novak getting some sparse minutes, and Jason Hart being the de facto starter for about 10 games when Baron and White Choco are both out.

  • that’s whats up

    yo, BVF, you don’t got Smush in your plans?
    neither does L.A. I’m sure