Bounce, Playground / Aug 14, 2008 / 2:13 pm

If You Haven’t Been to Rucker Park Yet This Summer…

Rucker ParkA pretty jumper at Rucker

We’ve got the perfect excuse to make the trip up to Harlem’s hallowed grounds. Over on Bounce, they’ve got the skinny on a great event next Monday, August 18th from 12PM – 2PM that they say embodies everything that street basketball is really about.

Some of the top street basketball players are teaming up with Tom Cavanagh (“Scrubs,” “Ed”) and his wife Maureen (from Sports Illustrated) to host the inaugural charity basketball game to raise money for the United Nations Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign to prevent malaria worldwide.

A $10 donation is all it takes to purchase and distribute a long-lasting insecticide-treated bed net to a family in need. Visit www.NothingButNets.net to send a net and save a life.

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  • Sam I Am

    That’s really good.

    I will sign up fo’ sho’ (Superbad)

  • justice

    what game is that?

  • D.H.


    I think its called basketball. You try and throw a ball in a circular hoop.

    . . . sorry I just couldn’t resist

  • karizmatic

    I already donated months ago, I should do it again though it’s really cheap and for an excellent cause.

  • big name bob

    i was there i took in a few games, it was a great atmosphere and there was a great amount of talent young and old. i was really impressed with young gaurds like lamont jones ,kemba walker, malcolm pope, jermey hazell and 10 grader anthony foy

  • C.G.P.

    I heard Anthony Foy went to school out in Cali, is that true?

  • Darkson 12

    Yeah last year he went but I heard he was gettin out of there and going to Blair academy in jersey