NBA, Olympics / Aug 25, 2008 / 11:19 am

Jason Kidd Can’t Retire From International Play

Jason KiddJ-Kidd (photo. Jordan Hollender)

Joe DiMaggio‘s 56-game hit streak is considered one of the greatest records in all of sports. And now, we can add Jason Kidd‘s 56-0 mark in international play (including Olympics, Olympic qualifying, and exhibition games). That is, for now.

“I’m undefeated,” Kidd said. “I told them I can retire now from international ball, but LeBron threw out something I didn’t like. He said he won’t play in 2012 unless I’m there.”

Kidd would be close to 40 by the time the London 2012 games arrive. That would put Chris Paul and Deron Williams closer to the prime of their careers, and Derrick Rose as a rising star by all accounts. Even if LeBron wants his man on the roster, will there be room for him? King James did propose a solution.

“J-Kidd is going to become a player-coach now,” said James.

Source: Dallas Morning News

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  • JCarr

    Kidd nothing on the court during the olympics so coach is a great solution because he takes up a roster spot!!!! No disrespect he’s still good. And isnt lebron the leader of team USA why does he need Kidd for?

  • Chaos

    yea, kidd would have to be there for a coaching role because 40 in regular people years 80 in international player years

  • Mike

    It makes me wonder exactly what Kidd does during games/practice that makes everyone want to play with him, even though he is well past his time. He obviously makes his teammates better on the court, but I think a lot of players like his locker room presence and overall leadership, not just his basketball skills.

    For Kobe and Lebron to say over and over how much they like playing with Kidd, he must be doing something right that the majority of the public does not see.

  • Michorizo

    What Kidd does right is check his ladies when they get out of hand.

  • marcus the great

    lmao @ michorizo

  • Big Shot BOB

    Kidd reps that bay area…that’s why they love playing with him. Everybody loves us bay cats.

  • ERIC

    kidd brings all the intangibles (leadership, court-vision and veteran saavy) along with an unwillingness to shoot which translates into shots for others.

  • doc

    Bron said it,bring him back as player coach.

  • J-Dot

    Prety much, Doc. LeBron has spoken. I can kinda see how Jason Kidd’s continued involvement appears integral to the restoration of USA’s status as the hands-down basketball power player. Almost every time I saw him on the bench, he was actively engaging his teammates in discussion regarding game strategy. At least, I assume he was strategizing and not talking about the one-piece uniforms the Australian women were rocking…

    This shows the respect Kidd and James have for one another, and I’m excited to hear of such a strong connection between the two.

  • bill

    player/coach is a pretty good idea. 12th man gets no clock anyway so it would save for an embarrassing situation like Boozers. Kidd is so unselfish he would be happy to play his 5mins a game and feel like his best contribution is made on the pine.