NBA / Aug 27, 2008 / 8:37 am

Jose Calderon Thinks Spain Would Have Won Under FIBA Rules

“This is not the time to speak of officiating,” says Jose Calderon, “but I think with the FIBA rules we would have won. That is why we are a little annoyed, because we were right there at the finish line and we have just missed out.”

There are a couple of issues with Calderon’s monster asterisk. First, weren’t they playing under FIBA rules? In 2010, FIBA is changing the dimensions of the international court so that they’re basically the same as the NBA’s. But during the Beijing Games, the rules were virtually the exact same as they’ve been for years.

So, to what rule changes exactly is Calderon referring? There have been no specific rule changes that came into effect prior to the Olympics per se, however there has been a perceived difference in the way the rules have been interpreted by referees, in the eyes of many observers. These differences mainly centre around travelling violations, charge/block calls, carrying violations and continuation on shooting fouls.

And now that Calderon flew off the cuff about Spain winning gold if some ambiguous rule changes were or weren’t made, how do you think he’s going to be received in the NBA community? Before saying anything, he would have definitely gotten respect from Team USA for being part of a Spanish team that gave them a real test. But now?

Source: A Stern Warning

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  • http://www.lifehoopsthoughts.blogspot.com the baconator

    Obviously each referee interpreted the rules in his own way. But that’s what happens when you have 3 refs from different countries. Besides, the US had to play with the same refs and the same bullcrap calls. Jose’s just being a whiny bitch

  • Marco

    Can’t wait until Jose get screwed in the first NBA Games…

  • ERIC

    “These differences mainly centre around travelling violations, charge/block calls, carrying violations and continuation on shooting fouls.”

    USA was called for more of these violations than Spain (primarily traveling & blocking), so idk what Jose is talking about.

  • Tha Boddy

    Jose shoulda kept his mouth shut. Or a simple “it was a good game” woulda went a long way

  • MSkittle

    First, Spain does that controversial team photo and now this? Calderon needs to keep his mouth shut! Didnt we beat them by 37 the first time we played in the Olympics?

  • smity far away

    yeah, with his reactions or explanations of the photo incident (the “i have a bunch of asian friends” comment that as austin said, sounded real familiar) and now these reactions arent doing much for jose’s image (probably more so amongst fans than players…but being that many players are fans as well and fierce competitors,) i expect some pgs other than paul or deron or kidd to go at him for real (like a baron or chauncy—even though these dudes already bring it though- -or young cats like a sessions or conley or felton).

    but yeah, people are gonna go at him, more so on offense than on d probably…and if this was the old days he would have been expected to be on the recieving end of a few flagrants. Imagine if Kukoc (after losing a relatively close game to the dream team) would have made a comment that could have been taken personally by malone or stockton or barkley…


    They should put Jose’s picture in the dictionary right next to the word “BITCHASSNESS”. LOL

  • Flip

    I was a little amazed by the officiating… Usually, FIBA refs gave the US squad a hard time, sometimes justified (since traveling is hardly called in the NBA), often however unjustified. This time around, the US had a lot of the calls going in their favor.
    That being said, Jose Calderon is just silly. He could have taken home a very good silver medal and be remembered as an important part of that Spain squad and maybe tried his luck at the world championships. This way, he definitely tarnished his and his teams image…

  • antoine

    if jose was “really” upset about it
    y didnt he jus decline his silver medal and walk away
    o wait!! he didn’t
    he ACCEPTED it
    2 pussy 2 leave it and walk away dug collins style

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…Make my funk the p-funk

    Since when this cat get so much mouth all the sudden. Is it because he is an official starter for the L now. Fa real he needs to fall back and go back to being the dude that people was trying to get on the All-Star team.

    You already were involved in the whole Spain picture. Now you complaining about rules, cause you LOST! What is next, when he gets in the L he is going to be crying about his shot amount?

    Never really liked him, and his true colors starting to show. I am glad he got supposedly “snubbed” from being an all-star and I hope he get “snubbed” again.

    Young punk!

  • Ansonious

    That’s funny as hell, Calderon didn’t even play in that gold medal game, and even if he did end result Spain still would’ve lost. I tell ya pride is a funny thing these days, people are willing to accept the credit for the win, and not the loss. Actually he’s sounding alot like how dime explained Larry Brown made up a bunch of excuses for not being able to take a sweet ass squad and get olympic gold. Maybe Calderon should start crying for a trade to the bobcats so he can be with his role model.

  • Big V

    My man needs to shut the funk up and go make some paella.

  • Dime Magazine

    Jose –

    Go kick rocks.

  • Celts Fan

    It’s okay though, some of his best friends are FIBA refs…

  • J-Dot

    Jose is better off saying that Spain would have won had he been healthy enough to play. But going at the refs regarding a game where he didn’t play is, like many of us have said, silly. I’m not the one to quickly denounce officiating as a contributor to the outcome, especially when it comes to close games where every possession counts. I think someone should indulge Jose and go over tape with him in order to get a feel for what he saw in the officiating. There’s a chance he could make some valid points or just look like a mega-douche. Worthwhile either way!

  • Larry Brown

    sour grapes…come to the bobcats

  • http://www.lifehoopsthoughts.blogspot.com the baconator

    damn Celts Fan: it’s not even 10:00 yet and you’ve won comment of the day, hahahahaha

  • http://deleted Ian

    big v
    paellas are good man

    now i dont really think its a big deal about what he said if the american team woulda lost and kobe said something like that many of you guys would be agreein (then again im not american so thats why im not pissed at this but i can see it both ways)

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Shoulda, coulda, woulda…

  • Sam I Am
  • Ian

    spliff 2 my lou
    so true

  • Coop

    No offense guys but this is a fairly typical (and in some comments, racist) response from Americans. Why don’t you take the high road instead of falling back on juvenile abuse and name calling? I don’t think he’s right but there were plenty of Americans moaning about the rules (or the interpretation thereof) when they went out in Athens so a bit of perspective wouldn’t go amiss.

  • Batman


    There are major differences between FIBA rules and NBA rules, so players not getting it and whining about it is somewhat understandable. What major differences where there between the FIBA rules and the Olympic rules?

  • heartbreaker85

    if they called it euroleague-FIBA style, team USA would’ve been called for palming the ball on every single play.

    lead culprits: wade-lebron-williams-paul.

    that’s why paul has that yoyo handles going, because if you watch him closely, his hand goes underneath the ball at times to give it that extra backspin.

    for lebron, it’s because his hands are so damn big.

    d-wade ALWAYS palms the ball. that’s why he wasn’t effective before.

    but despite that, i’d still think USA would win just because kobe would’ve dropped 50 if everyone else wasn’t doing anything.

  • Coop

    It’s not understandable unless the Olympic commitee lied to the USA team about which rules set they’d be using lol.

    Again, I’m not saying Calderon has a case I’m simply saying I was sad to see the somewhat predictable backlash involving insults and racism, rather than just a ‘well he’s wrong so it’s not an issue’.

  • http://www.fiba.com/pages/eng/fc/even/rank/rankMen.asp rodnets

    Agree with coop, memory is something very difficult to find these days.

    Calderon is crying the same way some guys that finished third did so a couple of years ago. Did Argentina cried when being robbed by Yugoslavia in 2002 controversial final? No. Did Argentina cried when Nocioni last shot in 2006 World Championship fell out? No.

    And we suppose to have Manu on our time. Basketball is a sport where the best team always win. This time is USA. Period, Calderón find the way to assist Bosh and Jermaine and keep your mouth shout.

    Oh wait thats a great reality. Jose Calderón talk show. He is right there saying annoying things and people calling to challenge him.

  • http://www.fiba.com/pages/eng/fc/even/rank/rankMen.asp rodnets
  • jairo

    Instead of you just throwing crap at calderon people should look at the replay of the the game. There are at least 6 easy traveling calls that were not made by the referees, 4 of then were comitted while initiating fast breaks that ended in 8 easy points. The video is there; all you have to do is check it and if you have a certain degree of imparciality you will realize that the oficiating did make a difference.


  • d

    I lost a lot of respect for Spain. But they ARE SOFT. Charmin soft, as ya’ll put it. Pau Gasol, softie. JC Navarro pulled some tough moves, but didn’t want to stay in the US where the competition is so much better (soft). Marc Gasol will be soft. Jose Calderon, cry baby.

    Still digging Rubio and Fernandez, but we’ll see what happens when they both get to the L.

    Where’s your dignity Calderon? you’re an up and coming PG in the L, and you whine and complain. It was neutral turf, under rules that YOU grew up playing, and you’re still crying? You got bested by the US dude, chill out and use your Silver Medal as a coaster or something.

  • P_Dizzle

    He made it to the Gold medal game with those same rules, and we didn’t hear him complaining then. But once he gets b***slapped by the USA then he has to complain.

    That whole Spain team needs to sack up and take it like a man. You lost a good game. No wonder Gasol has that damn look on his face, and complains about everything. It sounds like his whole country is that way.

    This will forever be the case in sports. The losing team will piss and moan about what could have been. Look, you lost the game. Grow a pair and live with it. Happens all the time. Look at the last NBA Finals. Everyone brought up the free throw difference.

    Sometimes you just need to grab the bars and hold on for what is about to become yours. No need to communicate after you just got served. Just shut your mouth and pretend like it never happened.

  • http://www.barackobama.com Jim

    rodnets-that ish is officially old. That is what we call spam.

  • Jason

    All I have to say about the traveling, is once the refs start calling moving screens and traveling I think it would even out.

  • bballinca

    and I’d be in the NBA if I would have Allen Iverson’s speed.

  • http://xgarcia.blogspot.com/ Xavier Garcia

    Wait, just because hes complaining means hes wrong? For the record EVERYONE in the Spanish team complained about the officiating, its just that the international media only caught Calderon’s statements for some reason. Even at the very end of the game, Navarro was so pissed off that he started traveling ON PURPOSE and the refs didn’t even call that!

    We understand that in the NBA all these superstars get the superstar treatment, and in this tournament it was no different, so lets not pretend it doesn’t happen.

    Truth is, the US team DID travel on many, many occasions, specially under the FIBA’s traveling rules. Clear proof is that many Euro players have trouble adjusting to the NBA traveling rules and that’s why a lot of them get called for traveling violations in their rookie year. Its silly to think American players wouldn’t have the same amount of trouble adjusting to a different set of traveling rules, but instead of calling them on every play, the referees let them play because lets face it, there would be no basketball game if every play was interrupted.

    Would Spain had won the game if some of those calls had been made? The answer is MAYBE, because the game WAS close until the end, and that’s Calderons opinion. The problem here is selective reading, a lot of US fans are itching at ANY sign of controversy in order to jump at a Spanish players throat, as evidenced by a lot of these comments. As soon as a Spaniard complaints all of a sudden hes an enemy to the US? Come on, its not like you guys are the most gracious losers in the history of mankind either.

  • http://www.fiba.com/pages/eng/fc/even/rank/rankMen.asp rodnets

    @jim, thanks for enlighten me about spam.

    I just leave the FIBA address to my website address

    Its not old, it consists mainly on last 8 years of international basketball. USA needs to keep up to be on top. Gold medal is the first step…

  • Brown

    Looks like TJ Ford’s whining has rubbed off on Jose. Does he think about things before he opens his mouth? Jose was such a humble guy, then he signed his new contract. I’m not sayin’, I just sayin’….

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…Make my funk the p-funk

    Whatever. Spain still lost. So you can if this or that all day. Bottom line is they lost.

    The best way to try and change something is to get in it and do something about it. So Jose, Spain and anyone else complaining go figure out what you need to do to become a oversease ref or rule maker and try to change and handle it from there.

    Otherwise you just complaining bout spilled milk. Sure America has not been gracious losers in the past, but we can talk about past events all day long.

    Presently it’s Spain players that are crying and complaining instead of just saying hey, the bottom line is we lost! Period point-blank.

    Don’t blame rules, refs, team uni colors, fans, food, sickness, terrorism, coaches, hookers, animals, pollution, taxes, traveling, smells or any other lame reason.

    When you lose you lose. Spain lost! Spain lost! Spain lost!

    Lol I just like typing that
    Spain lost!

  • SayItAintSo

    I think it’s kind of pointless to say ‘if we had played slightly more like we’re used to playing, we would have won’. Straight…the game was more similar to FIBA than NBA rules and the US STILL WON!

    If they had played with NBA rules that ish wouldn’t have even been a contest. Even if they had won playing FIBA rules…wouldn’t that be a fruitless victory, almost getting beaten at your OWN game?

  • Phileus

    I am not sure what can be said. In the past years, Americans complained about the FIBA rules and terrible officiating, and I especially remember Tim Duncan (who wouldn’t have gotten a foul call if he was raped by the whole opponent’s bench + coaches and fans, but would get a foul if he passed gas on the way to the game). Europeans rejoiced while saying “f*** off stupid loser Americans, we’re better than you now.” Now, US wins, and the losers this time whine the same way.

    The thing is, in the past, it really did seem like the referee-ing was calling fouls lightly on Team USA opponents, while calling them harshly to the US. For the traveling calls, were these being called against non-USA teams? No – the inaccuracy seems uniformly applied.

    You say the USA has been ‘traveling’ the whole tournament, and I am sure all teams, especially Spain, have watched every second of USA games very closely. The well-trained Spanish scouts, coaches, and players must have noticed that Team USA traveled so much, right? I imagine they must have, since Spain’s clever, expert fans all noticed it (especially after losing gold, which seems more accurate than ‘winning silver’).

    … and if so, then why did they not bring up the ‘no-calls’ and file an official complaint at the very beginning of the tournament – instead of only bringing it up after losing the gold game? Or even, they could have been very sneaky, and filed a complaint towards the end of the medal round to catch the US off-guard in the gold game?

    See, bringing it up *only after you lose* reeks of sore losing, because it *is*, frankly. You would not see Spanish players complaining like this, or even mentioning it, if they won. Until I see proof that Spain submitted official complaints before the gold medal game, then I will dismiss this as more of a post-loss whine than a legitimate complaint.

  • http://www.ragingspaniard.com Xavier

    @ Phileus

    Actually there were complaints and comments before the final, Rudy Fernandez publicly said that he was worried about the traveling calls days before the final even happened.

    Either way, Jose’s comments were very diplomatic, people are taking this way out of context (not nearly as bad as the whining … I dunno lets say DeShawn Stecvenson does when he played the Cavs)

  • Ian the statboy

    comon peeps this will always happen to the losing team
    u guys woulda made an excuse also if the us lost
    its not a big deal it happens

    ur right about the timmeh comment

  • Phileus

    Xavier, even if that is so, what I am saying is that if Spain thought the calls were bad enough to blame for their loss, then they should have been bad enough to report a serious failure in officiating at the very beginning of the tournament.

    If you are expecting a tournament to be close, and consider this to be a clear violation of rules that gives a team a gross advantage, then you MUST report this for the sake of fair play.

    It was not reported, despite it being noticed, and it only became a big issue after the team lost.

    I am not trying to argue US vs. Spain, I am trying to argue ‘no-traveling controversy’ as a post-loss whine versus a legitimate concern. Given the timing of the comments, and the inaction when action would certainly have been appropriate, I really can’t say I am sympathetic.

  • Meica

    I don’t know if anyone will read this, because there has already been so many comments posted, but I believe that the Olympics were some of the worst games officiated ever, and I don’t mean in favor of Team USA.

    USA got hosed on so many non-calls, got so many non-calls on what were clear fouls, and, hell, half the time they couldn’t even get the out-of-bounds calls right. If Calderon wants to bitch, he can, but Spain is LUCKY the games were called as they were because if they were called well I don’t think Spain would have been anywhere close to hanging around.

    Frankly, I think Spain is lucky that this was a year where USA wanted to be respectful and dignified. There were plenty of instances where they could have rightfully complained about the simply craptastic job those refs did in these games.

  • pookie

    i don’t know why some of u guys complaining about USA non-traveling calls…when really, it’s euro players that take that extra step going to the hoop almost every single time. go ahead watch the video, but u’ll see that the spain team prolly shouldve had more traveling violations than the US. most blatant example: right after the whole spanish bench bit*hes about kobe’s travel on his dunk, some spanish fool goes into the lane on the other side taking what looks like a vlad radmanovic 4 step violation. i can’t wait for the nba season to start just so i can showcase my hate for that ignorant mufu*ker calderon. those racist punks…usa wouldve blown the game apart had the officiating been better at the start…don’t give us that crap.

  • doc

    I thought that was Fiba rules.Maybe he should’ve said,with me we lost by 37 with me on the bench we lost by 11, so maybe if I watch the next game in Spain we will win.That man bitching.Take them 2 ass whippings like a man the same way everybody else did.@Rodnets.We dont care about them irrelevant rankings.Where that shit come from Argentina?How the hell can you rank basketball teams on 8 years worth of games.That dont even sound right.So the best team in the NBA is the Lakers because that Kobe and Shaq duo is unstoppable.Stop fishing we all know Argentina the 3rd best team.The Olympics just ended SUNDAY.Get over it other countries.We brung that ball medal back where it belongs.Have a nice life enjoying silver and bronze medals until you die.

  • rickyrubio

    Way too funny.
    This is how we cannot ge along, one guy express an opinion and then you all go crazy, imagine the same thing with Garnett’s attitude back in 2000. But anyway, USA won (by shooting 60%!!!)and enjoy it. But don’t come with those racist BS ’cause we can say a lot more about USA and racism (The Jenna 6 for example…)
    And please do not talk about overseas games when you do not watch them, so boring. You all get excited about your league when there are only 100 players out of 400 that can play, so please, do your work home and don’t bring it on overseas please.
    Thank you.

  • david stern

    please ricky don’t come to the league because i already know you’re going to be a bust.

  • rickyrubio

    Don’t worry David Stern, I will not come to shake your hand on the stage, I’d rather enjoy it over here.
    Or, I can do something like Allan Houston did, sign a multi-million dollar contract and get retired, that way I can be labelled as a ballplayer, right.

  • AY

    he didn’t even play, why is he talking?

  • pookie

    rickyrubio bit*hin from spain
    i’m sure u have many asian friends. i know i’m not one of them.
    too bad u guys can’t be more like rafa…a much better example of a class athlete and role model.

  • w

    “when there are only 100 players out of 400 that can play,”

    lol and those other 300 would wreck your leagues…

  • Timmy D

    As a Grizz fan i love seeing everyone complaining about Spanish players so much. We had to deal with a crying Spaniard for 7 years but nobody really knew about it b/c I mean im realistic and nobody but Memphis fans care about the Grizzlies. They wine all the time and he gave more reasons why we weren’t better and what needed to be done so he could be better.

    A local Radio guy wrote a song about Pau’s crying could fit for Caledron too I guess.


  • http://BigTmusic.com Balla

    Calderon is right!!!! Cuz if they were playing with NBA rules and players were allowed to have 6 fouls before they foul out, that game would have been another mutt session like the last meeting was.

  • Kevin

    Calderon is my favourite player, but that comment was lame, especially from a guy that was injured and couldn’t play, and I’m not even American so there’s no bias here.

  • Dagomar Degroot

    When Jose played, they lost by 37.

    He should keep his mouth shut.

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…Make my funk the p-funk

    Spain lost!

  • Coop

    the sad thing is some guys on here have chosen to make this a race issue when needless to say race is irrelevant here, unlike the spainish team picture thing that has been referenced. grow up.

  • Ansonious

    @ dime office I’m wondering if any of these people who are listing themselves as Ricky Rubio, David Stern, etc… Are they the actual people or just some losers having imaginary conversations with each other? No disrespect I’m a fan too.

  • Jeronimo

    To all Calderon haters: Y’all would love to have him in your team, and you know it, so stop it.

    Moving on to what he said, something got a bit lost in translation, methinks: he means that the refs just didn’t call violations (mainly travelling, the way I see it) made by US players in situations where, under the FIBA rules that are meant to be applied at the Olympics, they should be called.

    I think the man has a point there. Now, to say that Spain would have won if the refs had been stricter, that might be a bit too much.

  • josh

    he was right. all the blacks on team uSA were cussing all game long and getting bs calls. Lebron sure sucked when he couldn’t bowl guys over and get the call. It’s clear that Spain was more skilled. This just proves Lebron isn’t even close to a top 5 player.

    Plus you had the bogus Carmelo 3 free throws when he got blocked vs Argentina.

  • Phileus

    Hahaha, if you have someone like josh from post #60 supporting you, I think you have to realize that your opinion is wrong.

  • http://karanmadhok.blogspot.com karan

    josh: “he was right. all the blacks on team uSA were cussing all game long and getting bs calls…”
    now why does colour have to be mentioned as part of the team usa’s whining? this is just fueling the fire to the racist/ignorant stereotype that the spanish now have.

  • josh

    because black people get away with murder all the time

  • Mark

    He’s good, but rather likes pouting. Great showing of sportsmanship.

  • Cedric

    first of all I thought NBA officiating was horrendous untill I saw some FIBA officiating. I blind donkey can ref better than FIBA refs