NBA, Playground, Video / Aug 6, 2008 / 10:31 am

Kevin Durant Drops 62 at the Goodman League

It doesn’t matter whether he’s pulling up on a pristine NBA court with rims that give a true bounce or on the thick double-rims of Washington, D.C.’s Barry Farms park, because Kevin Durant‘s jumper doesn’t hit anything but net. About two weeks ago, KD showed up at the Goodman League for the first time since he was 16 years old, and it was a special homecoming. They have to stop the game at points after Durant wets a 27-footer in P-Shiddy’s grill. KD gave him 62 points all in all, but Shiddy, better known as Gerald Brown of Loyola (Md.) where he tallied 18.6 per game last year, came back on Durant for 40 of his own.

Warning: Explicit language at points (definitely PG-13)…

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  • Tha Boddy

    I live right up suitland pkwy and i’ve played on the courts at the farms and may I say at about 5’8 the rims are hella low so the whole 62 point thing is nothing for a guy of his height and skill set. Hell he barely has to jump to dunk the ball so lets not get this outta wack.

  • http://highschoolhoop.com Christian Grant-Fields

    I was out at the Goodman League a couple of weeks ago and P-Sh*tty is the real deal. Even though they lost, he gave the NYC All-Star team about 30.

  • hater

    dude’s hitting 25-30 footers! don’t hate

  • Kobeef

    I thought Durant would put on some muscle this summer…looks like Clay Bennet still hasn’t found a place for KD to workout

  • Tha Boddy

    @ hater
    what don’t you understand about low rims??? A low rim can make a college bench warmer look like a solid NBA vet. You change your jumpshot alittle and your there. Hell if you can go for a jumper and your head is over the rim and you can look down into it the damn thing is 2 low. Durant is a good player of course but those double rims at the Farms make things 2 ez

  • bill

    why do the other 8 players bother. who wants to run up and down a court all night where the last 4 mins takes 20mins and the court gets infiltrated after every score. and the only pass that occurs all game is an inbound pass. i really dont get it, its 1 on 1, not 5 on 5. isn’t it embarrassing for the other guys?


    62 pts. dude should’ve gave KD his sneakers.

  • http://www.dimemag.com bullet380

    @ Tha Boddy

    Dude, I know Kevin. His Godfather is my best friend; been knowing them for years. I’ve seen Kevin shoot at low rims, high rims, regulation rims since he was 9. It doesn’t matter. His jumper is wet. If you take a close look at it, form wise, it’s damn near perfect. Just appreciate him for who he is, and show some love for a kid that got the hell out of Suitland and made it. I don’t care what the rims are like. 62 is 62. Unless you go down the Farms and get 63, it sounds like hate to me.

  • Tha Boddy

    @Bullet380 (with reference to #6 bill)
    Like bill said in #6 there is hardly any passing at all this is just a make the star look good showoff. Could I drop 63points on those rims if given the the ball almost every single possesion prolly not but thats prolly why I’m not the cornerstone of a NBA team. And here is another thing. The way your jumper looks from wise is bull. There are plenty of people with wet jumpers who shoot as ugly as hell. Just because someone says your shot should look a certain way does not mean sh#t if your putting the ball in the whole. 2points with perfect form and 2points with ugly form is only one thing…2points.

  • SayItAintSo

    Short rims, 62 points, P-Shiddy, Sneakers, Blacktop…I don’t care. I know for certain I can STILL bench more than atleast one NBA Star…

    What does KD do? Curl a toothpick with marshmallows on either side? He needs to start protein shakin that frameout before he gets broke…like literally before someone breaks him.

  • the haters POV

    I was out at Barry Farms two weeks ago and the rims looked like regulation to me. 62 on any level of basketball is a lot. Regardless if he is shooting every time down or going one on one, he was getting buckets. You people coming up with a million and one excuses about his 62, low rims etc., the bottom line is he got 62.

    PS- P Shitty is the tough! “P Shitty gonna sh*t all ova ya’ll.”

  • Michorizo

    I scored 137 points on my nerf hoop when I was 10. Mostly jumpers and an occasional runner here and there…hey, 137 is 137.

  • Tha Boddy

    @ Michrizo post #12 laughing and pointing at the haters POV post #11 haha how you like dem applez???

  • bill

    someone tell me why the other 8 bother playing? that clip went for 20mins and only 2 players touched the ball. that doesnt look fun at all for anyone else but mohawk and KD

  • Kermit the Washington

    OH MY GOD I HATE STREET BASKETBALL NOW…since WHEN did it become ok to just rush the court everytime someone scores a nice bucket? I know AND-1 crap did that, but this ain’t an AND 1 game…OMG that sucks I would never sit there and watch an entire game of that crap

  • Sam I Am

    Get at em Bullet…

    He talkin smack

  • doc

    He scored 62 on J’s I dont care if the rims was 7 ft.The other dudes would get the ball if they was good.Yall dont complain when Bron hold the rock out top and dont pass to Andy and them.

  • doc
  • the haters POV

    P Sh*tty (Gerald Brown) is tough. He is one of the top 5 guards I’ve seen in college. He would destroy say…a Bobby Hurley at Duke.

  • Dime Magazine

    It’s official, the haters POV banned for life.

  • Stefan
  • vaughn

    iknow kevin we real cool so first of all the farms courts are 9 feet tall and second him and p shitty was basically playing one on one the whole game and they aint get all them turn overs he had….bout 30 of em

  • lil essay

    dat was a gud game n rip mckay the short one in the black shirt and sox fitted dats my big bruva essay he shinin in da video i will always remember my bruva .. luv u mckay