NBA, Style - Kicks and Gear / Aug 21, 2008 / 3:30 pm

New Hornets Uniforms

new Hornets uniforms

Head to Ball Don’t Lie for more on the unis and logos and let us know what you think of their new look.

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  • Jay26th

    I could do without the stripes.

  • sosa


  • http://bouncemag.com nyc1

    Im loving the uni’s!!!!!!!!!

  • BxBaller

    Fuck, I didn’t get a chance to rock my yellow Chris Paul jersey. Now I got to get the new one. Those joints are tough. NBA is 2 for 2 on new jerseys this season.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    These made me miss Muggsy Bogues.

  • Michorizo

    I think this means more money for the team … unis don’t need to be changed so many times. I like the old school Hornet jerseys…When ZO and Grandmama played for them.

  • JarrJohnson

    The logos are nasty too. Especially the “Fleur-de-bee”.

    “Muggsy Bogues”, funny sh–!! Where the hell is he?

  • Al

    They look cheap

  • JA

    Doesn’t the one on the left look exactly like one of the Magic’s jerseys?

  • Charlie

    I like the white ones; remind me of the old Charlotte Hornets jerseys. Don’t like the new hornet logo though as they should’ve just kept the old one.

  • Kayfah

    old ones were better :P

  • ERIC

    The home jersey is tight and def looks like the old Charlotte Hornots one. The home jerseys should say HORNETS instead of NEW ORLEANS and the road jersey looks like a knock-off NUGGETS road uniform. Shoulda kept the teal.

  • Dagomar

    That looks awesome. Sort of old school Charlotte Hornets if I remember correctly.

  • Kobeef

    I agree – why does the home jersey say “New Orleans” – don’t people know which city they are in? Home jersey’s should have the team name.

    I like the nod to the old school Hornets jerseys though.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I like the old school Charlotte-like design with the stripes but I’m not feeling the colors. I agree with Eric, they’re too similar to the Nuggets colors.

  • Jah

    I like ‘em!

    They’re a definite upgrade from the ones worn last season, too.

    Now, let’s upgrade the following teams jerseys:

    New Jersey Nets
    Portland Trailblazers
    Charlotte Bobcats (although recent, they’re still ugly)
    Milwaukee Bucks
    Indiana Pacers
    Houston Rockets (I extremely dislike their jerseys)
    LA Clippers (What is a “clipper” anyway?)

    That is all.

  • the_baconator

    @Jah: A clipper’s a type of ship, though I agree that it is a pretty crappy mascot…

    I like the stripes; like a throwback to the Orlando jerseys. The alternate should be purple

  • http://www.hornetshype.com ticktock6

    @ kobeef: Imagine the city you live in has recently been decimated in a natural disaster, and feeling somewhat betrayed by the American government, and having to listen to a lot of negativity from people who don’t really get what you went through… you’ll begin to understand why the home crowd LOVES having New Orleans on the jerseys.

    That’s not meant rudely in any way, btw. I “get it”, but then I live here. To still live here after takes a certain something. Three years later most people in the US have forgotten about it, but we still see it every day. I’m really glad they kept the New Orleans.

    Yes, we know where we live. But maybe someone else sees “New Orleans” on their TV and thinks of us.

  • Kobe

    I’ll do her still

  • David Brandon

    i’m not sure….i mean, they’re fresh, yeah, but the blue one in particular seems kinda all star weekend-ish. the ones they just had were fine! just b/c OKC got a team, they gotta go stunt and remind the ppl there what they dont have? LOL! they’re cool tho. i like em…

  • http://manilatonight.com solomon

    yeah, the road jersey is kind of a nuggets rip-off… should’ve went teal and gold, but well…

    gotta respect how the organization went against the “home jersey should bear the monicker” thingy…

    dem representin’ all the way, y’all…

  • Xrazie_thug

    At first glance, the road unis look like those of UCLA.
    The home ones look nice. Charlotte days re-mix.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    I think it’s an improvement, now only if they could get rid of their retired jersey of Pistol Pete I may actually have respect for that franchise.

    Why don’t they retire Shaq’s number next? He wasn’t born in LA., went to LSU, and never played for Charlotte. That seems to be the criteria for getting your jersey retired in New Orleans . . . right?

  • heartbreaker85

    i dunno why you guys are lovin this one, it looks exactly like the charlotte unis before they switched conferences and donned the no-stripes version.

  • Ernesto

    Not a fan of the change. Their old unis look better, and the nickname should be on the home jersey like the rest of the NBA.

    I think there’s a rule whereby NBA teams have to keep their color scheme for a minimum of three seasons so that fans aren’t being blatantly ripped off a la the Premier League in England.

  • VQ

    im still bitter about my hornets moving to NOLA…so i hate them even though they look nice but its like pouring salt on a wound

  • Michorizo

    Shaq was born in Jersey…i think

  • that’s whats up

    the jersey’s can’t get them through a game 7 with the Spurs so who gives a f***

  • QQ

    Loving this.. Very cool that they’re bringing back Alonzo-LJ Hornets with the Paul-led new school.

  • D-NICE

    Those uni’s look pretty tight but if any team needs a new jersey its the raptors. The red ones are cool but I wanna see someone put a twist on the white throwback one wit tha lil raptor on the front

  • http://www.yahoo.com ray3

    They look tight! Reminiscent of the old charlotte days. I like the new city but throwback look