NBA, Style - Kicks and Gear / Aug 19, 2008 / 3:04 pm

Ray Allen Gets Another Ring

Congrats Ray! (photo. Michael Rozman)Congrats Ray! (photo. Michael Rozman)

Summertime for NBA athletes serves as a time for them to relax a little, work on their game, and get things done that would be very difficult to accomplish during an 82 game season.

Coming fresh off a chip with the Boston Celtics, Ray Allen was a two time winner this summer when he married his fiancée, Shannon Walker Williams this past weekend.

Congrats Ray! (photo. Michael Rozman)Congrats Ray! (photo. Michael Rozman)

Held in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts this past weekend, the wedding attendees included close friends and family of both Ray and his financee as well as Brian McKnight, who even gave a special performance for the couple.

Congrats to the Allen family!

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  • doc

    Good for Ray because he aint getting no more rings after this one.

  • rob stewart


  • BxBaller

    Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Shuttlesworth.

  • jackass

    damn, that’s why he was clubbing in LA, getting kicked out of, and visually embarassing himself.

  • Daily boy

    Go Ray, Get Cha Grown Man On!

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…I’m da pappy!

    So he basically was gone win one way or another regardless of what was going to happen (game wise).

    Dang some ladies gonna hate that Shuttlesworth is off the block.

    I don’t know perhaps dude should retire now. DIME that is a good question to ask. When is the right time to retire?

    Do you go out on top like Elway in football?
    Do you play till you become an embarrasment?
    Do you play through fighting an injury or medical condition that clearly makes you a shell of your former self?

    Personally I have always favored going out on top. Like right now if Ray shoots the deuces it’s all good. He has had great moments, finally won a ring and got a wife now. What betta way to go out.

    Sometimes that we need to come back and defend the championship stuff is overrated in cases of older players. I just think it’s better to bow out gracefully a lot of times. For good.

    Only few can come back after retirement and still make it do what it do. I know the love of the game is deep, still when do you say when?

  • Jah

    Stop the retiring talk. Barring some unseen injury, he’ll fulfill his contract.

    Big Up to Ray!

  • Tha Boddy

    WDF are u guys talking about Jesus is still a beast…He looked on the decline only because in the span of a year he went from bonafide 1st option to 3rd option on the regular…He still can shoot lights out and is WAY better than Micheal Redd in all aspects…WWJD??? He sure azz hell would not retire anytime soon.

  • Celts Fan

    @GEE, to me, you say “when” when you don’t wanna play any more. Legacies are for us fans to debate. If someone wants to pay you a ton of $$$ (even the minimum is HUGE money to us working class guys) to play a game you love, who are we to say when is enough. Scratch that itch as long as it’s there, cuz eventually, you reach an age when you can’t any more, and that age is less than half way to retirement for us. If you were good enough that a comeback could, to us, “damage your legacy,” then that legacy’s good enough that it won’t matter cuz we’ll try to block out the last few years, and if you do something like drop 40 as a 40 year old (MJ) then it only adds to it. I HATE when fans try to tell guys when to retire so it doesn’t change how WE remember them. If you don’t mind potentially embarrassing yourself cuz you still love the game and someone still wants you on their team, then play!

  • Batman

    Allen came alive in the end of the playoffs, he still has at least 1 more good year left…too soon to talk about retiring. MAYBE when his contract expires we can bring it up, but not yet.

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…I’m da pappy!

    Naw Celts! I hear and understand what you saying. I still feel go out on top. Leave as a champ. Not just in ball but in most sports it pains me to see cats that used to get it done, gettin knocked out in boxing, having a 20 point average in ball going to 4 or 6 lol and so on.

    I just like it when cats leave at the top. Of course like I said I see ya point. This is purely just how I like to see cats leave the game.

  • that’s whats up

    mrs allen looks like she has a nice fat-ass.

    dude is ballin’ in all senses

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Did you see what Ray did in the All-Star Game? Not to mention in ’06-07 he averaged a career-high 25 points. One bad postseason doesn’t mean he’s on the decline.

    Having Brian McKnight sing at your wedding is so 1999.

  • svigi

    play till enjoy the game in the highest level. Anyway Ray is still a great player.Talking about his retirement is just stupid and a way too early.

  • Celts Fan

    @Gee, I hear ya, we’d all like to see them go out on top, but unless there are long-term health concerns, I say play as long as you want. You’re right about 1 thing though, no one’s comfortable watching Emmitt Smith running for 2 yards per carry on the Cardinals…

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…I’m da pappy!

    I ain’t even saying so much if you are on the decline. Just that when you reach a point like Mourning’s or I am saying Ray’s in the sense of just because he on top.

    I don’t think Ray is on a decline, I am just saying if he went right now I woulnd’t knock dude. Like Money Mayweather I don’t think he is on the decline but he supposedly left. If Jay had never made another album I would have been cool with that too. I am just saying it’s nothing wrong with leaving on top. For other cases though, sometimes you got to know when to fold em, know when to hold em, know when to walk away, know when to run lol.

  • doug

    definitely agree DOC jesus shuttlesworth definitely aint getting anymore rings.


    Wonder what the prenup was like.

  • Paris Hilton

    Austin – THAT’S HOT!

  • snook

    Having Brian McKnight sing at your wedding is so 1999.

    lol… isnt he a laker fan?

  • Joe

    I say play until they rip your jersey out of your hands. If you still love the game and someone is willing to give you a job, play until the wheels fall off

  • LakeShow84

    Ahtletes know there is an itch and if you go out on top you will always say to yourself “i can hoop better than that kid” and then you throw yourself back in..

    Every top athlete has to make that decision and besides getting married to a golddigger (nothin directed at this article) is the biggest decision in your life.. Retiring around 35 gives you too much time on your hands..

    So i think its time to wrap it up when they tell you to hang it up.. People cant make that decision for themselves.. the coaches should and usually do tell them.. A decline can be for too many reasons.. look at ray, he became the third option, he didnt decline he just had less shots to be efficient with.. you can decline if your getting a divorce or something personal gets to you..

    I think the media is good at tellin players when to quit lol jk

  • LakeShow84

    Like the wise Joe said “play until the wheels fall off” lol

  • Michorizo

    There goes his jumper …

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    I just want to know if KG snatched the bouquet out of the air like it was a rebound, throw it into the ocean and fall on the floor screaming “anything is possibbbblleeeeee!”

  • JC

    dang Austin, you act like Brian McKnight sang at your wedding in 1999. Did he??? Assuming that’s a no, I’m puttin you on blast. Whom could YOU feasibly get to sing at your wedding if you had, say 6 months from right now to make it happen? Feel free to drop names.

    Oh, right… You were just kidding. lol

  • Big Sia

    She could get it

  • Desrat

    Ray’s post season this year was tough for him. Somebody in his faimly had a hit taken out on him and the trial wrapped up, and his shot dec reased considerably from when he was a first option. A sniper needs his touches to stay on target, but ray ray is so good he can get it done with less ball time.

    No to stepping out, and I wish I could average 5 pts a game in the L!