High School, NBA, Video / Aug 25, 2008 / 11:28 am

Darius Miles: The Good and The Bad

We got a pretty strong reaction to the Celtics‘ signing of Darius Miles last week. He has lots of baggage, no doubt, and tons of question marks.

This Celtics blog lays out Miles’ entire basketball resume, highlighting the good and the bad.

And here’s a look back at a young fresh D-Miles:

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  • JCarr

    D-Miles has potential and he’s been resting for like 2 years so he can def. contribute at least on the offensive end. I expect him to get 10 minutes a game. Also i am sure he wants all that money from his Blazers contract.

  • Celts Fan

    @JCarr, he gets that $$$ either way. That’s guaranteed the second you sign the deal.

  • Celts Fan

    Miles does have a ton of baggage though. Dime bags, nickle bags, quarters…

  • shake&bake

    Haha Celts Fan, you’re all over DMiles and his weed. I think he doesn’t totally understand the concept of “think green”

  • Celts Fan

    haha ya, don’t want to be a hypocrite either, I definitely enjoy a little myself, just a funny line…

  • JCarr

    @Celts Fan
    He will get a bonus $$$$$$ from another team he’s not even playing for. He plays in more than 10 games he gets more money

  • Michorizo

    The Celtics should should change the clover on his unis to a bud leaf …

  • JCarr

    Hahaha that would be hilarious. LMAO

  • Celts Fan

    @JCarr, not true. The 10 games only matters to Portland, who were granted a special injury waiver that excludes Miles’ contract from their cap because of his “career ending injury.” If he plays 10+ games this season, that goes back to counting against their cap.

  • weezy f


  • Jeffco

    im glad the celts signed him
    my lakers are gonna murder them on christmas

  • ERIC

    He has never been any good! He was only decent on the Clippers as a 6th man who just had great alley-oops, offensive boards and putback dunks. He couldnt shoot, handle, pass or defend.

    The Celtics offseason moves have been very suspect. Patty O and DMiles?

  • bsteezy3

    LOL @ Celts Fan “D Miles has baggage…”

  • doc

    I hope he aint win that dunk contest.

  • J-Dot

    Yeah that highlight video was pretty much wack. He missed the first dunk shown lol. I feel like I remember Miles being a much more dynamic leaper/dunker. Maybe his explosiveness improved at some point while he was in the NBA pre-injuries, because I KNOW he had more bounce in his step than that…

  • tommy the cat

    Can someone post some clips of The Fearer’s free-throw line dunks?