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Where Does the D-Wade we’ve seen in Beijing rank among NBA twos?

Dwyane WadeD-Wade, Dime #19

Anyone who’s watched Team USA this summer knows that Dwyane Wade is healthy, visibly stronger, and generally back on top of his game. After falling out of the public eye a bit last season while he was injured and Miami went into the tank, D-Wade seems poised for a monster season once the NBA schedule tips off.

If Wade stays healthy throughout the season, given the way he’s played this summer, where does he rank amongst the League’s best two-guards? Better than Joe Johnson? Ahead of Brandon Roy? How about T-Mac? Is a peak D-Wade a full notch below Kobe, or right on his heels?

Right now my Top-10 would be:

1. Kobe
2. D-Wade
3. T-Mac
4. Iverson
5. Ginobili
6. Rip Hamilton
7. Vince
8. B-Roy
9. Joe Johnson
10. Ray Allen

HONORABLE MENTION: Jason Richardson, Michael Redd, Kevin Durant, Kevin Martin.

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  • Brown

    I might flip JJ and VC, and I have a feeling B-Roy will be climbing that list pretty soon.

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Damn, great topic AB. Especially for a Friday afternoon when most people are checked out! Lol
    Ok I go
    1. Mamba
    2. Flash
    3. Manu
    4. T Mac
    5. Roy
    6. AI
    7. Rip
    8. JJ
    9. Vince
    10. Redd

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    As much as I love Kobe, D Wade has looked amazing in the Olympics and if he plays like that this season he’s right there at the top on Kobe,s heels

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…I will break you.

    This D-Wade? This Wade??

    This D-Wade is most def numba 2 or you could say 1.1 to Kobe’s 1.

    Cause just going off how he is playing and what he is doing now. He is like that.

    Still gotta recognize who he got around him, with him the system and coaches. Plus if you put Kobe in the roll Wade is playing for USA he liable to average 20 – 25 and give you some death bed highlights (real sick).

    First off I hope he continues on this tour (cause he puttin on a show fa real) when the NBA season starts up.

    He could possibly with them Miami mates and coach and all go down to 1.5 or 1.7

    Still he puttin it down real nice.

  • fiyaman

    i like Austin’s list cant see anything i would really change although Im a JRich fan so id like to see him in there but no argument here

  • SayItAintSo

    1. Kobe (he alright)

    2. D-Wade (no question one of the greatest when he is healthy and doing his thing)

    3. T-Mac (still think he’s a 3, but if you’re running him in this group)

    4. Iverson (very slowly leaving his prime)

    5. Ginobili (I hate him and he is annoying, but there is no denying the rings and the grit)

    T-6. Joe Johnson (I don’t think he is cut out to be THE MAN on a team)

    T-6. B-Roy (promising but not top-5 elite status yet)

    8. Vince (going downhill quick)

    9. Rip (IMO he is semi-overrated, he is the product of a brilliant system moreso than he is an outstanding player)

    10. Ray Allen (Ray is my boy but he has clearly taken a backseat for the remainder of his career)

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @GEE — Kobe is playing the same role as Wade. In Dime #43 Wade told me (NAME DROP!) that he’s basically the Kobe of Team USA’s second unit, a defensive stopper who looks to score when he can.

  • BxBaller

    Joe Cool
    Vicky Carter
    Mr. Shuttlesworth

  • Blue

    damn…as much as i would love to put my boy d-wade above kobe (the biggest reason i’m no longer a laker fan), i would have to put mamba as no.1 but not a whole notch. wade is right on his heels for sure…almost tied. if wade steps up his d during the NBA season, then he can join if not surpass mamba.

    the rest…
    1. kobe
    2. d-wade
    3. ai (that’s more out of respect than anything)
    4. manu
    5. rip
    6. t-mac
    7. joe johnson (his rank’ll probably go up a bit after this coming season)
    8. b-roy
    9. ray allen
    10. michael redd

    vince is off this list for me…

  • Allan

    I go with

    Ginobili – when the dude is healthy
    Joe Johnson
    Mr. Shuttlesworth
    Vicky Carter

  • Gerald Green

    1. Gerald Green
    2. Takeo Spikes

  • http://dimemag.com B-DIDDY

    what up with the new kid on the block? I’m talking about Monta Ellis!!!!! no one put him on there list? Did y’all forget last season when he would abuse any–one guy guarding him?? now I know he isn’t #1–thats kobe– but damn no love for the top ten??? didn’t he shoot over 50% for a guard???? any ways its close between
    1 kobe
    2 d-wade
    3 manu
    4 b-roy
    5 monta
    6 t-mac
    7 vinsanity
    8 iverson
    9 rip hamilton
    10 cory maggette

    GS Warriors its a great time out

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    I personally think VC, AI,Tmac, Rip and Ray Allen are all on the down side of their careers. They are all still productive players but taking more of a back seat on their teams. In 2 years this list. Will only have Kobe Roy wade and Manu

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…I will break you.

    AB nice name drop lol. Aww man in that case, wow …. well ummmm I guess on current play of just Olympics… Then yea I got to say Wade is 1 to Kobe’s 1.1.

    Overall though Imma say Kobe still 1 and Wade is 1.1.

    I obviously don’t have issue 43 yet lol. I plan to get it though lol. Is there a way to get back issues of DIME if you missed them?

    I wanna drop a name too let see. I met Ralph Sampson back in the day (Name Drop!)

    Where yall at other posters try f’in with that name drop.
    Ralph mutha****** Sampson lol.

  • SayItAintSo

    Not to discredit him or anything but I think that Wade has a lot to prove before he is considered as being ‘on Kobe’s heels’ or giving ‘Kobe a run for his money’.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Monta’s moving to PG this year, S-Jack to the two, and Maggette at SF. Jackson is in the 12-15 range for me at that position.

    How long before O.J. starts getting mention as a Top-10 SG?

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @GEE — If you have any issues handy (or get the new one), the customer service number should be listed on the page where the staff is named.

    @SayItAintSo — Wade does have one thing Kobe doesn’t: Finals MVP. (And he’s looking good for an Olympic MOP).

  • ugly_fish

    What the hell is Ginobili and Hamilton doing on this list??? The only reason they’re good is due to the framework of their respective teams. Look at Rip in Washington…he’s garbage and not a franchise player. Take away Parker and Duncan, Manu would suck equally as well.

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…I will break you.

    Preshate it AB good lookin out!

    I knew you other commenters couldn’t drop a name like Ralph Sampson!

    What!?!?! lol

  • Blue

    @ ugly_fish

    manu plays a lot when parker and duncan aren’t on the floor.

    @ AB

    damn, you sounded like a customer service rep for a second…haha

  • Blue

    @ gee…

    I met OJ before he killed anyone. or are we just talking about bball here?

  • Blue

    oh, and i did meet tyronne lue, robert horry and brian shaw at a hooters in santa monica back in the day!

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…I will break you.

    Blue Imma say OJ before he killed is a draw. Now if you met dude after he killed lol you win hands down.

    Naw fa real. I dated a girl that Rob used to try and holla at once.

    My sis. dated Nique for a minute and I have met him.

    MJ (Yea money himself) once accidently pushed me down in a game of ping pong that he was playing. He didn’t know I was behind him trying to get a picture and crashed into me.

    And just to show you how competitive dude is, he didn’t even check to see who he knocked over lol (I coulda been an old lady or suntin) he kept playing lol. True story and I was little, like in single digits then so I was just trippin and happy that I came that close to dude.

    Still ain’t to many that can say they been knocked down by the greatest lol.

    Blue still OJ is a good one and Big Shot Rob. Tyronne Lue and Shaw…not so much lol.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    My dad met Patrick Ewing during the year he played for Seattle, and said when he shook his hand, Ewing’s fingers went up to my Dad’s forearm.

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Gee my pops used to work for ESPN in the 80s so I got to meet a bunch of people

    Got pics w Magic, Carl Lewis, the Dream and Arnold the Gov. lol

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…I will break you.

    Gotta feel sorry for any female that dated Patrick dang.

    Aww MWC you had the hook up. I got to get my envy on about ya pic with Dream.

    Sadly all my dad did was construction. Can’t meet no ball playas doing CONSTRUCTION!!! Come on pop! LOL

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @ugly_fish — Rip averaged 18 and 20 points in his last two years with the Wizards.

  • Logan Light

    SLIGHT edge to Kobe just off of his MVP season… but as I’ve been saying, “D Wade is back.” Dude is a monster and is more motivated than ever.

    1. Kobe Bryant
    2. Dwayne Wade
    3. Emanuel Ginobli (though I cringe writing that)
    4. Allen Iverson
    5. Brandon Roy
    6. Ray Allen
    7. Joe Johnson
    8. Kevin Martin
    9. Tracy McGrady
    10. Rudy Gay (cracked my top ten after seeing him live)

  • Blue

    @ Gee…

    that MJ story was hilarious!!! you win man!!

    what’s up with his Airness knockin’ over a little kid and not givin’ a shit? and what’s he doing playin’ Ping Pong??

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Yeah man, dream was cool. He was fresh in the L barely spoke a lick of English and signed my shirt Akeem no H. I was like 7 years old and we were in the back of the studio kicking a soccer ball around. l lol and he had has serious soccer skillz

  • Dagomar

    Wow, tough call. Wade during the championship run was the best 2 we’ve seen since Jordan, even with the phantom calls. I doubt he could sustain that sort of efficiency for an entire regular season, but what might have placed him above Kobe then was his understanding of the team game. Back then Kobe had become more selfish, more of a volume shooter, and Wade just knew exactly when to take over. Still, for his sheer talent, size and increasingly unselfish attitude – and for the question marks that will be floating around Wade until the regular season starts – you’ve still got to think Kobe’s #1 for now. My list:

    1. Kobe
    2. Wade
    3. Ginobili
    4. T-Mac
    5. Iverson
    6. Joe Johnson
    7. Michael Redd
    8. B-Roy
    9. Carter
    10. Hamilton

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Gee you got trucked by his airness. Ha ha great story

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…I will break you.

    True story I promise.
    It was a get together type function for this basketball camp I went to as a kid in Greensboro, N.C. and MJ would always come through every year for a while on the last day and play with the coaches and other college standouts. I knew the director of the camp so I got the invite to the after camp festivities. The rest you know.

    Still a couple of cats I wanna meet though. Dream, Kobe, Zo and the list goes on. I would be straight meeting them three though.

  • http://www.barackobama.com Jim

    Gee that’s funny as hell. I had to turn my laugh into a cough, you are going to get me in trouble.

  • Matt

    6.Brandon Roy
    7.Joe Johnson
    10.Ray Allen

  • http://GEE2.com GEE…I will break you.

    LOL yall crazy man, I done messed around and let time go by trippin out here and the water bill company has closed. I was supposed to pay the bill today. Dime if my water gets cut off lol I am coming to NY and gonna stay in the Dime offices a while.

  • mavid

    Yall are sleeping on Joe Johnson.

    I’d have him 4th after Kobe, DWade and T-Mac. That said, i’d rather have him than T-Mac, considering their respective injury risks.

    Joe is better than Rip and Manu. Think of it like this: put Joe in their position (on a championship team with other all stars), and put them in Joe’s position (on a Hawks team that has given him very little help up until recently).

    I just dont like either Rip or Manu couldve done what Joe has.

  • LakeShow84

    Dwade’s #2 all day..

    But if this was back in the days (rules wise)?? He would be top 5.. he gets a lot of points from those touch fouls.. but he would still average 20 ppg without them so i cant knock it.. too hard..

    But watching Dwade now isnt showing too much just hes healthy.. These euro teams cant guard ANY USA players well enough.. Euro teams have a team defense scheme and when you get steals and get out on your own your going to look like hot stuff..

    I want to see him back in the finals.. In my opinion Dwade is almost harder than Lebron just because hes done more without as much hype.. And head to head he hangs, if not out does, Lebron sometimes..

    Shit he gives Kobe fits too..

  • George W Kush Sr

    1. Kobe
    2. D-Wade
    3. Joe Johnson
    4. Iverson
    5. T-Mac
    6. Magette
    7. Rip Hamilton
    8. B-Roy
    9. Monta Ellis
    10. Ginobli

    Thats what it is, fuck Vince, he washed up, Jesus Shuttleworth is clearly on the decline, good showing in the Finals though, thats what a vet is all about. Monta and Corey take it over them anyday.

  • Luigi

    heres my list u might disagree with it…but still Wades playing terrific n Kobe is playin like he wants to conserve energy 4 the season

    1. Mamba
    2. Flash
    3. T_T-Mac [even though i still think hes a SF]
    4. Gino
    5. Joe Johnson
    6. AI [even though i still think hes a PG]
    7. R.O.Y.
    8. Vinsanity
    9. Monta Ellis [like AI. i think hes a PG]
    10. Rudyyy Gayy [no homo]

    srry to the likes of…Ray Allen…Andre Igoudala….Richard Hamilton…Michael Redd……Kevin D…

    but i think Ovington J’Anthony Mayo will rise up n be on this list soon

  • Luigi

    wait wait i spelled Mayos name wrong

    its Ovinton J’Anthony Mayo

    sorry about the incovincence

  • Luigi

    wait wait i spelled Mayos name wrong

    its Ovinton J’Anthony Mayo

    sorry about the incovincence

  • Michael

    People are putting way to much stock into these Olympics. These games are taylor made for he and Lebron becasue of their athleticism. They get a lot of break a way dunks in the open court because of the defense they play as a team. When he gets back in the league he won’t be nearly as good. He’s still second behind Kobe though

  • Wilson


  • T


  • SD32

    Completely agree with the list except i’d drop vince below jj & b-roy, & swap allen for redd at this point in their careers

  • http://www.dimemag.com T.M.P.B.W.O.T.P.

    @Michael — You can’t downplay the Olympic comp and say it doesn’t mean nothing. Otherwise, why isn’t Kobe dominating? He’s pretty athletic too.

  • http://www.ballerblogger.com Brandon Hoffman

    I’d take Manu over T-Mac and Iverson.

  • D-NICE

    4)Jesus Shuttlesworth
    7)Joe Johnson
    8)B ROY
    10) wince carter

  • Mikey F Baby

    To say Manu is better than AI is laughable. AI is still top 3 in the game

  • Cesar

    First post ever fellas but I read smack everyday. Whats will all the hating on Vince Carter? Over the last couple of days I have heard people say that the windmill alley oop Dwayne Wade cought a few weeks back might be the most impressive dunk they have ever seen. Who ever thinks that needs to youtube some Team USA 2000 Olympic moments. Vince Carter hands down the greatest dunker ever. Its not just the Kind of dunks he does its the way he does them. VC has the sickest windmill dunk ever. Nobody goes full extension on a windmill like Vince. Youtube that shit for real. Take it easy on Vince fellas. Hoops don’t last forever.

    Kobe is number 1
    Flash is definitely back

    The rest don’t really matter.

    VC is still nice. Ya’ll need to stop hating and just be grateful you got to see that motherfucker clear a 7 footer of a steal to steps in a game.

  • I Hustle

    1a. Kobe Bryant – a healthy Kobe shares this spot with no one.
    1b. Dwayne Wade – when he doesn’t have to be the main distributor he is a beast.
    2. Manu Ginobili – simply put…he gets rings.
    3. Tracy McGrady – put money on him to get outta the first round, his numbers should rise with Artest being their to be the enforcer.
    4. Brandon Roy – waiting for the move to point guard but dude is nice.
    5. Allen Iverson – Look at his numbers, 26, 7 and 2 with only 2 t/o’s.
    6. Rip Hamilton – product of a sweet stroke and a offense geared around him shooting 15 footers.
    7. Joe Johnson – This season we should either see him skyrocket this list or freefall.
    8. Vince Carter – he had a good year last year but the Nets suck. I hope he gets traded to a winner so he can show what he has left in the tank.
    9. Michael Redd – he can still shoot it and now he has a slightly better team in the East.
    10. Kevin Martin – I think he might surprise some people, this dude can shoot. Whether or not he stays healthy…well…

    honorable mention – OJ Mayo (he has the green light and a good b-ball IQ)

    honorable mention – Jerryd Bayless (we’ll see by midseason)

  • What is this!?

    August 15th, 2008 at 4:28 pm

    MoxWestCoastRep says:

    “I personally think VC, AI,Tmac, Rip and Ray Allen are all on the down side of their careers. They are all still productive players but taking more of a back seat on their teams. In 2 years this list. Will only have Kobe Roy wade and Manu”

    I have to disagree. If we are going by age or who is supposidly on the “decline”, then that would mean that Kobe won’t be at the top of that list in two years either. I think people forget that Kobe came in the league in 96′ like a lot of people on that list as well…which means that he has just as many miles on him as all of those other players do. Do I think he will decline rapidly, no..but if we are going by your logic then that means he won’t be on the lists as well. I think AI, T-Mac and Rip are fine. If you even watched Denver this year then you would know that Iverson was leading the Nuggets team in the major catagories (ppg, assists, steals, minutes), his numbers are ridiculous and if the dude was still on the Sixers and not sharing a team with another dominate scorer, he would probably still be lighting the league up for 40 pts a night, but he has shown that he has the ability to at least adjust his game accordingly and put up the big numbers when he has to for his team. I have a sense that Iverson will probably retire somewhere close to what he’s playing like now. T-Mac’s progress has more to do with injuries then anything else, but when healthy the guy is a beast and this season in the playoffs showed a lot of heart. Rip seems to be playing perfectly fine as well. So I don’t see any problem with those guys at all.

  • What is this!?

    Oh I forgot my list….

    Kobe (I can’t stand the guy, but can’t take away from how great he played this season)

    Dwade (I am going to give DWade the slightest edge over Iverson based off of what he is doing in the Olympics, but he needs to pick it up for his team, his team was hands down one of the worst in the league.)

    Iverson (People continue to hate on him, but what else is new. Dude continues to do his thing)

    T-Mac (I love the heart he showed in this seasons playoffs)

    Ginobli (the Spurs are my team, but I can’t put Manu ahead of players that have a history of carring their teams on their backs continuously)

    The rest of my list goes exactly like DIME has theirs.


    d-wade better than kobe

  • coogfan

    My list as of right now…
    1. Kobe
    2. D-Wade
    3. T-Mac (when healthy)
    4. Manu
    5. Roy
    6. JJ
    7. Redd
    8. Ray
    9. AI
    10. Rip

    The only reason AI is so low is because he really plays the 1 but I put him on there anyways. Wade will remain behind Kobe until he proves that he can stay healthy throughout the entire season and lead his team back to contention. TMac has as much talent as anyone on this list but he hasnt been 100% in a long long time. The sleeper on this list is Roy he does everything and does it well. Roy may not be as flashy as Kobe, Wade, and TMac but there arent any style points given out in the NBA so who cares. VC probably should be on this list but what has he done lately… everyone on this list has passed him by.

  • Big Sneezy

    D-Wade is right there with Kobe, but he’s not getting wins so he takes the #2 slot. T-Mac stinks right now and goes to the bottom of the list, but still in the top 10. Iverson is looking like he’ll have a nice season and may quietly challenge Kobe and D-Wade at the top of the list. Manu is right up near the top when healthy, but he ain’t been playing so I’d move Brandon Roy up ahead of Joe Johnson and Manu at this point.