NBA / Aug 25, 2008 / 3:18 pm

Zach Randolph, Darko Milicic, Travis Outlaw Trade Rumors

Zach RandolphCZ-Bo headed to Memphis?

The Memphis Edge Grizzlies blog is all over rumored deals involving the Grizz.

First up, Z-Bo and Darko Milicic:

$$ While the Griz were courting Smith they also had trade discussions regarding New York Knicks power forward Zach Randolph. Those discussions — mostly internal – are still ongoing as Randolph has been made available.

The Griz are willing to part with Darko Milicic (last year’s big free agent signing) in a package that wouldn’t require a core player (OJ Mayo, Rudy Gay, Mike Conley, etc). What the brain trust seems to be debating is whether Randolph fits the Grizzlies’ style on and off the court.

Randolph is a bonafide low-post scorer who can shoot along the perimeter and rebound. But he doesn’t offer much on defense, something the Griz desperately want to upgrade and Randolph’s character issues may present a problem.

That said, the Griz need talent. Randolph would beef up a thin power forward corps of Hakim Warrick and rookie Darrell Arthur. They’ve got a group of “nice guys” so adding one knucklehead in Randolph shouldn’t be a big deal.

“Adding one knucklehead in Randolph shouldn’t be a big deal” is great. We’re not sure we agree, but it still made us laugh.

Click here for Memphis Edge’s full post, including Travis Outlaw and Kyle Lowry trade rumors.

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  • doc

    I’d make that trade if Im Memphis.If Im a Knick fan Im pissed.Trade the dude but not for fucking Darko.We love that trade in Philly.

  • Celts Fan

    More importantly, how awful of a franchise do you have to be to use the words “Darko” and “Big free agent signing” in the same sentence? I mean, do they have Rudy Gay Sonics jerseys out yet, or are they just holding off on making them for a few years?

  • Tha Boddy

    they should be looking to move Curry but hey it is what it is


    Don’t let ZBO within a hundred yards of OJ, Rudy and Conley for the love of God!

  • ERIC

    If I were the Knicks I would do that to get ZBO out of NYC where he causes all kinds of raucus. Get his fat-ass and fat contract off their hands. Darko is less $ and allows NYK to work towards becoming players in the 2010 free-agent race.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Okay, I see why the Blazers would want Conley but if they only give up Outlaw then won’t there be an even bigger logjam at guard?

  • svigi

    This is a joke maybe..doesn’t make much sense..

  • arrogant

    the bulls need to be going after zach…

  • BxBaller

    Uh ERIC, Z-Bo hasn’t caused any problems up here, so what are you talking about. As a Knicks fan, I hate this trade. Darko is officially a bust, so it makes no sense to trade a 20-10 guy for him.

  • George W Kush Sr

    What “raucus” has ZBO raised in NYC?
    I’m really very interested to know. Cuz I think that statement is full of recycled bullshit.
    As a Knicks fan, I think Donnie Walsh should trade Curry before they ever trade Randolph, and also that Darko in no way even close to equal value for Randolph.

  • justice

    yeah z-bo hasn’t caused any raukus i must say…

    but he did bring his loser ass mentality with him to ny..everything about this guy just says losing isn’t that bad..he gets 20 and 10 yeah but he will give up 25 and 15..i like z-bo but he needs to be around tough guys that don’t like losing and lay it on the line, i actually think he would be grat in cleveland alongside big z or big ben…

  • ERIC

    BxBaller & Kush –

    It is known throughout the league that ZBO is a lockeroom cancer, cant pass, WONT pass, will definitely stagnate D’Antoni’s offense and is major cap infringement. All the ZBO trade did was give Portland the chance to buy-out Steve Francis and get far under the cap, while the Knicks only worsened their cap situation.

    Yes, Curry would be better to trade, but ZBO has much higher trade value. No one wants Curry either with his uninsured contract and heart problem.

  • Big V

    Randolph is BY FAR superior to Milicic to the point of there being no comparison. This trade sucks ass for NYK. Milicic is worthless, so this amounts to just getting rid of Zach for nothing. I don’t think it makes sense to get rid of him without giving it a shot in a new system under new management. People can talk about his mentality, etc. all they want, but none of you know anything that you didn’t hear from someone else. This is a 20-10 guy. You gotta try and make it work before you toss him out. Last year was a circus in NYC, not a season.

  • http://www.myspace.com/carli_borikua4life daquest?on


    O.J Mayo, Rudy Gay, and Mike Conley just got a restraining order agaisnt zach randolph

  • johnsacrimoni

    In ZBo’s case, it’s addition by subtraction. Just like if a company gets rid of a disruptive employee, the whole work atmosphere improves. Doesn’t even matter if their replacement is as productive. Not having that person around changes the whole culture. Same situation with Mo Williams and the Bucks. Is Luke Ridnour as good as Mo? No. He may be more willing to defer to the other scorers on the team, but he’s not as individually talented. That being said, it’s well known among Bucks followers that Mo was a locker room cancer and was all about himself.

  • heartbreaker85

    why trade a guy who has legit big man skills and ACTUALLY REBOUNDS? yeah he doesn’t kick the ball out, but who’d you want him to pass it to aside from crawford anyway?

    trade the supersize duo of curry and james first. throw in names to make it work.

    build a team around randolph, crawford and david lee.

    that’s what i do on nba live anyway lol

  • Big V

    “Addition by subtraction” doesn’t make sense when your player has trade value.

  • Luigi

    woww…bad move…Zach would totally ruin the system of the Uptempo Marc Ivaroni offense

  • MBE18

    As a Knick fan, I say make the trade just to free up cap space. The Knicks should at least try to get something out of the deal like a 1st round pick or the right to swap 1st round picks in a future draft.

  • fLaVa

    grizz shoudl not make the trade and the Knicks should shop Eddy Curry not Z-Bo

  • crsbklyn718

    Its a miracle some1 will actually take z-noooooo and his huge contract. Im a die hard knick fan i watch this guy every night. He’s a black hole on offense and a liability on d-fence. I dont love darko but anything to get that salary cap down for 2010. Even though im not on the lebron banwagon ,it’ll make the knicks a contender again and even more important watchable.